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Book Review: Mercury Poisoning – The Undiagnosed Epidemic by David Hammond

Mercury David HammondBy Kent Heckenlively

I’m always telling anybody who asks that one of the challenges of our movement is to attract the general public to our issues.  There are so many pieces to this puzzle, our individual stories, the influence of special interests, the corruption of science, but at its heart the question is a simple one: what factors are causing an unprecedented rise in chronic diseases like autism, chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease, to name just a few?

It was with these thoughts in mind that I was delighted to pick up David Hammond’s new book, Mercury Poisoning – The Undiagnosed Epidemic, and find that he had so successfully navigated these treacherous waters.  His book is well-organized, easy to read, and authoritative.  Hammond has an excellent writing style and his chapters each take on a specific question, such as how mercury increases the toxicity of other metals, or the complexity of mercury symptoms.

Like most of us, Hammond comes to these issues through personal experience.  He was a laborer in a steel factory in Australia and suffered from the effects of mercury poisoning via inhaled mercury vapors from the scrap metal in molten steel.  He was fortunate enough to find an internet forum comprised of people who had also been exposed to mercury, undergo chelation, and recover his health.

In an unemotional, but straight-forward manner Hammond makes his points.  Modern man is exposed to heavy metals far in access of our ancestors.  Even low levels of mercury, over time, can lead to very severe health problems.  Mercury exposure works in combination with other metals, increasing their toxicity.  Hammond provides examples from the medical literature of the diseases which can be caused by mercury poisoning, and details cases of people who have removed the mercury from their bodies and regained their health.

If there is somebody in your life who is curious about mercury exposure, or you are confused about this important issue, I encourage you to go out and buy this book.

Kent Heckenlively is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.


John Fryer

Thanks to David Hammond for taking the time to add to our knowledge of what harm the MEDICAL/DENTAL/INDUSTRIAL world has done to us in EVER increasing amounts for the past centuries.

150 years to DISCOVER that PINKS was caused by mercury MEDICATIONS to stop PINKS DISEASE!

200 years to DISCOVER that SILVER amalgams actuallycontain MERCURY

20 years to NOT discover that burning bodies with MERCURY may actually be causing or adding to the ever increasing rise in AUTISM which does not seem to have levelled out at HOW MANY TIMES the epidemic level?

It is gratifying that David realises we have no shortage of other NON MERCURY type TOXIC CHEMICALS


ORGANOPHOSPHORUS COMPOUNDS (which is a much bigger group even than organophosphates!) analogues of what we use to direct our bodies functions (CHEMICAL MIMICKS)

And more and more



John Fryer

The thyroid gets mentioned here.

France has TEN TIMES the normal rate of thyroid health issues.

It is no coincidence that it also has say TEN TIMES the number of nuclear power stations on average than other countries.

If this isnt enough the only person known to me with this condition had a good view of a nuclear power station from her bedroom window when she was growing up!


But the case study cost FAR LESS and is more powerful at least for givng CAUSE FOR CONCERN? (Less cost, more certain maybe and subject to less confounding even though like everything it is not 100 per cent right all the time but then even large studies can be rigged or flawed etc )

Dodged a bullet Mom

I also came down with an unexplained thyroid condition and was even diagnosed with a neurological disorder after receiving several mercury fillings. The neurological disorder subsided once I was put on the thyroid medication. My mouth was full of fillings and after doing research I realized it was causing all of my ailments. I removed all of my fillings and got cerac composites and also worry about any side effects from these "new" chemicals in my mouth. But it is the lesser of two evils. People are coming around to mercury fillings as being bad for your health. Even Dr. Oz did a segment on his show and it was SO refreshing to see it acknowledged on National TV. I have tried to share with some folks that mercury fillings could make you sick, they tune you out and look at you like you have 3 heads.

David Hammond

Hi Jan,
fibromyalgia is indeed related to mercury. One of the chapters in my book covers the subject. A study by Ingegerd Rosborg measured 30 trace elements in the blood and urine of 38 females with fibromyalgia and 41 controls. They found that both groups had, on average, the same amount of mercury in the blood. The researchers concluded that heavy metals did not play a role in the development of fibromyalgia.

