Questions for Dr. Tom Insel from Autism Community
Dachel Media Update:

Fire The Deniers Starting with Dr. Tom Insel: Autism Epidemic Explodes on His Watch

We first ran this post when CDC announced the catastrophic new numbers last Spring.

Contact the White House to ask President Obama to fire the autism epidemic deniers from CDC and NIH. The leadership in charge of public health has failed a generation of children.  Read an open letter to President Obama demanding accountability for this tragic increase in autism that is radically altering the American family -  unabated.  A nation can not sit idly by and watch 2.4% of its young males moved from regular education into special education without serious future impact. Thank you to Mark Blaxill for the following graphics.

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Except for Rep. Posey, who I believe is sincere and deserves our support. If I'm wrong, then he should get an academy award for his performance, but I don't think so.

John Stone

There was in fact a nice touch from Congressman Posey who commented to Insel that he would like to see an epidemiological study that had nothing to do with Thorsen (mentioned as a scumbag). This may have been a bigger put down than was immediately obvious because Insel had - I think - just before mentioned the new meta-study from Sydney which included Thorsen co-authored papers (Madsen, Hviid), as well as a lot of other already discredited junk: Verstraeten, Andrews, Smeeth, de Stefano, Price, Mrozek-Budzyn... It was a sharper rebuke than may have immediately appeared.

angus files

jobsworth...all of them..shame on them


david m burd

I actually think Insel has long ago became convinced by the clearly fraudulent "Studies" endorsed by the CDC. His mindset will never change.

He is SO typical of the Medical Industry mindset: He cannot even conceive he has wrongly bought into the medical/industry complex that REFUSES to do an easily-done retrospective review of tens of thousands records of both vaxccinated (per The Schedule) and unvaccinated kids.

Such a review, and acknowledging we are in the midst of an EMERGENCY, would take mere weeks IF such as Insel put it "top priority" --- But, Insel will NEVER do this.

So, the next question is: Why don't the top chiefs at both CDC and NIH even make this EMERGENCY their top priority?! Why doesn't Insel's boss order him to conduct asap a retrospective vax vs. unvax study? Why doesn't the CDC Director also ORDER such a study?!

THEY also must go; they ALL have utterly abrogated their sworn duties.


Right, Benedetta, this morning's hearing went exactly the way they planned it: brief, making bean counters out to be ignorant of the scientific process and insensitive to the need, and the doctors and scientists out to be the heroes. It reminded me of network news talking head "debates", fully scripted with goal oriented talking points. And it only took them 2 hours - a very efficient waste of time.


Linda, Yes he is protected because he is doing a good job -- he really is -- he is doing the exact job head of HIH hired him to do and that is too appear to be working hard as solving this darn autism puzzle.



It seems as Insel already knows what the results will be in the vaccinated/un-vaccinated/not fully vaccinated sibling study that he said will take about another 3 months, he said he will "sit down and review" the study with Congressman Posey, almost as if he is already happy with the outcome of it.


It's obvious that Insel is being protected. The GAO was asked to do a report that the Oversight Committee allowed him to slough off, "push back" as he called it, enforced by Rep Connolly's angry accusation that the GAO went too far and were not qualified to judge the IAAC, a warning for them to back down. This was just another episode in the US Govt's Response to Autism Dog and Pony Show.

That Government Oversight Committee is doing a real bang up job.

The jig is up

Insel mentions many of the funds have gone to "epigenetics." Ya sure.
Posey just called Thorsen a "scumbag" again.
My God, Insel is just smarmy and evasive, just so happy to mention the latest garbage study (meta-analysis) from Australia.
I didn't see the rest.

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