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Straight Talk on Measles Vaccine in Canada

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By Anne Dachel

(NOTE: I want to thank Ginger Taylor who recently described reporters as “stenographers” –in this case, for the CDC.  The term fit perfectly in my last question.)

Lawrence Solomon

Every once in a while I come across a story and a columnist that really impress me.  That happened Lawrence solomonrecently with two stories by a veteran journalist/author from Canada named Lawrence Solomon.  Solomon is a columnist at the National Post, one of the leading newspapers in Canada.

The first story was published on April 16th and it was entitled, The Untold Story of Measles.

Naturally, after reading endless stories blaming non-vaccinating parents for outbreaks of measles, I was interested in what “the untold story of measles” might be.

The opening statement seemed to contradict everything I’d been told about measles:

Early in the last century, measles killed millions of people a year. Then, bit by bit in countries of the developed world, the death rate dropped, by the 1960s by 98% or more. In the U.K., it dropped by an astounding 99.96%. And then, the measles vaccine entered the market.

“And then, the measles vaccine entered the market”?  Solomon included a graph that showed that the introduction of the measles vaccine had little impact on reducing deaths from measles.

Solomon seems to be a journalist who doesn’t just accept the word of one particular group of experts.  He wrote,

After the vaccine’s introduction, the measles death rate continued to drop into the 1970s. Many scientists credit the continued decline entirely to the vaccine. Other scientists believe the vaccine played a minor role, if that, noting that most infectious diseases similarly petered out during the 20th century, including some, like scarlet fever, for which vaccines were never developed.

The credit for the century-long decline, scientists generally agree, goes to improved nutrition and improved health care, side effects of the West’s growing affluence. In the U.S., the death rate dropped by about 98%, from about 10 per 100,000 population a century ago to one fifth of one person by 1963, the year measles vaccines made their American debut. Both before and after vaccination started, victims tended to be poor.

So, not all scientists accept that the vaccine is solely responsible for saving us from measles.  “Scientists generally agree” that the decline BEFORE the vaccine came along was due to lifestyle changes. 

It seems that children got the measles, described here as “typically a benign childhood illness,” recovered and went on to have lifelong immunity.  This meant of course, that adults weren’t susceptible to the measles. 

US Measles chart
Contrary to the public perception, measles mortality plummeted before the measles vaccine was introduced.


The measles vaccine changed all that.  Women who were vaccinated as children became susceptible as adults because their immunity wore off. 

A study in Houston of 12 pregnant women and one who had just given birth, all of whom had measles, found one died, seven suffered pneumonia and seven hepatitis, four went through premature labour and one lost her child in a spontaneous abortion. A study of eight measles pregnancies in Japan found three ended in spontaneous abortions or stillbirths while four babies were born with congenital measles; two mothers endured pneumonia and one hemorrhagic shock. A Los Angeles study of 58 such pregnancies found 21 ended prematurely (three induced abortions, five spontaneous abortions and 13 preterm deliveries); 35 of the 58 mothers were hospitalized, 15 contracted pneumonia, and two died.

The danger extends to babies, whose bodies are too immature to receive measles vaccination before age one, making them entirely dependent on antibodies inherited from their mothers. In their first year out of the womb, infants suffer the highest rate of measles infections and the most lasting harm. Yet vaccinated mothers have little antibody to pass on . . .

Solomon went on to describe the safety issues that caused the first measles vaccines to be withdrawn in Canada. Efficacy is also questionable, as Solomon wrote,

 In recent years, the new vaccination regime, too, has been failing, with widespread outbreaks again occurring, including among those who have received the recommended dose and especially among infants too young to be vaccinated, and thus unprotected because their mothers had been vaccinated. Now health experts, scrambling to find solutions, are suggesting numerous reforms, including earlier child vaccinations and second doses for adults.

Solomon ended the piece describing parental safety concerns. 

Clearly, the science is not settled, making for parents a numbers game of the decision to vaccinate their children. Some parents rely on the press or health authorities to interpret the numbers. Others defy the authorities and weigh the risks in the numbers differently, in deciding what’s best for their own families. Who are these others? According to a survey in Pediatrics, unvaccinated children in the U.S. have a mother who is at least 30 years old, who has at least one college degree and whose household has an annual income of at least $75,000. In the absence of studies showing vaccinated children to be healthier than those unvaccinated, the parents in these educated households have determined that the numbers argue against vaccination.

I was shocked at that last paragraph. I can’t think of anyone in the mainstream media who would publicly admit that “the science is not settled.”  According to all the major news outlets I’ve looked at, the science has been in for years and naïve, ignorant, paranoid parents just won’t believe it.

Members of the press almost never give credence to the idea that parents have any need to worry about vaccines.

I especially liked the comment about “the absence of studies showing vaccinated children to be healthier than those unvaccinated.”  That sounded like that long overdue, simple comparison study of fully vaccinated vs never vaccinated children.  Imagine a news story here saying this.

Then on May 1st, a second story by Lawrence Solomon appeared in the National Post.  Once again it was about the measles vaccine.  It was called, Vaccines Can’t Prevent Measles Outbreaks.

I had to pause after seeing that headline. 

Right at the top was the bold statement: “Measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized.”  This wasn’t junk science from some renegade doctor.

This was the opinion of one of the top vaccine experts in world, Dr. Gregory Poland at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  Poland has strong ties to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and to Merck. 

Outbreaks of measles are not the result of unvaccinated children— they’re the fault of the vaccine itself.  

Solomon explained,

The more fundamental problem stems from the vaccine being less effective in real life than predicted, with a too-high failure rate — between 2% and 10% don’t develop expected antibodies after receiving the recommended two shots. Because different people have different genetic makeups, the vaccine is simply a dud in many, failing to provide the protection they think they’ve acquired.

To make matters worse, even when the vaccine takes, the protection quickly wanes, making it unrealistic to achieve the 95%-plus level of immunity in the general population thought necessary to protect public health. For example, 9% of children having two doses of the vaccine, as public health authorities now recommend, will have lost their immunity after just seven and a half years. As more time passes, more lose their immunity. “This leads to a paradoxical situation whereby measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized,” Dr. Poland stated.

It’s in the genes

The answer, according to Dr. Poland, lies in our genes. Because of their genetic predisposition, some people will not respond to the current measles vaccine, even with additional boosters. By the same token, the genetic predisposition of others makes them susceptible to harm from the measles vaccine, leading to public wariness, including among the well educated. What is needed, suggests Dr. Poland, is for the public health establishment to accept that the current measles vaccine has so many drawbacks as to make it unworkable, and get on with the job of developing next-generation vaccines.

Poland is looking forward to the next “generation of vaccines,” which will be “personalized, rather than one-size-fits-all, vaccines.”  He foresees a vaccine schedule based on an individual’s genetics.

It was amazing to read this.  How could all this information be true?  We’ve been led to believe that there is absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to vaccines.  Vaccines are safe, vaccines save lives.  Every child should be vaccinated.  Even talking about this subject so openly is dangerous, or so we’ve been led to believe. But of course, this wasn’t coming from the American press. 

Dr. Poland may be quoted in the National Post in Canada saying that the measles vaccine doesn’t really work, but no one here is writing about it.

Instead, I can go to Google News and find all kinds of stories about the evils of non-vaccinating parents and public health officials saying they’re responsible for making kids sick with the measles.

Remember Paul Offit on Stephen Colbert on April 28th?

