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Clock midnightBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I encourage the members of the scientific community to take note of two numbers.  The first is that according to the Centers for Disease Control the rate of autism for children born in 2002 is 1 in 68.  The second number is that according to Professor Eric Oliver, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago, 20% of the public believes that vaccines are linked to autism.

For those who believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way we currently try to protect the health of our children, this is very alarming information.  However, for the rest of us, this is all very clear and predictable.

The number of children with autism and other autoimmune problems is going up dramatically.  The members of the scientific community say they don’t know what’s causing it, maybe something new in the environment, maybe better counting (although nobody really seems to believe that any more), and even though it’s got to be something that the vast majority of kids are getting exposed to, you really need to make sure you cram as many shots in as possible at that well-baby visit.

How is it then, that 20% of the public now believes vaccines are linked to autism?

I like to think it’s because there are a significant number of people who actually look at all this and say, hmm, something’s wrong with this picture.  On the one hand I’ve got my pediatrician telling me one thing, and on the other I’ve got that long-time friend who tells me something went wrong with her kid after a vaccination.  Who makes more sense?  Let me think about it, says the parent to herself.  Vaccines work by causing an immune reaction, and a lot of these kids are the victims of an overactive immune system.  Hey, doc, could anything possibly go wrong when you try to stimulate the immune system of an infant?

I say this somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it is the future of the human race we’re talking about here.

And for me, that’s where the scientific community comes into this discussion.  The mainstream media likes to play the “Science vs. Parents” card in this debate, but I see a different reality.  There are really three actors in this drama.  There is Science, there are Parents, and there’s Big Money.  Science isn’t the enemy.  Big Money is the enemy, and it can come from the government or the pharmaceutical companies.

Because, you see, I really like scientists.  I say this having worked for a summer at Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratories in a virus lab where I received a bio-safety level 2 clearance and having spent the past two years writing the book, PLAGUE, and interviewing many of the country’s top scientists.

I’ve been surprised, and frankly delighted, to discover how many leading scientists share many of the same concerns expressed regularly in the stories on Age of Autism.  But they are scared.  Scared that Big Money will cut off their funding. Or that they will be shunned by their colleagues if they get too vocal about these concerns.  And I say this without passing any judgment on the scientists who make that decision to remain quiet and continue their careers.  How many of us would risk our professional careers to do the right thing?  I’d like to think I would, but I’m not sure.

Even with all of these obstacles many of these scientists make their own plans for how they will fight the system.  “I’m not a sweep it under the rug kind of person,” one scientist told me of her research which had skated perilously close supporting the belief now shared by 20% of the population that vaccines are linked to autism.  “I will find a way to keep researching this.”

But if many of these scientists plan to keep going in ways that keep their research under the radar, and yet still hold out a chance of improving the health of our population, I have a suggestion.

Now is the time to be bold. 

This is the age of revolution and the future belongs to those who take a risk for the truth.  Edward Snowden showed the lies behind the Surveillance State, and I know there are those among the readers of this article who can do something similar to the Vaccination State.  (And I don’t think you’ll have to flee to Russia in the aftermath, but I’m not making any promises!)

I encourage you to use your analytical skills as scientists to predict the future.  You cannot keep hurting children and get away with it.  Big Money has been successful at keeping our voices off the airwaves, but it cannot stop the conversations which take place between families and friends.  Think of it.  Even though there has been a blackout of parent and scientific voices who assert that all is not well in the vaccination program, 20% of the population believes they are not being told the truth.

Lest you think that the magic number is somewhere over 50% and you may have years, or even another decade in which to perpetuate these lies, I suggest the time-frame is much shorter.  With our political system perched somewhere around 45% democratic and 45% republican, it doesn’t take a genius to see where the votes necessary for victory are located.

For me, this issue trumps all others.  I think there are probably a number of voters like me.  Tell me you are going to make sure children are safe, and I really don’t care much about your position on a chained or floating consumer price index.  All of those are secondary issues to me.

For those scientists who have been part of the machine, it’s time to surrender, and take your place among the people.  We will be good to you, but you must stop being part of the Big Money machine. You know that ultimately the people are the ones who will decide where the money goes.  I doubt that Big Money will come after us with snipers and attack helicopters.  Even now, as they try to attack us in the media, their own research shows that the more they talk about this issue, the less they are believed.  People may not hear the voices of the silenced, but they know when they are being conned.

We need good scientists on our side.  It is true, however, that we will want an accounting, just as Nelson Mandela did in South Africa with his Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  I do not envy the questions you will be asked, and how your actions will look in the eyes of your friends and family.  But if you undertake this hard road there will be redemption.

I am sorry that you in the scientific community have been lied to by those who were supposed to be your guides in the search for truth.  They didn’t tell you that you were really serving the interests of Big Money.  They didn't tell you that when the machine got too large, it would be very difficult to "self-correct."  However, I know there are heroes among you.  I've heard your tales of disillusionment and I sympathize with them. 

But the time has come for you to take action.  For the sake of our children, for the sake of your own career and honor, it is time for you to make a choice.  Parents and scientists must make common cause to fight the lies spread by Big Money.  It is only then that science can regain the honor it has lost as this epidemic has ravaged our beloved country.


