Fuzzy Math of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
Dachel Media Review: Vaxs, Facts and Tracks

The Media Pigpile on Families of Vaccine Injured Children

PigpileBy Josh Mazer

Media pressure directed at vaccine injured families has been ramped up in recent months, coinciding with the March 2014 release of the latest ASD prevalence numbers. Main stream media editorials label vaccine cautious parents as “whackos” and worse. Hate speech, phony “astro –turf” public relation campaigns, and unqualified “experts” such as Dorit Reiss are the tools being used in a naked pharma funded power grab aimed at rescinding parental rights of informed medical consent.

The Washington Post, New York Times, The Daily Beast, Time Magazine and a cast of similar hundreds all recently released eerily similar editorials condemning parental vaccine choice. Time Magazine's Jeff Kluger describes  parents exercising careful, informed medical consent as "morally equivalent" to "Extremists in the Middle East and Africa." His bigoted hate speech includes the terms "vaccine crazies” and "extremists anti vaccine nut jobs.”  

Notwithstanding her complete lack of medical credentials, Reiss has emerged as the public face of the campaign to outlaw vaccine choice. She has posted over 30,000 times on public message boards, including Facebook; penned articles and editorials; and made personal appearances at vaccine industry conferences. Her 1500 comments on the Couric HPV story were almost exclusively aimed at dismissing out of hand all parental reports of adverse reaction to the HPV shot. Reiss’s tactics and agenda are further exposed by perusing a sampling of her prodigious output on various public comment boards. 

May 9, 2014 Bloomberg The View ran an editorial by Lisa Beyer entitled “It’s Uncool Not to Vaccinate.” The comment section gives an unvarnished view of Reiss in action.  She lies repeatedly; denigrates qualified expert medical experts; argues for suppression of free speech; and advocates state authority to override informed medical consent.

First, her lies. The following quotes are taken from the comment section ,:

 "there is no evidence the current schedule is unsafe;" "There's no evidence that splitting the vaccines is any safer. The recommended schedule is carefully designed after an elaborate, deliberative, science based process;" "the evidence is very clear: vaccines do not cause autism;"  "Mr. Deer…. did not write on medical issues in the BMJ ." "when there is a real problem with a vaccine, it is publicly discussed and handled…""The NVICP has never awarded compensation for vaccine-induced autism"

Opinions are not facts, and every statement by Reiss above is a demonstrable lie. 

Reiss second technique, repeated thousands of times, is to denigrate the medical expertise of anyone who stands in her way. The following Reiss quotes are from Bloomberg View:

On Lawrence Solomon: "It's unfortunate that Mr. Solomon continues with his tradition of inaccurate anti-vaccine articles"

On Dr. Jon Poling: "In 2008, still upset from his daughter's regression, Dr. Poling bought into the vaccines cause autism myth."

On the entire Japanese Vaccine Safety Establishment: "Japan has a history of withdrawing vaccines based on unsupported claims of harms….Here, too, it withdrew it's recommendations without evidence of causation….Hardly a good public health decision."

On Dr Pete Doshi, former post doc fellow at Johns Hopkins: "Dr. Doshi is not an epidemiologist, and his analysis of the flu vaccine suffers from some serious errors. "

On Dr. Brogan: "it's unfortunate that Dr. Brogan concluded, with no evidence, that Mr. Webb died from "vaccine induced encephalitis"


On Dr. Bart Classen: "Dr. Classen, known for his bad science…. is miscounting vaccines. He makes other inaccurate claims. It's really bad science….he does bad science….Dr. Classen made basic errors….and generally does bad science."

On Dr. Diane Harper: (she)" did not attack the vaccines - that's actually a hoax…..She did, however, say inaccurate and critical things about the HPV vaccine " 

On the late Dr. Bernadine Healy, former director of NIH and past president of the American Red Cross:

 "It's unfortunate that Dr. Healy did not carefully examine the studies."

On the same comment board, Reiss argues against parental control over medical decisions for their kids, and comes out n favor of suppression of free speech:

"And of course, if someone chooses to reject expert advice, ignore the relative risk, and risk a disease, and their decision harms another, they should pay for the result of their choice. After all, personal responsibility means that you do not impose the costs of your unreasonable actions on others."

"The state has the role of parens patriae, watching after children's welfare. That is why the Supreme Court, from very early on, allowed the state to require that children be vaccinated - that, and protecting the public health. Parental rights are important, but they have limits".

"The reason to require the unvaccinating parent to pay is because their choice not to take a precaution caused the harm"

"Since vaccines do not damage children, and the lack of vaccinating can harm children, the state may step in to protect children against their parents' decision to leave them at risk."

"We don't give the flat earth society equal voice in the media as we do to astronomers, and we should not give anti-vaccine organization equal voice either. Because misinforming the public by presenting false information as correct is a journalistic failure."

