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To Regressive Autism Denialist Paul Offit: "Not Born With It"

OffitManaging Editor's Note:  We have no idea how Dr. Offit is getting away with his statement that regressive autism does not exist.   In fact, The DSM-V revision pays close attention to regressive autism - and includes the following: During the ensuing discussion, it was pointed out that regression may be a more common feature of autism than was previously thought with some prospective studies indicating that a loss of skills is the rule rather than the exception. In regressive autism, the skills are lost in the second year of life, while in “early onset” autism, skills are lost in the first year of life.   To deny the very children who now make up Dr. Offit's livelihood as an "autism expert" (sorry about the beverage you just snorted across your keyboard or Smart phone...) is one of Dr. Offit's more callous and disconnected statements to date. He has no concept of our children. They are merely arms and legs with which to alter an immune system for profit.

By Cathy Jameson

When you have autism, you are born with autism. There is no changing that…”-Dr. Paul Offit We are here

After hearing that statement, it was important to repost this piece.  May it be a reminder to those who haven’t gotten the memo, and for those who refuse to read it, that yes, regressive autism does exist. 

This post is dedicated to my friends’ children who have regressed into autism.


I used to love the month of April.  Spring.  Flowers.  Sunshine.   Warmth.  My birthday.  Yes, April was always a fun time for me.   Now, I really can’t wait for it to be over.  The autism “awareness” that takes over, the “new” autism numbers, the blue lights, the ridiculous autism studies that raise no alarms but blame autism yet again just Mom (or Dad’s) fault. With the 2014 numbers now 1 in 68, I’m done with April, and I’m done with “awareness”.    

We have half the month to still get through though.  What’s a dedicated mom to do?  Scream?  Give up?  Give in?  Walk away?  A few weeks still linger in the month that now seems to take the longest to end.  I have few days left to avoid the blue light special some big organization, I mean business wants to shine in my eyes blinding me with awareness while attempting to deflect the truth.   Yep, I am ready to usher April right out the front door because May is around the corner.  And, you know what May means?  Well, actually it means nothing. 

Autism will still be here, numbers will still be high and people will still need services that are unattainable.  When we flip our calendar page to May I’m sure it’ll be back to the regularly scheduled autism hum drum diagnosis that just happens to happen with no mention of vaccines being remotely part of the national crisis that autism has become.  But, who am I to have any sort of opinion when I counter the autism awareness campaign asking for autism action instead?  I’m just seen as one of those anti-vax nutcases that the media and pro-vaccine internet bots love to hate.

I don’t like to be so negative, but no day is a good day for just awareness.  In order to shake the negativity that creeps in this time of year, I decided to create my own agenda to step up the autism “awareness” effort within my circle of friends and family.  I posted my own “NOT born with it” campaign after viewing a video of children who were also NOT born with it.  It’s was a beautiful tribute to hundreds of children who were developing typically but later received an autism diagnosis.  Parents of these children concluded that many of their “NOT born with it” making a point to state that their children were adversely affected by their vaccines. 

I wanted to showcase my child’s picture too to those who follow my son’s story personally.  My campaign included photos as well with the idea was to share pictures of Ronan from birth to present day.  In the baby pictures is a cheery, happy, chubby, absolutely adorable typical baby.  With each additional picture one can clearly see that my son’s facial expression changed.  His regression is documented in each picture as is the progression of parts of Ronan’s life that have him looking like a lifeless, distant, sensory defensive, neurologically challenged, dependent child.  Because on some days, he is exactly that. 

Why do this?  To torture myself with the reminders with what I had, with what could have been or with what should have been?  No.  I did it for one reason:  because Ronan was NOT born with it.  Autism regression is real.  It exists.  It is something parents need to understand can happen.

As hard as it was to add picture after picture noting the physical changes while remembering the cognitive delays and stagnation, I created the picture timeline and commentary to say that I should have known more but didn’t.  I did it to point out that much of what happened to Ronan could have been prevented.  I also did it because I wanted people to know that when they discount vaccine injury, they discount my child.  I posted it to friends and family praying that this never happens to another child again. 