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For Joe

Good to hear, Joe. The teachers are getting it too and spreading the word. Cently some vaccinators were at a school and the young woman teacher specifically mentioned she would never get Gardasil though her doctor was very pushy about it. The teachers are very aware of the issue.


cia parker,

Measles cases *did not* drop precipitously after the introduction of the measles vaccine. Or at the very least, we have no valid data that proves that it did.

After the vaccine was introduced doctors simply stopped (or preferred not to) diagnosing measles if the patient was vaccinated. Indeed they were specifically instructed to use measles vaccine as a vital component of their differential diagnoses.

This is from the UK's NHS site instructing doctors how to diagnose measles:

"Following assessment, if a diagnosis of measles is considered likely, it is essential to notify the local Health Protection Unit (HPU), and it may be necessary to confirm the infection through laboratory investigation.

Check the person's immunization history and whether they have previously had measles.

Measles is very unlikely in people who have been fully immunized, or who have previously had measles (although the history may be unreliable)."

The CDC instruction manual says a similar thing for American doctors.‎ (look under "Laboratory Testing")

Half of the problem with those of us who question vaccines is that we are desperate to yield so much to the other side in a misguided belief that they will yield something to us in return. That if we don't seem too "extreme" then they will play fair.

They won't.

They can't.

So we are forced into a propaganda war between us and the government as to who can scare the population the most. It is a very tough ask against people who have been scaring people into submission for a very long time.

Edda West

To Cia,

I'm in touch with Heather Fraser and she mentioned her son is in University now and I believe is doing well. She has spent years helping him lessen the acuteness of his vaccine induced anaphylaxis through various alternative therapies that she is skilled in. Heather also initiated the Penta Project here in Canada which aims to uncover the massive reactions and injuries suffered by children injected with this experimental and unlicensed Penta vaccine in the early 90s in this country. Penta was the first 5 in 1 DPTP+Hib vaccine that preceded the other 5 in 1 vaccines now marketed around the world. It is the vaccine that launched the peanut allergy epidemic. Canadian children were the test population. Heather and her colleague Rita Hoffman are trying to bring this debacle out of the mists of obscurity and government cover-up.

Joe Sulaco

Don't everyone despair quite yet.

There's a serious nationwide shortage of pediatricians, especially in Wisconsin.

Doctors-to-be just don't want to go into the field anymore. They sense something is up. They KNOW there's too many shots. They're sensing that vaccines are NOT all sunshine and rainbows. They're sniffing out THE GREAT LIE because it's being cantored too often.

Of course, more pliable nurse practitioners will be recruited into delivering the toxic shots, but that can't last forever, either.

Check the link:

cia parker

Thanks, I read and am saving Fraser's article. I was mistaken when I said I thought her son had died from his peanut allergy, it didn't mention it in The Peanut Allergy Epidemic, but did in two places on the Internet, which were wrong. Your article by her said at the bottom that he's 18 now.

cia parker

Thanks, great video by Zimbardo on the psychology of evil!, there's a lot to think about presented here.

I agree with you, John, that there's a certain pride involved in feeling superior to the immune system, and thinking that vaccines are a clever ruse to induce antibodies with minimal exposure to pathogens. Shills tell me all the time that the problem is that I don't understand how clever and safe the ruse is. It's just that there's SO much information out there now on how fooling the immune system in this way fools it into mounting an extreme inflammatory reaction to the perceived threat (encephalitis) and/or fools it into mounting a chronic autoimmune response to any of the vaccine ingredients, surely people would want to feel super clever by acting as though they understood this even more clever, and crucially important, twist to the Vaccine Story. Ultimate zero sum game, you can never get something for nothing, law of the universe.

for cia parker

Thought you might find this interesting:

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Jen, I really do agree with you in one way- but in another, it can be true that for some children autism starts in the womb-
A When the mother visits the dentist and absorbs mercury vapor
B When the mother gets a flu shot with mercury
C. When the mother eats fish during pregnancy .
In India, autism is more common in the communities that eat fish. If you look at a map of India, overlaid with the Autism organisation sites, you will find that nearly all are in coastal areas.


I think part of the behavior can be attributed to basic survival mechanisms - that humans will tend to stay with the pack for safety and survival, even if that means denying/bending one's conscience and principles if the pack is behaving badly. I'm talking about those who knew, didn't participate, but didn't do anything to stop it either. The sadism is something else entirely.

People who leave the safety of the crowd to do what is right or who risk all, standing alone in opposing a violent, sadistic crowd, IMO, are more evolved. They are still subject to those same survival instincts, but they are able to rise above them.

Edda West

Today's comments re the link between ASD, allergies and asthma are very important in helping connect the dots to the much wider health destructive impact vaccines are having on the population. Heather Fraser's wonderful article, "The Autism and Allergy Overlap" zeroes in on how these are connected. She writes, "The food allergy and autism communities generally seen as separate groups have more in common than they may realize. One has only to look at the meteoric rise of both epidemics in the last 20 years to wonder if they are connected. In fact, I contend that they are the same story with the same causes and overlapping symptoms but with different outcomes. It is as though one overwhelmed child turned left while the other turned right." The article is posted at Autism file:

John Stone

It is obviously the case that people are simply confused. They are told there is a greater a good, that adverse events are insignificant and apparently it is an intellectual challenge, but it isn't really an intellectual challenge it is a deception. When the proposition is put to people that there is a risk but it is much lesser one than not doing it there is a certain vanity in grasping the anti-intuitive principle, but it is fool's gold. I think there are some genuinely wicked manipulators and many deluded people.

cia parker

Thank you, John, the Milgram experiment is relevant, and it is appalling how far people will go at the behest of an authority figure. Allen said yesterday that the author of Hitler's Willing Executioners is thought by some to have been too one-sided, but I don't think that is the case. The photos are too revealing, men laughing and gleeful as they humiliate and kill Jews. Not just pressing a switch with some hesitation, but sadistic joy. Pushing an entire group of human beings beyond the human pale, where it becomes permissible to torture them in every monstrous way imaginable. Tossing an apple at random into a large group of people waiting in despair, pulling out the one it lands on to shoot him on the spot, to uproarious laughter.

