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May 4, 2014, Truthout Interviews Dr. Brian Moench on Skyrocketing Autism Rates in the US

May 4, 2014, High Point (NC) Enterprise: New autism documentary features stories from the Triad

May 4, 2014, The Scotsman: Autistic pupils puts pressure on Scottish schools

May 3, 2014, BBC: Gulf War soldier takes on MoD over vaccines

May 3, 2014, UK Daily Mail: Autism risk 'is ten times worse if first child has disorder', reveals study of two million children

May 3, 2014, Forbes: Autism Science, Birth To Thirteen

May 2, 2014, Fremont (OH) News Messenger: Local families reflect on experiences with autistic children

May 1, 2014, Washington Post: The enduring benefits of vaccination

May 1, 2014, Financial Post: Lawrence Solomon: Vaccines can’t prevent measles outbreaks

Brian Moench is a practicing physician and the president of the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment who has been a strong advocate for a number of environmental causes, and wrote an article for Truthout examining toxins used in the ground and emitted in the air and their relation to the rise in autism rates. . . .  But it's not just air pollution that is a contributing factor, but also chemical toxins found in the most popular herbicide used in the United States: Roundup. Dr. Moench synthesizes some current medical research into a linkage between the toxins like glyphosate (the key ingredient in Roundup) and autism.

This MD doesn't want to talk about vaccines. Pesticides are the real culprits. GO AWAY JENNY McCARTHY! You're nothing but a distraction.

Dr. Moench on Video: "So autism shouldn't be associated with one particular entity, one particular celebrity, or one particular cause. It's almost unfortunate...that autism is compared invariably with the issue of vaccines. That's a separate issue that my article didn't address. I intentionally let that out.

I wanted to address the scientific evidence that chemical exposures seem to play a significant role in what appears to be a genuine public health crisis."

No one believes that vaccines are the only cause of autism, but Dr. Moench doesn't want to cast a shadow on what doctors are doing to children. He's concerned with toxic exposures in our food supply---and babies are affected BEFORE BIRTH. The CDC/AAP will no doubt like this talk.

High Point (NC) Enterprise

"We wanted to create a timeline to not only show the evidence of coverup of harm, but also to demonstrate that thimerosal should never have been in vaccines from day one," says A Shot of Truth project manager Angela Medlin, who lives in High Point. "The timeline begins in 1929 and tells the actual history of thimerosal, along with its horrific impact on susceptible members of the population."

A Shot of Truth

The Scotsman

THE number of children in Scottish schools needing extra support due to autism has ­risen by 15 per cent to almost 10,000 in just one year, new figures show.

In 2013, 9,946 students were listed as having “additional support needs” in Scotland due to autistic spectrum disorder – up 1,296 from 8,650 in the previous year.

Overall the number of pupils needing extra help in class due to a wide range of problems, including speech and language disorders and other disabilities, rose 11.5 per cent from 118,034 in 2012 to 131,621 last year.

Concerns are now being raised about whether schools and teachers are properly equipped to cope with increases in children needing additional help with their studies, amid calls for further investigations into why numbers are rising at such a rate.

The Scottish Government said increased awareness and better detection of problems such as autism were behind the rising numbers listed as needing extra support in schools.

This is really sad and I can imagine that this kind of story will never end.

Every time the numbers are announced, it's never a real increase.

So, should Scotland just expected 15 percent increases in the number of autistic students every year until every child has a diagnosis?

If we follow this reasoning. . . increased awareness has led to more children recognized as autistic----then NOTHING IS WRONG. These kids just used to be ignored or classified as something else, if it's really "better detection."

IF that were really true, there'd be no problem. Teachers would have had to deal with these students even if they weren't called autistic. SO WHY AREN'T TEACHERS "PROPERLY EQUIPPED TO COPE. . . "

This admitted worldwide incompetency in education is proof that kids have never been here like this before. The same goes for police, airline crews, fire fighters, EMTs....and everyone else now being trained to deal with AUTISM.