Offit blamed non-vaccinating parents for outbreaks of measles.  Nothing was said about Dr. Poland and vaccine failure.

I didn’t feel that Lawrence Solomon had taken a particular side in his coverage. He focused on the facts.  He was willing to write about the concerns that mainstream medicine and others in the media ignore. 

After reading his articles, I contacted Mr. Solomon to thank him for giving us the facts about vaccines that don’t make news in the U.S.

He was kind enough to answer some questions for me and allow me to share publicly. 

AD: “You note that ‘the science is not settled’when it comes to vaccine safety issues. What should or could the government do to assure parents that vaccines are safe?”

LS: “The government should simply commission the studies vaccine skeptics have requested. If they demonstrate the safety of the vaccines, the issue will disappear.”

AD:You report parents who choose not to vaccinate typically are better educated. Safety assurances from health officials don't seem to be working with them. Do you see this trend continuing?”

LS: “Yes and the trend may accelerate. Some data that I've seen indicates that vaccination rates have been dropping in recent years in affluent neighborhoods. That is not the case in working class neighborhoods, where rates stay steady and sometimes even rise.”

AD: “If, as your two stories show, what we've been told about the effectiveness of the measles vaccine has been wrong, what is the possibility that the assurances of safety have been overstated too? Will officials one day also have to admit that the MMR vaccine is linked to the development of autism and bowel disease in children?”

LS: “Because the studies haven't been done, public health authorities are relying on their intuition, or faith, rather than hard evidence in making their safety claims.”

Finally, I asked him the most critical question of all, and his answer described the attitude and actions of the mainstream media perfectly.  It’s one I’ll long remember.

AD:Why are there not more people in the media giving us stories like the ones you've written? Why do most journalists seem more like stenographers for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?”

LS: Most journalists are intimidated by science. In political issues, they are confident of understanding the issues, and in the validity of their opinions. They often even consider their political opinions to be superior to those of the "experts," whether politicians or academics in political science.

This confidence in their own judgment disappears when the subject turns to a scientific discipline. Here they often become meek and helpless. Fearing that they would be unable too understand the science, they accept the official view, becoming the stenographers you liken them to.

Peer pressure also plays a role. Among media elites, questioning vaccines is akin to questioning evolution. Most journalists would not want to be stigmatized as ignorant.

The stakes involved also loom large. The consequences for a journalist in getting it wrong in covering a political issue, or a sporting event, or a business development amount to embarrassment. Getting it wrong in vaccines, and possibly being responsible for the death or disability of innocents, involves taking on more responsibility than many journalists can countenance. Even if the journalist doesn't get it wrong, in the absence of proof he will be blamed as if he did, making him a pariah. Again, this isn't the role that journalists want for themselves.

That pretty much says it all.

Solomon writes for the National Post, and he was formerly a columnist with the Globe and Mail, a contributor to the Wall Street Journal and publisher of the award-winning The Next City magazine. He is author or co-author of seven books, most recently The Deniers, a #1 environmental best seller in both Canada and the U.S.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


John Scudamore

John, have a look at this one, blew my mind about 6 times, mainly as he has strung together true history with stunning scientific proof, best bit is his expose of money and how to destroy the banksters

Money, the invention of the Devil. And why we mine for gold is the best bit, and our hidden controllers ......mind blowing

John Stone

Hi John,

Napoleon Hill seems to be a disciple of Andrew Carnegie, to admire the Rockefellers, the American Revolution, worked as an advisor to FD Roosevelt, despises Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin (thank God). Bit of an historical mixed bag I should say. The book seems to be an exegesis on FD Roosevelt's 'Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself'.

John Scudamore

This is probably the most important book ever been written about evil

It is actually an interview with the Devil, also called Lucifer. Believe me from my 20 years study of the medical conspiracy starting with the cancer industry for two years then the vaccine industry for 15, plus all their other rackets.

I realised it was actually a study of evil, and I was trained in the study of the opposite force God, but not the religious God(s), the true god -- The Great Spirit and our human God, the Christ energy, embodied in Jesus and Mary Magdalen, the true Christian God.

And therefore I felt protected enough or wise enough to seek out the body of the head known as the medical industry. And face true evil. I've also read up on the bits and pieces of evil such as Lucifer, and how this reality was set up, evil-good wise, and the built in suffering programmes.

If you get this interview you will know who Lucifer is working--- the ones doing constant wars, constant porn, prostitution, satanic drugs like coke, violent films and TV, emotionally addicting and damaging soaps, smack dealing, and especially psychiatric drugs which shut down your spiritual circuits. Eg Credo Mutwa said smallpox vaccine shut down what I'd call psychic, third eye, vision.

And one not operating from their heart with no conscience, the bosses of the medical industry for example, the bankers who fund the wars etc, are Lucifer's men, not from the Shire.

Easy to spot now ;)

It's sure is a mind blowing interview to know how easy it is for the Devil to get into your, their, head.

One of the few journalists the write the whole truth.

It's all just so DIABOLICAL :0)

"Doctors have throughout time made fortunes on killing their patients with their cures. The difference in psychiatry is that it is the death of the soul." – R.D. Laing, MD.

In the many interviews I've done with people who have performed very well in paranormal lab studies, I recall one with a woman who, in later years, went on to take Valium. She became addicted. She told me it was impossible to do telepathy while she was under the influence. She said, "My mind felt like a saturated sponge. I would reach out with my 'sensors' and nothing would happen. I was in a chemical straitjacket." ....Instead of working to support the paranormal capacities of patients, the doctors offer toxic and perverse drugs. Just as most people in the world don't know what agenda they are actually serving, most of these doctors don't realize they are working in a secret tradition of trampling on the capabilities of these patients. They just do their jobs. THE PARANORMAL AND SECRET SOCIETIES ---JON RAPPOPORT

"We were told that there was a great smallpox epidemic coming to the land and all the children must be vaccinated. My grandfather used to say that the white man’s vaccination makes you blind and if you are to look after the cattle you must not go to the trading store to get your vaccination. Inspectors used to come and check each child for signs of vaccination. Our grandmother used to give us great pain in order to save our spiritual eyes. Grains of maize would be heated up and pushed against the skin of the child, and so when the schools inspectors came he saw the blisters and assumed the child had been vaccinated…and I noticed that school children in mission schools who had been vaccinated for smallpox or measles could not see spiritual entities at all. A flying saucer would fly through the sky at great speed and be seen by many men & women but the children who had been vaccinated would see nothing and I noticed this hundreds of times."—Credo Mutwa (the reptilian agenda video pt 1

Since 1954 in the United States, the administration of one class of twenty psychiatric drugs called neuroleptics— Thorazine, Haldol, Mellaril, Stelazine, Prolixin, and others— has caused between 300,000 and one million cases of motor brain damage.