"Parental rights have limits; children have a right to health. Not vaccinating puts those children at risk of preventable diseases".

"if misinformation spread by you causes harm to others, why shouldn't you pay?"

"I am not for forcing vaccines against the parent's will except in unusual circumstances."

"the state can regulate to limit, for example, access to school. Because parental rights are not absolute: children also have rights, as does the community.”

“For the providers of misinformation, maybe we should consider other modes of accountability, like regulating commercial speech. Or applying the tort of misrepresentation, which is what the train example referred to."

This representative compilation of the worst of Reiss in her own words is an ugly depiction of the bigotry orchestrated against vaccine injured families. The basic rule of pediatric diagnostics- listen carefully to the parents- is not operational f the suspected injury is iatrogenic vaccine induced encephalopathy. In that case, the parents are “anti vaccine whack jobs,” ”liars,” grifters, or just plain soft brained, easily swayed morons. If Reiss really wants to be helpful, she should support my proposal for the Unvaccinated Injury Act. Parents concerned that an unvaccinated child harmed their vaccinated kid with an infectious disease will have a no fault, government streamlined program to seek redress. All they have to do is prove their case to a special master. It will be as fast, simple, and fair as the VICP. What could possibly go wrong?  

Our right of informed medical consent is under heavy assault by well financed, ruthless special interest groups. Their tactics include vilification of innocent parents, heavy handed propaganda campaigns, and the use of ersatz experts like Reiss to spread their agenda. The ultimate goal is a two tiered society based on vaccination status. Parents who vaccinate according to an arbitrary industry/pharma schedule will be more equal than parents who don’t.  

For a good insight into how this battle will be waged, please read Rachel Aviv February 2014 New Yorker piece. Character assassination; psychological profiling; and out and out lying are all part of the game plan.

Josh Mazer ives in Annapolis with his wife Jennifer, three children, one Portuguese water dog, and a schnauzer. He is a well-known and outspoken advocate for the rights and health of developmentally delayed children and adults.



MSM is the Madison Ave of Big Pharma today.
They are only in it for the money because of their sponsors, owners, and investments. MSM uses the Goebbels method of repeating the Big Lie over and over...

This will only change when the public tide changes against Big Pharma. It is changing and continues to do so due social media about the CDC whistleblower. When that day finally happens, hopefully we will see MSM dropping Pharma sponsors, MSM's pharma board members voted against &/or ousted, and divestments from Pharma.
We must continue to repeat telling the TRUTH over and over...


"Since vaccines do not damage children, and the lack of vaccinating can harm children, the state may step in to protect children against their parents' decision to leave them at risk."

We need to quote her on this specific statement, and cite exactly when and where she said it. THIS is where she royally screws up.

She is using that false premise as the springboard for both mandatory vaccination and for suing the unvaccinated. We need to scream from the rooftops--with proof of vaccine damage--that she is lying here, and that therefore we cannot and should not trust a single word she says, EVER.

It might also be worthwhile to send proof that she made this statement, and proof that there IS vaccine damage to her employer, as this crosses the line on par with Holocaust denialism and hate speech.

Laura Hayes

Excellent article, Josh. Thank you. I will share it widely.

A Mom

Ask her why it is that autism and encephalopathy are listed as side effects on some of the vaccine inserts. Wouldn't those things have to have been documented in studies to be on the vaccine inserts?

Ask her about vax injury compensation thusfar.

Ask her about the increased rate of miscarriages following flu shots given to pregnant women who did not previously have issues with carrying babies to term.

Perhaps DR stood out as an anti-constitution law student and she was marked/groomed a long time ago for this "job".

John Stone


Absolutely. I was remarking on the superficiality of her knowledge in relation the vast repertoire of retorts she has. It is like a highly trained foot in the door salesman.

She is in fact most often shown up - if the answers aren't removed. I think it points to the sheer difficulty that the industry have, even with unlimited funds, of putting trolls into the field who can answer effectively. They seem to have unwrapped Dorit as their main weapon.




I issued a complaint on the AMAZE website (http://www.amaze.org.au/discover/about-autism-spectrum-disorder/what-is-an-autism-spectrum-disorder/)

If you scroll down the page- Under the heading- "What are the Causes?" As bold as bold you will see:-

...ASD is not caused by vaccination or other medical treatment...

I contacted AMAZE via ...contact us...Not happy with our service?...The AMAZE Complaints Procedure can be found here...in pictorial format...I wrote to AMAZE telling them that I was unhappy with their unsubstantiated claim and wanted to know the person/s authorised to make such a claim and their qualification/s.

AMAZE states...What will we do if you make a complaint?...Address your problem within 48 hours and tell you the next steps...my complaint was sent via email on Wednesday the 21st May 2014!

Perhaps AMAZE meant...we will address any complaints within 48 years...

Elizabeth Gillespie


..."there is no evidence the current schedule is unsafe;"...

