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Video: Dr. Albert Enayati Petitions IACC to Include Regressive Autism

IaccPlease take 7 minutes to listen to Dr. Albert Enayati passionately petition IACC to include regressive autism and vaccination in their work. Their blithe response? "You've used up two minutes of your time."  Thank you to Canary Party for posting this video link.

From the Safeminds site:  Albert Enayati is one of the original founding board members of SafeMinds and an author of the original Auitsm and Mercury paper. He is a Principal Research Engineer with 33 years experience in R&D/mechanical testing of over 100 orthopedic devices maxillofacial, trauma and spine systems.



This is like playing a child's game v/s roulette or checkers against chess. This is a legal game with corporate drug. The license to play god unchallenged with forced medical treatments must be turned around and reversed. If drug can buy off officials and buy laws to protect drug where can we be heard? The courts are collections for corporate, they are still experimenting on the people and animals alike as property.
This was to stop after WW2 trials, instead it has been repackaged and resold over and over.
Stop the crime


Next Fall the IACC will come up in front of Congress for new re- funding (I think this is correct) and if the funding is not given - IACC will no longer exist.

The IACC has bot federal employees like Susan, Colleen Boyl, and Tom Insel, and e civilians like Mike Cary, Alison Singer, Lyn Redwood/

None of the federal employees will be out of job if IACC was to fold - they will continue to draw their paychecks.

I am not sure what the civilians are getting out of this - if they are getting paid anything??? I am curious about that myself.

But Tom Insel will be happy to see IACC go - his aim is to keep it toothless in the fight for stopping the rise of autism. And if IACC is gone he no longer has to come to the meetings and make sure that the word vaccination or immunization does NOT get into any written language.

Roger Kulp

I need to look into who else is on the IACC,besides Lyn Redwood and John Elder Robinson.I don't really know who they are and who they work for.

Does IACC really have a purpose,other that to put up a façade that they are doing something about they autism epidemic?

Maybe it's time to just get rid of it.


Wanted to know WHY, WHY, WHy.

On TED Dr. Insel speaks

about "Toward the New Understanding of Mental Health"

And when he is done the last thing he does is quote Bill Gates.

Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world - oh, sure he came back and explained that he mis spoke on the matter.

Dr. Tom Insel is one of those mad scientist sociopath -- since we are depopulating -anyway let us not waste this resourceopporutunity, and do some medical experimenting as well.


Tom Insel who tells this father, doctor, human being - that is pleading to him he has used up 2 and 1/2 minutes already-----.

The same Tom Insel that we watch him manipulate the meetings of IACC - calling for votes; knowing he has the votes because he has set it up so.

Well you do wonder what is on Tom Insel's mind? What kind of man is he behind the scenes -- what does he think

Here Tom Insel is giving a talk on TED.
At the very end he quotes Bill Gates (hmmmm).

I think Tom Insel he might be a sociopath. I think the DMS 6 will separate out and put into different categories - different sociopaths and Tom Insel will be in one of the newer recognized categories of those that get ahead in life--. . The category example will be mad scientists types like one of those doctors the Nazi's kept - -- in order to get their answers, they are willing to destroy lives to do it.

Could that be the answer to Dr. Enyati -- question of WHY, WHY, WHY?

While depopulation is going on -- just like the Nazis - taking the opportunity to do medical research.

Yeah -- maybe Tom Insel suffered a brain injury from the old DPT shot -- that is his problem.

Louis Conte

Thank Mr. Enyati.



If you like that eight hour IACC meeting - they have these meetings archived on the IACC website.
The last meeting was January 2014.
In that meeting the first long part of the meeting was about IACC receiving a complaint from another government committee that they had duplicated too many studies.

They moved on and the next part of the meeting - they are going through their report, and changing a few things adding some words, phrases here and there and all are happy. Untill Lyn Redwood wants to include the phrase infections and immunization in a part - of the report -- She goes on to explain that inflammation/immune response has been reported in a study of causing autism during pregnancy -- and the indication is - the immune response of the body - and not the pathogen itself is causing the problem.

Here you see Tom Insel for the evil man he really is - even though he appears so mild mannered and with a smile. .

Tom Insel called for the first time for a vote by the committee members to approve the wordings. He has carefully placed well chosen committee members to help him keep any word like vaccine or immunization out of any report. He does not tell Lyn Redwood, NO. He jus calls for a vote.
These members knows exactly what the game is.

He calls for a vote and (his people) sitting at the table voted it down, just the way Tom Insel wanted it. 15 of them were against, and 6 voted for it.


I do so hope that the little blonde mother that talked about acquried mitchondrial be also put on here -- I need to get it through some thick heads around here -in my own family - of what is going on.


After listening to the video, I'll follow up my comment by saying that this is getting tragic and serious. For such a learned and intelligent, caring man as Dr. Enyati, to say to Dr. Insel, "are you listening to me?" "Do you understand English?" this has to be getting very bad. Dr. Insel should be ashamed and perhaps resign if he won't do the job properly.


