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Goodbye April and the Hijacked Autism Awareness Month

The vaccine machine hijacked the autism awareness month but "good," didn't they?  So many articles and press reports about autism - and that it is NOT caused by vaccines.   A wonderful campaign that would have helped families protect their kids lives - trashed. Celebs dragged through the mud for voicing their personal healthcare choices. 

Dear April - GOODBYE.

Can I have an amen?


Jeannette Bishop

End of April amen:

Only 11% of "millennials" trust the media to do the right thing all or most of the time, 20% trust in the federal government.


Anne McElroy Dachel


April has a real purpose and it has nothing to do with helping disabled children.

April is 30 days of indoctrination to NOT TO CARE ABOUT AUTISM.

It's safe to call for awareness. Who could be against that?

Every April we hear about the latest rate---it's NEVER A REAL INCREASE.

Every April we see blue lights and puzzle pieces--autism is a mystery, a curiosity, NEVER EVER A CRISIS.

Every April the media shows us happy families celebrating autism with walks and rallies--autism seems to be an acceptable and natural part of the human condition.

Every April we're again reminded that the cause of autism is officially UNKNOWN--but they are sure that IT'S NOT VACCINES.

Every April we're told we should be aware--but we should under no circumstance expect ANSWERS.

The brainwashing is working. No one is ever worried. As a nation, we just don't care about what autism is doing to America. We've officially closed our eyes. THANK YOU APRIL. It's worked perfectly.

Anne Dachel, Media

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