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Despite the official denials and all the studies, moms who witnessed the damage done to their children are speaking out. Doctors have been trained to call this a coincidence and close their eyes to a generation of children now crippled by autism, learning disabilities, diabetes, seizures, arthritis, life-threatening allergies, bowel disease and asthma, but parents are scared.  They simply don't believe officials who care more about their financial ties to industry than what's happening to our kids. 

Where is the alarm?  Where is the demand for answers?  When is someone going to care about all the sick children? Anne Dachel

The Greater Good
 has some exciting news - we are launching a series of videos on the vaccine debate that are sure to open hearts and provoke thought. The first is about autism and we think you will find it very compelling. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks and months!

Vaccine Beat 1: Autism and The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

So let's talk a little about what the government is saying and doing about autism. In March of 2014 CDC reported new "official" autism rates stating that 1 in 68 US kids has autism, with 1 in 42 boys. But a CDC telephone survey of 100,000 US parents just last year found that 1 in 50 US kids and 1 in 32 boys suffers from autism. Why the difference? The telephone survey was conducted in 2013 looking at 6-17 year olds in 2011-2012 whereas the "official" data are from 2010 but ONLY looking at 8 year-olds. 

It would seem CDC is using old data to cover up the fact that autism is an epidemic of gross proportions. One could even argue they have made the epidemic worse and tried to cover their tracks by changing the vaccine schedule. In the early 2000's, CDC instructed vaccine makers to remove the mercury preservative in childhood shots. But as the mercury was being phased out of most childhood vaccinations, CDC recommended that pregnant women and infants at 6 months and again 7 months receive the flu shot - which they knew still contained mercury. In addition to the flu shot, CDC began recommending that pregnant women also receive the DTaP vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus, and attenuated pertussis). So pregnant women and their unborn babies are still being subjected to mercury-laden flu vaccines and aluminum-laden DTaP vaccines - and at an earlier point. This contradicts decades of advice to take no medications, quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol and avoid mercury laden seafood, but people have been so conditioned to trust authority that they accept this nonsense making it all too easy to tell parents, sorry, your kid was born that way.

While the monkey business with the official autism statistics continues, government funded scientists maintain the charade that they are trying to find a cause for autism when they have blown $1.6 billion over the past decade looking for a supposed genetic cause despite ample science showing that environmental factors are the culprit. See here and here.  Yes, autism rates have skyrocketed while our government flushes precious research dollars down the drain. In fact, a recent report found that potentially 84% of current US funded research into autism duplicates research already done or in process. 

To make matters worse, we have learned that some senior folks responsible for addressing the autism epidemic in the US have suspected for years, in private, that vaccines are responsible for the epidemic, but they for some reason will not admit the truth publicly.

It is heart breaking to see so many children suffering from autism, but we want to be very clear that vaccine damage reaches far beyond the autism epidemic. Children today suffer from epidemics of chronic illnesses never seen before. Recent research found that 54% of US school children suffer from a chronic condition of some sort - from diabetes, to asthma, allergies, obesity, learning and speech delays, behavioral problems to, bowel disease, chronic fatigue, immune system dysfunction, and autoimmune diseases. And sadly, ample science links these conditions to vaccines.

The bottom line? It is up to you to educate yourself and make an informed choice about vaccination. You can't sue the government, the doctor, or the vaccine maker, you and only you will be responsible if something goes wrong.




Blurred lines;
According to a CDC website for 2013-2014 flu season, they expected to have 138-145 million doses of flu vaccine. Of those, only 89 million would be "thimerosal free" or thimerosal trace"
That seems to leave a lot of vaccines with full amounts of thimerosal. And of course, the other question is how much of a "trace" and what sort of quality control is being done to confirm the levels are only a "trace".

John Stone

Blurred Lines

I think they still have the good ol' dollop of 25 micrograms.

Blurred lines

Lilady claiming on RI that thimerosal has been removed from all childhood vaccines and the reality that Dorit and company are wanting forced flu vaccination for children from 6 months of age to attend any public school/ daycare. Are there not 'trace amounts' in some still?


Autismmom, I don't see eye rolls regarding the possibility of vaccines having a role - maybe sometimes but many many times I see the opposite- many people rolling their eyes at the latest, 'direly needed' addition to the schedule.
Barry, I think it's a good move to demand funding and attention to the extent that the AIDS crisis demanded and received.

No Forced Vacc

Blame it on flame retardents. Researchers in BC Canada are considering a 5 points drop in kids IQ as due to flame retardents in the household. I wonder if flame retardents are also causing those 1 in 68 autistic kids, or 1 in 10 with ADHD, and with a good proportion having an intellectul impairment.

A Mom

autismmom, same here. It is shameful. Would not be this way if it were any other debilitating diagnosis. What a number TPTB have done on us. They didn't JUST damage our kids. They have made us outcasts.

I've had docs say to me "Don't tell (the new doctor) that you believe vaccines did this to your child. They may refuse to treat him/her." They may? As in, they are allowed to refuse treatment based on the chemical that did it? - if it was vaccines? Why aren't our kids treated as if they took a hit for the team, as is implied re: herd immunity? And you know doctors would want to know if there was a chemical assault that resulted in damage otherwise.

It's pervasive and does not happen with any other diagnosis.

These things should also be brought out in vaccine hearings.

Seems like people are asleep at the wheel at these hearings. For example - reading that no one spoke out about pregnant women getting vaccines at the last hearing was infuriating.


Barry, There are people in my sons life (including our family) who see him regularly at school and at home. they see that he struggles and that he is obviously different but when the conversation comes up about vaccines or vaccine injury and autism, a wall goes up or sometimes eye roll and they shutdown. They mentally will not make the connection and maybe thats due to media hypnotizing or brainwashing. Thats some denial and not easy to penetrate even with a injured child standing right in front of them who they themselves saw change. In some ways it more than just denial, we are up against people who are under mind control. These ae the ones who repeat same lines over and over but dont think. These people need to be deprogrammed.


The Emporer has no clothes. Autism parents are speaking the truth and at some point the wall of denial will fall.

How can it not fall, when we are literally surrounded by millions of vaccine injured children.

The parents who currently view us as whining ,snivelling conspiracy theorists…. will be singing a whole different tune when they realize where THEIR child's junenile diabetes, juvenile arthritis, asthma, or life threatening peanut allergy came from.

Dodged a bullet Mom

Thank you to all the Moms that have spoken out and shared their stories. My son was spared. He was born with a compromised immune system and if I would have stuck to the vaccine schedule, I would have an autistic child today... Thank you Moms and I also share my story with whoever will listen. We need to help save these children because our government has let us down.

Alison MacNeil

Thank you A of A for sharing this video. It was an honor for us to participate in making this video with Leslie Manookian and we are very much hoping to push it out to moms newer to the conversation.


The Emporer has no clothes. Autism parents are speaking the truth and at some point the wall of denial will fall. Maybe then the medical establishment will finally realize they were duped by Big Pharma con men.

 Bob Moffitt

"In fact, a recent report found that potentially 84% of current US funded research into autism duplicates research already done or in process."

IACC's Dr. Insell proudly testified "duplication research" is "good science" .. knowing the GAO report specifically related to duplication of non-productive research already done or in process.

Again .. sophistry masquerading as science.

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