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AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Hedda Get Better: Doll with Measles from 1958

A lot of us "citizen scientists" who saw the news this week about a megadose of measles vaccine as a cancer treatment seem to have had the same question at the same time.

First, the news. “Mayo Clinic researchers announced a landmark study where a massive dose of the measles vaccine, enough to inoculate 10 million people, wiped out a Minnesota woman's incurable blood cancer,” USA Today reported. “The Mayo Clinic conducted the clinical trial last year using virotherapy. The method discovered the measles virus wiped out multiple myeloma cancer cells. Researchers engineered the measles virus (MV-NIS) in a single intravenous dose, making it selectively toxic to cancer cells.”

Now the question: Does this suggest that wild-type measles infection, the kind hundreds of thousands of kids caught every year before the measles vaccine arrived in the 1960s, performs some unsuspected function in preventing the occurrence of cancer? And the follow-up: Did mass vaccination wipe out this protection? 

The first thing that caught my eye was the type of cancer – multiple myeloma. As it happens,  I’ve been hearing about this cancer in the autism community quite a bit in the last year. In fact, in August of last year Mark Blaxill and I reported on the anonymous Case 3 in the first medical paper on autism, from 1943. We identified him as William Ritchey Miller of Raleigh, N.C. On his death certificate from July 8, 2011, the cause was listed: multiple myeloma.

According to Wikipedia, this kind of cancer is increasing. and affecting younger people than it has in the past, resulting in about 74,000 deaths in 2010, up from 49,000 in 1990. It is a cancer of the immune system, formed by malignant plasma cells in the bone marrow. We also reported that Miller, who was known as Ritchey, had one sibling, Alden Dykstra Miller. He died in Hyattsville, Md., in 1984. 

He was only 44 years old. The cause of death was lupus erythermatosis, an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its own healthy tissue.

We all know that immune problems are common in the background of families with autistic children. It was ever thus – Case 1 in the original case series, Donald Triplett of Mississippi, had a near-fatal attack of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease, in his early teens; his father had asthma, another autoimmune condition. Donald recovered from JRA after treatment with gold salts – and, as we’ve reported, his autistic symptoms also improved dramatically, according to his brother. (Both Donald and his brother still live in Forest, Mississippi.)

To me, it stands to reason that a virus – like measles – that triggers an immune response in children might serve some broader biological purpose best left undisturbed. Doing so might have some downstream effect on both an autoimmune condition like autism and a cancer of the immune system like multiple myeloma. (Another of the first 11 cases, Bridget Muncie, also died of cancer.)

Our hypothesis is that Ritchey – whose father was a forestry professor at North Carolina State – was exposed to a new ethyl mercury compound, thimerosal, by a new forestry pesticide, and that the other 10 children in that case series were also exposed via vectors including vaccination. (Check out our book, The Age of Autism – Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-made Epidemic, and our home-page video, How Mercury Triggered the Age of Autism). In short, the first commercial uses of ethyl mercury triggered the first cases of autism; the explosion in vaccines containing it triggered the autism explosion beginning around 1990. It seems almost too simple, but then, as Mark Blaxill says, epidemics are simple by their very nature, once the cause is identified and the truth is told.

That exposure to mercury -- a known and potent dysregulator of immunity -- may have messed up Ritchey's immune system enough to complicate his reaction to viruses, perhaps in concert with a family disposition to autoimmunity. Leo Kanner, the author of that first autism paper, noted that “following smallpox vaccination at 12 months, he had an attack of diarrhea and fever, from which he recovered in somewhat less than a week.” (We can assume he had measles.)

While Ritchey recovered physically, Kanner appears to have missed a big clue here. Regarding Ritchey’s failure to talk, his mother told Kanner that “I can’t be sure just when he stopped the imitation of word sounds. It seems that he has gone backward mentally gradually for the last two years.” His mother made this comment when Ritchey was about three, which puts his regression at the same time as his reaction to the smallpox shot two years earlier. But Kanner, who called the condition he was the first to describe “inborn autistic disturbances of affective contact,” seems to have missed clear evidence that Ritchey regressed after a bad reaction to a live virus vaccination.

