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Weekly Wrap: Nightmare on Clifton Road - Freddy Krueger is Coming for the CDC

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I hope the CDC is enjoying these warm spring days and basking in the sunshine of mainstream media love during Autism Awareness Month. But I strongly suspect that the shadow of darker times ahead is starting to haunt their dreams.

The CDC -- mailing address, 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta -- is clearly managing, massaging and manipulating the data about the growth of the autism rate. It is really hard to see how long this can go on, with people like Florida Congressman Bill Posey going after the agency's Coleen Boyle in a powerful Autism One radio interview with Brian Hooker. Sample:

 "I know we have an autism epidemic. You know it. She knows it.  She knows we know it. But for some reason they refuse to acknowledge it publicly."  Regarding Boyle's assertion that the increase is due to better diagnosing, Posey said, "I don't think anybody that's intellectually honest with this issue can begin to fathom that lame excuse that she uses."

Safeminds 2014 LogoYesterday, we ran an extraordinary piece by Katie Wiesman of SafeMinds making clear just how lame that excuse is.

Because problems with our blog platform (not AOA specifically) meant we were down part of the day, I'd like to urge you to go back and read that piece carefully if you have the chance. As our own John Stone wrote:

"This is a colossal and important piece of work - a superb documentation of the CDC's smoke and mirrors operation. At every point the way the data is collected is inconsistent and obfuscating. Not an ounce of good faith behind any of it and the bottom line is the four trillion dollar bill, the cold monetary figure measuring destroyed human lives.

"No wonder Coleen Boyle quaked before the congressional committee."

Yes, no wonder. Bill Posey must look like Freddy Krueger to Coleen Boyle.

Katie, whose writing is always marked by respectful but relentless clarity and attention to detail, shows how messed up the CDC epidemiological data is, even by the standards it sets one year, then forgets the next. No follow-up, no action plan, no urgency. To borrow a wonderful headline from yesterday's Dachel Media Update: "Autism No Crisis, No Cause, No Chance It's Vaccines."

Anne has been attacking the mainstream media's credulous reporting on the CDC, and Katie makes the same point: "On March 28th, thousands of media outlets released the new US autism prevalence numbers of 1 in 68 in 8-year-olds born in 2002 and counted in 2010.  These children are 12 years old now.  What was glaringly lacking in the media coverage was any critical thought about that actual data, any sign that reporters had actually read the new report or any sign of urgency on behalf of our children."

Which is what the press is for -- not to give 24-hour coverage to a still-missing Malaysian jetliner, but to hold powerful interests, and specifically the United States government, to account on behalf of the people.

One of the most interesting among the many overlooked points in the CDC report: The percent of autistic children who also have intellectual disability seems to be declining, a trend that roughly coincides with the phasing out of the mercury additive thimerosal in vaccines when these now-12-year-olds were infants. But as Katie summarizes the CDC attitude:

"There is no possibility that autism and vaccines are connected because the numbers are still going up."

Katie's comment: "Assuming that there is, in fact, a smaller percentage of ASD children with Intellectual Disability, those shifts do correspond to the beginning of the phase out of thimerosal in vaccines, which is a plausible explanation as well – but one CDC doesn’t mention.  Thimerosal reduction in the recommended childhood vaccine schedule (HepB, Hib and DTaP) started in 1999 and it was phased out over several years.  However, shortly thereafter, in the 2002-2003 season, the CDC started encouraging flu shots (most of which contained thimerosal) for infants 6-23 months and in the 2004-2005 flu season flu shots were formally recommended for all infants starting at 6 months of age.  Meanwhile, the CDC and ACOG also added influenza vaccines (most of which still contained thimerosal) to the recommendations for pregnant women in all trimesters in 2004.  This FDA letter makes clear that thimerosal-containing infant vaccines would still have been administered throughout 2002 – the birth year of the current ADDM report but at amounts, on average, probably less than in the 2000 birth cohort.  The exposure to any particular child is an unknown without checking their history."

I called attention to this possibility in a brief editor's note the day the CDC released its data, and I continue to find it fascinating. As Katie points out, the CDC data is so gummed up it's impossible to tell what might be going on, but this observation is, in fact, consistent with a pretty intriguing possibility -- the CDC, which both surveils autism and recommends the childhood vaccine schedule, might find it convenient to bumble and stumble long enough to obscure any connection between the removal of mercury in vaccines and any sort of improvement in the autism outlook.