'If I were an editor at one of the big national newspapers, and one my reporters walked in and told me, "The most powerful psychiatrist in America just said the DSM is bullshit but it's still important," I think I'd make room on the front page.'---Jon Rappoport

"There is no definition of a mental disorder. It's bullshit. I mean, you just can't define it."---Jon Rappoport

Dr.. Loren Mosher, psychiatrist, former chief of the Center for Studies of Schizophrenia at the National Institute of Mental Health, in his resignation letter sent to the American Psychiatric Association(APA), wrote: "Finally, why must the APA pretend to know more than it does? DSM-4 is the fabrication upon which psychiatry seeks acceptance by [the profession of] medicine in general. Insiders know it is more a political than a scientific document.." [2011 June] TOP PSYCHIATRIST TRASHES HIS WORK by Jon Rappoport

"At the highest levels of the medical cartel, vaccines are a top priority because they cause a weakening of the immune system. I know that may be hard to accept, but it's true. The medical cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them." Vaccines - Jon Rappoport interview of ex vaccine researcher (2001)

"My book instead proved that HIV - wherever it came from - was a harmless retrovirus that was being used as a cover story to explain/conceal an emerging depopulation operation in the Third World. HIV was also a cover for other agendas outside the Third World. As long as AIDS is the target of WHO/UN "humanitarian" efforts, the actual causes - which are easily reversible - of death in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are allowed to remain and fester and expand." [2003] Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport

If you investigate the last 25 years of Hepatitis B, the disease, you will find or put together a chapter on the promotion of fear about the disease in the male gay community of America. Leading to? Large numbers of gay men getting vaccinations against Hep B. Leading, in turn, to false positive HIV tests. Leading to the administration of killer, cell-destroying drugs. [2003] Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport

Duesberg also began to comment on the wild contradiction implicit in HIV testing. He noticed that the blood test was looking for antibodies which had formed as part of the body's defense against HIV. The presence of such antibodies was taken as a sign that a person was going to develop full-blown AIDS and die. But, on the other hand, a vaccine against AIDS would produce the exact same antibodies, in which case people would be said to be immune from AIDS. Medavoy told me, "Duesberg got that one right too. He saw that the HIV test was completely insane. He was telling the research community they had been roped in by a bunch of fakers – and so we had to do some heavy damage control." [2003] Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport

"There is absolutely no doubt," Medavoy said recently, "that ample numbers of needles could have been supplied to Africa. The myth is that doctors over there are too stupid to want new needles, but of course that's not the case. So there has been a double-whammy. Toxic drugs and toxic vaccines, plus dirty needles. Now you are seeing the cherry on top of the cake. After decades of starvation and dirty water, and wars, and all that, you got essentially poison being delivered to people in the form of so-called medicines AND they also got whatever was on those re-used needles. The doctors and health workers there WERE blind to the fact that the drugs and vaccines were not necessary and were, in fact, toxic – they thought there was such a need, it was better to re-use needles if that was the only way to deliver the medicines." [2003] Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport

Medavoy has recounted to me his role in shaping media response to HIV. "It was a false piece of science to begin with. HIV causes disease like a toy rocket can go to the moon. It was our job to make sure media, governments, scientists, and the public swallowed the idea that an unproven germ caused 'a new plague.'" [2003] Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport

Another starting point would be WHO (World Health Organization). As a possible front for larger power players who were pushing a depopulation agenda in the Third World. HIV served and serves well as a smokescreen for the continued massive death tolls from starvation, dirty water, and vaccines given to millions of people whose immune systems already sit on the brink of extinction. WHO, of course, was behind most of those vaccine programs. And WHO, while making genteel noises about the need for cleaning up contaminated water supplies and providing agricultural lands for food to the poor, has accomplished, on its massive budget, very little in this direction. [2003] Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport

With all this now in tow, in 1992-3, I went back to my notes on the hep B vaccine. Suppose, in addition to the vaccine's immunosuppressive effects, it could cause a blood test for HIV TO READ FALSELY POSITIVE. [2003] Depopulation and HIV by Jon Rappoport

"The planet is being controlled, to an alarming extent, by elites, or, as I call them, cartels. There are many cartels, but 7 are the most powerful. They evolve, they learn from one another, they both compete and cooperate. Unfortunately, the trend is more towards cooperation. These 7 cartels represent the following areas: GOVERNMENT, MILITARY, INTELLIGENCE, ENERGY, MONEY, MEDIA, AND MEDICAL.....I came to this map of cartels through my own research on the medical monopoly. That's where it started, in 1986. .. Once you understand these cartel elites, you can begin to separate out information into loose layers of importance, as in, which layer of the control game are we talking about? Because it's all about layers. And at most layers, the players are forwarding agendas which they do not realize fit into higher and more destructive agendas."--Jon Rappoport

John Scudamore

Good point to bring up the Psychiatric Industry as you will never get the true nature of the vaccine industry unless you study that, the AIDS, Cancer, Hysterectomy, Heart Bypass etc industries

and the true cause of violence was researched and discovered by Prescott eg

and 90-95% of kids who go through the courts are fatherless, and that is another way they breed violence, by breaking up families, it is still more profitable, government handouts wise to be single, and I know one couple who split up to get more income.

People still go about HIV being the cause of AIDS especially the people who just sit in that industry. I remember coming back to AIDS after years and Celia Farber, an AIDS activist journals it was STILL sounding amazing to find a non-HIV case of AIDS!

They have admitted they will never cure mental illness with drugs, so it's just a lucrative 'experiment', and giving them to children is criminal.

As to them cutting violence, firstly only 1% of scientific studies are scientifically sound, and we have all the evidence the MMR 'is safe and doesn't cause autism' are fraudulent, as they would have to be.

they make up studies to suit, just to sell drugs and keep the gravy train running.

also the abuse on us is well documented, about 100 instance here

plus 270 million they deliberately killed last century

so the idea they aren't doing the same with psychiatric drugs is pretty unlikely, absurd really.

and it show the level of mind control that anyone would give their kids drugs. Ecstacy was a psychiatric drug at one time, but no parent would think of letting their kids have a street drug, but stick a label on it.

by the way Nutritional medicine should have replaced psychiatry decades ago, it actually cures schizophrenia or keeps it well under control.

So all drugging of kids is 100% violence against kids, child abuse.

and we have Assemblage Point knowledge also that would destroy Psychiatry just by itself.

my favourite expose, as we have 1,200 studies to show it, is the fact Vitamin C cures all infections which not onlyshows their nature, letting millions die every year from infections but shows vaccination is completely unecessary, so no autism for the last 60 years, they have let happend all the autism cases going back that far, and every cot-death, they let happen as it prevents cot-death.

and so on. So if u know all that you will get the pretty obvious fact they invented HIV just to kill people with AZT,a and ARVs. All viral stuff is just a smokescreen, they can kill viruses with Vitamin C, and anyway all viral disease is due to poisons (toxic air, pesticides, vaccines, other drugs), they know that too.


Tom Insel also said that antipsychotics were good for short term effects but bad for long term outcome effects.


I am torn about where to post this, whether to post it under one of the many excellent articles on psych drugs and violence, but have decided it fits here too, since the media blitz in the past week proclaiming that psych drugs REDUCE violence is part of the same war on civilization that is using the media as its weapon to print lies about measles and other vaccines, just on another front. The messages: the unvaccinated are dangerous and will kill you, the undrugged are dangerous and will kill you.

There are many articles on this:

"Antipsychotics Cut Violent Crime, Study Finds"

Note the quote by Tom Insell:

"Mental health experts agree that people with psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia are far more likely to become victims of violence than they are to hurt someone else. But Dr. Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute on Mental Health, also notes that people with severe mental illness are up to three times more likely than the general population to be violent."

But a midst all the propaganda, I did find this one ray of journalistic hope:

How Antipsychotics, Mood Stabilizers Elevate Violent Crime Rates

John Scudamore


And thanks for the reminder John, off the ball on the Wakefield front, too busy hunting Vampires :o)

And great Bible quotes, this one is my fav in that vein:

"...The satanic secrets and deeds done in the gloom of night shall be laid bare and manifest before the peoples of the world."----Baha'u'llah (1817-1893)

Yes, Smallpox VACCINE killed millions, e.g. by introducing Leprosy into Hawaii, giving it to 10% of the population, now THAT is germ warfare! Imagine, 10%, 6 million, of us Brits getting Leprosy today! And it was killing 25,000 babies under 5 at the height of vaccination in 1880, as you would expect if you cut septic germ ridden pus into a babies arm.