Others did make that connection between live virus vaccine and autistic regression. As I’ve written before, in 1976 an article appeared in a German medical journal under the title "Autistiches Syndrom (Kanner) und Pockenschutzimpfung." Translation: Autistic Syndrome (Kanner) and Vaccination against Smallpox.

The English abstract reads:

"3-4 weeks following an otherwise uncomplicated first vaccination against smallpox a boy, then aged 15 months ... gradually developed a complete Kanner syndrome. The question whether vaccination and early infantile autism might be connected is being discussed. A causal relationship is considered extremely unlikely. But vaccination is recognized as having a starter function for the onset of autism."

Well, I think a causal relationship – which is exactly what a “starter function” is, no? -- is extremely likely, especially given the thousands of parental reports of children who have “gone backward mentally” after the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine were combined and mandated in the 1970s.

Yet the introduction of the MMR alone does not seem to trigger autism epidemics. As we suspect in the case of Ritchey Miller, something is priming the immune system to attack itself and to mishandle the viruses; we think it’s usually toxins in earlier or simultaneous vaccines, especially thimerosal (ethyl mercury), aluminum and other ingredients. That was the argument the so-called vaccine “court” rejected, despite the Hannah Poling concession, saying it required “believing six impossible things before breakfast” a la Alice in Wonderland.

We're staring through another looking glass altogether, I'm afraid -- into a nightmare world of "mysterious" autoimmune injury, including autism, lupus, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, and now, perhaps, diseases of adulthood like multiple myeloma and lupus, all because we started monkeying around unnecessarily with benign childhood viruses and bacteria, and introducing all kinds of toxins to potentiate their mutant offspring (some through pesticides and other vectors). The sick tragedy is that none of it was necessary to protect us against the few diseases actually worth fighting. A handful of judiciously deployed vaccines for rare and truly deadly illnesses would have sufficed (the kind in place before the vaccine injury act of 1986 gave pharma carte blanche, and kicked off the autism epidemic).

Allow me to quote the great Andy Wakefield, who was commenting on a number of regressive autism cases I was writing about in Olympia, Washington, in 2006:

"The key to many of the problems you see with viral vaccines is interference," he said afterward.

"The host control of a viral infection is fundamentally mediated through an adequate immune response, and that immune response has been conditioned by tens of thousands of years of evolution," said Wakefield. "And the outcome of an infection is dependent on the pattern of exposure.

"So measles is innocuous when encountered under normal circumstances of dose and age of exposure. But when it's encountered under atypical circumstances early in life, particularly at high dose, then the outcome is very different. And the problem for these viruses is persistence and delayed disease," he said.

"So if they can establish persistent infection, elude the host immune response, then they can all come back and cause delayed disease later in life."

I think the picture of what those “delayed diseases” include is beginning to become sharper, scarier, and much bigger than anyone imagined. Somewhere on Facebook yesterday I saw a comment by an autism mom who said a doctor had done a big workup on her son and summarized, “His immune system isn’t doing anything for him.” 

It is not hard to imagine that an immune system so dysfunctional it “does nothing” could spawn all kinds of mayhem, including cancerous cells. On Thursday I quoted from a new scientific paper “that presents convincing evidence that the rapid increase in the number of vaccines given to US children has now created a state of immune overload in the majority, or close to the majority, of young US children and that this is being manifested by related health issues including epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and autism.”

That may not be the half of it, which is why everyone has a stake in confronting this new age of autism and god knows what else. Because most people with autism are still children, what we've learned about those first cases from the 1930s lets us peer into the future as we wonder what's next for kids just like Ritchey (and his brother Alden) Miller as they grow into adulthood. We could be in for a whole new deluge of health problems. To quote Jackson Browne: "Don't think it won't happen just because it hasn't happened yet."


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.




I know I'm really late to this, but I just dug in today, and the PubMed article I found seems to suggest that the vaccine may have *caused* the cancers which are now being treated by this Awesome New Cure (they just happened to have).