A soldier has won legal aid in his fight to find out what the Ministry of Defence knew of the health risks of the vaccinations given to troops ahead of the first Gulf War.

He is one of a number of service personnel who have subsequently become ill and believe the toxicity of the inoculations may have been a factor.

The Ministry of Defence said all the key facts about the vaccination programme had already been published.

They denied there was any cover-up.

If a soldier who was NEVER DEPLOYED had these symptoms---then it wasn't "toxic substances in the Gulf."  What is important here is that it shows vaccine safety issues don't just involve children and it isn't just about autism.

UK Daily Mail

Babies are ten times more likely to develop autism if they have a brother or sister with the condition, according to the biggest-ever study of its kind.

It found that a child’s risk of being diagnosed with the developmental disorder also doubles if they have a cousin with the condition.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, also found genes account for 50 per cent of a child’s chance of being autistic, with ‘environmental factors’ accounting for the remaining 50 per cent.

Previous studies of twins have suggested genes play an even higher role – as high as 90 per cent.

But Dr Sandin said most of these environmental factors – such as premature birth – appeared to be outside the control of parents

Notice how this is covered. Two sentences at the end mention 'environmental factors' ---those vague, hopelessly confusing---triggers that we can never really understand.

If 50 percent of your child's chances of having autism are ENVIRONMENTAL---shouldn't it deserve more coverage than saying they're "outside the control of parents"?


 One of my sons is autistic. He was diagnosed about a decade ago at age 3 for the symptoms recognized at the time but likely would have been diagnosed earlier given what we know now. Like all autistic people … like most people … he has grown–taller than I, at this point–developed, matured, and changed. And along with him, the way people view and talk and think about autism has changed, as well. In the 10 years since his diagnosis, we’ve gone from hearing “I’m sorry” when we mention having an autistic child to a much more mixed response, one that often is as weighted with curiosity and interest as with sympathy or pity, and that’s a good thing. But there is always room for improvement.

Emily Willingham reports on the up side of autism.  You won't hear about horrible regression with severe health issues.  Nothing is said about Teenagers in diapers, head-banging, or wandering away and drowning.  Her message is: autism is genetic, it's just the way it is for some kids, we need to accept that. My comment never showed up.

Fremont (OH) News Messenger

Landon Mincer is 5 years old, but he is not potty trained yet. He drinks out of a sippy cup, has violent outbursts if he gets too tired and has trouble expressing his moods. He has friends in his R.C. Water's kindergarten classroom, but his mother is worried about his future relationships.

Hunter Lenz, 16, has never had a full conversation with his father and stepmother. He watches television shows designed for preschoolers and has a fascination with outer space. His father, Brian Lenz, says he has the mentality of a 6- or 7-year-old.

When Tyler Aldrich was between the age of 4 and 5, a doctor told his mother he may need to be institutionalized later in life. Now, at age 19, he's attending Terra State Community College and participating in inspirational speaking events state- and nationwide.

Mincer, Lenz and Aldrich all have something in common. They are all on the autism spectrum and represent local families coping with the developmental disability. . . .

There is no cure for autism, and as of 2010, it affects about one in 68 children. For many, that's alarming - considering that number was only one in 150 in 2000.

Becky Holtgreven, director of educational services for the Sandusky County Board of Developmental Disabilities said she believes increased autism awareness has caused a spike in the numbers.

Who cares what the rate one is ever alarmed. They don't even have the dates of the rate increase right---Who cares? All the autism, according to a county official, is brought to us by "increased autism awareness."

I posted comments.

Washington Post

In the latter case (as in the former), the scientific argument is not merely lopsided but single-sided. Like any medicine, vaccines have a very small risk of serious side effects, which doctors are trained to identify. But the association of the measles vaccination with autism has been entirely discredited. Childhood vaccinations do not involve dangerous levels of toxins and do not compromise the immune system. And vaccinations prevent a range of diseases - chickenpox, diphtheria, measles, mumps, pertussis, polio, rotavirus, rubella, tetanus - that used to routinely hospitalize, disable or kill children. . . .