I've been "gathering string" on this issue for quite some time (this is a phrase an editor of mine used for pulling together separate threads that might eventually build a story, like a robin finding bits and pieces that become a nest). I've heard many people in the autism community talking for several years about seeing more "autism lite" -- not Asperger's necessarily, but kids who are less impaired, less physically ill and easier to recover with biomed.

Last summer I put some of this string together in a piece titled "Mercury and the Mystery of the Missing California Kids," citing "a couple of 'soft signals' from California [that] make me question the idea that severe or 'full syndrome' autism is still soaring on the same trajectory we saw in the 1990s."

Those signals included a comment from a mom and activist I met at an autism conference in California in 2010 that the younger kids "are milder overall," although there continue to be one or two very damaged children who seem to have severe failure to thrive. She said they don't see headbanging, and instead of arm flapping they now see finger flicking.

Another signal came from Cherry Sperlin Misra, who lives in India but has California roots and has made a number of fascinating observations in both places. On a recent trip to California, she visited "a school in an upscale neighbourhood in Silicon Valley: This school has three rooms for the special kids. The room for the kids who are about age 5-7 has fewer kids than the other rooms, and the kids do not seem to have severe autism."

As usual, the comment section proved to be (at least!) as useful as my article, and produced an array of mostly confirmatory observations:

From Greta: I have noticed this in our district too, a town of approx. 20000. Under age 10 - 11 there is only one severe case of autism and that child is Asian and I'm not sure where he was born. Still lots of ADHD, aspergers and PDD-NOS but all verbal.

From Lou Conte: "I am on the Board of Education in my town and I get reports on special education on a regular basis. The bulk of our ASD kids are 12 years or older. There are no severe ASD kids younger than 11. Now this is one small school district in one Westchester County, NY. However, I have heard BOE members report the same thing in their districts."

From Maureen: I am a California resident. My husband and I always look for the young ones at Seaworld, the San Diego Zoo and we don't see them. My daughter was in the clinical trials for STX209 and went to LA frequently. I asked one of the doctors that was in charge of the clinical trials if he had seen a drop in the number of young children with Autism. He said it only looked like the numbers were dropping because they were so good now at early intervention. I almost threw up.

From JulieC: My 15 year old daughter attends an autism treatment center that treats people from CDC never sleep again18 months up to adults. The oldest person there is 19 and there is a VERY noticeable difference in the severity of the older kids. It is painfully obvious when attending holiday performances where the younger kids sing and dance in unison and tell jokes while the older kids are mostly nonverbal with little to no eye contact.


Now, who knows what this all means. There are certainly very young children with severe autism.

But given the faint signal that managed to emerge from the CDC mangled mashup of autism surveillance, I think Freddy Krueger may be starting to disturb the sleep of the denizens of Clifton Road.
Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.



My sister-in-law twins developed really high fevers and was in the hospital forever -- diagnosed with bronchitis.

That was over 22 years ago.

I told her what I witnessed in my son, so many years ago, I told her about Kawasakis, the lag time between the shots and the incidents of illness.

She called me to inform me each and every time her grandson was vaccinated.

I am like some prient or something as much as I can figure -- if they tell me they got vaccinated then some holy something protects them??? or they are rubbing it in at the time???

My aunt called to tell me she got her flu shot -- then a week later called to tell me how sick she was and that continued for about six weeks.

My own daughter these past five years has finished ruining her health. Her last DTaP Fall of 2012 - I have set on top of her with diet and pills and she if finally half way getting well.

What is with this stupidity??? How much do you have to suffer before you finally understand what a vaccine injury looks like?

Nurse Annie

When my daughter found out she was pregnant, she sought out a doctor who doesn't advocate vaccines. She now has a beautiful baby girl who will not receive vaccinations. She went to her baby doctor and felt no pressure to vaccinate.
In order to stop the madness of damage from vaccines, we have to get the education out to young moms. Several of my daughters' friends have opted out of vaccines as well. These young infants and toddlers are exceptionally healthy! If I find a new mom out there I always tell them to go to thinktwice.com to make the right choice about vaccines.