That article:

Yes, wild measles strains are something seemingly quite different -- and they don't play with cancer, per the article like the receptor-laden attenuated vaccine strain version does.


"Oncolytic Vaccine Development

While our viruses are capable of stimulating antitumor immunity, we are continuously seeking to enhance this property. One approach to this is through the creation of “oncolytic vaccines” in which the virus contains a gene that encodes a known tumor antigen and can thereby more efficiently harness the anticancer immune response. Several tumor antigens are currently being evaluated in this regard."


Big business

I feel like this is when they took away butter and got us to use margarine and then lo and behold, butter was healthier alternative and not patentable. Same old story.

Max Brody

Phenomenal discovery.
Points the way to many cures.

Shell Tzorfas

If I am not mistaken, the high dose of the measles vaccine was said to be given to 2 patients to see if it would stop cancer. In one patient the cancer returned within months while in the 2nd patient the cancer remitted. This remission at this time is "Temporary" at best. This is a 50-50 proposition. Time is needed to find the long term results yet the medical community is publishing this as a kind of cure? Watch as the uninformed, untrained medical journalists blindly follow this in the media and in newspapers. Watch as the NYTimes, Forbes, and others create headline news. I am sure that we will see other illnesses develop from this experimentation. Potential shedding of this dangerous vaccine may harm more folks in the long run. Watch as they attempt to "Recycle" their profit making toxins. In what other industry is a 50% success rate applauded? Shell of "Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs."

Long-term effects, what long- term effects?

Someone named Kat at RI has asked about long- term effects of vaccines- of course no one responded to the query. As if it weren't even worthy of consideration. Those people really don't even sound like people interested in science or health, just industry protection.

cia parker

Autism did not exist before vaccines, while measles did. I think that if measles sometimes appeared to cause autism, it would be because the fever potentiated stored heavy metals from previous vaccines.


In reply to Barry catching wild measles does not cause autism I am not sure if that is totally correct very rarely after wild measles cases have been reported of neurological sequela , the same with chicken-pox.


I've never heard of, or seen anything to make me believe that. Where did you hear about it?


In reply to Barry catching wild measles does not cause autism I am not sure if that is totally correct very rarely after wild measles cases have been reported of neurological sequela , the same with chicken-pox. The worse case scenario SSPE the one Big Pharma try to scare us with.


Cia quoted Harold Buttram:

'The cellular immune system, in contrast, lacking former challenges of the so-called 'minor childhood diseases' of former times (measles, mumps, chickenpox, and rubella) may be going through the process of atrophy of disuse'

Can you imagine if it's a case of use it or lose it, as with just about everything else in the human body?

cia parker

I agree, Danchi. It's not nice to mess with Mother Nature. Much better just to get the childhood diseases the old-fashioned way.


I'm wondering what the long term consequences of this will be? From my readings on using measles to treat cancers, the articles stated "natural measles or wild measles" The vaccine measles mutated into a strain known as Atypical Measles. It was first thought this came from the earlier dead measles vaccination program which began in 1960. By 1963 it is know that the vaccine had mutated and it was not limited to the dead strain. The mutation of the virus comes only from the vaccine and is more aggressive. Knowing this, what are the consequences of injecting people with a mutated virus that's a mega dose say of 10,000 times the potency of what is given at a regular vaccine session? Given that we know vaccines contribute if not cause disease such as diabetes, obesity, cancers. immunological diseases, neurological diseases-autism, aren't these researchers trading one disease for another?