You have to admire Allopath medical brainwashing that they just swallow that one without thinking, well, thinking is the main danger to any Authoritarian system.

'That since Vaccination has been rendered obligatory, infantile syphilis (under one year old) has been increased in England, according to a Parliamentary return, dated February 25th, 1880, from 472 per million of births in 1847, to 1,736 per million in 1877, or fourfold; and that other inoculable diseases, such as pyaemia, scrofula, erysipelas, and bronchitis, were also augmented in infants. In England, the increase of inoculable diseases was 20 per cent., notwithstanding an expenditure of 200 millions sterling since 1850 in sanitary works. Another Parliamentary return (No. 443, Session 1877) demonstrates that 25,000 babies are yearly sacrificed by diseases excited by Vaccination.'--- International Anti-Vaccination League points against vaccination 1880

that would be % wise about 55,000 babies with our present population, as it was about half then. Just imagine.

And the great JT Biggs had the stats to prove it in Leicester, they lost 2,000 less babies under 5 in their non-vaccinating years compared to their high vaccination years.

Smallpox vax taken apart and disposed in 5 minutes reading

So I'd say that is pretty Satanic in my book of Truth, one of the main taboo words, along with Psychopathy.

Unless anyone has a better word for their antics? So many suffer the delusion they actually believe in vaccination at the top of the Vaccine cartel, how naive is that?

"Truth has to be repeated constantly, because Error also is being preached all the time, and not just by a few, but by the multitude. In the Press and Encyclopaedias, in Schools and Universities, everywhere Error holds sway, feeling happy and comfortable in the knowledge of having Majority on its side."----Goethe

David H. Payne MD


Been away for awhile entered into law school and studying for an exam and still practicing medicine so I am busy. I had to take my vaccine fight to the next level, that is just who I am. Really glad I dropped in as you are all very inspiring.

Anne great piece of work to get a mass media confession however the information regarding the measles incidence and the introduction of the vaccine is old news to many of us and you as well I would suspect. I actually have that book with the original sinusoidal graph very impressive. Harrison's Principals of Internal Medicine as I recall 4th or 5th edition back in the 80's. I also have the graph alone from another source.

Many of the vaccine promoters have never actually looked at the graph of when the vaccine was introduced in 1963- I was 5- and when I show it to them they think it is a typo, I just laugh as they simply cannot fathom that people will give you an inherently dangerous drug under the color of their authority using false representations of fact. Fraud in factum, among others, is a legal phrase describing this malfeasance.

The pediatricians really need to come to this site to advance their continuing medical education as the comments and references are excellent, spot on and it is free. This is truly the benefit of having a educated society – the prevention of the slow erosion of freedom into medical tyranny.

Hear, Hear John Scudamore, Hear, Hear!!
Excellent review of the literature sir and factually on point. I give my child with autism cod liver oil every day to this very day for vitamin A as these children all are vitamin deficient- VIT A, B COMPLEX, VIT D AND C as a result of their gut injury as this is a true malabsorption and malmetabolism syndrome.

Vitamin A in quantity kills the measles virus as a matter of scientific fact and the measles virus leads to Vit A deficiency during virulence. Also Vit B12 deficiency is why many of you gave your children methyl B 12 shots as well as I did and yes it worked well and we continue that as well.

John Stone Dr. Wakefield was denied “due process”, a right to a fair and impartial judge and jury- this matter was the subject of a Supreme Court case here in America and is now part of our Bill of Rights.

Proverbs 26:26
Their malice may be concealed by deception, but their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.

Matthew 10:26
"So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.

Mark 4:22
For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.

Luke 12:2
There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.


david m burd

John Scudamore, thanks. But I think you left out the word "vaccine" that was meant to be right after "Smallpox" in your sentence:

"But that is another story, how Smallpox killed millions and never saved one single life, all well documented by JT Biggs --- ."


John Stone

John Scudamore

Just to point out that it was not only Lord Justice Davis who was unaware that his brother Sir Crispin was a director of GSK at the time of ther MMR hearing. Three days later when Sir Crispin denounced Andrew Wakefield to the Science and Technology Committee of the House of Commons as boss of Reed Elsevier and proprietor of the Lancet he was apparently unaware of it himself, as well also as not mentioning that his brother was the judge in the MMR litigation (hard to imagine he hadn't noticed).

John Scudamore

"So, why don't you talk about "incidence" rates, which are the true indicators on whether or not the vaccines were effective?"

Dear Mr Lawrence

Shame on you, but revealing, for falling back on the old Vaccinator ploy of using measles incidence when you nail them to the wall on measles deaths.

Measles deaths is the only reliable stat as they have to keep that one by law, whereas they can, do, and have, fiddled incidence stats to their heart content--e.g. by failing to record cases, changing diagnosis, or making the diagnosis only through a laboratory. The same ploy they used to 'get rid' of Polio incidence, all well documented.

No one gave a damn about Measles in my youth, I 'gave' it to my whole Prep school, and even made Nursing Times for my effort at improving our immunity, and had a nice few days in sick bay. As you should know Measles protects you against disease down the line:

"A study by Ronne (Lancet, 5/5/85 1-5) showed that adults who had had natural measles with a rash had a decreased incidence of various cancers, including cervical. Another study showed that women are less likely to contract ovarian cancer if they have had mumps during childhood."--Dr Jayne Donegan

And Measles death and morbidity is due to incorrect medical care:

"When the process of general inflammation is not correctly handled, the illness may subsequently affect the ears (otitis), the lungs (pneumonia) or the central nervous system, giving rise to the feared complication: encephalitis."---Viera Scheibner

"Under normal conditions, healthy children do not die from or become disabled from the complications of measles and if they do, questions should be asked about their management." ---[Letter BMJ Feb 2005. Donegan MB.]

also Vaccinators never ask why children die from Measles as it would expose them to destruction from Nutritional medicine, and expose their negligence in medical care, in not using Vitamin A and C:

"A study of "well nourished" children in Long Beach, California suffering from measles, indicated that 50% were deficient in Vitamin A."

"There is a "cure" for measles. It is called vitamin A... cod-liver oil. As early as 1932 doctors used cod-liver oil to reduce hospital mortality by 58%, but then antibiotics became the treatment of fashion, (Clin. Infect. Dis., Sept. 1994, pg 493) and vitamin A was ignored until 1980. A 1993 study showed that 72% of hospitalised measles cases in America are vitamin A deficient, and the worse the deficiency the worse the complications and higher the death rate. (Pediatric Nursing, Sept./Oct. 96.) Yet doctors and hospitals in New Zealand do not use vitamin A."

They have known about Vitamin A since 1932,Vitamin C from 1949!