I know some people don’t want to admit that they know regression can happen because of vaccines.  But it does.  Here is one child’s autism regression seen in a series of pictures:

Check out that smile, the eye contact and the total cuteness.

NOT born with it.


One of my favorites.

NOT born with it.


Making smiley smiles and babbly babbles.

NOT born with it.


I love this picture.  Look at the happy.  Look at it!

NOT born with it. 


Mommy’s got her Revolution on for you!

NOT born with it.



Simply beautiful!

NOT born with it.


Ronan with his favorite  Aunt 

NOT born with it.


Tub-a-lub photo of Ronan – so happy!

NOT born with it.


Ronan Baby Bear Cub Jameson

NOT born with it.


Exploring. Playing. Making contact.

NOT born with it.


Cute bath time Buddy.

NOT born with it.


Being a ham for the camera.

NOT born with it.

So dang cute!  He was interactive, babbling, playing…

and so NOT born with it.

(P.S. That's a wig we put on Ronan...silly little boy)


 And, so it begins…

The brightness in the eyes dim. The sensory issues creep in.

The 'What the what?!' thoughts...

NOT born with it.


Cute kid. Cute picture, right? Well that cute kid couldn't walk. He couldn't walk until he was almost 30 months old. That's kinda old in baby years.  We questioned why at 13 months. We asked again at 15 months. And 18 months.  And 20 months. And finally at 22 months of age someone listened to us. You wonder why I'm so anal about telling people to educate before they vaccinate and to do so long before walking into a "well-baby" visit, it’s because sometimes Mom and Dad just know. They know something is wrong before anyone else wants to admit there it.  

NOT born with it.  

Something else started it...


...and with the something that caused it...came the

sensory issues...which Ronan battles to this day.

NOT born with it.


As Ronan’s little brother (at the top of the slide) passes and soars faster with his developmental skills (http://www.ageofautism.com/2012/04/fool-me-once.html) Ronan stagnates. That far-away look in Ronan's eyes?  It was more like a dimmer switch slowly taking away skill after skill after skill. We will not quit.  We will not give up.  We give Ronan everything we possibly can always hoping he can work toward independence, a chance to grow and always a hope to return to typical.  

NOT born with it.


That stare. Those eyes. The distance from developmentally capable to a severe expressive speech disorder, auditory and tactile defensiveness, global developmental delays, seizures and more. He is so fragile, and we are so scared.  Ronan is worth every effort we can muster and every ounce of love we send his way.  

NOT born with it.


Post-op. After chasing the right diagnosis for three year, because we knew he was not born with it - and because one doctor should have listened but refused, because we had to ask repeatedly for the next doctors to please address what the first one should have known - we were finally heard. Mitochondrial disease is now added to the list of Ronan's other diagnoses. Mito, a devastating, debilitating, potentially life-threatening with no cure disease.  

NOT born with it.


Sleep. Oh, sleep, how we long for sleep. Ronan has had some serious sleep issues. He'd wake up in the middle of the night and kick his crib headboard for up to two hours. He'd fall back asleep for an hour or two and then kick the headboard again all the while laughing manically. NO way is that normal. NO way. But, "He'd grow out of it" was what we were told.  But he didn’t. So I turned into an investigative researcher and discovered milk and dairy were one of the culprit. Ronan was drinking a lot of milk. A LOT. When he started to hurl the milk, spewing it after every bottle digestive enzymes and an elimination diet were the start of his biomedical journey. I'll never forget that food connection and the feeling of exhilaration that I could help make things better for my son.  Sleep is still not a guarantee, but better digestive health, lots of therapy and even more encouragement with tons of extra hugs and love remind Ronan that we will do this together.  

NOT born with it.


Low tone. You can see it in Ronan's face. He is happy at this moment...he figured out how to scoot on the skate board. He looked up when I said, "Hey, Ronan! Smile!" Add low tone to the other issues: developmental delays, fine motor and gross motor delays, sensory processing disorder, severe expressive speech delay, apraxia, dysphagia, exotropia, autistic-like behaviors, seizures, mitochondrial disease....he didn’t have those diagnoses at birth, but now we're rolling in more diagnoses than ever.  