There may be some truth to this, because in my family, we can't fight off the vaccine measles, so it has made us all ill. And there is also no cancer in my family, to include extended family, which is obviously really rare to be true. So, yes, it could be possible. The real problem with vaccines is the quality of them. Since they suck at making good guality vaccines, this could be just another farce like the Guardasil vaccine, which is obviously a scam.

cia parker

Several things I have read about natural diseases protecting against cancer. I think it is clear that getting the natural childhood diseases is the best possible training for the immune system.
Less cancer of the ovary in women who had mumps in childhood: West, R., "Epidemiologic study of malignancies of the ovaries," Cancer 1966: 19(1001-7)
Newhouse M.L., Pearson R.M., "A case control study of carcinoma of the ovary," Brit J Prev Soc Med 1977; 31: 148-153,
People with cancer being cured or put into temporary remission by natural case of measles:
Pasquinucci G, "Possible effects of measles on leukemia," Lancet Jan 16, 1971, 136.
Gross S., "Measles and leukemia," Lancet, Feb. 20, 1971; 397-8.
Natural rubella has had the same effect (Pasquinacci op.cit.)
Pediatric nephrotic syndrome has been cured of put into remission by deliberately infecting patients with natural measles. Hutchins G., "Observations on the relationship of measles and remissions in the nephrotic syndrome," Am J Dis Child 1947; 73: 242-3.
Blumberg R.W., et al, "Effect of measles on the nephrotic syndrome," Am J Dis Child 1947; 151-166.
The Lancet in 1971 published an article with before and after photographs of a boy hospitalized with a large tumor over his right eye caused by Burkitt's lymphoma. He caught measles while at the hospital, and it effected the complete cure of his cancer without treatment. The tumor began to shrink the day the measles rash appeared, nine days later he still had a little of the rash, but the tumor was much smaller. By the time the article was published four months later, the boy was in complete remission from the cancer (without treatment). Bluming A.Z., "Regression of Burkitt's lymphoma in association with measles infection," Lancet July 10, 1971; 105-6.
As early as 1910, the Viennese surgeon R. Schmidt said that many of his cancer patients told him that they had always been in good health and had rarely suffered from feverish illnesses, "Krebs und Infektionskrankheiten," in Medizinische Klinik no. 43, 1910, 1630-1633. By the end of the '40s, Dr. Schmidt believed that having the natural diseases provided some protection against cancer.
British researchers have found that women who had measles, rubella, and mumps as children developed ovarian cancer much less frequently than those who hadn't. McGowan, "The woman at risk of developing ovarian cancer," in Gynecological Oncology, no 7, 1979, 325-344.
In a controlled Swiss study of 379 cancer patients, a much lower chance of developing cancer was found in people who had suffered the childhood illnesses. The risk of cancer, apart from breast cancer, fell by 20% for each childhood illness. Albonico H.U., "Febrile infectious childhood diseases in the history of cancer patients and matched controls," in Medical Hypotheses, no. 51, 1988, 315-320.

Dr. Harold Buttram, in Shaken Baby Syndrome, p. 28, stated that: "Current vaccine programs are in effect attempting to groom the humoral system into the primary immune system of the body, a role it can never fully or effectively play. The cellular immune system, in contrast, lacking former challenges of the so-called 'minor childhood diseases' of former times (measles, mumps, chickenpox, and rubella) may be going through the process of atrophy of disuse, also being further compromised by the immunosuppressant effects of combination-viral vaccines. It is ttue there are many other forms of viral challenges today, but only these four significantly challenged and therefore strengthened the immunity of the epithelial and endothelial tissues of the body and their associated organs."

Angus  Files

Dr. Maurice Hilleman the real Pharma Don admits the cancer causing in the following video.


Yet Pharma and all its eminent Drs and Scientists so desperate as they are depend on a Journo Shill from The dis United Kingdom to confirm the safety of vaccines namely Brian Deer ...getcha on the way down Brian were all waiting..


Check out this really great poke in the eye of the vaccine mafia! Post it far and wide! The vaccine mafia does not need help making itself look stupid and inbred- but The Onion is catching on to the game!

“I know my vaccines are better for my kid because I make them with love and care in my own kitchen,” said Colorado Springs, CO mother Jen LaRochelle, adding that “God only knows what” drug companies are putting into their products. “When that immunizing serum flows through my daughter Samantha’s veins, I want to know she’s getting everything she needs. Making it yourself may take a little longer, but you get the hang of it pretty quick. A little aluminum hydroxide, a little ammonium sulfate, some polysorbate 80, and boom, it’s done in no time.”