And of course we saw in the holocaust how scientific and medical training too often results in destroying compassion. The sadistic experiments on animals the scientists carry out, in which their personality goes unrecognized, their pain even enjoyed, provide good training. We certainly see the sadism and childishness of medical training in many of the medishills of today, flaunting their self-proclaimed expertise to claim all the authority for themselves, still trying to make the populace obey their dictates and get the vaccines, with echoes of the Milgrim experiment.

cia parker

Would you mind telling me a little about your parent? [email protected]
I know it's not possible for me to do so for more than a fraction of the number, but I'd like to hold as many holocaust victims as I can in my thoughts and prayers. Try to remember them and imagine what it would have been like for them. I really can't understand why it happened, how people could have permitted it.

cia parker

Politics Buff,
Chris trots out that table at every opportunity. The important thing to remember is that in the early '60s, 99% of children got measles and permanent immunity (4% of them had subclinical cases). Fatalities were at an all-time low. 450 deaths a year out of four million cases. It is a very good thing for the immune system's development to get measles as a child. Infants didn't use to get it because their mothers, having had it themselves, gave them placental immunity and their own antibodies through breast feeding.

Yes, measles cases dropped precipitously after the introduction of the vaccine. And the age of autism started to pick up speed, as well as all the other vaccine injuries caused by the vaccine. It was ridiculous to remove measles from society basically because it was possible to do so, to the immense financial benefit of the medical and pharma establishment. We need to educate parents on how to handle it (no Tylenol! vitamin A!) and let it come back.


Politic Buff -
You are pathetic.
We are talking brain injuries at least in 1 out of 68
-- let alone 40 percent fold increase in bipolar in the last decade --brain injuries = mental illnes = drug addiction and you are lecturing us on measles.

for Politics Buff

You people are pathetic. The other day at RI, "Chris" told someone to respond to a measles incidents table listing incidence of measles from early 1900's. She asked why the big decline from somewhere like 1960 to 1970, and "told" the responder that he could not mention any other years. What a joke because in other ten year spans the incidence went down somewhere to the tune of 80 percent as well and yet she did not want this referred to. A. joke.


More Jenny McCarthy bashing, thank you Anne Dachel and AoA for the lead story this morning.

Among the many Big Lies is that vaccines autism link is debunked, and I thank the many intelligent informed commentators (John Stone and Cia Parker come to mind) who calmly and repeatedly link to relevant data.

These are the tactics being employed by the pharma fascists:

"nsnbc noted a clear attempt to derail genuine dialog in comments to articles pertaining vaccine safety issues. Within a 12 months period from February 2013 to March 2014, nsnbc registered more than 30 different “commentators with different names, who together attempted to post more than 500 comments, posted from only two different IP addresses in Australia and the USA, with one of them leading directly to a pharma sponsored pro-vaccine website."

I suggest that when you see the particular Big Lie that the "autism vaccine link is debunked" a very effective counter is to cite the late Dr. Bernadine Healy:

"According to Healy, when she began researching autism and vaccines she found credible published, peer-reviewed scientific studies that support the idea of an association. That seemed to counter what many of her colleagues had been saying for years. She dug a little deeper and was surprised to find that the government has not embarked upon some of the most basic research that could help answer the question of a link.

The more she dug, she says, the more she came to believe the government and medical establishment were intentionally avoiding the question because they were afraid of the answer."

This citation from BMJ also shuts down the vaccine holocaust deniers:

The recent news reports about H1N1 flu shot causing narcolepsy are also recent and available in msm:

In 2013, Japan backed down on the HPV shot:

The FDA Tripedia package insert mentions autism and SIDS as post license reported adverse effect:

"Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS,
anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence
and apnea. "

The polio shot is the poster child for why we should vaccinate, right? No, it is not. Make sure everyone you know understands the association between Salk polio vaccine and SV40 induced soft tissue cancers deaths in young children, which have exploded in frequency over the past 50 years:

So the reason for the focus on Jenny McCarthy is obvious- it is deflection. All the citations I have put out counter at least one of the Big Lies. Post this data far and wide. Show it to your kids. Make your pediatrician squirm by having to explain it.

AoA is a tremendously valuable resource at countering the pharma fascist propaganda campaign. Thank you to all the authors and posters. If we all work together to put this recent, credible, peer reviewed data on every ignorant or lying msm comment board, letters to editors, and Op-ed pages, we will win sooner. The truth will always out, eventually.


I have started talking to mothers I know who have unaffected teenage children, especially girls, about the rising autism rates and that they need to look into relevant environmental factors to help their children avoid autism in THEIR children. I don't say much -- just enough to start them thinking. It really seems to give them pause for thought, make it personal -- the idea that they may have escaped autism but the statistics show their children's children are at risk.