NOT born with it.


Ronan.  Beautiful boy.   Beautiful soul.  You are a hero, an inspiration, a wonderful child.  We still have a long road ahead of us.  Give me hope and energy to continue to go forward today and always.  I love you so much.  xoxo, Mommy.  

NOT born with it.

I know Ronan’s photos made a difference to the people I originally shared them with and when this post went up last year.  Some people finally understand the vaccine-autism connection and sent me a question offline asking for more information to further investigate the subject.  Other people reacted emotionally and showed great respect for my efforts to simply inform others of how difficult life has been for Ronan and offered assistance should my family need it.  The photos opened the eyes of some of the friends and family in my circle who hadn’t yet heard all of Ronan’s story.  I am grateful that for, but with how the mainstream media continues to berate parents like me for suggesting an autism vaccine link, many doubt that link really does exist.  With that doubt, they are likely to dismiss that an autism regression is possible.  I’ve recently learned that some people take offense to autism regression as well stating that they were in fact “born this way” and to suggest otherwise is incorrect.  That may be so, but it isn’t the case for Ronan.  Or for other children like him.

After the blue lights are turned off and when the public focuses their efforts on a different charity next, autism will still be here.  Awareness will be surely lauded but will not have reduced the autism numbers.  Children who have regressed like Ronan will still not be able to talk.  They will still not be able to go to the bathroom on their own.  They will still be prone to wander.  They will still need to be watched and attended to 24/7.  So, no, as much as I loathe what April’s turned into, now’s not the time to quit. 

Now’s the time to roll up my sleeves, to get back in the game and to do more than what others have promised they said they’d do but haven’t.  I won’t quit because every day I get the chance to say one more thing.  I get the chance to speak up.  I get to talk about Ronan, about autism and vaccines, and about autism regression that our children’s baby pictures so perfectly showcase.  

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Clearly there is an effort to control the message about autism in the mainstream media away from environmental causation and toward genes/ born with it. Even though we know it is bunk, Offit and his minions are desperately trying to spin autism as soley genetic. I do not think this genetics/ born with it push is all motivated over concerns about vaccine injury liability afterall drug companies have immunity from lawsuits that issue has already been taking care of.

I think there is a bigger agenda that being genetic cleansing. Once they convince the public that "autism is genetic", they will (and are now) use fear of autism to market reproductive technologies. This is another reason to make people aware, very aware of autism - to sell reproductive technologies.

If they succeed in brainwashing the public, this will lay the groundwork for pushing genetic screening of prospective parents for autism risk. Demand for PGD, IVF and third pary DNA donation will grow. The goal is to clean the gene pool, improve the oveall health of the human population and rid the gene pool of autism and other mitochondrial related conditions that they feel hold makind back. Encourage the most fit to survive. That is the master plan and come hell or highwater, they are sticking to it.

If anyone doubts think about how often the gene-autism message is reported and how environmental links are downplayed or vaguely referred too.

Offit is just a media puppet in what amount to mass genocide with the goal of creating a healthier more fit human race.


My husband was 34 when he suffered his vaccine reaction.
He was already grown, developed, earned his BS in chemistry, was very successful in his field, had a family with two kids, a wife, had a farm on the side inspite of putting in 14 to 16 hours a day in - at his work place.

Can you imagine a small baby - not yet grown what could happen to them.

No such thing as regression. Offit makes us so mad - we as honest people have a hard time understanding human beings like him that lies that harm others - so terribly.

That is why we have Prophecies about the end of the world, there will be a separation of such people from the rest of us - cause it is the only thing that makes sense?????

Unless Offit is brain damaged himself from taking all his vaccines, and really thinks that ?????
Not in touch of reality ????

Martha Moyer

It may be that most individuals with autism were not born with it according to the parents. Maybe my son is unusual but he WAS BORN WITH AUTISM. He never was OK and regressed. Like I have said before, I believe we will eventually look at different subsets of autism.



