A Typical Birthday Turned Terribly Wrong
Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute Presents 1st Annual Symposium on Microbiome & Autism

Dear Parents, You are Being Deceived about Vaccines and Autism

Safeminds currentBy Scott Laster

Health officials, doctors, and the media are intentionally deceiving you about the link between vaccines and autism. The people who claim to be acting in your best interests are putting your children’s health, and even their lives, at risk

They say that the science has proven that vaccines don’t cause autism

But they know vaccines can and do SOMETIMES cause autism

The American government found that Hannah Poling became severely autistic after being vaccinated against nine different diseases at one doctor’s visit when she was 18 months old. An underlying “mitochondrial disorder” was found to make her vulnerable to vaccine injury.  In fact, the American government has quietly compensated at least 83 children with autism for vaccine-injury

The Italian Ministry of Health found the MMR vaccine caused Valentino Bocca’s autism when he was 15 months old

They say it is proven that there is no link between vaccines and autism. But they know that only one shot (MMR) and one ingredient (thimerosal) has been studied, and the CDC has admitted to Congress that the basic science has never been performed to study autism rates in children who have been given the recommended 24 doses against 9 different diseases before age one versus autism rates in children who have not received those vaccines.  Actually, there has been one such study – and it found a three times increased risk of autism from the vaccine administered at birth

Imagine after a food-poisoning outbreak at a buffet, the CDC tested only the potato salad and then declared that all of the food was safe and the food poisoning did not come from the buffet—would you believe them?

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So, I meant to ask Charly;
Which has the more dramatic ending?

The "Law and Order" with the parent that lost the 2 year old committing sucide in front of the 8 year old?


The Real Life One:

A thirty year old man sitting in a hot car dead - blacken by the heat as the state trooper pulls up behind his car - as the cars zoom past a very busy interstate? Oh, leaving behind a beautiful wife with two small kids trying to deal with mood disorders?

Which one?


Hey! Charly!

I know this plot -- I did not see it -- but I got a blow for blow story telling time from my best friend and a neighbor for 20 years.

She watched it on "Law and Order."

I think it ended in one parent killing himself in front of the 8 year old in the park -- Oh the drama! Got to end these stories with a bang though - don't we.

Of course her daughter's two kids had vaccine reactions- the daughter told me they did.
They both are going to a psychologist because of anger issues.

Her daughter's husband also was later found dead in a car on the side of a busy interstate. He died of a heart attack -- he was only in his early 30s. He had just got back from Afghanistan as a civilian communications engineer. You know how traveling abroad and hovering around the military can get all those vaccines injected into you.

Only then for the first time in our 30 years of friend ship did she listen - finally hear me out - did not change the subject rather rudely.

Yeah I got to tell her about the vaccines causing Kawasaki's -- in both of my kids -- and causing the heart's left ventricular in my son's heart to swell -- causing a heart murmur.

That my daughter came out of her Kawasaki fever with mild bipolar and that was why she was always irritable and moody as a child.

So them there vaccines are not just causing autism and seizures although we have that too in my two own kids.

How about that for real life drama -- Hummmmm?

2 year olds do fine with measles. Rubella to the unborn in but only in a Mother that has no immunity to Rubella is dangerous -- now tha is true.


when will we really understand the damage .vaccines have taken many lives and destroyed many others..while Kawasaki made my daughter ill and may shorten her life, it took the life of my friend's son, while autism may look like a behavioral disorder it too comes with lifelong physical health issues and often is fatal. http://www.naturalhealth365.com/vaccine_dangers/kawasaki.html

Kawasaki is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children ..what is the leading cause of neuro disability in children today..autism..when my friend's son died, the aneurysms were found, yet he died of a stroke..there are clues being ignored..



It's okay to endanger other peoples children. Because they aren't specifically yours?


No, it is NEVER ok to endanger ANY child.

SOOOOO…. are you suggesting that it's ok to endanger other people's children, as long as it's done with vaccines ???