There is no evidence the current schedule is SAFE!

"Ya gotta luv the spin doctors."

Elizabeth Gillespie


John Stone, she doesn't have an answer to everything. I have obliterated her a few times. The problem is that we so often yield so many issues to these clowns rather than constantly forcing them to explain their own position.

Simple tricks: do not waste time pointing out hundreds of studies that agree with us (except where their very existence refutes the statistics used by the other side.)

Ask them how they know that vaccines reduce disease if correlation doesn't prove causation.

Ask them why challenge dechallenge rechallenge is considered definitive proof of adverse reactions for antibiotics and analgesics but not for vaccinations.

Ask them why vaccines are tested against non-inert placebos.

Ask them whether they will be prepared to take a weight adjusted dose of the infant immunisation schedule.

Ask them how we can trust the data showing a decline in disease when doctors are specifically instructed to use immunisation status when they make their diagnosis. If they don't believe you you can send them here: http://cks.nice.org.uk/measles#!diagnosissub

In point of fact you can just use the latter two. None of these clowns have any answers except to come up with some feeble excuse or deny the bleeding obvious.


It boggles the mind that any antivax person who stands up for their beliefs are shot down in flames because they are not a doctor or scientist yet this "expert" who has no qualifications thinks what she says is believable! Get real - nothing but a nasty misinformed troll!

Anita Donnelly

By the same token why can't parents of children vaccinated and harmed by that vaccination sue dorit Reiss and journalists who told them there was no such thing? How about if I get shingles from
A child's chicken pox vax?



Susan Martinuk talks about moral issues in this piece and I think it describes in a general sense what is happening when you step across any 'line' that media types/sponsors- industry doesn't like.

 Bob Moffitt

Whenever I read comments by Paul Offit or Dorritt Reiss .. I immediately conjure up the image of Baghdad Bob .. reassuring the people of Iraq that Saddam's Revolutionary forces had routed the invading American army.

Just like Paul and Dorritt .. Baghdad Bob was entitled to state his OPINIONS .. but .. the FACT .. at the very moment he was appearing on Iraq's state-run television station .. the American tanks were already rolling .. unstoppable .. throughout the city of Baghdad.

The day will come when FACTS become known .. and .. those whose OPINIONS were proven so wrong .. will suffer the same ignoble fate and legacy as did Baghdad Bob himself.


This woman has followers, however. People I know on FB like her, find her to be the intelligent, science-minded view.

What I find interesting is how Reiss discredits medical doctors for not understanding science/medicine. She's a JD, right? So, where's her authority to decide what a doctor/scientist/etc. knows or doesn't know?

I find her legal "arguments" the most frightening. It's amazing how many people would agree with her that our rights as a people should be limited in this way. She must be paid to write these things. There is no other explanation. You can't take a Constitutional Law class and walk away believing what she claims to believe.


Excellent Josh. It is easy to expose Reiss and her traveling troupe's agenda given a fair playing field, but when the moderators delete comments and whole threads that are headed in the wrong direction, the debate becomes a fixed game. Thankfully, their statements are so outrageous that even with abundant censorship of opposing statements, they show themselves as liars.

I wish that the title of the your post included her name though, so that anyone trying to find out more about Dorit Reiss would find this on search.


Fortunately there are more editorials coming out where some brave journalists are saying that the media and society is silencing free speech in the name of political correctness and "what's right."
At least some are noticing what is happening and realizing that pretty soon we all will be saying something that, God forbid, "they" disagree with.
Honestly, the number of parents who defer and selectively vaccinate is only increasing.


Yes Josh, they're getting real nasty attaching those who question vaccines. Here is a comment from a recent CNN's article about Ohio's measles outbreak....

bobthebobthex2 • 3 days ago

this is why vaccination should be mandatory and jenny mccarthy should be summarily executed.

Whether in jest, this person is actually asking for JM to be executed for her views and the comment received 7 likes. Others also suggested anti-vaxxers should be quarantined, and such comments were also not sanctioned. My comments, however, questioning vaccines on occasions have been deleted, despite the fact that I do not harass anyone. The 'worst' I will do is respond with sarcasm.

Jenny Allan

Chillingly accurate
(From above):- "Character assassination; psychological profiling; and out and out lying are all part of the game plan."

Unfortunately the Orwellian 'pigs' are alive and kicking and obscenely well funded.

Eben Plettner

I heard the www.nvic.org ad on the radio today. Information on vaccines and the risk of injury from improper or over usage is still getting out there.


John Stone


It's super trolling of course. This lady has been at this less than a year, it isn't her specialist area and she's got an answer for everything. It's putting out superficial answers which sound knowledgeable in industrial quantities. There is a question how it is done. Most likely there is specialist technology and more than one person, although no doubt the main "piggy" is the lady who is assistant professor of law (albeit not a lawyer) at Hastings.


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