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Measles Vaccine Spreading Disease?

Last Push for "BOUGHT: The Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma and Food

Bought Movie Note: Read Kent's interview with  Jeff Hays of BOUGHT here.

by Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

We all know what we need.

We need a well-produced film that shows how the system of checks and balances which normally protects the public from defective consumer products has gone horribly wrong in vaccines.  And we need to do it with a vehicle that reaches people outside of our community.

And if we really want the message to reach the general public, it would probably be best to combine our  health and scientific concerns with those of other communities, especially when all of these groups face the same dysfunctional system.  "BOUGHT" is that movie.

The film asks the critical questions so many of us want answered:  Are vaccines really safe and effective for diseases?  Are genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) key to feeding the growing population.  Has Big Pharma really taken over medical research?  These are the questions that generations to come will look to us and ask ifwe pursued them with courage and intelligence.  Their future is in our hands, and in our wallets.

That's why I believe "BOUGHT: The Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, and Your Food" is so critically important to our community.  Producer Jeff Hayes is almost finished with this ground-breaking film which has a prinicipal photography budget of $700,000 and in order to get the widest distribution for the film, requires $1,000,000 which would get premeires in Los Angeles and New York City, and guarantee national attention.

I know our community feels bruised and battered beyond what we ever thought we could endure.  Today is my daughter, Jacqueline's 16th birthday and she is still non-verbal.  For someone like me, who loves words so much, it seems like the cruelest thing I could ever imagine.  However, I know each one of us has our own tale of woe and broken dreams, but I also believe we can find meaning in our pain.  And as long as our children draw breath I believe there is hope for them.  We must fight until that day of deliverance arrives, and films like BOUGHT bring us so much closer to that day.

The good news is that the film is almost complete and scheduled to debut later this month.  The fund-raising closes this Sunday, May 18 at midnight, Pacific time.  The public needs to hear from the voices of our community, like Barbara Loe Fischer of the National Vaccine Information Center, Professor Mary Holland of New York University School of Law, Dr. Sheri Tenpenny, and autism activist, Dawn Loughborough.

The final fund-raising goal is $105,000 and Hayes and his team are very close.  Please support their efforts to end the tragedy of our times.  Go to www.supportboughtmovie.com and make your donation.

Kent Heckenlively is Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Allen Richardson

Surprised because on the site the goal says $40,000 and they've already exceeded that goal at $91,000.

Betty Bona

I used to contribute something to any cancer research group, MS group, Jerry's kids, etc. that asked for donations. It made me feel good. Now I only contribute if I have a friend needing sponsors to do a team walk or something like that. I have seen first hand how research objectives are tailored by pharmaceutical interests. We citizens may contribute our hard earned money to see valid research done, but the pharmaceutical industry truly holds the purse strings. I am happy now to contribute to an effort like this. The extent of pharmaceutical control over everything medical in our country needs to be exposed. It won't show up on my tax return, but maybe my dollars will help speed the disclosures that need to be made.

Anne J.

This looks excellent. Resources for most parents are stretched pretty thin these days, but I'm willing to contribute to causes like this in order to get the word out to more people!


Thanks - done.
If every family with autism in our state each gave $1, that would be $60,000 right there.

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