However, they did not realize the significance of the results for urine. While both groups had the same blood concentration, the fibro group had only one-third the level of mercury in the urine. This implies that the group with FM were less able to excrete mercury.Thus mercury gradually builds up in various organs throughout the body, leading to a variety of symptoms.

This chapter also includes the case history of a woman who had had FM for 35 years who was cured by chelation.


People need to know that the best and safest and best way to remove mercury and other heavy metals from the body is with the natural detox mineral called Zeolite! Zeolite has the advantage over all other chelators to be able to hold onto the mercury or other heavy metals all the way out of the body without releasing anything back into the body to make you feel sick! For more information do a simple search for the single word Zeolite.


I also suspect that Fibromyalgia may be related to mercury and other environmental toxins. My daughter has been suffering since age 17 with Fibro (diagnosed in her early 20s) after having the Hep B series at other vaccines age 16.
Our family is loaded with people with Autoimmune disorders, My son with regressive Autism age 16 mos and PANDAS age 11, my 1st cousin, passed from ALS in his late 30s, my Mom Syndham's Chorea... the list goes on.
I think it is all one big fat tangled web that has been woven.

Michelle B.

From the post: "He was fortunate enough to find an internet forum comprised of people who had also been exposed to mercury, undergo chelation, and recover his health." I'm guessing that the forum he found was an Andrew Cutler chelation forum on Yahoo. Our family was lucky too. We have been using AC's low-dose, frequent chelation protocol for years. Our son, once "moderately" autistic, is 100% recovered. I have never understood why mercury's acknowledged damage is discussed on AofA often, but Dr. Cutler has never been discussed or interviewed...


Thank you, everyone, for your interesting, informative responses, and for your concern.

I am slowly replacing the mercury fillings, though I do wonder what we will find out about the composite fillings down the line. I got rid of two fillings unintentionally, when they split their teeth too badly to save. (Now I have to wonder about the safety of implants...)

I do keep my vitamin D serum levels at optimal range, avoid aspartame, soda, etc. like the plague, and also avoid fluoride toothpaste.

Wondering what the next common poison we all ingest will be...

Rebecca Lee

I think what is missing from this discussion is that Dave, who wrote the book, recovered by chelating with alpha lipoic acid per the Andy Cutler have I. Andy's book, "Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment" is available for thirty five bucks at

David Hammond

Taximon, There is a subset of people who are more affected by mercury as they are less able to excrete it due low levels of glutathione or metallotheonein due to genetics or other factors. Having low levels of these substances reduces heavy metal excretion. Acetaminophen (Tylenol)reduces glutathione levels dramatically and thus the ability to excrete heavy metals. Giving children Tylenol when they have vaccines exacerbates the toxicity of vaccines. Roundup, organophosphate pesticides and other toxins also deplete glutathione and increase oxidative stress, making the brain more susceptible to damage. The aluminium which is in 50% of vaccines also depletes glutathione and increases oxidative stress. In addition, aluminium increases glutamate concentrations in the brain and reduces GABA.

All of these factors combine to result in brain damage.

David Hammond, author Mercury Poisoning: The Undiagnosed Epidemic


"I’m always telling anybody who asks that one of the challenges of our movement is to attract the general public to our issues..."

Seen these?

Here's another opening to pursue ASAP. Imagine the #FoodBabeArmy fundraising potential for @CanaryKids / Dr. Herbert's epigenetics research.

Food Babe @thefoodbabe · Jun 23
I'm reading this article and tears are rolling down my face. This is why I fight for you.

Not an MD

Dear Taximom5, please know that mercury damage can be incremental, and it has the capacity to sneak up on a person. I am convinced that my father developed dementia from his "silver" fillings and love of drinking aspartame tainted drinks in cans, and eating tuna, full of mercury, out of cans. Likely, a nasty synergy between those metals occurred over time. He was fine for many years, and then one year he most certainly wasn't. I would recommend that you still entertain the idea of having those fillings removed. "Silver" fillings expand over time and split teeth apart, too, so it's not only the mercury one should worry about.

I am sure that some of us make more glutathione than others, and those lucky enough to have lots of glutathione can get rid of heavy and light metals much more efficiently. I would think that we all have our own individual tipping points when it comes to mercury and aluminum exposure. I sure hope you are loaded with glutathione. : )


Bob Moffit: Of course injecting mercury is insane. I just want to know why some react and why some don't. I think the reason that they've been able to get away with it for so long is BECAUSE some don't react, AND because the mechanisms that only result in brain damage for some have not been adequately explained and proven.