If he didn't regress into it, then how come he was able to recover from it?

Please enjoy my flipagram, a trailer for the full recovery story video coming soon!

Proof that my hero was NOT BORN WITH IT:
Inspiration for the like minded folks!!!
Evidence for the proffit minded folks!!!



If he didn't regress into it, then how come he was able to recover from it?

Proof that my hero was NOT BORN WITH IT:
Inspiration for the like minded folks!!!
Evidence for the proffit minded folks!!!

Please enjoy my flipagram, a trailer for the full recovery story video coming soon! :-)


Christina Waldman

Cathy, thank you for posting the pictures of your son. I didn't want to see the ones where he regressed, but I made myself. Get well, Ronan.

Roger Kulp

I am like a lot of older parents you see post here at AoA.Parents who had kids diagnosed with autism 40,50 years ago,from genetic disorders.We can see a lot of similarities to the kids being diagnosed today,but,numbers aside,there is something that is different about the autism of the 21st Century.Something we can't quite put our fingers on.Something that the "increased awareness" crowd is missing.I only wish there were more doctors like Bernie Rimland around who treated autism back in the day.


Hi Roger,
Thanks very much for the info; I'm going to read through it all!

One thing though, in which my son is different from vaccine injured children, while learning any skill, whether physical or mental, takes a great deal of repetition ( and repetition and repetition) he has NEVER regressed ( which I use to mean losing a skill, physical, mental or emotional, that he had previously acquired.) When he acquires a skill, often slowly and after a long time, he keeps it.

I have known another child in comparison, who had obvious loss of skills every time he was vaccinated, until he reached the point where he was in the hospital having even lost the ability to walk.
( The family were blue collar workers, the doctors bullied them into continuing the vaccines, even though they got to the point where they told the family he would have to be hospitalized to receive them, because vaccines were "so important" Apparently the kids ability to walk or talk, was not in that case considered by them to be "so important".)

Thanks again for the Pandas stuff,; lots of reading to do. We do have lots of autoimmune stuff in our family history...


I have no idea. The article said that almost 1 in 4 pregnant women on Medicaid (women who are not wealthy) are prescribed narcotics, stuff like "Oxycontin, Vicodin and Percocet". If a pregnant woman took these without a prescription, she'd likely lose custody of the child at birth for exposing it to controlled drugs. But since it's prescribed that makes it ok? Then the article seems to place the responsibility solely on the mothers, saying that since many women wouldn't drink coffee during pregnancy, it's hard to understand how they'd take narcotics. But, you know, they can't take narcotics without a prescription and they can't get a prescription without a doctor writing it, which means that medical doctors are RECOMMENDING, ORDERING that pregnant women take narcotic drugs during pregnancy. It doesn't get more serious than this. I'd really like to know what is going on.

There may be rare circumstances when a pregnant mother does need narcotics, as in if she were to be injured in an accident, or require surgery, or some other unusual circumstance, but 1 in 4? Is it possible that this generation of women is in such poor health that so many suffer from chronic pain requiring narcotics? Is this related to addiction? We need to find out.

Instead of taking marching orders from the likes of Paul Offit, I really wish that journalists would wake up and start doing their job.


Roger; I made a mistake my husband was 34 years old at the time - not 32 when he had his last DPT reaction.

It took him a year to finally find his way to Emory Clinic and be tested for a second time for a mitochondria disease with a muscle biopsy . The first time he went to Louisville, Kentucky and even though they rushed the muscle biopsy down to Emory but it was not fresh enough.

After the last DPT shot we also found that he occasionally suffered from low oxygen levels in his blood. -- . His job sent him up to Ohio to check out a piece of machinery for his company. It turned out to be a brutal day - he could not sit down, had to walk a lot running the machine. He drove himself to the hospital.

The ER room thought with such low oxygen that he had a blood clot in his lungs and put him in the hospital for a couple of days -- they found nothing, and he was released. .

It sounds like vasculititis again to me.

Low oxygen levels has been an on going problem. Gluten free does help.