Just as many severe or are they milder.

We received some good news in late winter:

My sister-in-law in Mississippi -has a grandson just turning three and is not talking.
Since she is a veteran - mother-- of two twins with autism, another son with bipolar - and the eldest son is ND -- they knew enough to call the state in for help with his speec.

My sister-in-law's twin's IQ are round 70 -- the state tested her grandson and told her he was above average -the word they used was "gifted"!

The reason they gave that he was not talking was because his muscle of his mouth were weak.

Just in

Kristina, I agree. I dont think severity is slowing down unfortunately. That isn't what early childhood services are reporting.


It would really be greeaaat if the CDC would actually flush out these issues so that we don't have to speculate on severity levels vs. age. I totally agree that it is intentional obfuscation. However I do not agree that there are less severe kids in the younger set. My son is young so I happen to be around people with younger kids- we have the full spectrum represented and it tends toward more severe autism. Where I live, the more severe kids tend to be in therapy centers (insurance mandate) as opposed to public school. Of course, we'll never know the true stats because the CDC refuses to count- they are several years off from counting my son's age cohort, and we know they don't do anything other than count. Of note, on the CDC website it states "40% of children with autism do not talk at all"


when the fda admits to this..do they give us numbers..what is "some" and did these "some" have neurological problems, did some of these "some" die..were they sids..do they care enough to follow these children..identify them and help them..
As part of the FDAMA review, the FDA evaluated the amount of mercury an infant might receive in the form of ethylmercury from vaccines under the U.S. recommended childhood immunization schedule and compared these levels with existing guidelines for exposure to methylmercury, as there are no existing guidelines for ethylmercury, the metabolite of thimerosal. At the time of this review in 1999, the maximum cumulative exposure to mercury from vaccines in the recommended childhood immunization schedule was within acceptable limits for the methylmercury exposure guidelines set by FDA, ATSDR, and WHO. However, depending on the vaccine formulations used and the weight of the infant, some infants could have been exposed to cumulative levels of mercury during the first six months of life that exceeded EPA recommended guidelines for safe intake of methylmercury. http://www.fda.gov/biologicsbloodvaccines/safetyavailability/vaccinesafety/ucm096228

Birgit Calhoun

To make a vaccine the disease-causing agent is first attenuated, i.e. weakened. After that agent has been weakened, adjuvants are added to give a stronger immune reaction. One of the adjuvants is aluminum. Aluminum and Mercury work synergistically.

Laura Hayes


Your guess is as good as mine as to why the aluminum was increased...unless, of course, they were hoping it would inflict brain damage to match the brain damage that was formerly done by massive amounts of mercury in the vaccines...so the truth could be obfuscated longer.

When we were fighting AB2109 here in CA, one of the doctors trying to help defeat it noticed when reading and comparing vaccine package inserts (older with newer) that while mercury had been reduced, aluminum had been increased, up to 3-fold. She was shocked by that finding and included it in a letter she submitted in opposition to the bill.

Additionally, Dawn Winkler of HAPI discovered when having a number of vaccines independently tested that the aluminum was often far in excess of what was listed on the package insert, and the thimerosal was often in excess of what was listed, too.

All I can say is...they knew...then they tried to cover-up...and they still know. I can't imagine living with that kind of knowledge day in and day out.

Perhaps we should advocate for some type of special witness protection program for those who have witnessed what has gone on, and continues to go on, with regards to vaccine lies and vaccine damage cover-ups. A program for people who've witnessed the unthinkable and who'd like to come clean and help stop this insanity, but who are fearful or who feel powerless.

This reminds me of someone I recently learned about in my area. My friend told me about her friend who works at a local vaccine-manufacturing plant (didn't even know we had any around where I live). This person says that he would NEVER give his child a vaccine after seeing what he sees day in and day out at work, including the frequent need for HazMat clean-ups due to toxic spills. Toxic spills, the contents of which are destined to be injected into pregnant women, newborns, infants, toddlers, etc. CRAZY! When asked why he doesn't quit, he says he needs the job.

