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Why is the American Media Failing to Tell Both Sides of the Vaccine Story?

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By Lyn Redwood

You've noticed it.

I've noticed it.

There's been a major onslaught from the media in the past few weeks linking the recent cases of measles in the U.S. and the fact that a minority of American parents chooses to forgo vaccines for their children.

On April 28, 2014, accused parents who don't vaccinate as being part of an "anti-vaccine hysteria," and contended that this "hysteria" "continues to do real damage to the lives of children around the world."

On May 1, Michael Gerson, writing an op-ed in the Washington Post, argued that parents should not have the right to choose not to vaccinate.

But the most disappointing for me was from Stephen Colbert. Full disclosure: I love Colbert. He's smart and funny and does a great job of finding unexpected ways to educate and entertain. But I was incredibly disappointed with the interview he did with Dr. Paul Offit, the Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, ending the show with Offit's claim that we have the pharmaceutical companies to thank for our good health in America, because Big Pharma has created vaccines that allow our children to "lead longer, better, healthier lives." Offit did not answer Colbert's question about whether he was directly profiting from Big Pharma. Which he is, of course. Dubbed "Dr. Profit" by some activists, Offit is co-inventor of the RotaTeq vaccine and a co-holder of the patent on it.

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Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB and Danchi

God bless you both.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, safeMinds!

Looking forward to...

"So what is going wrong with America’s vaccines? In the coming weeks when we’ll be talking about potential complications with vaccines and information every parent needs to know before they vaccinate."

David Foster

I think it is incredibly important that we all understand that there is a full court press by our health agencies to convince the American people that the rash (no pun intended) of disease outbreaks across the US are all a result of us irresponsible parents who have the unmitigated gall to refuse vaccines for our children.

Why are they doing this? Just take a look at the Current News listed at, especially this article:

This effort to limit and eventually eliminate state vaccine exemptions will be a slam dunk if they can convince the American public that vaccine refusers are to blame for the outbreaks.


Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB
If I am wrong, argue me down. What’s to prevent good things, other than the (unwarranted) belief that they can’t happen?

Never said good things can't happen if there is solidarity among the groups who are opposed to vaccinations and especially mandatory vaccinations.

The point I was making is there is a 100 plus year entrenched pattern of behavior that has monetary and power issues behind it. There are also well documented and consequences for going against the flow such as the Wakefield inquisition and persecution, the very public hanging of Katie Couric. One factor I didn't mention is the former Health Secretary Kathleen Sibelius reported "recommendation or order" to the media to NOT give media time to people who oppose vaccination and who can show that vaccines are ineffective and dangerous. There are people who are unaware of the massive conflict of interest between the pharmaceutical companies, doctors, government agencies and universities. Giving some exposure to the conflicts, hopefully people who are seeking information on vaccines or people who support vaccines but are open to any new information, will see this and understand the lack of media attention is not due to the fact that the SCIENCE IS SETTLED OR CONFIRMED AND THAT VACCINES HAVE BEEN PROVEN SAFE & EFFECTIVE, the lack of media exposure is due to SUPPRESSION of information and CHARACTER ASSASSINATION OF HIGHLY REGARDED DOCTORS and SCIENTIST. Just like the run up to the Iraqi war, information was suppressed and the breakthrough came from courageous people in other countries who were willing to invalidate the information coming from the US government. But, there was significant collateral damage done to our brave military men & women and those civilians who braved telling the truth. I see so many parallels between the Vaccine Issue and War propaganda.
Hitler stated: If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.

I'm not a passive person and I believe the only way to shift the energy is to be assertive. To me that includes stating specific and not beating around the bush. People need to know there has been suppression of life altering information going on since the smallpox vaccine. People need to know that there are pharma trolls that jump on comment boards to take control, misled and intimidate anyone who post opposing g view. That's what happened when Katic Couric had her Gardasil show. i read many of the comments and they were not from "average people" they were from pharma obstacle and their team leader was Dorit Reiss. My way of dealing with trolls is to expose them by informing others what their tactics are and what they hope to accomplish. Every time Dorit replys to a comment I made on a board, I say yes Dorit this is who you are and what you do and I always let others know these people are being paid therefore their comments disingenuous. I also provide information that can be verified. Exposure, assertion and information is my way of letting people know why the media is not telling both sides of the story.

The most powerful weapon ever created is the control of the flow of information.

Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Since Danchi has provided a round-up of all the ways they can prevent any breakthroughs, let me display the other side of that coin. We folks can do as we see fit. We can band together (banding together is key here) and change the whole course of the sordid history of the 20th century. The 21st can be glorious. If I am wrong, argue me down. What’s to prevent good things, other than the (unwarranted) belief that they can’t happen?


