Rebecca Estepp on CW6 San Diego on Autism Awareness Month
Dachel Media Review: New Strategies

Vaccine Panel with Rob Schneider, Aidan Quinn, Andy Wakefield & More at Give Autism a Chance

Truthfyl gentle fearlessPanelists Rolf Hazelhurst, autism parent and attorney,  Jim Moody, attorney, Aidan Quinn, autism parent and actor, Rob Schneider,  autism parent and comedian, Mike  Guido, autism parent and comedian,  Jeanna Reed, autism parent, co-founder Autism Is Medical, and moderators Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Jill Rubolino, autism parent, co-founder Autism Is Medical sharing their experience with autism and regression post vaccination in a powerful and poignant way at the Give Autism a Chance conference in Austin, TX on April 12, 2014. Dr. Andrew Wakefield moderates the panel with his British aplomb and even handed determination.  "Welcome to the calm, quiet world of autism and vaccines. Hello to the trolls online."   Classic Brit wit.

View more videos at The U-Stream channel.

The video of the autism vaccine panel starts at 2:39 minutes.  There's plenty to watch before that start, however. Enjoy.

Video streaming by Ustream
The panel continues here:

Video streaming by UstreamAlso, from Give Autism a Chance: Our amazing #GAAC live stream was produced by Light Strike Productions in association with Blind Monk Productions. Huge thanks to Jeremy and Roderick for a top notch production. Videos are still available for viewing at
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Thank you to all of the panelists for keeping up the fight. Our family is so grateful.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for making video of the conference available. Thank you to all the panelists for much needed advocacy!

Roger Kulp

I can tell you what is said at 53:09 in the three hour panel video about medical emergencies,and sicknesses as a whole not being treated because you had an autism diagnosis was true 30,40 years ago.It's nothing new.I am sure most of you know I was 49 years old,in 2009,before my medical problems were looked at seriously,and identified.

Susan Lee

Toxins disrupt normal development in humans. Under the current CDC immunization schedule, vaccines are one of the biggest source of toxic exposure to infants in the U.S. They are not safe and are not effective. Vaccines are one of the biggest medical scams. A vaccinated person can be an asymptomatic carrier of infectious disease and increase the spread of that disease. Evidence of corruption, fraud and malfeasance continues to grow in vaccine compensation and policymaking. Instead of vaccination, parents need to educate themselves about ways to combat infectious disease by methods that are not reliant on the pharmaceutical industry (i.e., holistic nutrition, adequate sleep, good hygiene, vitamins, supplements, homeopathy, etc.).

Tony Bateson

If an unvaccinated child develops autism I believe that is an important medical research question that would of course instantly be followed up if it was accepted that vaccines cause autism. However it has to be first determined whether the child's mother had AntiD or RhoGam during her pregnancy- both contained Thimerosal. Or in the case of one mother I know of she had dental amalgam treatment in the early weeks of pregnancy - and the child did have a Vitamin K injection in the first 24 hours after birth.

Tony Bateson, Oxford UK

Great article
A news person actually questioning the holy vaccination policy.


Watch Rolf Hazlehurst at the end of the first video at 02:44...AWESOME!!! Then go to the second video at 00:30 minutes. Please call Congressman Issa's office 202-225-3906 or 202-225-5074 and politely tell the receptionist that you want the Oversight and Government Reform hearings into the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which was promised by Congressman Issa, and that you want Rolf Hazlehurst to testify.


Answer to my child was not vaccinated and still developed autism

Is to ask the MOther or Father if they were vaccinated.

Cause their immune system was long taught by vaccines how to behave in an inflammatory way.

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