"The use of vitamin C in measles proved to be a medical curiosity. During an epidemic vitamin C was used prophylactically and all those who received as much as 1000 mg. every six hours, by vein or muscle, were protected from the virus."----Dr Klenner The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C Fred R. Klenner, M.D. 1949

It would also destroy vaccination:

"Many viral infectious diseases have been cured and can continue to be cured by the proper administration of Vitamin C. Yes, the vaccinations for these treatable infectious diseases are completely unnecessary when one has the access to proper treatment with vitamin C. And, yes, all the side effects of vaccinations...are also completely unnecessary since the vaccinations do not have to be given in the first place with the availability of properly dosed vitamin C."---Dr Thomas Levy M.D., J.D. (Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins p30)

That is the main reason Measles deaths declined, due to improvement in nutrition, the elephant in the room.

No amount of smoke over Measles incidence is ever going to make that Elephant go away. ;)

And Measles 'dangers' also 'increased' after the vaccine came out as we can see in medical dictionaries before and after it's introduction.

"Something curious has happened to the "official" perception of the childhood diseases which are the subject of the MMR or MR vaccines (Measles, Mumps, Rubella). They have all officially become more serious since vaccines were introduced."---Richard Barr & Kirsten Limb

it also damages natural immunity:

"Vaccinating against measles is not just useless, but harmful. In the past, infants would not get measles. They would get the protection through their mothers, who used to have measles themselves. Mothers who were vaccinated against measles cannot pass on the protection to their infants, so infants now get measles."--Dr Buchwald MD

Then the other big Elephant in the room is MMR damage, this is the list of claimants over 10 years ago from their legal firm:

Autism (287), Crohn’s disease and other serious chronic stomach problems (136), Epilepsy (132), Other forms of brain damage (induding meningitis, cerebral palsy, encephalopathy, encephalitis etc.) (77), Hearing and vision problems (81), Arthritis (50), Behavioural and learning problems (in older children) (110), Chronic fatigue syndrome (41), Diabetes (15), Guillain-Barre syndrome (9), Idiopathic thrombocytopaenic purpura (and other purpuras) (6), Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE) (3), Wegener’s Granulamatosis (2), Leukaemia (1), Multiple sclerosis (1), Death (18). (Dawbarns fact sheet.)

They had to stop that legal funding, the Judge who did that claimed to be unaware his brother was a GSK director:

'the high court judge states categorically that he was not aware at the time that his brother, Sir Crispin davis, was a non-executive director of GSK, one of three defendant drug companies in the MMR controversy.'

Yeah, right.

Ditto Mumps, and the MMR Urabe vaccine is an excellent example of the true nature of these Vaccinators you support, they introduced it into the UK AFTER it was WITHDRAWN in Canada after causing Meningitis:

I think we would all swop Meningitis (or autism) for Measles.

You know, the vaccine they all say is 'safe', Dr Offit had to reinvent the definition of safe, move the goalposts, by saying 'safe' meant benefits outweight risks!

If your Vaccinator friends are worried about Measles then maybe they should give up the reigns and hand them over to Naturopaths and Homeopaths, or Nutritional Medical doctors?

But we have absolute PROOF they put money and power before kids as the 1949 Vitamin C CURE for Measles demonstrates, and and is well proven in Dr Levy's book 'Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins: Curing the Incurable' by Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D where he has collected 1,200 medical citations to prove it cures infections and poisonings.

And please do peruse this stat that shows Measles was more feared than Smallpox

Which tells you how serious a disease Smallpox was/is. ;)

as proven by Dr Sydneham in 1650 where he had a 98% cure rate, as did Homeopaths and Naturopaths in the 19th Century,some 100% cure rate.

While your friends tell us it has a 30% death rate NOW.

But that is another story, how Smallpox killed millions and never saved one single life, all well documented by JT Biggs, the Leicester Chief of Sanitation, where they didn't vaccinate for 30 years and had comparative stats to prove it.

If people knew the true story of Smallpox vaccination your Vaccinator friends would lose any sort of credibility they have over Vaccination. That day is coming.


So, why don't you talk about "incidence" rates, which are the true indicators on whether or not the vaccines were effective?


OK Lawrence, let's do that.

So when vaccinated people get diseases they were vaccinated against, I guess what that "indicates", is that the vaccine they received was completely useless.

And I guess the reason why they got the disease while others did not, is that the others simply had much stronger immune systems. Or…. they just never came in contact with the disease.

You're right Lawrence, incidence does tell us a lot. Thanks for dropping by to bring that up.


I believe this is the Canadian study that Skeptiquette is referring to:

Large Measles Outbreak in a High School in Canada: Lower than Expected Vaccine Efficacy in Two-dose Recipients and Higher Risk With Younger Age at First Dose

Results: Among the 1306 students, 4.6% were unvaccinated. Among the 98 measles cases identified, 50% were unvaccinated and 42% had received two doses.

Betty Bona

We all need to be wary with out unaffected kids, Lawrence included. You never know - today exceptional, tomorrow twice exceptional. That sounds like it should be good, but it's not!


There is another article over at Daily Beast by the same person who wrote this:
"Thanks, Anti-Vaxxers. You Just Brought Back Measles in NY".,

This statement was made without providing any supportive evidence to substantiate this ridiculous claim. Green Med has revealed this about the author- 'Russell Saunders'.

"The Daily Beast does not even reveal who wrote the article, publishing the diatribe under a pseudonym ('Russell Saunders'), presumably a New England pediatrician, effectively cloaking their author from accountability for his dauntless indictments." Russell Saunders is the pseudonym for a pediatrician in New England. He is also a contributor at Ordinary Times, where he writes about medicine, gay rights issues and popular culture.

The new article is titled: "Anti-Vaxxers Will Fuel the Next Pandemic". Talk about fear mongering. This time he links to a AAP-you know that extension of the pharmaceutical industry and the CDC,
Disease outbreak may not spur parents to have children vaccinated Rates of infant immunization with pertussis-containing vaccine do not increase with epidemic in Washington state: Nice piece of bias propaganda but this is what the AAP does and they have made an art form out of it.

What the AAP article failed to mention or most likey deliberately omitted is the vacination rate for Washington State is 74% for whooping cough.

Whooping Cough outbreak in Washington State 2012: 74% of these pertussis (whooping cough) cases involved vaccinated children. Even after this admission the media still concludes that the best solution to this problem is to have everyone vaccinated.

Washington State has not had a Whooping Cough outbreak in over 70 years. The number of cases started to appear in 2010 with 608 reported statewide. 2011 the number of whooping cough cases went to 965 for the entire year. May 2012 Washington has reported 1,783 cases across the state. Kitsap County reported that 74% of these Pertussis Outbreaks involved previously vaccinated children.

The Association for Immunization Managers awards states that are willing to implement the new vaccine awareness and distribution policy’s passed down from big pharms government controlled agencies, like the CDC. In 2009 Washington State receive the “The Bull’s-Eye Awards” for implementing the HIB vaccine program which started with a free 29,000 dosages of the vaccine. You must understand that the HIB vaccine is a combination vaccine that comes with the Pertussis (Whooping Cough) included all in one shot. The National Network for Immunization Information (NNII) has a list of the five available whooping cough vaccinations all of which are combinatory and two include the HIB. The CDC shows that the whooping cough outbreak pattern started in 2010, only one year after the HIB vaccination program had begun. Two years later Washington has declared a state wide epidemic with the solution being more vaccinations. Coincidence-No. Experimental Vaccines: This website puts on a video and uses local sources,which the MSM never bothers to read or comment on and points out the discrepancies between what's being posted nationally as opposed to what's being posted and reported on locally.

I say anything this guy writes-Russell Saunders, should be totally disregarded except for the fact the Daily Beast has given him a platform that trolls are running all over. As far as I'm concerned Saunders, hiding under the cover of anonymity is no better than a troll posting hit and run comments.


