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Autism's Blue Days of April

Tell Your Politicians Constituents Support Vaccine Choice

Action alertUse this easy ACTION ALERT to send up to date info to your political leaders regarding constitutent views on vaccination, autism and vaccine choice. Politicians have so much information to digest - it's impossible to keep up to date with every topic, and autism is one are where they are fed info from industry that skews their thinking. Most could not tell you the current prevalence rates. Here's an opportunity to educate - and that could lead to better voting choices on your behalf. Thank you to Autism Action Networkf or this alert.

The number of adults in the US who believe that vaccines cause autism has grown from 18% in 2011, according to a Harris Interactive Health Day poll, to 29% of all adults today, with 33% of all parents with children under 18 believing vaccines cause autism, according to a National Consumer League poll released last week. At this growth rate, within 5 years a majority of US adults will believe the most destructive and largest children’s epidemic in US history is caused by the activities of physicians and the pharmaceutical industry. No data was release on the number of people who are either uncertain of undecided.

Even more important though is the finding in the National Consumer League poll that 76% percent of parents believe they should have the final say on the vaccines their children receive, with 64% of all adults agreeing. To those who don’t think parents should have the final say we would suggest if you want to give a child a vaccine have some children of your own, and leave ours alone.  

We want to share this poll data far and wide. Please click on the Take Action Link to send a message to your state and federal legislators, informing them that the American people overwhelmingly support parental choice for vaccines, and that the number of people who believe autism is caused by vaccines is rapidly growing despite the efforts of the trillion dollar plus drug industry.



Tony Bateson

Against the might of one of the most powerful industries on earth the simplicity of the argument that if you pump toxic materials into tiny little bodies of infants almost on top of their arrival in the world the odds are that you are going to hurt them is now becoming well understood by their parents and soon by all.
Never, never give up - keep on telling people the facts about vaccination the truth will always overcome lies.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK.

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