"But in 2008, Tom was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and wound up in a medically induced coma..."

"Walsh noted that the only chemicals his father ever worked with were pesticides. In fact, Tom kept a number of log books throughout his career, in which he wrote down every pesticide he’d ever used. Some of the chemicals listed included Daconil, Dylox, Chipco and even Dursban, which was banned from home and garden use in 2000 over concerns from the EPA.

And science seems to back up Walsh’s claim. Studies of former golf course superintendents and others who regularly use pesticides found higher levels of four types of cancer – brain, lymphoma, prostate and large intestine."

Laura Hayes

Another great article, Dan. I disagree, however, with your comment:

"A handful of judiciously deployed vaccines for rare and truly deadly illnesses would have sufficed (the kind in place before the vaccine injury act of 1986 gave pharma carte blanche, and kicked off the autism epidemic)."

Many were gravely and fatally injured by vaccines prior to the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and it was those very injuries and deaths, which resulted in lawsuits and bad publicity, which led to the 1986 Act.

It may also very well be that those of us vaccinated in the 50s, 60s, and 70s sustained sub-clinical (and more apparent) vaccine injury that has substantially impacted and exacerbated the vaccine injuries that our children, born in the late 80s, 90s, and beyond, have suffered. Not only did our children have to contend with the results of parental vaccine damage, they also had to contend with being the first to endure a tripling of the vaccine schedule.

As we are seeing, disturbing and destroying the immune, nervous, and GI systems through the process of vaccination is neither safe nor effective. Health is not achieved through vaccination, quite the opposite.


To add to my earlier comment, I wonder what the difference is between the wild measles strain(s?) and Merck's laboratory version vaccine strain, and the modified strain used by these researchers to treat multiple myeloma.


As far as I can tell, an injection of the vaccine strain can cause autism.

Naturally contracting the wild strain…. does not cause autism.

God only knows what the modified vaccines strain can cause.

Jeannette Bishop

This quote bounces all-over the net:

“Cancer was practically unknown until compulsory vaccination with cowpox vaccine began to be introduced. I have had to deal with at least two hundred cases of cancer, and I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person.” Dr. W.B. Clark of Indiana/1936

It's had me asking if vaccines were just introducing carcinogens or making a person's immune system less likely to recognize and fight cancer or now I guess preventing cancer-preventing disease processes, or some combination?

And then there are questions when a virus is linked to cancer, like HPV, if the virus is the problem, or if its presence is evidence that there is an immune system problem, or now possibly if the virus is actually functionally attacking cancerous tissues?

It seems like scientists were asking the same things, as the official position prior to the HPV vaccine was that the relationship of the HPV virus to cancer was not understood?

Another one that comes to mind, is the development of shingles not just waning immunity, but possibly an attempt to address a diminishing state of health?


Barbara j.
Sorry about your son's knee. It is not that it makes you angier - it is just that you know the cause - that never seems to stop showing up.


It has been showing up in mental illness manifesting as drug abuse and the rise in mental illness from the old DTP shot
for a long time and the majority of the people did not catch on--- small pox and polio vaccines just gave them too much of a warm fuzzy feeling - I suppose --

They never did understand that it was not vaccines that got rid of typhoid or cholera.


To add to my earlier comment, I wonder what the difference is between the wild measles strain(s?) and Merck's laboratory version vaccine strain, and the modified strain used by these researchers to treat multiple myeloma.


Reminds me of the coley's toxins/vaccine ! (or mumps/ovarian cancer )

I guess genetically modified bacteria/viruses might be in the strarting blocks with a new mission !?