John Stone

Cia, Taximom5

I think the Milgram experiment is highly relevant:

John Stone

Politics B(l)uff

You have a point. People believe irrational things in numbers. However, not everything they believe is irrational and when they see the wildly increased prospect of having chronically sick, brain damaged children and the hand washing lies of the CDC (the crypto-Fascist targetting anyone of speaks up) they should ask intelligent questions of our infiltrated, broken-down political system.

At the time of Poling affair HHS HRSA officials admitted separately to Sharyl Attkisson and David Kirby:

""The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to
compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually
caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children
exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy
may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms
including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures."">">

Which, of course, is bureaucratic doublespeak. And Julie Gerberding, at the time head of the CDC who moved with a barely a gap to being head of Merck's vaccine division, told CNN:

"“….. if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it
[vaccination] can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms
can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.”.

Vaccines cause autism - when forced to the US government even admitted it.

Politics Buff

15% of people have an IQ less than 70.

6% of voters believe Osama bin Laden is still alive

21% of voters say a UFO crashed in Roswell, NM in 1947 and the US government covered it up. More Romney voters (27%) than Obama voters (16%) believe in a UFO coverup

28% of voters believe secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order. A plurality of Romney voters (38%) believe in the New World Order compared to 35% who don’t

28% of voters believe Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks. 36% of Romney voters believe Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11, 41% do not

20% of voters believe there is a link between childhood vaccines and autism, 51% do not

7% of voters think the moon landing was faked

13% of voters think Barack Obama is the anti-Christ, including 22% of Romney voters

29% of voters believe aliens exist

Let's all try to persuade all those scientists who KNOW aliens exist to come out and agree!

Many people believe in debunked things, including that vaccines cause autism.

cia parker

Taximom5, I'll certainly watch the movie you linked. I found a website bdm something, I can't remember, Bund Deutscher Madel, with dozens of photos of girls in their Hitler youth group uniforms (membership was obligatory, twice a week meetings), photos women had saved since their girlhood, memories of what life was like then. The girls are beautiful, just ordinary girls. they could walk into any middle school and be indistinguishable from the rest. I don't know what to say next. I don't think the murderers were just ordinary people swept up in madness. I think it's like the horrible animal experiments PETA has brought to light (and all of them are horrible and morally abhorrent). A lot of people, if given license to do so, engage in sadistic, criminal behavior and enjoy it. The Jews were stripped of their humanity, the vaccine shills for whatever reason believe that they have been given license to flaunt their crimes and cruelty, their complete lack of concern for those injured by their language and their agenda. Very few of the men and women engaged in the holocaust felt any compunction. They could have refused: there was no punishment for those who made excuses or just said they didn't want to do it. Those involved in the death marches tortured and killed their victims when the war was already over, not going anywhere in particular, just driving their victims onward into death for the pleasure of it. A few people refused to go along with it, but very few. Of course most Germans had little contact with Jews, but still enjoyed having them to put down and insult in conversation and cartoons in Der Sturmer. I cannot forgive any of them. A human being sees someone suffering, whether a human or an animal, and stops to help him, fights to help him if necessary. A human being, a Mensch, refuses to be tempted by the flattery and the pleasure of evil. The shills seem to delight in vying for who can be the snarkiest, the most sarcastic, the most nonchalant, the cruelest, in putting down those who have seen and lived with vaccine damage.

And I learned at the end of Hitler's Furies that these thousands of murderers got away with it. Very few of them were ever brought to justice. The Nuremberg trials just scratched the surface.

I think that's how the vaccine wars will end. This generation of doctors will never give in to the truth of the horror of their actions. But gradually more and more people will refuse more and more vaccines, and, when they see how unthreatening the diseases are for the vast majority, their world view will change undramatically. The new generations of doctors will have grown up realizing the dangers of vaccines, and won't identify themselves with the criminal medical mafia of today. And I have a feeling that justice will never be done for the millions of vaccine-damaged alive today, they will eke out their lives like the traumatized holocaust survivors, in a world which has forgiven those who damaged them and no longer thinks about them or the crime which cries for justice to be done.

cia parker

So 56% believe that vaccines cause autism, and nearly all of them continue to get most or all of the vaccines? Do they really believe their children are exempt from paying the high price of vaccines?

Linda, I've thought about the disconnect between the asthma/allergy communities and the autism one. And it's true that delaying starting the pertussis series does halve the risk of asthma at seven (Manitoba study, one in twenty as opposed to one in nine if you start at two months), but beyond the Manitoba study, others have found that if you don't get the pertussis vaccine at all, you have a zero to one percent chance of getting asthma ever. Asthma and allergy rates have skyrocketed in recent decades just the way autism has, and fatality rates from these diseases have increased even more. Disability and death from these diseases absolutely dwarfs those from pertussis or Hib meningitis, and dwarfs the deaths that would result if the disease came back and no one vaccinated. Sweden stopped giving the pertussis vaccine thirty years ago (for a while), and pertussis rates went back to prevaccine levels, but because the disease itself has evolved, it was no longer dangerous and caused low levels of death or disability. People have to get used to the idea of cutting the cord and just saying no. Go back to quarantine at home for babies, breast feeding for as long as possible (which doesn't prevent pertussis, but it does meningitis). Vitamins A and C, homeopathy, Sambucol.