What if a lucrative and safe option existed for those willing to spill the beans on the horrific vaccine industry, and the equally horrific regulatory agencies? Oh wait, I forgot that the politicians are on the take from the same people who are perpetrating these horrors. Slight flaw in my plan.


Cia, I liked what you said about language organizing reality for your daughter (through the Cambridge series you are doing). Her new awareness reminds me of when Helen Keller finally understood what Annie was teaching her and the world opened up for her. Makes perfect sense. "Autism" is not shyness!



I think another primary way that vaccine mercury causes autism is indirect: It damages/inhibits the enzymes that break down gluten, casein, and similar proteins (staples for American children), causing opioid excess that can last for years--the most critical years in fact. It's undoubtedly impossible for a baby to learn how to talk, socialize or play normally when, in essence, s/he is continually stoned.


If Dr. Boyle of the CDC could just explain a few pages of one book...

From the book "Evidence of Harm" by David Kirby pages 280 - 283

Visit to the CDC

In October of 2003, Dr. Mark and David Geier were given access to the CDC vaccine injury database at the CDC's Center for Health Statistics.

The CDC has a annual budget of ...nearly 4 billion...dollars. After an 18 month application process, the Geier's arrived with a ...$3,200 fee ... to search the vaccine database... they were provided with a DOS based version of the search software.

With the "inside help of a CDC staffer" with an affected child in her family, they compared Autism rates for children who had received "the 3-dose DTaP shots with Thimerosal" and those that had received "the 3-dose Thimerosal / mercury free" DTaP shots.

From the CDC vaccine injury records of thousands of children, the Geier's found Autism rates 27 times higher in the 3-dose Thimerosal / mercury group.



Similar "off the chart vaccine issues" were noted by CDC epidemiologist Dr. Verstraeten, which led to the June 2000 CDC vaccine industry meeting in Simpsonwood, Georgia.

The CDC then decided to hire a private company to manage the "vaccine database" for them. It is now off limits to the Freedom of Information Act and anyone who would like to look at it.

cia parker

Why was the amount of aluminum increased? The mercury was used to kill fungus and other pathogens in vaccines: it was a preservative, not needed in single dose vials. The aluminum was not a preservative, but an adjuvant, designed to keep the immune system in a constant state of inflammation, to make it notice the disease pathogens and produce antibodies against them. Once the aluminum was finally excreted, the vaccine had worn off, and a booster was necessary if you really, really wanted to have continued disease protection.

Bad article appears now

Russell and Guishon, "Just like a Car Accident, Measles is best avoided." Of course the medical complex couldn't let an article that questions vaccines go unchecked. The thought police are on the job.

Maurine Meleck

I wish I could be as optimistic as everyone else. Unfortunately I see the political issue of the autism war in the context of the politics of the US in all their clandestine wars in every part of the world. What our government is doing in the Ukraine right now makes me shudder. I pray that Bill Posey, Katie, Anne, Dan and
everyone will turn the tides and soon.

Just in

Donna L. I'm afraid I am not worried about those children beng forgotten about and there being only "autism lite" left in the wake. Oh no. There are and will continue to be more severely affected children, if only due to the fact that now the most vaccinated, medicated are having children. It also doesn't seem to be solely connected to thimerosal. Whatever the case, Obama's "health representatives" - HHS, AAP, CDC seem hellbent on destroying children. I am not noticing far less severe cases. There are still some very non- verbal children coming through the system who seem to be severely affected with autism. In Britain, there never was a hep b birth dose and no multi- dose vials but still the are problems.

Laura Hayes

One more comment:

The introduction of mercury-containing flu vaccines for infants (and soon after, for pregnant women), not to mention the tripling of aluminum in some childhood vaccines, is further proof that the CDC KNEW that mercury poisoning was indeed involved in causing the autism epidemic. It is why they added mercury-containing flu vaccines and more heavy metals to the schedule (to offset the supposed removal of mercury from vaccines), because they knew if they didn't, it would be perfectly clear to everyone that our nation's vaccine program, recommended by them, had indeed caused the "autism" epidemic.

Think about it...how ridiculous to direct the pharmaceutical companies to phase out the use of thimerosal (versus immediately stopping it, and insisting on an immediate recall of all thimerosal-containing vaccines!), and then shortly after, allow them to include it in flu vaccines, many of which would be injected into infants and toddlers (and soon after, fetuses), and allow them to greatly increase the use of aluminum...ABSURD!