He still has periphery nerve damage and muscle wasting, sleep disturbed -as well as myclonic jerks at times.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To John Stone, That is a great point- After all, how long can you go on saying its Simply a Coincidence ! (cue the cute music)
To go further, I would say also that one reason we cant get people who have little experience with autism to get interested in this topic is that they think autism is genetic and there is nothing you can do about it. Notice also, how they are now moving from Genetic to "Starts before birth" Who ARE the people who develop these strategies.? I mean they are really talented.
We need their names and photos for the museum of autism.


Roger; I thought PANDAs was just a strep infection that affected the brain esp causing a mental illness like OCD just like it can also effect the heart valves??

Roger - my husband has an acquried mitochondria disease.
He had numerous tick shots as he work for a Forest Service Surveying team in his late teens and early 20s. Lots of tick shots as well as lots of tetanus vaccines.

His first reaction was from a DPT shot he receive at work wasa night long seizure when he was 28 - he seemed to be fine after that - got over it; untill he had yet another tetanus shot (DPT) at 32 - he did not have seizures this time or any violent reaction. This time it was different. Three weeks after the shot all his muscles esp his legs begin to ache and although he was still strong, he became exercise intolerant - wore out quickly, became highly nervous - and his heart would some time race out of control.

There is a lot going on we don't understand.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Beth- Great comment and
To Linda- What on earth are they being prescribed pain killers for ?
The best reply to Paul Offit (and his ilk) has been spoken by Dr. Boyd Haley ,:
"You should be ashamed of yourselves- History is going to come and get you "
Engrave it in stone

Roger Kulp

Thank you all for your replies.

What you are describing is classic PANDAS or PANS.Lyme induced autism is now shown to be a type of PANS.If your son has not,he ought to have tests for PANDAS.



I have been found to have one of the many types of cerebral folate deficiency syndrome.There are at least four different main subtypes of CFD.

Mitochondrial Disease
Nonmitochndrial Inherited Metabolic Disorders,what I have.
Angelman Syndrome or other chromosomal syndromes.

MTHFR is one of the mutations all these groups have in common.I know I have Severe 5-MTHF Deficiency,with Methylmalonic Acidemia,and homocystinuria that would be severe enough to be picked up by newborn screening in a baby today.


I have multiple folate/methylation mutations,and we think I have FOLR1 related CFD too.


The PANDAS/PANS group of CFD has not been mentioned in the medical literature as far as I know,but there are families in our CFD and FRA Facebook group that have both.This was how I learned of it.

CFD is one of the few types of autism,where you have both genetic markers,and equally important markers that show up after birth,the folate receptor autoantibodies.These show up between the first week of life,and six years of age.I wonder if the FRAs don't show up,when you have your first regression.For me that would have been at six months,after a case of acute meningitis with non TB pneumopathy.But the science on this is all too new to connect regregession with FRAs.

But CFD and FRAs are for those with both a serious medical diagnosis besides autism,and one that matches a family medical history.This includes PANDAS/PANS,that has been shown to be in families with a certain type of history of autoimmune or mental health problems.


This now famous article sums up metabolic regressions pretty well.You can substitute metabolic for mitochondrial.


Our results indicate diverse and complex developmental, neurological, and medical phenotypes of persons with mitochondrial autism, nearly all of which differ from those of patients with idiopathic ASD.Although many children with ASD exhibit some degree of hypotonia, most attain their early gross motor milestones on time.In contrast, 64% of our patients were delayed in attaining early developmental milestones and 32% were five or more standard deviations later than the mean in walking independently.In addition, although regression has been reported to occur in approximately one third of autistic children, typically before age three years ,40% of our patients demonstrated unusual patterns of regression–either

    repeated regressions, regressions involving losses of gross motor function, and/or regressions after age three years.

Benedetta,your comment was especially helpful.I am learning there is a very different type of regressive autism that has emerged since the 1990s that is very different from the classical regressive autism seen in inborn metabolic diseases.This is what doctors are having a hard time trying to grasp.I don't think that anybody has made this distinction before,and it may be the most important point of all.This is what we need to stress,and find away to get doctors to listen to.And I do think that epigenetic changes from toxins children,and their parents were exposed to in the womb would play a big part in creating something this big.