One recent study looking at the outbreak in a Canadian secondary school found this:

Please provide name of study, publication it's in and the publication date. I am very interested in reading it. In the future when quoting data from a study it's always considerate to post the name and publication of said study to validate the information you posted.


Betty Bona

Speaking of exceptional kids, I have heard it said that this group is much more susceptible to environmental insults. The theory is that those who are more attuned and responsive to the environment are the ones who exhibit exceptionality. Unfortunately, the greater interface with the environment makes them more vulnerable to bad stuff in the environment. Dr. Deth did some research showing that kids with more D4 dopamine receptors (apparently exceptional kids have more) are more likely to show a correlation between greater mercury exposure and ADHD. This theory came from a twice exceptional program I worked with quite a few years ago, so I don't know if others have carried on that theory or not.

Jenny Allan

Lawrence is 'delusional' if he imagines he can 'take on' Hera, Linda, Benedetta et al within this territory.

It's to AoA's credit, Lawrence and his ilk, are welcomed and always treated politely.

Frank for Aidan

@ Skeptiquette

It would be interesting to compare the encephalopathy rate of the 61 unvaccinated children to the rate concerning that portion of the 1245 students who had received the full vaccine schedule.

The development of next generation vaccines is almost certainly being conducted so that when most of the current vaccines are eventually proven to be ineffective or worse, there will be a company standing ready to sell their "new and safer" product to the masses. Of course, hundreds of millions will have been spent on R&D, so the company will need to charge a hefty fee for their improved product...


That should have been immune- compromised.


"But now they're flooded with spam, a lot of it from escort services and pornographic websites."

Kindred souls.


Skeptiquette, there certainly should be a burden of safety for vaccine developers but this is grossly lacking in terms of physiological studies. I think all the scientists and Peds need to go and see the schools and what is going on with the kids. It's very obvious something is wrong and it isn't genetic. I just read in papers today a doc talking about allergy incidence being up compared to the past.
I maintain that indeed if you want me to worry about every individual who is mine compromised ( which by the way is an impossible task unless one lives in a bubble) you need to have a very very high proof of safety for my healthy children- in fact a higher standard than those already ill.


"Truth is hard to come by" re. exceptional children, I think there is plenty of evidence, unfortunately for many a young, bright person going off the rails and exhibiting some very real psychological problems in teens and young adulthood. Here in Canada where we give hep b in grade 5, I have seen late diagnosis of 'ADHD' and seizures- now that doesn't mean it's vaccines as causal but there certainly does seem to be many more shots given to teens now- heps, flu, dpt, Garadsil. I think there really is something wrong going on with a great many children and there is not so much genetics to it as environmental causation. I think there is a desperate need for more physiological safety studies regarding vaccines.

cia parker

I agree, Hera. Lawrence is welcome to post here, as you say, we are much more civilized than the colleagues he is used to dealing with. I was banned several times from the blog where he used to comment professionally every day, Shot of Prevention. Dialogue has been shut down there, and I don't think anyone even looks at it anymore. It's funny, they have banned virtually all vaccine critics, one seems to slip in past the censors every now and then, but they all gang up on him, tear him to pieces, and go back to trumpeting the party line. But now they're flooded with spam, a lot of it from escort services and pornographic websites. Poetic justice, the Sanofi Pasteur front group reduced to absurdity. I haven't seen anything there by Law in a while.
It's fun to discuss the vaccine issue, so, again, you're welcome here as far as I'm concerned, Law.


A 95% efficacy rate isn't good enough if you're one of the 5% who contracts measles during pregnancy. If you have measles as a child, you get 100% immunity. Much safer going forward.

david m burd

@ Skeptiquette,

I'll accept your unvaccinated kids' measles infection data at face value even though you don't cite the specific reference or where the article was published (and by whom? And with what vested connections?).

BUT, so what if kids unvaccinated kids get measles? Were there any permanent outcomes of serious consequence? Tell me, tell us, what serious outcomes were inflicted on those unvaccinated kids? Tell us.

Why don't you get it? Well nourished kids are designed by Nature to sail through such as measles when exposed via Nature's buffered respiratory or gastrointestinal tissue layers, and end up the better for it, tempered by Nature, and with PERMANENT immunity thereafter.

As opposed to permanent-damage outcomes inflicted by vaccines' toxic excipients (ingredients) INJECTED into kids' flesh, completely bypassing our natural design. And, with waning immunity always dictating more toxic vaccine injections.

cia parker

I've noticed that your side is ramping up its deceptively-phrased comments, talking a LOT about incidence of measles, pertussis, mumps, etc., when the correct response to that is: Who cares? Since these are nearly always harmless diseases, while the vaccines for them are dangerous, the sensible thing to do is just to let children get the diseases and get permanent immunity (which they may not do to pertussis if they have ever gotten the vaccine). You add that they "can" cause any number of adverse events, but do not point out that the vaccine "can" cause the same adverse events and more, and that in most cases severe complications are rare. Dr. Blaylock writes that going through the childhood diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox is an invaluable experience for helping the immune system to become strong and competent in fighting disease, while vaccines weaken it and cause neurological and autoimmune disease.
We were perfectly healthy and happy in the '60s with only the DPT (which caused severe reactions in me and my brother), polio, and smallpox (very dangerous and ineffective vaccine for a disease that petered out independent of the vaccine). Everyone got the diseases and everyone we ever knew recovered just fine. It was much better than this current age of hysteria and vaccine damage.


First, when talking about measles vaccination and efficacy you don’t have to look far and wide to find recent studies.
One recent study looking at the outbreak in a Canadian secondary school found this:

Number of kids in school: 1306

Number of kids unvaccinated: 61

Number of unvaccinated that contracted measles: 50 out of 61 or 82%

Number of kids vaccinated (either 2 , 1 or no written proof): 1245

Number of vaccinated that contracted measles: 60 out of 1245 or about 5%

So, clearly measles attacked the unvaccinated at a much higher rate. This seems to be pretty strong evidence in favor of the measles vaccine doing its job.

Wouldn’t you agree that it would require coincidences of a strange order for this to occur?

Second, You may be surprised, but there are a number of scientists trying to develop the next generation of vaccines with the aim at making the vaccine more “personalized” thus increasing efficacy and safety
Of course, this would lend credence to the idea that research scientists and doctors do want the best for kids and that there is not some sort of overarching conspiracy to sicken kids, making them life-long dependents on pharma.

I would suggest that most sceptics (whether doctors, scientists or lay people) don’t actually have the most up to date understanding about vaccines, and have somehow taken the position of making vaccines safer or having ambiguously expressed views of what safer would be or how to achieve it as being anti-vaccine. Unfortunately that is black and white thinking.

I feel perfectly comfortable maintaining the notion that vaccines work, but they can be made better (safer and more effective) and this should be a top priority due to the level of exposure (~95% of infants) and that this burden of both vigilance and progress ultimately rests with the scientific community. I also maintain that incorporating parent views, concerns, anecdotes could make this process of improvement more comprehensive.

Again, I have to stress the importance of being patient when it comes to scientific advancements as the basic research that is required to translate to a therapeutic (in this case “personalized” vaccine) option is both time consuming, arduous and never straight forward.


Social pressure. Lots of people are influenced by it.

Just mo, but we are more likely to treat him decently over here if he disagrees with us, than they are over there if he disagrees with them.

Again just mo, but if he communicates with us and doesn't say bad things about us, he would probably be rejected very quickly over there.