Thank you Roger for your patience in listening to the whole thing and your impressions. It is very interesting to hear you say that many around the table felt that children were perhaps experiencing some problems due to vaccination practices.
It's very interesting that Insel mentioned AAP would have to set the guidelines. Hmm, could be that all the lesser payers that take direction from the AAP are at a breaking point with what they can do in good conscience? Are they tired of being so tied with what they can do other than lying to people or giving them the runaround about how to really solve this problem? Maybe some of them just can't take it anymore.
Very interesting about the Susan Swedo study. Wasn't she involved in PANDAS research?


Wonderfully moving testimony from Dr. Enyati.

I would like to suggest that AoA publish a page of as many videos of testimony to the IACC as possible, so that we can see them all on one page, and so that they are broken down by testimony, so that they can be quickly accessed and shared. Cassandra Mulvihill Oldham, Deanna Mulvihill, Holly Bortfeld, and others also had absolutely riveting testimony. Being able to share those would be a very powerful antidote to some of the bullying garbage that's been published on the mainstream press lately.


I wonder how these people sleep at night, I wish they were forced to visit the homes of those with severely autistic children as a job requirement.

 Bob Moffitt

Dr. Enyati .. I heard your frustration and I share that with you .. thank you for standing tall and telling these people .. especially Insell .. how they have squandered so much money with absolutely nothing to show for it.

It has been written .. if you want to succeed .. all you have to do is learn how to fake sincerity and you have got it made.

Judged by Insel's lack of leadership and accomplishment .. the only thing keeping him in his position is his feigned sincerity.

If Insell were an honest man .. he would have resigned long ago.


It is offensive that the committee members chit-chat all day long, while members of the public are given strict short time to speak. It is also disgusting that the public is not permitted to interact with the committee, not invited to question the committee directly, that they are not given the courtesy of a direct, honest, thoughtful response to each of their presentations. The whole thing is set up to look like the public is being considered when in fact it is a sham. Insel might have looked moved to some, to me he looked like a man who was facing his judgement and the truth of his actions, which he then proceeded to again ignore and deny. His tactics won't work forever. Bravo to Dr. Enayati for his courage in again standing up to this evil man.


Roger, Insel is also the head of an NIH institute. He can set priorities, he can set aside funding for vaccine research if he was interested in finding the cause. He is really good at emoting, pretending that he cares but there is little evidence in his actions that he does. He could have resigned in protest he if thought that his recommendations were not followed. He is there to make sure vaccines are never implicated in autism.

Roger Kulp

To be fair,you needed to watch the whole IACC meeting all the way through.All eight hours.I listened to it all the way through.

IACC had too many people wanting to speak,and only so much time.They said this to everyone after their time was up.The really telling part came after everyone spoke,and those around the table discussed the speakers.Insel and the rest seemed very moved by all these stories,and clearly believed them all.They all sort of hinted NIH really wants to help these families,but is a prisoner of government red tape and regulations.There were many around the table who said it was very likely a lot of kids were getting too many vaccines too soon.That the kids in this subpopulation very likely had undiagnosed underlying autoimmune or mitochondrial/metabolic disorders.That there needs to be real guidelines for testing kids before vaccinating them,to see if their systems can handle all these shots.Something I have been saying for years.

Insel said NIH cannot set these guidelines.The American Academy of Pediatrics would have to do it.

They also said Susan Swedo is sitting on a more recent vaxed vs unvaxed study,that has not been published.

Laura Hayes

Such incredibly passionate and powerful testimony by Dr. Enyati! Thank you so very much for speaking so well on behalf of SO MANY of us!

Clearly, our government does not want to "find" (admit is the more accurate word, as they know) the cause(s) of "Autism".

They look everywhere except to where the evidence leads and to where the eyewitnesses point.

They don't want to confess to what they have allowed to be done to millions of children on their watch.

They don't want to relinquish their pharma perks.

They don't want to be "Wakefielded" (i.e. have their careers ruined, licenses revoked, lives upended, and forced to leave their home countries)...which, ironically, is something they've done to an innocent man...which, in actuality, is something each of them who has been part of this unbelievable holocaust against children and subsequent cover-up deserves himself/herself.


It would be very helpful if the transcript of the above clip could be posted. Between Dr. Enayati's accent and the fact that he was made to rush through his presentation by this heartless bastard, Insell, it's hard for me to get all that he said.


I promise you that Tom Insel wants the funding for IACC to end.
He wants this program to end.
The leader of the IACC; The chair of IACC is there for the purpose of undermining.

Anne J.

Thank you, Dr. Enyati, for speaking up on behalf of all the vaccine-injured children! We need more people willing to do the same!
I continue to be completely disgusted with Insel ( I won't even use the "Dr." title with him anymore, as a doctor should first "do no harm"). Insel is one of the main reasons this epidemic is still raging! His closing statements sounded like nothing more than psychology 101 babble, "what I hear you saying is…". I noticed there was absolutely NO mention of actually adding vaccine studies to their list, or even doing anything different for that matter. We can just expect more of the same from his committee: NOTHING! That worthless excuse of a doctor just needs to step aside and let someone who cares about our children takeover. I'm so sick of him!

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