This means that if even a small portion of the herd refuses vaccination, the risks rise for everyone. Epidemiology grants marginal groups the power to do great harm. The United States generally has rates of immunization in the high 80s or low 90s. In some places, however, the rate dips lower, making it easier for an infected traveler (for example) to cause an outbreak. Recent examples can be found in Orange County, Calif., and New York City. The problem is even worse in Britain (where the immunization rate for measles is only about 80?percent) and in other parts of Europe.

Those who resist vaccination are a varied group. The parents of autistic children seek and deserve an explanation. Unfortunately, vaccination is not the answer. . . .

Autism gets this brush off from Michael Gerson at the Post: "The parents of autistic children seek and deserve an explanation. Unfortunately, vaccination is not the answer. . . ."

They deserve an answer?  How no one can give them one?  When will autism matter as much as vaccine compliance in this country?

This is the message from Michael Gerson: Too damn bad if doctors don't know why your child stopped talking and starting head banging.  Bowel disease, seizures, wandering, meltdowns---just part of the mystery of autism.


National Post

The recent outbreaks of measles in Canada and the United States came as a shock to many public health experts but they wouldn’t have to Dr. Gregory Poland, one of the world’s most admired, most advanced thinkers in the field of vaccinology.

The measles vaccine has failed, he explained two years ago in a prescient paper, “The re-emergence of measles in developed countries.” In that paper, he warned that due to factors that most haven’t noticed, measles has come back to be a serious public health threat. Thankfully, in that paper and elsewhere he also spelled out in no-nonsense fashion what now needs to be done.

Dr. Poland is no vaccine denier. Not only is he among the harshest and most outspoken critics of the “irrationality of the antivaccinationists,” he is also one of the strongest proponents for vaccines and the good that they can do. As Professor of Medicine and founder and leader of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group, one of the world’s largest vaccine research organizations; as editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Vaccine; as recipient of numerous awards; as chair of vaccine data monitoring committees for pharmaceutical giant Merck; as patent holder in various vaccines processes; as someone who enjoys special employee status with the Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Department of Defense and as someone who has sat on every federal committee that has dealt with vaccines, no one can accuse him of seeing vaccines from a narrow perspective.

And he sees the need for a major rethink, after concluding that the current measles vaccine is unlikely to ever live up to the job expected of it: “outbreaks are occurring even in highly developed countries where vaccine access, public health infrastructure, and health literacy are not significant issues. . . .

What is needed, suggests Dr. Poland, is for the public health establishment to accept that the current measles vaccine has so many drawbacks as to make it unworkable, and get on with the job of developing next-generation vaccines.

Dr. Poland is also faced with a whooping cough vaccine that doesn't work as reported in Scientific American last year:

Sep 17, 2013 Why Whooping Cough Vaccines Are Wearing Off

Doctors race to protect kids as whooping cough vaccines wear off

By late summer 2010 an alarming number of children in California had developed pertussis, or whooping cough-five times as many as in the first half of 2009. David Witt, a physician and infectious disease specialist who works at Kaiser Permanente San Rafael Medical Center, cared for some of those sick children. His practice lies in the heart of Marin County, the famously counterculture spit of land north of San Francisco. At first, he assumed that the outbreak was a consequence of parents refusing vaccinations for their children. As the incidence continued to climb month after month, however-not just in northern California but all across the state-Witt began to wonder whether something else was going on.

Working with his college-age son Maxwell and his pediatrician colleague Paul Katz, Witt retrieved the records for 132 Kaiser Permanente patients younger than 18 who had tested positive for pertussis between March and October 2010.

"The bulk of the cases were in fully vaccinated children between eight and 12 years old," Witt says. "That was a total surprise."

Remember Paul Offit on Stephen Colbert on April 28th?