Still worth giving him information and behaving politely, imo. After having read that blog a couple of times, I certainly don't ever want the kind of comments and behavior they accept to be my guide for how to treat others.


I know who Lawrence is Jenny Allen -- from a long way back.

There is a stone cold soul there between the lines -- that is more than just disagreeing with a bunch of lunatics.

I did not know that Lilady belonged to the LB/RB -- figures.

It would be interesting to know who Lawrence really is - job - why the interest in brains -- well maybe it is exceptional brains???

Jenny Allan

Just for laughs this is what the ubiquitous LB/RB and RI troll Lawrence is saying about you!

Lawrence May 7, 2014 at 19:06 #

Somehow, I’ve been allowed to post (quite a bit, actually) at AoA recently….they are extremely delusional & tend to drift off topic back to the typical anti-vax tropes fairly quickly (regardless of what the original topic was).

lilady May 7, 2014 at 21:17 #

I’ve seen your comments Lawrence and I give you a lot of credit for dealing with the AoA critters.


One more point regarding Dr. Wakefield. He never advocated not vaccinating for measles. He recommended single, spaced out vaccinations for measles, mumps and rubella, until more research on the MMR was done, a recommendation that he was qualified to make and that he had a professional responsibility to make, given his findings. When he made that recommendation, single vaccines were available in the UK. Seemingly in retaliation for that recommendation, not long after, the UK discontinued the availability of single vaccines, making the MMR the only option. So any drop in vaccination at that time in the UK is the fault of the UK government. They chose protecting the MMR over protecting their children, as they knew that MMR uptake would decline since they did not go forward to conduct the research that would have answered outstanding questions with regard to the MMR's safety and efficacy.


I just want to say too, Lawrence, that Dr. Wakefield was a top academic gastroenterologist at The Royal Free Hospital. If money was his motivation, he would have steered clear of any controversy to protect his career. He would have instead cooperated with the status quo of denying and ignoring parental accounts and of ignoring the children's illnesses while denying them proper care, which continues to this day. He would have heeded the threats to his career by backing down on his professional opinion in calling for more research. The way to make lots of money in science and medicine is not to go up against Pharma, it's to do Pharma's bidding, the way that Paul Offit did and does. Dr. Wakefield chose the high road.

david m burd

Danchi, thanks for the pertinent, vital details exposing the fraud of the polio vaccine. One of my aunts was a young, delightful nurse in Chicago, and she volunteered to take one of the experimental polio vaccines around 1955 (just before she was to be married).

After getting the "trial" vaccine she quickly became paralyzed in all her limbs, though over time gradually recovered a tiny ability to use some fingers. After 40 years living a disabled, wheelchair life she died - though her spirit never did, even after her marriage plans collapsed.

The coverups and corruption of the vaccine-industry have wrought a disaster of epic proportions, enabled and abetted by reporters/journalists who are medically illiterate (or just stupid).

Perhaps Lawrence Solomon's articles will break the ice? But, don't bet on it, as exemplified by Dr. Andrew Wakefield still being vilified by today's reporter toadies.

Truth is hard to come by

Freudian slip there, Lawrence? (the commenter not reporter) No where in the article is the word, "morality" mis-typed. Only in your comment.

Since mortality is the primary danger cited by vaccine proponents as the reason all kids/everyone must get repeatedly vaccinated always, I think it is pretty clear why changes in the mortality rate are worthy of consideration/discussion in terms of the benefits? vs dangers? of any vaccine.

And in response to your position stated in comments elsewhere that the safety of each vaccine added to the schedule is tested by comparing the outcomes of those getting the full schedule of vaccines versus those getting the full schedule plus the new one. Hmm. When the follow-up in terms of looking for possible side-effects/consequences is darn short compared to the lives of the control and test subjects, and when many possible/probable side effects aren't even looked for or recorded in the short-term "studies," and when severe immediate reactions are comparatively rare in both groups, the odds of getting a "statistically insignificant" difference in outcomes between the so-called "control" and "test" group is pretty darn good for each incremental increase in the number of vaccines.

Those "insignificant difference" results may reassure you, but they don't really prove anything. What I think all of us really want to know is what is the difference in ALL health/development outcomes between those who don't get ANY vaccines versus those who get ALL or even MOST vaccines.

The studies you think are adequate to prove safety are grossly inadequate from my perspective. They don't ask or answer the right question(s). They also totally overlook/sidestep consideration of the longterm consequences of vaccines as "disease preventatives." The man-made measles situation as described in the article above is rather terrifying. The similar story regarding chicken pox vaccine and shingles incidence is similarly disquieting.

Then there is the not so natural selection in favor of less common bacterial strains due to widespread use of a vaccine that is effective against only the most common strain(s) (just fyi one example--there are others: e.g. Presentation from the 2000 Emerging Infectious Diseases Conference in Atlanta, Georgia Adaptation of Bordetella pertussis to Vaccination: A Cause for Its Reemergence? Frits R. Mooi, Inge H. M. van Loo, and Audrey King
National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) Bilthoven, The Netherlands)

I think the reason that more well-educated, wealthier parents are questioning the risk/benefit analyses presented by folks like you is that we have the time and ability to read a lot (yeah even journal articles from university libraries), we ask questions and seek answers from multiple sources, and we think about consequences--both short and long-term. And what the media and the supposed "experts" are saying over and over about vaccines just doesn't match what some of the real experts are saying/writing, or what our first-hand and second-hand and third-hand observations tell us.

And oh, about your exceptional children….hate to tell you but they may not be out of the woods yet. There are more than a few anecdotal reports of precocious kids who tragically regressed at ages 7 and above after receiving a mercury-laden flu or tetanus vaccine. Feel free to test that out on your kids though--but realize that even if they survive unscathed that isn't proof that every kid can. Most kids survive bee stings and eating peanut butter just fine, too. I don't think it is just a coincidence that some don't.


What David said. Also, we didn't even go to the doctor in the 50's and 60's for the measles. Our mothers would see spots and we would get to color and watch cartoons until it was over and when we returned to school we'd brag about our bout with the measles, a childhood rite of passage. In my opinion, from living through that era and being old enough to remember, the complication rate was no where near 1 or 3 in 1,000. It couldn't have been. It is worth noting too, that in those days we didn't have acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Fevers were not treated unless the fever became a danger. Now, fever at any degree is aggressively treated, which hampers the body's ability to fight any challenge.

I think part of what drives this vaccine insanity, aside from the fact that vaccines are a burgeoning highly profitable business, is that since two income families is now the norm, taking off sufficient time to nurse children with measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox, would cut into corporate profits from productivity and payroll losses. In the 50's and 60's, most mothers were not in the workforce and so these diseases didn't impact the corporate bottom line. Remember that when the chicken pox vaccine (still not accepted as necessary in many other industrialized nations), the justification in the US was that it would save money from lost time at work and school. At the time, the claim could not be made, because no one would believe it as they knew better, that chicken pox was enough of a health threat to warrant the vaccine. Not too many years later, when officials counted on the short memory of the American people, the fear mongering campaign with respect to chicken pox began in earnest, with the media wagging its tail behind the vaccine peddling Pharma friendly officials. Meanwhile, the shingles rate increased as a result of the loss of wild childhood cases no longer boosting elder immunity. The answer to that unadvertised disaster? A shingles vaccine, of course (for a couple hundred dollars - plus - a dose). A shingles vaccine only tested for 4 years (who knows what the vaccine strain of the virus will do to recipients past 4 years in addition to the wild strain they already harbor from natural childhood infection) that in studies was about 50% effective for the short time studied, and that in those studies was linked to a higher incidence of serious complications including congestive heart failure.