I remember being at a conference here in the Sacramento area just after the flu vaccine was recommended for infants, many of which would of course include thimerosal. Dr. Jerry Kartzinel was one of the speakers, and I stood at the mic and suggested that this was no accident that the flu vaccine was being added to the schedule at this exact time, as the CDC did not want the American public to see what happened when mercury was removed from vaccines...the proof of what they had done to more than a decade's worth of children would be way too obvious. I remember that he said something to the effect that he just couldn't believe that they would be that sinister. I disagreed. In my opinion, they are that sinister, and more. Just think Brick Township, Simpsonwood, and the Omnibus Proceedings. They are that sinister, and more.

cia parker

You are right, Bob. It is absolutely a crime against humanity. I am not going to say here what I would like to see happen to them. It goes without saying that they will burn in Hell. They have known for decades, and I really can't understand at all how any Mensch could participate in this at any level, down to the hordes of abject shills.

cia parker

Of course all mercury should be taken out of everything that people or animals ingest in any way, and it was certainly a good step to take it out of most vaccines in the amounts they had fifteen years ago. But it should not be forgotten that it is still in most injected flu vaccines in full force, and the trace amounts still in many vaccines are still ten times over the hazardous waste limit, and those genetically programmed to store it in the brain rather than excrete it eventually get a lot of mercury in their brains. The timeline of meximal damage should extend to at least 2002, since all the medical criminals continued to buy and use the mercury-containing vaccines until they were used up or past their expiration date, meaning several years beyond the time when Merck said it was taking out the mercury. The reason the hospital my daughter was born in told VAERS after I reported her vaccine damage told it that they no longer had a record of what company had made the hep-B vaccine must have been that it knew it had mercury in it, a year after the congressional hearing said it was dangerous and should never be given with mercury, and thought it was better to just sweep the whole thing under the carpet, to hell with the permanently-damaged babies thy caused with their greed and stupidity.
But vaccine encephalitis can also cause autism, and should not be forgotten. The MMR has never had mercury, but has always caused a lot of autism, for example. Does this depend on heavy metal having been stored in the brain and activated by the MMR assault? Or can it occur regardless? The length of time the encephalitis lasts seems to play an important role in how much brain damage is done. Wall of Shame shill Stacy Herlihy said her baby screamed constantly and inconsolably for maybe half an hour the day of her first DTaP. She said that it was a vaccine reaction, but didn't do any damage. I guess that's why they say screaming for over three hours in reaction to a shot is an emergency: screaming for less than that doesn't seem to cause perceptible damage. My daughter screamed for four days and nights, and it did considerable damage. She also had symptoms of mercury poisoning from the beginning, a lot of sweat on her forehead even in cool rooms, a rash, drooling for ten years. Maybe on average vaccine encephalitis only lasts for a day or two, resulting in less severe autism. Is anyone studying this? How is it different in kind from mercury autism?