Returning to measles, from an old link ( http://www.doktor-quak.de/pdf/tq_vaccinations.pdf ) I had in my papers : In Annals of Tropical Paediatrics [53] the following case is reported: "1984 a 5 year old girl presented with a bad
case of psoriasis. She showed large affected areas on her body and extremities, also involving to a significant
degree her scalp. During the following year she was treated by Pediatricians and Dermatologists with coal tar
preparations, local steroids, UV light, and dithranol wraps. Despite these therapies and two hospitalizations, the
psoriasis was refractory and remained essentially unchanged until she came down with measles. As the measles
rash began to spread over her skin, the psoriasis disappeared. Since then she has been free of psoriasis."
Another startling effect is described in Am. J. Med. Hyg.: "The prevalence of parasites and average density of
malaria parasites is significantly lower in children who have had measles or influenza before the age of 9 than in
the asymptomatic control group." [54]
An article taken from the Lancet, 1985, [55] may be of decisive importance: "Persons who have never had any
visible indication of measles, i.e., never devoloped the skin rash of measles, suffer more frequently from non
measles associated diseases." "The data show a highly significant correlation between lack of measles exanthema
and auto-immune diseases, seborrhoeic skin diseases, degenerative diseases of the bones and certain tumors... We
think that the rash is caused by a cell mitigated immune reaction, which destroys the cells infected with the
measles virus. If this is correct, the missing exanthema may indicate that intracellular virus components have
escaped neutralization during the acute infection. This may later lead to the aforementioned diseases... The
presence of specific antiobdies at the time of infection interferes with the normal immune response against the
measles virus, in particular with the development of the specific cell mitigated immunity (and/or cyto-toxic
reactions). The intracellular measles virus can then survive the acute infection and cause diseases manifesting in
the adult age."
If the infection with measles happens at a time when there are already antibodies against the measles virus
present, i.e., within the first few months after birth, or after administration of measles immune serum because of
contact with measles, or after antibody production following vaccination, the immune system cannot react fully to
the infection, leaving the virus the chance to become persistent.
If vaccinated children contract measles from the wild strain, the possibility exists that the infection will be
overlooked in them, since they do not exhibit the typical signs of measles anymore. It is impossible to say how
common these latent measles infections are; finding the connection between latent measles and a disease at adult
age is impossible. If this suspicion proves to be true, the merit of the measles vaccination has to be re-evaluated

Dan, would you have the exact reference of the german article titled "Autistiches Syndrom (Kanner) und Pockenschutzimpfung." ?


a "just because comment"..my brother born 1967 was the first in our pediatric group to NOT receive smallpox vaccine, at that time my mother told the doc that studies indicated 300 annual cases of brain damage following the vaccine..my son born 1996 was the first in our group to receive first dose dtap and given salk vs sabin polio for first dose, we were not anti vaccine we thought we were cautious..there was no Jenny or Wakefield when people were already noticing cause and effect between some vaccines and severe disabling outcomes..the schedule won, a few tweaks weren't enough for my kids..there are just too many damn vaccines..now I, who had always considered vaccines as a preventive tool , and could have been labeled a vaccine advocate, now wear the label anti vaccine...and I do ..and I am..This year, with my 18 yr. old's diagnosis of arthritis , watching him in a Hopkin's bed having vials of fluid removed from his knee after a third incident,has angered me more than the asd, the asthma , the kawasaki, and all of the other vaccine plagues that have visited my kids, and I can't even sue the bastards!


Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD)stated in her article: Measles Vaccines Part II; Benefits of Contracting Measles at: http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2013/01/29/measles-vaccines-part-ii-benefits-of-contracting-measles-by-dr-viera-scheibner-phd/

Having measles not only results in life-long specific immunity to measles, but also in life-long non-specific immunity to degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, sebaceous skin diseases, immunoreactive diseases and certain tumours as demonstrated by Ronne (1985).

Having mumps protects against ovarian cancer (West 1969).

This is the area that should be researched and the results heeded instead of trying the impossible: to eradicate infectious diseases.

Approaching childhood diseases with common sense and wisdom.

The already quoted large group of Swiss doctors that formed a working committee questioning the Swiss’ Health Department’s policy of mass vaccination with the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, wrote that up to 1969, at the Basel University Paediatric Clinic, artificial infection with measles was used to treat successfully the nephrotic syndrome (Albonico et al. 1990).

Asthma and allergies prevented by natural measles disease.