Why is the American Media Failing to Tell Both Sides of the Vaccine Story?

Follow the money!

As long as media outlets need money from the pharmaceutical industry to pay the bills, big pharma will continue to call the shots. Open up any magazine, turn on your TV, listen to the radio and turn on your computer-big pharma is everywhere. When you buy up that much space to push your products and are willing to pay top price, who going to tell you what the truth is?

Look at what happened to Jane Akre of a local Fox News station in Florida when she discovered and wanted to broadcast a investigative report on rBGH in the milk supply in February 1997. Between Monsanto's and the Dairy Coalition the managed to get her fired (after they were offered a second bribe)and have dragged out their lawsuit for years. Monsanto has deep pockets-just like the pharmaceutical industry. From their lawsuit:

[The Dairy Coalition's director] took great pride in bragging that the Coalition "snowed the station with paperwork and pressure to have the story killed." Fox threatened our job every time we resisted the dozens of changes that would sanitize the story and fill it with lies and distortions. [Fox lawyer] Forest finally leveled with us. "You guys don't get it. It doesn't matter whether the facts are true. This story isn't worth a couple of hundred thousand dollars to go up against Monsanto." (pp. 217, 218)

Fox's general manager presented us with an agreement that would give us a full year of salaries and benefits worth $200,000 in no-show "consulting jobs," but with strings attached: no mention of how Fox covered up the story and no opportunity to ever expose the facts Fox refused to air. We turned down this second hush money offer. We were both finally fired, allegedly for "no cause." (p. 219)

Look at what has happened to Dr. Wakefield. Look how Merck reeled in Dr. Diane Harper when she made statements about the safety of Gardasil and than rolled over backwards trying to mitigate it and do damage control. I've read on many websites pharmaceutical industry paid trolls calling Dr. Maurice Hilleman an idiot or quack because they are trying to discredit the interview he made for PBS This Health Century admitting the presence of SV-40 and HIV cells in the vaccines.

"Profit, greed, arrogance, denial, control of all information, and protection of careers are the reasons the system continues to operate. There are too many with too much to lose if the truth should be known. This machine has now been in operation for nearly 100 years with a continuous pursuit to drive out and eliminate any natural health competition. This system has no regard for real and unbiased existing science. It continues to ignore the reality of the situation on every front and maintains control through years of indoctrination of the ‘one-size fits all’ pharma funded medical schools which promotes itself and keeps the individual ‘physicians’ from exploring the truth. In fact, to participate in this system, they are not allowed to think outside the box, as the standards of care are set in stone and the ramifications for deviation will likely mean the end of their ‘medical’ career."

Reporters are more dispensable than Doctors. Katie Couric-need I say more.


Thank you Lyn... OMG the measles...

There have been 59 cases of measles confirmed in California in 2014. The population of California is about 38 million. Your chances of getting the measles in California are

.000155 percent or 1 in 644,068.

Autism rates are about 1 in 41 boys...


Brian Deer has spent 7 years trying to discredit a five page 1998 Andrew Wakefield MMR paper on 12 children. dozens of children with similar MMR/ Autism symptoms followed...

All research on the MMR issue was halted.

Brian Deer claimed "fraud in the paper" due to the "timing of head banging" of one child and the 1998 paper was retracted.

The SCIENCE of the Wakefield paper...vaccine strain the gut of Autistic children...has never been questioned.

Vaccine Information

Measles vaccine breakthrough infection

 Bob Moffitt

@ autism mom .. I watched that same FRONTLINE show .. and .. had the exact same thoughts you had .. regarding how easy it was for the government (BUSH AND OBAMA) to manipulate the "press" .. by asking them to voluntarily .. "spike" a story they did not want the public to know about .. spying on the citizens of the US without a court order .. or else .. THEY risk being blamed if another terrorist attack occurred on the country.


Senior health officials in our government no doubt called in the execs from the major networks and news outlets (print and online)to bring them into the fold regarding the how message on vaccination should go.

FRONTLINE did a piece last night on backstory behind NSA's wiretapping, collecting of private emails and data which they referred to as "The Program" on millions of Americans. Even though it violates the constitution, this secret surveillance program started after 9/11 and has expanded under Obama. The highest security advisors in both Bush adminstration and Obama adminsitration called meetings with the major news outlet executives to defend "The Program". They were able to convince the media of striking stories criticizing the program or revealing what NSA was doing.

I believe this is exactly the same tactic that is being used with regard to the vaccine program. People high up in the adminstration are reaching out and meeting with major media execs to control the message on vaccines in order to prevent vaccine safety advocates from having any kind of platform. They have hijacked the message. Fair and balanced reporting left the building along time ago.


I suppose that's meant to be tit for tat for Rob Schneider.
Quite the game of wack-a-mole.

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