Offit blamed non-vaccinating parents for outbreaks of measles.  I hope Dr. Poland gives Offit a call and sets him right about who's at fault here.  It's the vaccine!

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.


John Fryer

Benedetta posts a video talk by an EXPERT on autism.

Goodness knows why we have an AUTISM problem with experts like her!

So much we dont know she says.

But we do know its not MERCURY

And of course:


Loud claps of approval!

And the first person to suggest it was vaccines.

Remember LANCET 1998?

The paper was RETRACTED.

The author was run out of the medical profession.

Even louder and longer claps!

Sublimally saying:

Suggest its VACCINES

And you too could lose a millionaire salary and be made homeless and stateless for the rest of your non-working days.


But then the compassion comes for all those 40 000 extra autism sufferers every year from not vaccine harm and not drug harm at the time of the injection of a once mercury based mixture:

We have a 75 per cent NO KNOWLEDGE of why you got like this!

But no matter we are developing powerful mind altering drugs to help you manage your autism.

Wasnt it powerful mind altering things that made these children autistic?

One thing strikes me while listening to all this intellectual verbage:


Just got many times BIGGER.

Thank you Wendy Chung for changing our view from MERCURY and injectable harm to looking at hundreds of changes to our DNA that caused this tragedy.

I think in another hundred years advances will be such that 75 per cent non-knowledge may reduce to 99 per cent non-knowledge if we use the same logic used by this young lady.

John Fryer

Just to add that he (Brian Moench) mentions (in 2012):

1) The autism there is TWICE the national average!

A few days ago the Salt Lake Tribune’s front page headline declared, "Highest rate in the nation, 1 in 32 Utah boys has autism." This is a national public health emergency, whose epicenter is Utah, Gov. Herbert.

2) The amount of MERCURY in the nearby lake and therefore the water they drink there is at a record HIGH for the country.

(Utah’s highest in the nation autism rates are matched by the highest rates of anti-depressant use and the highest mercury levels in the country in the Great Salt Lake).

And as he says:

Vaccines are a separate issue.

And one no doubt he wishes others to beat the drum and clear the jungle path?

Can't say I blame him!

John Fryer

Bob tells us he left it out.

The F he did!

He did not want to mention:




But he is not DAFT as many tell us.


Enough said!

Shows his ideas on autism in 2012.

Pesticides are a reasonable cause of adverse health effects and will add to autism cases but vaccine use is again not mentioned.

Unfortunately and for some unknown reason the rates of autism in his state are twice that of th erest of the country!

John Fryer

The governments around the world that keep stating increased awareness accounts for the rises indicates they are LYING.

Year on year the rises or increases in autism children at school in USA goes up at around 40 000 extra cases a year.

Does this mean in 2014 we are more aware than in 2013 and in turn more aware than in 2012?

We have been AWARE since the days of KANNER concerning autism and for many doctors, governments totally UNAWARE of the cause or causes.

In fact this AWARENESS wears thin when you look at DESCENDING numbers now as the increasein frequency, timing and amount of vaccines and their TOXIC load is static or diminishing.

 Bob Moffitt

Truth out

So this genius "examined toxins used in the ground and emitted in the air and their relation to the rise in autism rates" .. but .. he intentionally did not examine vaccines because "that's a separate issue"? Indeed, this expert is no fool .. vaccines are the "third rail" of research and anyone foolish enough to examine their effect on the immune systems of children would be committing "research suicide".

Freemont News:

"There is no cure for autism, and as of 2010, it affects about one in 68 children. For many, that's alarming - considering that number was only one in 150 in 2000."

Gee .. autism affects 1 in 68 children .. and .. "for many" that's alarming? Please tell me who does not find 1 in 68 children with autism .. alarming?

Anne .. these columns are getting more and more difficult to read .. it is maddening.


"If we follow this reasoning. . .[that] increased awareness has led to more children recognized as autistic----then NOTHING IS WRONG. These kids just used to be ignored or classified as something else, if it's really 'better detection.'