As shown by Shaheen et al. (1996), even in a developing country having measles is beneficial: it prevents atopy: “After adjustment for breastfeeding and other variables, measles infection was associated with a large reduction in the risk of skin-prick test positivity to household dustmite . . . 17 (12.8%) of 133 participants who had had measles infection were atopic compared with 33 (25.6%) of 129 of those who had been vaccinated and not had had measles”.

Alm et al. (1999) wrote that increased prevalence of atopic disorders in children may be associated with changes in types of childhood infections, vaccination programmes, and intestinal microflora.

They found that at the Steiner schools in Sweden, “52% of the children had had antibiotics in the past, compared with 90% in the control schools…18% and 93% of children respectively, had had combined immunisation against measles, mumps, and rubella, and 61% of the children at the Steiner schools had had measles”.

“Fermented vegetables, containing live lactobacilli, consumed by 63% of the children at Steiner schools, were compared with 4.5% at the control schools….Skin-prick tests and blood tests showed that the children from Steiner schools had lower prevalence of atopy than controls”.

Engineered measles virus used in anti-cancer therapy.

Carmona Mota (1973) described a remission of infantile Hodgkin’s disease after natural measles. They wrote, “A 23-months-old Caucasian male was seen for the first time in April 1970 with a large mass in the neck due to hypertrophy of the left cervical lymph nodes. Before radiotherapy could be started the child developed measles. Much to our surprise the large cervical mass vanished without further therapy.”

Many others started researching and writing about the oncolytic (cancer-destroying) effect of measles virus.

Msaouel et al. (2009) conducted clinical testing of engineered oncolytic measles virus strains in the treatment of cancer. Even though the virus they used was a vaccine-type virus, the research was done in vitro with a virus directly injected into the tumour. They wrote, “It is of note that a number of viral strains, including certain derivatives of the attenuated live measles virus Edmonston (MV-Edm) vaccine strain, demonstrate a propensity to preferentially infect, propagate in, and destroy cancerous tissue.

The reason for using modified viruses was given as “concerns regarding the potential of wild-type-viruses to cause serious side effects, technical limitations in manufacturing viral lots of high purity for clinical use, as well as the overwhelming excitement and fervent support for the, at the time, newly emerging chemotherapy approaches that slowed down research on alternative strategies”.

One can reasonably speculate that there were also political reasons for using a vaccine measles virus (an engineered measles virus), and not the wild measles virus, because the next question to answer would be why not simply let children have the natural measles and thus achieve the long-term non-specific immunity to a number of cancers. (I think this statement says it all-my comment)


exciting and has been in the works for awhile..interesting that never having chicken pox is a risk factor for some brain tumors as well...this evidence while anecdotal receives a kind of pharm stamp of approval while our kids with far more evidence are being maimed by the same group..

134 glioma patients in this study were 60% less likely than similarly aged, healthy participants to have antibodies to varicella-zoster virus--an indicator of past infection. By comparison, their rates of antibodies to three other viruses in the same family as varicella-zoster (herpesviruses) were similar to those among healthy participants, according to the report in the July 15th issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology." reuters

Dan Burns

Six impossible things to believe before breakfast:

1. Vaccines are safe and effective. Unlike every other pharmaceutical in the book, they have no serious side effects worth mentioning.
2. Your doctor knows best.
3. The government wouldn’t lie.
4. Andy Wakefield made the whole thing up.
5. Organic mercury is good for you and prevents autism. It’s organic!
6. It is unwise to arouse the wrath of the great and powerful Oz.


No, Dan, when I saw that article I didn't have that same question. My response was, huh?
I wonder now what the difference in viral load is between that which is contained in a measles vaccine vs a naturally infected person, compared to the multiple myeloma treatment. I'm also curious about how the measles virus was altered for the treatment so that it only went after the tumor.
Thank you for connecting more dots.


Viera Scheibner in her book " 100 years of vaccination assault on the immune system" mentions Drs in Basle in the 1960's used measles virus in children with Nephrotic syndrome with good results.Could it be despite dire warnings by those who control the vaccine trade wild Measles might be good for us .

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