It may be that the ALA is removing the mercury from her brain. After a year and a half of the Andy Cutler protocol, she's speaking more. The other day she stood in front of me for several minutes, trying to call up the words to speak. One of her jobs is to catch the rabbit in the evening after he has been running around for a couple of hours. I asked her several times what she wanted to say, and finally, after five minutes, she said, "I caught Seb." I'm making her read the Cambridge Discovery Readers, controlled English books for ESL learners at seven graduated levels. Yesterday for the first time in her life, as she was reading the first two chapters of Granddad's Magic Gadgets, she laughed out loud as she read, following the words with her finger, when the boy couldn't get out of bed because his granddad's automatic bed maker made the bed and tightly tucked the sheets when the boy was still in it. When she came upstairs, she said: "It is good." And that is the FIRST time she has ever expressed pleasure in reading. She was hyperlexic, teaching herself to read with no instruction by the time she was four, but has never enjoyed it.
She has been completely participating in the Masses this week, singing, kneeling when everyone else does (she likes to sit in another row of benches than I), having her feet washed Thursay evening, last night going up to kneel before the Cross and kiss it. I was exhausted and didn't want to go, but, since she did, we went anyway, and I'm glad we did.
I hope everyone whose child was damaged by the ### mercury in vaccines realizes that there is still hope. I have been very unhappy thinking that the brain damage was permanent, but it only makes sense that if you get the mercury out (Andy Cutler chelation protocol, DMSA and ALA in minute amounts every three or four hours, three days a week), you may allow the brain to work more normally. For the profound damage done to the brain language center by the vaccine encephalitis, it may be that building new language circuits the way foreign language learners do helps a lot. It has helped her, the Cambridge Connect books are wonderful, each tiny new structure with an entire lesson devoted to it, book, DVD for oral language recognition, workbook, worksheets and test at the website for teachers, it has helped Cecily a lot, not just with language, but with our entire culture. We had been on hikes, but she hadn't understood what it was (nature, exercise, companionship), I guess for her it was just mindless wandering. After the camping chapter, she asked what "going hiking" meant. I was shocked, I hadn't known she didn't know. I explained it to her, and the next day when I asked What do you want to do if you go camping? She immediately said I want to go hiking! Now we're practicing always, usually, sometimes, hardly ever, and never. It had never occurred to her to organize experienced reality like that. But now yesterday she had to answer the question What is the weather like in Columbia in June? by thinking about it (I had to remind her), and say It is usually warm and sunny. This is opening up worlds for her. I wrote to a man who works for Cambridge in New York telling him about how much their language program has helped her, and I said that they should consider promoting them in a similar (or identical) series specifically for autistic students. I said they would be bought by every school in the English-speaking world, and I know they would be.

The next question is why is language therapy for the autistic not set up to rebuild language in their brains this way? It has been completely useless for her this past eight years, telling her to converse with peers about their interests without ever having given her the vocabulary, grammatical structures, and social conventions and preferences she needs to be able to do that. Operating as though autism were shyness rather than brain damage. Is this another aspect of Big Pharma's brainwashing of the professionals who should be doing something? Why has it not occurred to speech therapists that they have been going about their job in a completely useless and ineffective way? Just another way to deflect attention away from the cause of the problem, vaccines which caused brain damage?


Autism lite I believe was occurring in the 70s and 80s.
If you think about Barbara Fisher; Congress passing the no fault vaccine court; my community filled up with 40 year olds that have bipolar/drug absuers ,and adult men that never left home.

The 90s was Autism heavy-- Oh God -- how horrible -- let us not ever have those with brain injuires, or died --do so in vain!

CDC want to slowly and quietly return to the days of autism lite.

Will they manage to put this genie back into the bottle?

I hope not.

Tony Bateson

What I am reading in your columns now mirrors exactly what I believe is occurring in the UK there is a fall off in full on autism subsequent to the withdrawal of Thimerosal in DTP vaccines at September 2004. Boyd Haley's research findings are being borne out in practice. We should relentlessly follow the signals lest the CDC and its cohorts paper over the cracks for long enough to hide the transition from autism causing vaccination to mercury free jabs with little or no autism. I believe on-going autism numbers could be down to Flu jabs continuing to contain Thimerosal and being injected into infants after this time. The breakpoint between autism causing jabs and relatively benign jabs in the UK will be a matter of exceptional interest to parents of kids born between February 16th 2004 when the UK Government decided to take out Thimerosal and the date it actually did at 31st August 2004. I believe the government is liable to compensation at least covering this period.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.

Laura Hayes

Truth resonates...it also continues to bubble to the surface...it won't be kept down. The truth is out regarding the poisoning of millions of children via vaccines, and the wreaking of havoc on their lives, their health, their development, their ability to ever live independently or anything close to normally, and their families' lives.

As I, and many others including Bob Moffitt here today, have said many times before, crimes against humanity have been committed (including against my children and many of yours), and need to be prosecuted as such.

Thank you, Dan, for another great weekly wrap. The CDC's, FDA's, and Big Pharma's house of cards is tumbling, thanks to their flagrant greed, complete disregard for the health and welfare of our citizenry, and unabashed overreaching. They are doing themselves in, and I pray that justice will be unleashed on them in a most severe form.


Democracy in the US faded decades ago. Immediately after Eisenhower attempted to alert the nation about the threat, Kennedy was elected and then when he tried to do his job as leader of the free world, he was assassinated. It's been all downhill since. The evidence is all around us, and the American people are, for the most part, either sound asleep or so distracted by the camouflage that they can't see the past or the present for what it is.