IF that were really true, there'd be no problem. Teachers would have had to deal with these students even if they weren't called autistic. SO WHY AREN'T TEACHERS 'PROPERLY EQUIPPED TO COPE. . .'"

Great point, Anne.

Jenny Allan

From the Scotsman above:-
"The Scottish Government said increased awareness and better detection of problems such as autism were behind the rising numbers listed as needing extra support in schools."

I live in Scotland and have tried in vain to get the MSPs representing my constituency to address the issues of the possible vaccine damage caused by MMR and HPV vaccines (Gardasil). I have been retired for 8 years now, but I saw at first hand the havoc caused in schools by children with ADHD and autism. It's far worse now. This is causing teachers, overwhelmed by the stress and lack of official support, to 'burn out' or retire early. The Scottish National Party (in power) has failed to keep their pre election promise of smaller classes during the early stages.

Even when the local politicians are willing to listen, they are overruled by their political party masters. I keep getting sent that Danish MMR Madson autism epidemiological paper as 'proof' of no MMR vaccine links to autism. I've tried to tell them about Poul Thorsen's US indictment for fraud and money laundering, but no-one is listening in the UK, US or Denmark. Thorsen, described as a 'fugitive from justice' is presently free to go about his business.

I've also tried to inform our Government about the complete failure of the MMR mumps component to protect many children long term. Our Scottish universities, in common with every other UK uni, have a huge mumps problem. Again my attempts to inform about the US Merck litigation falls on deaf ears. In any case, a few million dollars of a fine would be nothing to Merck or any of the other huge pharmaceutical companies.

I have suggested single vaccinations for measles and rubella (for girls) should be offered as an alternative to MMR. Mumps rarely causes any long term problems when caught in infancy and natural immunity DOES provide life long immunity. There is presently an MMR 'catch up' campaign in Scottish secondary schools, aimed at teenagers. My youngest grandson has already been targeted. He has never had MMR vaccine, but was immunised with single injections. A letter to the school will not prevent over zealous health personnel to attempt to deliver a jab. My grandson has been instructed to 'run' if anyone approaches him with a

As for Gardasil, the 'official' response here is there have been 'millions' of doses safely given with only minor side effects. The reported deaths and disabilities? All coincidences. No one is interested in the FACT this vaccine has more reported adverse effects than all the other vaccines put together, and there is no proof at all of any protection from cervical cancer.

Our complacent Governments are perfectly happy to preside over our Nations' children becoming more and more sick and disabled.


I got this through my email today.
IT is some liar on TED Talk.

Guys when did they say they were going to take the mercury out of the vaccines?

Was it not after the Senate hearing in 2002 or 2003?

It was not in 1994 was it?

I hate to put this up here -- makes me so mad that I just feel bad inside.

Tim Kasemodel

"What is needed, suggests Dr. Poland, is for the public health establishment to accept that the current measles vaccine has so many drawbacks as to make it unworkable, and get on with the job of developing next-generation vaccines."

Maybe the reason he wants to develop newer versions is he know haw badly the current vaccines are screwing up our kids health,
and lack of effectiveness gives him a great cover story.


Please inform Lawrence Solomon that your comment was censored.


Forget about posting any factual verifiable information on the National Post. Dorit Reiss was up to her tricks again posting lies about the number of children that die a year from measles.

"I am sorry to see you, again, dismissing 450 preventable deaths a year (and implying that they count for less if they are in immunocompromised children (a claim for which you bring no evidence). You also ignore the high rates of complications from measles."

She was responding to Ciaparker's comment.
I responded with data from the CDC's National Vital Statics Report actual death count from measles over the last 20 years and some other facts and of course my comment was held in moderation for a day and than disappeared. Money trumps facts all the time.


Did you notice in the truth-out article they have link to another story. It's called the chemical brain nation. I always wondered when one of every two people would have autism. They did the math and it will be in 2025. How would it be possible to care for fifty percent of the population with autism?

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