Heather Fraser wrote an incredible book, The Peanut Allergy Epidemic, which documents beyond a doubt that vaccines cause allergies. Period. Injecting anything in the body, any substance, makes an antigen of it which the body often reacts to with an allergy. No peanut allergies anywhere in the world until the '40s, when peanut oil was used to adjuvant penicillin shots. Peanut oil used to adjuvant vaccines caused some peanut allergies from the late '60s on, but peanut allergies tripled in the US in just three years after the introduction of the Hib vaccine, because the pathogen resembles peanut protein, creating cross-reactivity. I've read in two places that her son died in a fatal peanut allergy attack, I assume it's true, but, as you say, life with allergies and asthma is extremely difficult and sometimes ends in tragedy.

Great idea about passing out leaflets! I really think the time has come to start local groups to get the word out and reach the uninformed. Just think, local groups all over the country could be manning tables at Earth Day, handing out information and talking to people. What an opportunity we're missing!

For Ottoschnaut and Bob

Its very obvious these are desperate times for pharma- the force they are using would seem to indicate they are in panic mode.
I think they have tried to carefully craft propaganda for the young- the I love science blogs, etc. BUT I have witnessed discussions on the topic and many of them are just not buying it that vaccines are all sunshine and rainbows- their parents have cautioned them, they have seen so many of their cohorts fall ill etc. many of them are very health conscious and vaccines are a bit of a tough sell as "harmless" or risk- free interventions.

For Ottoschnaut

@ Ottoschnaut, what I make of the Jenny McCarthy slamming is that they still really want a couple of people (mainly Jenny and Dr. Wakefield) to serve as reminders of what will happen if you speak out. But the funny thing is, Jenny is thriving- good job, nice fiancé and work she can feel good about (so take that lurkers!). Even Dr. Wakefield has his head held high and continues to advocate and can look himself in the mirror, which is far more than any of the skeptics" can do. So much for their vicious attempts at harassment. If I were Jenny I would sue the next idiot that tries to say her child never had autism. Losers. Too bad their vicious plans have maybe backfired.


Cia, I'm the child of a Holocaust survivor. I've been thinking since the beginning that Big Pharma is closely following the MO set by Nazi regime--except they've learned from the mistakes that were made 75 years ago.

I highly encourage everyone to watch this short movie, which explains from the perspective of an American high school history class how perfectly decent people were swept into a cult of evil to become "willing executioners":

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! More are realizing, I think, that the risks of staying dumb and/or silent are greater the the risks of questioning and challenging those who seem confident and/or ruthless in protecting programs whose intentions are, at least clearly, not clearly what has been stated.

This 10% tipping point research came out a few years back, and I've wondered if it held true for something, like the vaccine-autism link, that many seem strongly to not want to know (and/or want to keep others from knowing):

And I only read an abstract of the "study" of American's beliefs in medical "conspiracies," so I'm not sure what the numbers represent, and was a little disappointed that only about 70% had heard of the autism vaccine controversy in the first place (yes it was a high percentage among the "conspiracies," but that's nearly a third of the population that may be very vulnerable to vaccine injury IMO), but even if only that 70% were queried as to their opinion, 20% (who stated agreement to doctors and government still want to vaccinate infants even though they know vaccines cause autism and other neurological disorders--I've forgotten the exact wording) of 70% is around 14% percent of the population, past the 10% tipping point.


Fabulous post, Kent. I have one quibble, though.

When you're talking about our political system, it makes absolutely NO difference if you're talking about democratic or republican parties; the candidates on both sides, were bought and paid for by Big Pharma/Big Agra/Big Banking, etc. the minute they accepted funding for their campaigns.

Our entire political system is a joke. A totally corrupt joke.

 Bob Moffitt

@ Jenny

"Containment is what they seek - the vaccine court is meant to divide and contain."

Ah yes .. I remember well .. when .. TWENTY YEARS AGO .. my oldest grandson .. then three years old .. suffered asthma attacks that were truly frigthening .. indeed .. watching him struggle to breathe .. knowing his asthma attack was life threatening.

We experienced emergency hospitalization on MANY occasions as a child .. and .. his condition remains a life threatening condition to this very day.

At that time .. as first-time grandparents .. we were given the standard "plausible denial" explanation of public health officials .. that our grandchild's severe asthma was due to the fact that he lived in the United States .. in a home environment that was .. "too clean".

In other words .. we were supposed to believe .. and .. almost all of us did .. that children of undeveloped third world countries .. who lived in mud huts .. among animals .. with no sanitation .. no clean water .. no nutrition .. had developed a natural immunity to the "causes" of asthma .. that made our grandson .. not having been exposed to those "causes" .. vulnerable to asthma.

When you stop and think about it .. is their "plausible denial" explanation for asthma so many years ago .. any less believable than their present "plausible denial" that any increase in autism is due to "better diagnosing or broader definition"?

And .. yes .. parents and families should be made aware the scientific questions regarding the .. CAUSE .. of all chronic autoimmune disorders .. (peanut allergies?)..(type 1 diabetes in 4 year olds?) .. remains open for SCIENTIFIC discussion.

In my opinion .. as I said .. we are long past the "time" for scientists to demand the common sense study of "VACCINATED V. UNVACCINATED" populations!!!!

As each day passes .. I have to ask .. what in God's name are THEY waiting for?


This came in on my email today. I have subscribed to this epilepsy newsletter.

Scares the Heck out of me about the heart problems in all this mess.