The vaccine safety movement has been very good at scaring people,but that has not helped vaccine damaged kids any.We need to find a way to change the way we do things to help what is going on a second generation of kids,because what we have been doing the last fifteen years hasn't worked.

John Slonina

That statement from the very man brought up on conflict of interest charges!


Public health officials and billion dollar profit pharma companies are re-writing the script of autism and it looks like this:

1) Discover inadvertent mass poisoning of a generation of children via vaccines. (see Simpsonwood)
2) Protect profits and "public health" with high vaccine uptake at all costs (bury Simpsonwood)
3) slowly decrease the post-partum poisonings (reduce mercury in vaccines given to infants and children)
4) slowly increase the pregnancy poisonings (increase mercury-laden flu shots given to pregnant moms to be)
5) create less regressive autism
6) create environment for earlier induction of autism
5) change the public perception from autism mysteriously creeps up on kids in the 2nd year of life to autism is prenatal
6) voila! autism happens in utero so vaccines are blameless...while industry tries to make them safe...but that's right they are "unavoidably unsafe"

Dishonest medicine. Hate everything about it.

HHS, NIH, AAP, IAAC all hate boys

Can Paul Offit back that statement up scientifically??? Not even close. There are no scientific studies that could back that claim and Paul Offit damn welled knows it.


Although my son's regressions were more mild and insidious I have a simulate photo album of before and after the regressions (plural). I find it suspicious that PrOffit is weighing in on the etiology of autism or the existence of regressive autism. Why is anyone quoting is opinion? Does he evaluate and treat autistic children? I understood that he has never seen an autistic patient and has no training in the field. So from where does he draw his 'expert opinion' on the disorder?


Hi Roger;
Its strange; my son has exactly the opposite reaction to the one you describe, to a fever. When he gets a fever , he seems to be able to think much clearer; in fact if he has a slight cold and fever he does so much better at math and learning new things. And sometimes the improvement seems to stay after the fever is over.
Somehow a fever seems to help his brain make connections much easier.

I don't know why, but have heard of others describing a fever helping their child also.

But my son was born with his condition; ( agenesis of the corpus callosum and other issues), so he has never regressed.
He does easily get exhausted from physical exercise, and can get sick from pushing himself too hard, doing things other kids can easily take in their stride. I sometimes suspect the exhaustion and illness from exercise may be a sign of a mitochondrial issue, since our nuclear family all have MTHFR mutations.
Don't know if any of this helps at all, but hoped it might be helpful to add more in answer to your question about the different effects of fevers.

Not an MD

Cia, I think they push the Hep B shot at birth to condition the parents of newborns to accept vaccinations at the earliest possible opportunity. They want all new parents to fear diseases that their children may or may not ever experience, vaccinated or not, over the entire lifetime of their child from day one. As they say, "Fear sells."

If a parent will agree to vaccinate their newborn in the birthing hospital, they will be far more likely to vaccinate their child until adulthood thanks to this day one indoctrination.

tabitha bernhardt

I have a well child visit in a couple of days. My daughter is 3 1\2 and she has had no vaccinations as of yet. We never bothered with the well baby visits and I was a little insecure about this doctor's visit. Your post reinforces my stance on still not starting to vaccinate her.. The thought of losing her vitality scares me.

I have mild concerns on my 11 year old son on the dtap and chicken pox shots.

It sucks that you have this story to tell but keep telling it in hopes that you can keep the story from happening over and over To other children.

Keep it up Mama.


"Steep rise in narcotic painkiller prescriptions for pregnant women

A growing number of pregnant women in the United States are being prescribed powerful narcotic painkillers, even though little is known about the risks to a developing fetus.

The number of Medicaid-enrolled pregnant women who filled a prescription for such drugs rose from 18.5 percent in 2000 to nearly 23 percent in 2007, according to a study published last week in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, The New York Times reported..."