John Stone


No, the problem is that vaccines are neither as safe or effective as government and health officials say. They aren't properly tested or monitored. The manufacturers have effective immunity from prosecution; there are sanctions against ordinary citizens to accept them. Accurate, truthful information is not made available when obtaining consent which in some states is coercive anyway. If something does go wrong - and it often does - no one will want to hear your side of the story: you will be met with hostility and having to deal with consequences for the rest of your life and beyond.

The system has gone wrong.

BTW A two year-old will have been vaccinated against measles according the schedule.


So let me get this straight.

It's okay to not vaccinate, and then when Sue's 2 year old daughter who isn't old enough for the measles shot gets infected by Dan's 8 year old un-vaccinated son because his dad's against it. He allowed his son to play in a local park with 2 year old toddlers as well as other kids his age who may or may not be vaccinated. But because his dad had no idea he was infected because the symptoms didn't show until 3 days later, but it's too late. Sue's daughter contracts measles, and because it's deadly for toddlers, dies.


It's okay to endanger other peoples children. Because they aren't specifically yours?


This is ridiculous. Don't bother tracking down the authors claims -they are made up. In the 14 peer reviewed medical studies on this topic not one showed a statistical difference between those who received vaccines and those who did not. Quit preying on the fears and imaginations of a small group of stay at home moms who have nothing better to do than search the web for conspiracy theories......(most stay at home moms are wonderful by the way)



Have you or your husband ever been vaccinated. IT does matter. There are many on here that thinks the anthrax vaccine their husband received in the military had something to do with their child being born with autism.

I even meet a mother on the Kawasakis website that did not vaccinate her child ,but it did develop Kawasakis disease. - I asked if she had ever been vaccinated, and she said Yes, and as a matter of fact the last one she had taken in her teen years, she actually passed out from it. Her reaction was so bad that she did not vaccinate her child. It still however came down with Kawasakis..

So now we have to start thinking the environmental effects on the immune system is passed down to the child.

Could that be true?
Considering as time goes on through out history of new diseases becoming less and less severe.

As for me and mine -- My husband was vaccinated every year in his teens and 20s for ticks by the forest service and over vaccinated at the same time for tetanus.

I was vaccinated also with tetanus to work in the forest service, but it turned out to be a DTP shot. I also received the swine flu shot ( while out having a good time running around with a bunch of nursing during college)

Our kids were born normal, but did all of those extra vaccines we received set our kids up to react to their vaccines - so much that I noticed?

Because from what I am seeing out of my neighbor's kids they all must have had reactions just not so noticable.

IF that is the case; and the kids in the 90s were more than ever vaccinated, along with all the encouragement to get additional flu shots and DTaP -- we have not seen nothing yet!

for BT

No vitamin K shot or hep B at birth dose, huh? You may not be so sure about that but I believe that Age of Autism has mentioned that the are other environmental factors that may be causal. It would be fair to say that most people here do not think autism is genetic in most cases.

For BT


Of course, we get this comment coming up all the time - the pro-vaccine comment from someone who doesn't happen to vaccinate. Even if it was true you would respect others' rights not to vaccinate rather than promoting vaccination. Another question is how much do you get paid to post this tripe?


I just wish I knew why my darling daughters (3 & 7) are on the spectrum when I did not vaccinate either of them.


I am so sick of this stuff.....Autism reminds me about all the you know what that is going on about Global Warming....go ahead guys and stick you head in the sand and see how the future generation handle all the mess that WE HAVE created!

tony villar

When shall we see the light out of this autism holocaust?

Never, as long as Corporate Interest controls our country.


Haven't even read the article yet, but thank you a million times over for finally responding to the idiot source article without repeating the bad grammar in the title.


But they know vaccines can and do SOMETIMES cause autism


Homefirst Medical Services has over 35,000 COMPLETELY unvaccinated children, going back as far as the 70's, who have COMPLETELY avoided autism.

What they really know, is that although not every vaccine will cause autism (.. they would have been stupid to set it up that way), every single case of autism was cause by vaccines.

And that is the truth, whether you're ready for it or not.

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