Notice that the CDC is up to their necks in this one too along with DENMARK studies. Slap on forehead here.

Sounds like a lot of dying and evilness going on before they surrounder.

"Wednesday, April 23, 2014
More than 4,000 people in the United States below the age of 35 die suddenly each year without an apparent cause of death on routine autopsy. While we in the epilepsy community typically think of this in the context of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), a majority of sudden unexpected deaths in young people occur without a known history of seizures or epilepsy.
Sudden death may occur for many reasons and is a topic of intense investigation because it is a significant cause of premature death for young people. Pediatricians often encounter sudden death in infants (<1 year) where it is termed Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or in toddlers, termed Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood (SUDC).
It is also an area of active research for cardiologists because some of the individuals who die harbor subtle structural or genetic abnormalities in the heart that predispose them to fatal arrhythmias.
Seizure disorders and SUDEP contribute to some of these unexpected deaths. Several recent studies have examined the rates of seizures and epilepsy in people that have died suddenly.
In a large retrospective study of sudden unexpected death cases between 2000 and 2006 in Denmark, 30% of those deaths were determined to be due to probable/definite SUDEP.
Epilepsy-related sudden death was less common in young children than in those greater than 18 years of age.
The authors calculated that having epilepsy increased the risk of sudden death 14-fold in young people between one and 35 years of age, even when adjusted for coexisting medical conditions that may occur with epilepsy.
Seizures may contribute to unexpected death in other groups. In a series of cases, 50% of the deaths had either a history of or suspected febrile seizures.
Because epilepsy is such strong risk factor for sudden death, the scientific community studying sudden death is very interested in understanding better how it contributes to untimely deaths and whether there are common mechanisms at play.
Recently, a collaboration among multiple federal agencies – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); the National Lung, Blood and Heart Institute (NLBHI); and the National Institute for Neurologic Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) – has been announced to perform widespread surveillance through public health and medical examiner/coroner offices and to create a standardized approach to studying all sudden death in young people less than 24 years old.
The study, which is set to start this year, will be an expansion of the sudden unexpected infant death registry that has been tracking deaths in infants less than one year old. Such large-scale systematic assessments may uncover new risk factors, reveal the various mechanisms involved and lead the way to interventions; the successful back to sleep campaign to reduce the risk of SIDS grew out of similar, large-scale systematic studies in the 1980s and 90s.
Learn more about SUDEP"


Great post, Kent. I am looking forward to your book arriving next month.

Cia - Forgive them, they know not . . . Parents with kids with allergies and asthma are not hanging out on autism websites - and I'm sure those in power are happy to keep the vaccine/autism debate alive as it also serves as a neat little container. Containment is what they seek - the vaccine court is meant to divide and contain. Most parents of neurotypical kids have no clue that those who successfully treat autism understand allergies and asthma as being on the mildest end of the spectrum and are vaccine injuries, and you can bet the typical allergist does not present it as a possibility. If parents of children with autism who got it from vaccine injuries want to show other parents what's going on, they need to jump out of the container and put their message out on those support sites for allergies and asthma WITH references, or hang out in parking lots outside allergist offices and hand out a few flyers. If there was a site that collected all the pertinent vaccine/allergy implication research together, like some have done w/autism, you can bet some parents would want to know about it. Think of all the parents with boys with lifelong asthma issues who might have avoided it if only their child got their first Tdap/Dtap (whatever) shot 2 months later than they did. What if every parent here, temporarily replaced a message about vaccines & autism on their facebook page with a link showing the asthma/vaccine connection? And next month did it for allergies. There are probably way more asthmatics than kids with autism, but I bet the number went up the same way. If 20% of the population is leery of vaccination due to autism numbers which are numbers are at 1 in 68, but as of 2007 the CDC says 34 million Americans have asthma with a third of those still under 18 years old, which is 1 in 9 Americans - if they knew there might be a connection to vaccines, how high would that push the numbers of people who want more safety in the vaccination programs? How many people would come down off the fence and think twice before the next round. And with all the adults suffering through asthma along with their kids, those are adults who are actually experiencing the same horrific medical condition as their kids, so you can imagine the huge amount of empathy going on. People in families without autism cannot understand the impact autism has on daily life. The same frustration autism families feel, is felt by families with asthma: people without asthma cannot understand how scary and frustrating it is not to be able to breath. If the asthmatics finally understood, they would be empathetic voices numbering 34 million. And these are kids and adults with voices have documented medical conditions NOT isolated under a psychiatric heading, so they can't be pegged as "crazies." Their condition doesn't carry the controversy that autism has been saddled with. Think about 24 million adults sitting there trying to remember if they had asthma BEFORE they started getting flu shots, or before they got shots for college, or did it start in middle school or highschool, etc. What a powerful image.
Of course then Paul Offit would have to find some way to prove that asthma starts in the womb. Every insurance company would have to hide when asthma medication prescriptions began in each person.



The emperor wears no clothes.

Keep witnessing and testifying as to what happened to your child(ren). You don't have to get in shouting matches. You don't have to 'prove" anything. Just keep stating what happened. Until things change, unfortunately, more people will be joining us.

All the money in the world can't stop more and more people saying "This happened. We experienced it""


"But if you undertake this hard road there will be redemption."