Until recently, it WAS very few who reacted. The stepped-up vaccination schedule has made it abundantly clear, though--to those who aren't afraid to admit it.

Anne J: fascinating. My problems began with immunizations to go to China. MMR, DTP, Hep B (was supposed to be Hep A, but they were out of it, and decided to give me hep B instead), and gamma globulin.

All except the MMR contained thimerosal.

Within a few weeks, my thyroid stopped working (Hashimoto's, so autoimmune), I started having symptoms of celiac disease (had not had problems with gluten before then), and I had a severe case of shingles that lasted for 6 solid weeks.

Interestingly, though, subsequent dental amalgam fillings (several over several years) made absolutely no difference in my health. And I don't understand why not. (Not that I'll ever get mercury fillings again, not bloody likely!)

 Bob Moffitt

While I wholeheartedly agree the question "why" some react while others don't is a vexing question. It may well be a genetic "pre-disposition" .. or .. some type of combination of events .. such as .. lyme disease.

In any event .. there should be ONE "common sense" answer upon which we can all agree. That being ...

"Injecting" mercury into the immune systems of ANYONE ... most especially .. CHILDREN during the most critical time of neurological, biological and physical development .. is .. as Crazy Eddy used to say .. "INSANE".


Taximom, Excellent and important questions. Having dealt with both mercury poisoning and Lyme Disease, I have wondered if some/many of the kids who react to their vaccines carry Lyme & co-infections from their undiagnosed mothers. It's hard for people who haven't been through Lyme to understand, but there are likely many thousands of undiagnosed people walking around with Lyme/co-infections in their system. It can look like anything - arthritis, mild to moderate fatigue, MS, Crohn's Disease, IBD, anxiety, depression, OCD, Lupus, and many others. It can also look like health, as it did for me for several years before I nearly bled to death during childbirth. Many with chronic Lyme have found mercury toxicity to be part of the equation. If you add immune disregulation on top of mercury poisoning on top of Lyme, you have a recipe for disaster. Also, I think methylation defects figure strongly into the equation.

Anne J.

It seems heavy metals in combination with certain genetic predispositions, and timing of exposure play a role. For example, in our household, we tested most of us for methylation pathway mutations. My daughter, with severe autism and Downs, had more mutations than I did, and my son with Aspergers had even fewer than either of us. However, we all had CBS mutations. It's said that girls require more mutations to end up on the spectrum, and that was the case with our kids. My neuro typical daughter had slightly more mutations than my son with Aspergers, but fewer than I did (I have a history of amalgam illness and cancer as an adult, but was an all-star athlete, a great student, had lots of friends and was the picture of health growing up). My problems began with immunizations to go to Europe in college and when I had my kids (ie long labors, pitocin, etc). Definitely more research into heavy metal exposure (including timing) combined with certain genetics is needed. I was doing fine until I reached a tipping point (in adulthood), though if I'd been born today, I likely would have been messed up from the start. The scary thing about proposed prenatal genetic testing is that babies with my genetics would possibly be unnecessarily aborted, when all that is needed is to decrease toxic exposures. Our vaccine schedule is out of control and causing major damage.


Kent, is there any explanation why only some people react so to mercury overload? I'm convinced mercury is a major player, but there has got to be one or more other factors, because so many people have mouths full of mercury with no obvious symptoms. My parents and I, for example, seem to be the picture of health. Is it genetic susceptibility, concurrent viral load, vitamin deficiency or--??

I've wondered the same thing about Lyme Disease, after learning that a friend of mine was diagnosed--years after her tick bite, but also after revealing that she had received a repeat round of ALL the required childhood vaccines after her pediatrician lost her records, which then could not be provided to the hospital where she worked. Could there be undiagnosed spirochete infections with those with the most severe effects from mercury amalgams?

And where does RoundUp etc fit in? Because I think that, too, is part of the puzzle.

When only a fraction react severely, there must be more to the equation. But as long as we deal only with mercury all by itself, it's too easy to artificially rule it out, which is why it's so hard to convince the so-called experts, who are already fooled by the heavily marketed artificial rule-outs. Is this discussed in the book?

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