Louis Conte

Thanks for this point in particular:

"Katie, whose writing is always marked by respectful but relentless clarity and attention to detail, shows how messed up the CDC epidemiological data is..."

Exactly right!

Katie's analysis is hugely important.

I intend to spend some time looking over the federal laws on Special Prosecutors.


Donna L.

"the CDC, which both surveils autism and recommends the childhood vaccine schedule, might find it convenient to bumble and stumble long enough to obscure any connection between the removal of mercury in vaccines and any sort of improvement in the autism outlook."

This is exactly what they are doing...deliberately stalling until the older/most mercury-damaged kids like my son are either dead from drowning, seizures or wandering accidents or are tucked away out of public sight, being cared for by aging parents who are so overwhelmed with responsibility that they no longer have the time or energy to write or talk about what really happened to their children. Then the bullshit myth they've been spewing in recent years will be foolishly accepted by all: that better diagnosing and improved early intervention have magically changed autism from what was once a devastating lifelong disability into a quirky little personality trait that can be fully treated and/or glorified and heartily embraced. No, make that celebrated. Added bonus: this BS will even get them off the hook for continuing to poison infants and children in developing countries that still receive thimerosal-containing vaccines. If severe autism continues to rise in those countries (and why wouldn't it?), CDC/AAP/AS, etc. can just whip out the 'lack of early diagnosis and early intervention' excuse and pat themselves on the back for having solved a public health disaster that they actually created in the first place.

And unless Anne writes a history book documenting this horrific medical holocaust - and the average American even cares enough to read it (fat chance) - the truth about what really happened to our most severely poisoned kids will be buried along with them and forgotten by all.


The American President as Commander-In-Chief is failing to protect American children from the enemy within the USA. And it is not Al Qaeda or any extremist group. The creation of an image of muslims as a terror threat is distracting Americans from the true problems facing US internal security today. Democracy in the USA is fading and will fade away if Americans continue to do nothing about problems like the international autism pandemic.

Remarkable warnings were given to the American people by a President of the United States about a few corporations gaining disproportionate influence over the US Government and its agencies. Back in 1961 from his televised valedictory address to the nation Dwight D Eisenhower warned of the rise of the military-industrial complex and the dangers it spelt for the USA and for every American.

Since that time Americans and the world have seen a parallel rise of the medical-industrial complex. The same game – just a small number of different players, playing you, The US Congress, The US Senate and The President of The United States, all at the same time, whilst in one way or another owning or controlling the US media.

President Eisenhower said, in a speech he had wanted to give for two years and had to wait until the expiration of his presidential term in the middle of the 1956-1975 Vietnam War:

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

"We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."



I'm not so sure at all that severe autism is much less but I am seeing that people in the comments sections are definitely growing in number and conviction. That should be worrying to them. I think the darker times for them are close at hand. The threshold has unfortunately tipped where many have seen, heard or firsthand have experienced a vaccine related event or effect.

Angus Files

here here Bill 200% ..could do with a world wide petition ..



 Bob Moffitt

"Now, who knows what this all means."

To me .. "this means" every day that passes .. we witness public health bureaucrats .. and .. vaccine industry executives .. continue to deny responsibility for having taken part in committing one of the most horrific crimes against humanity in modern times .. bar none.

When the time comes .. AND IT WILL .. I don't want these criminals to receive the same .. or .. similar .. CIVIL penalties suffered by GM executives who denied .. for a decade .. responsiblity for selling autos that caused a few hundred deaths due to "unintended accelleration".

Oh no .. I want these public health officials .. and .. the highest executives of the vaccine industry .. to be prosecuted for the "unintended consequences" of carelessly injecting ever increasing amounts of mercury into innocent children .. and .. then .. with callous disregard for the tens of thousands of families they injured .. deny any responsibity for what their professional recklessness has wrought.


Angus Files

Great Dan and all superb...words cannot describe the devestation..

Kruger killed 31 in all his movies ..probably an hourly rate for vaccines..lets hope Posey adds to that figure and takes the CDC out episode in 7..

Cheers to Bill


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