Not so fast. Thousands of children as well as adults have been maimed and killed over many decades of deception. I do not have the right to offer forgiveness to scientists who have knowingly made their living off of these and future casualties. Sorry. Should they come forward? Yes. But like any criminal who has committed a crime, they should be made to face up to what they've done. If the consequences deter them from coming forward, if the discontinuation of their participation in crimes against humanity isn't enough to make them come forward despite any resulting personal or professional losses, then that is something that they will have to live with. Eventually, they will be outed for what they are and the horrific ethical compromises they've made. One way or the other, they can come forward, give themselves up with any dignity they have left, hoping for forgiveness, or they can hold on to their blood money until they are forced into exposure in shame.

 Bob Moffitt

@ cia

"But what I can't understand is why it is only 20% who believe that vaccines cause autism"

As some have already mentioned .. the 20% is a little misleading when you add the 36% that are labeled undecided.

Together they add up to 56% .. and .. we have to consider that a large percentage of the population have no children .. or .. are first time grandparents or soon to become great-grandparents .. that haven't had an infant in their families for decades .. which means .. for that 44% of the population .. "vaccines causing autism" simply is not an issue they have had reason to consider.

I think it would be interesting to know the percentage of parents with children under 14 that believe "vaccines cause autism"? I suspect among that group .. the percentage would be higher than 20% .. evidenced by the establishment's great effort to disuade them of that opinion.

Kent wrote:

"But the time has come for you to take action. For the sake of our children, for the sake of your own career and honor, it is time for you to make a choice."

In my humble opinion .. we are long past the "time" for scientists to have taken action .. and .. while I am prepared to accept their surrender .. it has to be UNCONDITIONAL .. because .. honestly .. each day that passes .. my call for justice demands RETRIBUTION .. rather than REDEMPTION.

Can't help but notice

It appears that there might be an effort underway by Big Pharma to provide articles (and no doubt throw in some handsome checks) and have them apparently penned by a growing number of Editorial Boards of newspapers. Here are but 3. Please send in more as they appear so we can keep track of them to show the public this agenda meant to divide and dupe them.

SacBee link:

FresnoBee link:

Idaho Mountain link:


Thank you Kent.

It is difficult to know how much longer the "earth is flat" and "vaccines are safe" groups can hold on to all the money and power.


Thank you Kent and AoA for a very good read.

What do you make of the msm obsessive interest in blaming this whole stinkin' mess on Jenny McCarthy?

Is it desperation? Do the people paying for this propaganda really think it will work, if they do, great, it is an indication of how very stuoid they truly are. Advantage us.

My observation is that this seems to be a flat out, bought and paid for, coordinated disinformation campaign.

It is a drag for Ms McCarthy that she is the designated whipping boy (hottie?), but she, like the scientists, are in this battle, like it or not. As long as they are kicking her, I would love to see Momma bear give some of it back. Maybe if Ms McCarthy finally gets pissed off enough... we can only hope.

Ms McCarthy- if you are reading this- please-- go get 'em! We got your back!!!

cia parker

Deeply moving article, one which laid out the spiritual (for me, religious) bases of this struggle. God or Mammon? Salvation or (temporary) safety?

But what I can't understand is why it is only 20% who believe that vaccines cause autism. With one in five now severely damaged by vaccines (from asthma and allergies, through autism (one in 36, let's tell it like it is) to rarer autoimmune disorders, cancer, and death, that would mean that people only believe it when it happens to them. It is not at all difficult to understand, and all you have to do is type a phrase into your search engine and you have access to legions of facts, as long as you look with a jaundiced eye on anything put out by the CDC.

It is not hard to understand, and it is not hard to put a stop to this debacle. All you have to do is just say no to vaccines. Then you get to watch this shameful spectacle without having given up your children as hostages to it. Pertussis and measles just aren't serious diseases these days, not enough to throw your children into the maws of lifelong disability or death to try to avoid. Why is anyone still doing it?

I'm still obsessed by the Holocaust, and am now suffering through Hitler's Willing Executioners. I had not realized the extent to which the Christian churches, both Catholic and Protestant, constructed the Jewish people as an insufferable challenge to the perceived truth of Christianity. Literally insufferable, which took on more political and racial tones in the nineteenth century. I realized that that is a crucial spiritual component of the vaccine wars, the pro-vax cannot tolerate the challenge to their world view which vaccine refusers offer. Like Kafka's crow whose existence would mean the dissolution of the heavens, because Heaven simply means the impossibility of crows, admitting that even two children (most readily admit the existence of that hapless one in a million) have been severely and permanently damaged by vaccines would destroy their universe and the vaccine industry's market of billons of dollars a year.

Every page I read my mind searches for another ending, another outcome, a way of escape for the Jews and the other groups targeted by, not just Nazism, but by the indoctrinated soul of the German people. An indoctrination which gave meaning to their lives, one which most derived a sense of self-worth from believing in and participating in. Like the pro-vaxxers. Thousands of them cynical and just in it for the money, damn the innocent casualties, but millions believing in it as their prostituted religion in a world in which, for many, God is dead.

But in our world it's not necessary to flee to the forest to live among the partisans, not necessary to hide or get to a border and slip across illegally with children in tow. It just takes a computer or a book and the will to say No. And I just can't understand why 99% of children are still at least partially vaccinated.


The numbers believing in a connection will only continue to increase. They will continue to increase because the number of sick/ill children will continue to increase. Big money and the "skeptics" can beat/threaten/bully us until we go underground, if need be, but they will still have a huge problem. The problem is they continue to injure children. Injured children aren't invisible. Big money can't make this go away. They will only continue to drive more people to a point of distrust.

