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Tim Welsh "Tanner's Dad" on Mumps Outbreaks

Tim Tanner Autism SignManaging Editor's Note: Age of Autism's Tim Welsh was featured on ABC 20 i Springfield, Illinois regarding a Mumps outbreak. Note the headline and the ubiqutious "Anti-vaccine" label... 

Special Report: Mumps Outbreak and the Anti-Vaccination Movement

You've been hearing about it time and again--the mumps and the measles. Those in the medical community say vaccines have the ability to stamp them out. But recently, these viruses and others are increasing.

In a county of 36,000 people, there is an outbreak of a rare virus.

"Illinois generally has 30 to 40 cases a year. We have 40 cases in Morgan County currently," Morgan County Health Department Administrator Dale Bainter said.

Cases of the mumps, which doctors say is spread by coughing or sneezing.

It's difficult to pinpoint how the outbreak actually started in Morgan County.

"You never know if it was someone traveling in from another state, traveling in from another country," Bainter said.

Or perhaps the outbreak started somewhere much closer to home.

"We do not require vaccination documentation for our employees," Jacksonville School District 117 Superintendent Steve Ptacek said.

Just last March, one employee at Jacksonville High School contracted the disease. So did two students.

"If you have a medical necessity that you're not able to take vaccinations, you can put it for a medical waiver," Ptacek said. "Or if you have a religious conflict."

That's frustrating for Bainter, who says there's no link between the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism--or any other disorder.

"I have seen no science to back that up," Baniter said.

Most doctors across the country agree. But there are others who believe vaccinations are harmful.

Timothy Welsh is a contributing editor to Age of Autism. He says he has a very personal reason to advocate against vaccine mandates, and for more research.

"My son disappeared right before my eyes," Welsh said. "He lost the ability to chew. He lost the ability to--any awareness of safety, any use of the restroom, any communication, any interaction at all."

Welsh says that was after his son received five vaccinations all at once. He was 4 years old.

We asked Welsh, "Do you believe that at least one of those vaccinations led to your child's autism?"

"The number one reason I question vaccine safety is what I saw with my son," Welsh said. Read the full story at ABC 20.



I understand that they have used the ...same mumps virus... in the vaccine for over 40 years.

Of course, we need a new flu shot every year because that changes all the time,

...and those who cannot figure out Autism (100 times more common than polio) know EXACTLY which flu virus will be in circulation a year ahead of time.

Jeannette Bishop

This was quite a few years back with I'm not sure what version of the MMR, but I know of a case of mumps where the source of exposure was believed to be a recently vaccinated playmate.

If I understand correctly mumps used to naturally circulate every three years, affecting those without immunity usually at the age they are most able to handle it, and some developed what has been expected to be lifelong immunity (I wonder if like chicken pox and shingles that immunity relied on repeated circulation though) without knowing they were even exposed. Now we give boosters to just about everyone about every three years (at least until the age of greater vulnerability to harm from mumps) with repeated risk of vaccine adverse effects on health and still possibly risk of transmission, but we don't put vaccine recipients under quarantine.

And we have multiple disabling and chronic conditions epidemic in our children and youth but doctors say they have nothing to do with vaccines and they are so confident in their expertise on the matter that they don't even need to study it.


They don't even vaccinate for mumps in Japan.

 Bob Moffitt

Morgan County Health Department Administrator Dale Bainter said .. "there's no link between the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism--or any other disorder"

That may or may not be a true statement .. but .. surely Bainter knows there is evidence provided by a whistleblower that Merck knew .. for approximately 10 years .. their "mumps" vaccine was so "ineffective" they resorted to deliberate manipulation and corruption of research to meet FDA standards for efficiency.

Perhaps the ineffective mumps vaccine is causing these latest outbreaks?


By the way .. would administrator Bainter agree that Merck's mumps vaccine should be re-investigated by independent research to guarantee the vaccine is as "efficient" as Merck claims it is?

Would Bainer agree the allegations of manipulation and corruption of research .. if proven true .. are worthy of criminal investigation and prosecution?

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