I appreciate your questions. Keep asking. You will be shocked at the answers.


"People stopped dying of Polio (in large numbers) with the advent of the Iron Lung. Did the Iron Lung prevent people from getting Polio?"

What prevented people from getting Polio was halting the Polio vaccine. Also, banning DDT. DDT poisoning symptomatology is clinically indistinguishable from Polio. It's no coincidence that Polio cases numbers went down at roughly the same time DDT was banned in the US. Polio is still among us under different names. In 1958 the CDC, realizing the Polio vaccine was a bust, decided to change the diagnostic criteria:

-In 1958, the CDC formally adopted the “Best available paralytic poliomyelitis case count” or BAPPCC:

“Cases must be clinically and epidemiologically compatible with poliomyelitis, must have resulted in paralysis, and must have a residual neurological deficit 60 days after onset of initial symptoms. .. the BAPPCC does not include cases of nonparalytic poliomyelitis, of those in which paralysis is more transient. The original purpose of developing these criteria was to omit cases possibly due to enteroviruses other than polioviruses.” People who showed polio like symptoms that previously would have been diagnosed as Polio were now being diagnosed as: Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP), Transverse Myelitis, Viral or Aseptic Meningitis, Guillaine Barre Syndrome (GBS), Chinese Paralytic Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epidemic Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Spinal Meningitis, Spinal Apolexy, Inhibitory Palsy, Intermittent Fever, Famine Fever, Worm Fever, Bilious Remittent Fever, Ergotis, ME, Post-Polio Syndrome aka GBS. Coxsackie virus and echo viruses can cause paralytic syndromes that are clinically indistinguishable from paralytic poliomyelitis.
Polio is more than paralysis or being encased in an iron lung. The question is always asked what happened to the iron lungs? Doesn't that prove Polio has been eradicated/cured. No, it doesn't. The iron lungs were replaced by oxygen tents and than respirators. So if one contracts one of the above illness and has breathing difficulties-you'll likely to be put on a respirator or the little oxygen nose plugs. Today, If you object to taking the polio vaccine and you get polio--it is usually called "polio." If you have been vaccinated and you get "polio", it is called meningitis or one of the other names.

By 1960, the Salk vaccine had proven to be so hazardous and ineffective, that the Journal of the American Medical Association (February 25, 1961) carried an article admitting that, "It is now generally recognized that much of the Salk vaccine used in the U.S. has been worthless."

"In 1977, Dr Jonas Salk who developed the first polio vaccine, testified along with other scientists, that mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961. (Science 4/4/77 “Abstracts” –Control of influenza and poliomyelitis with killed virus vaccines) and a very small embedded article in the Washington Post on September 24, 1976.

The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) admitted that the vaccine has become the dominant cause of polio in the US today, with 87% of cases between 1973 and 1983 caused by the vaccine. More recently, 1980-1989, every case of polio in the US was caused by the vaccine. Doctors and scientists on the staff of the National Institute of Health during the 1950's were well aware that the Salk vaccine was ineffective and deadly. Some frankly stated that it was "worthless as a preventative and dangerous to take". The Salk "inactivated" or "killed-virus" was actually regulated to permit 5,000 live viruses per million doses.

Polio Vaccine was a failure. I have numbers from various states whose polio cases increased after the vaccine was given in the area.

Measles was 99.4% abated before the vaccine. Measles came back into play after the vaccine began spreading it through viral vaccine shedding: You will never look at vaccinated children the same!- Shedding Viruses

Also, the first vaccine was a dead virus concoction which mutated and created a strain called A Typical measles which was discovered in 1963:

1963 Children vaccinated with killed measles vaccine between 1963 and 1967 develop Atypical Measles Syndrome (AMS). Studies suggest the children's response to the "wild" measles virus is "altered" and that the severity and persistence of symptoms suggests encephalopathy (brain damage.) In 1967 the killed measles vaccine was discontinued because A Typical measles is a more aggressive illness that can led to pneumonia. It was thought that only the dead measles vaccine cause AMS but it has been discovered both live and dead virus measles can cause AMS.

Despite the "pants on fire" articles that are running rampant on the net, measles has been tremendously hyped for the benefit of profits. From the CDC's National Vital Statics Report:

Measles Deaths in US:


Increases in reported measles cases in the U.S. can be observed by looking at the CDC’s Notifiable Diseases and Mortality Tables:

-In 2007 there were 43 cases reported nationwide
-In 2008 there were 140 cases
-In 2009 there were 71 cases
-In 2010 there were 63 cases
-In 2011 there were 217 cases
-In 2012 through Feb. 18, 2012 there were 13

You want to see if vaccines are effective? There are a number of things the CDC & Vaccine Industry can do but they won't.

-Allow Independent Testing of all vaccines performed by an INDEPENDENT AGENCY and Scientist that have no government or vaccine industry ties.
-Do a study comparing the overall health of Unvaccinatd children to Vaccinated children.

I'm sure there are others things they should do but I think these are in the top 10.

david m burd

@ Lawrence,

Believe it or not, virtually all babies and children actually did have all the childhood diseases, thus the "incidence" was indeed close to 100% --- thus the plummeting of mortality, before vaccines, is all the more impressive.

All due to the game-changing succession to civic water, efficient sewage systems, and vastly improved (and awareness) of accessible nutrition (vitamins & minerals) made possible by improving refrigeration and frozen foods (such as orange juice). Yes, some antibiotics also have played a role. And, "poliomyelitis" cases indeed occurred and spiked exactly coincidental with billions of pounds of neurotoxins spread into our agricultural systems (the neurotoxic compounds peaking in the early 1950s. Also, corrupt medical politics actually changed the definition of polio cases in exact timing with the polio vaccines virtually forced on the public at time (and still today).

Believe it or not, all you have to do is your own cursory research of the bountiful literature on this; this is what Anne and other AoA writers such as Dan & Mark, et al. and many scientists, have mage clear for several decades now, and at last by Lawrence Solomon in his (non-U.S.) newspaper.


I am very confused as to why "Morality" decreasing is cited as "proof" that these diseases were on their way out before vaccines.

Mortality = deaths

People stopped dying of Polio (in large numbers) with the advent of the Iron Lung. Did the Iron Lung prevent people from getting Polio?

People also stopped dying from measles (as much) when anti-biotics could be used to treat complications from pneumonia....but that didn't stop people from getting the Measles.

So, why don't you talk about "incidence" rates, which are the true indicators on whether or not the vaccines were effective?

david m burd

Thanks Anne, for revealing the rare current "reporter" who actually does his homework, and who reviews valid historical data - instead of regurgitating propaganda from today's Health Leaders, who are hand-in-hand with the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The organization called Health Sentinel has for years shown a multitude of graphs (like the one you show for measles) dramatically showing the plummeting Disease Mortality of most all childhood illnesses, declines of mortality close to vanishing, BEFORE vaccines.

All one has to do is google "health sentinel" - I heartily recommend everybody make some copies of their graphs, to show others who believe the horse manure now mindlessly touted by the CDC and their minions.

Dan Burns

Thanks for this, Anne. The heart knows a voice that speaks without fear or favor. I'm adding Lawrence Solomon to my short but growing list. Glad you called him up.

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