Laura Hayes

Profoundly stated, Kent. And excellent comments so far to boot. I will be sharing this, including with those I know at MIND Institute and UC Davis. Let us all join in praying that many scientists will surrender and join us, the parents of the poisoned, and the parents who don't want their children to be poisoned. May these same scientists speak out boldly against those who have been putting their wealth over our children's health, and who have unduly influenced science in a corrupt direction.

Also, I think the 20% number is extremely conservative. People can no longer deny the plethora of sick, disabled, and "not quite normal" children all around us.


Actually Kent, the 20 percent who believe vaccines cause autism does not tell the whole story. 36 percent are undecided, and 44 percent believe that vaccines do not cause autism. So, despite the relentless media blitz and propaganda to sell the public the no-link claim, less than half are completely buying such BS.


Leslie Weed

Very well written and thought out article. I am glad you are out there Kent, steadily beating the drum. The scientists cannot help but know what happened to a generation of children. Big pHARMa knew there would be "sacrificial lambs" but, not to this degree - 1 in 68.

Our precious "sacrificial lambs" have now become the "herd"… The truth will unveil itself, hopefully sooner than later…

Soldier On, fellow warrior
Leslie Weed, Mother to Lanier (16) non-verbal poisoned via mercury before she reached the tender age of 2

John Stone

Well written Kent

"They" seem to be getting madder and more desperate by the day. Could it be that something is about to snap?

Who could care to support the record of Boyle, Cordero, Yeargin-Allsopp, Insel indefinitely?


Louis Conte

"Even now, as they try to attack us in the media, their own research shows that the more they talk about this issue, the less they are believed. People may not hear the voices of the silenced, but they know when they are being conned."

Nailed it.

And even worse for Offit and his media machine, another 40% fear that 20% are spot on. This is because parents trust other parents more than they trust corporations that have been caught deceiving the public on product safety issues.

People can a smell lie, particularly when it's repeated endlessly. I suspect that Big Money isn't making the big money they figured they would. People aren't buying these drugs - literally.


This a great article, but on the other hand there are people like Paul Offit suggesting more vaccines in pregnancy and trying to promote the idea that autism starts in the womb or before (which I and many others don't believe for a second).

Not an MD

What a difference a few years can make. Clair Patterson, a geochemist, was given support from many in our government when he made his case against lead, even though his research sparked the ire of Big Money. However, it still took 20 years for government to act and remove lead from paint and gasoline. How I wish our government would support scientists who are courageous enough to bring forth the damaging evidence against mercury and aluminum, instead of pledging their allegiance to Pharma.,0,3592697.story#axzz2zf9YHeQs

Here are my two favorite quotes from the LA Times article:
"See, Patterson continued to study lead in the environment — and it set him on a collision with some very powerful people, because he found that there had been a significant increase in the amount of lead contamination in the atmosphere, in the soil, in the ocean, even in ice core samples extracted from Greenland. And that is bad, because although lead is a “natural” substance, it is highly toxic to humans, even in trace amounts. There is no such thing as a “safe” level of lead."


"There was a period where Patterson was dismissed as a crank, but eventually his message got through. We no longer add lead to gasoline, and there has been a 75% reduction in environmental lead since those policies were implemented. As Tyson notes at the episode’s end, you can try all you like to confound the issues when science tells you something you don’t want to hear, “but in the end, Nature cannot be fooled.”"

Does this sound eerily familiar to anyone? We live in a world full of self-described "brainiac" scientists who just cannot seem to learn anything at all from the past. How can such a mind blowing refusal to accept the obvious (that poison is POISON, and there is just no putting lipstick on that pig) be perpetuated by the scientific community? Pharma, with the help of their legions of thoughtless thought leaders just keep on promoting the assault of the immune system with toxins, toxins that they know full well are toxins, and instead of looking at the vaccine schedule with the critical eye it warrants for the sake of our children, they just keep on indiscriminately adding more and more and more vaccines, expecting that the toxicity levels in babies and children will not increase to such a degree that pediatricians who apparently don't know any better, but should know better, break the immune systems and destroy the brains of our young. Meanwhile, the infant mortality rates remain pitifully high in the USA--not Nigeria--not Ethiopia-- right here in our country, where children receive more vaccines than anywhere else in the world. Also right here in the US, they declare their vaccine program huge, resounding success! The US vaccine schedule is very successful at one thing--making our country the laughingstock of the world with these unacceptably high infant morality rates.

Big Money has gone completely mad, and they expect their lunacy (out of sheer greed) to be accepted by all, if they just pay enough thought leaders to promote their messages (that everything is okay, keep vaccinating your kids and yourself according to the schedule, autism isn't really increasing even if the rate has gone from 1 in 10,000 kids to 1 in 68 kids, and vaccines can "train" your immune system to do its job.) What amazes me is that anyone at all can believe a word that comes out of these paid off industry whores.

If the scientists (and doctors) don't step up and revolt en masse (as there truly IS safety in numbers) there will be no hope for the children of the world. Absolutely none!

May the honest researchers know that I am keeping them in my prayers. May the dishonest researchers know that they will be judged one day for their crimes against humanity, by the public and by God, whether they believe in Him, or not.



Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

You said it, Kent. Yeah man.

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