Maybe this is why some are "born with it". Is the medical profession completely insane? THIS is American prenatal care? NARCOTICS? What is going on?


John Stone

Why would Offit wish to deny the existence of regressive autism unless he linked it to vaccination?

cia parker

Does anyone know? Boyd Haley says there's nothing better than mercury to cause mito disorder. How often are children born with this disorder, and how often is it caused by vaccines? And does anyone know if the MMR causes autism even if the child has not gotten any previous mercury-containing shots? Autism can be caused by vaccine encephalitis as well as by mercury: the children described in the book The Age of Autism (who were dumped in Bedlam Insane Asylum) who reacted to the smallpox vaccine by losing their language and, basically, their minds, had not received any mercury in the vaccine. Does the fever only potentiate autism if there is stored mercury from vaccines, or can it also do so if the brain has been damaged by vaccine encephalitis? The Age of Autism described magistrally how fever can potentiate the stored mercury (which is what caused my MS). How is autism caused just by encephalitis different from that caused by mercury?

cia parker

They also get a bonus for complete hep-B vaccine compliance, and I'm sure it helps to get compliance if they don't bother to ask permission first.


For my kids after my son had three vaccine reactions and my daughter had two
They had reoccurring atypical Kaswaski disease.
Right after vaccines for a long time it was almost like clock work -- every month
They started feeling bad, stomach hurt, skin turned a pink blush, ran high fevers, had head ache, liked dark rooms.

As years passed the further they got away from the vaccine event the further apart these incidents occurred.

One thing about it though when they came down with this -- I am pretty sure that it weakened their immune systems and they would some times soon after come down with a secondary infection of strep mostly - or pneumoia, and if it was a cold or flu they did seem to be sicker and sicker longer than was normal.

Joy B

cia I've always thought that about HepB at birth, it's one of the first things that dawned on me, as a caregiver, when I began reading about all of this. It's the perfect remedy for the scientific and legal bugbear of regressive autism. My best friend's son born in 2010 was never 'right', never latched on, dull affect throughout infancy, oral and proprioceptive issues very early too. The stims and really visible stuff then arrived in waves after each well-baby visits, which are so frequent and evenly spaced out that it's impossible to pin the blame on any particular visit(vaccine).

So no one can say 'when' he started his decline because it was DAY ONE, i.e., 'Born With It'. His twin sister is neurotypical, slightly precocious, with slight(my own observation, not by any means a serious issue) anxiety.


I think it's part that they have a captive customer, and part that they want to get that money as soon as they can. Why wait when you can cash in on day one?

Betty Bona

I don't think we can answer your question for children in this day and age. There are so many known ways to medically support children on the spectrum, and many mothers who have watched a regression into autism are well versed in them. We watch for signs of regression, especially after an illness, and get on the internet, pow-wow with friends, talk to our alternative docs, and figure medical supports to try. I and many of my friends have seen further regressions, but mostly not as bad as yours seem to have been, and often we regain lost ground in a short time. The most common second regressions I have heard about are the result of further vaccinations after an initial regression, frequently in folks who had not yet realized the benefit of medical supports or the dangers of vaccinations in susceptible kids. Your mother was on her own with no internet, no group of friends or alternative scientific community to go to for support. It sounds like she was amazing!

Not surprised

Someone else might answer better but it seems that some parents connect the dots soon enough that they stop vaccinating. Most vaccines are done by 4 on the schedule anyways until maybe a booster in teens.

cia parker

And all those babies who are given the hep-B vax at birth, often without permission, who react with encephalitis and develop autism from the brain damage, were not born with it either. Sometimes I wonder if they decided on the vax them on the first day after they're born program in part because they're there and they can jab them out of the sight of the parents, and also so they can say when the child later misses all of his (or in my case, her) language milestones, See, she was born with it.

Roger Kulp

Since I am the first comment here,I will ask a question again that I have yet to get a real answer to.

Kids who regress after vaccines do eventually get sick again with fevers and infections.

Do these kids who regressed after vaccines regress again when they are older and get another fever,or do they just regress once after the vaccines?

That is all I want to know,and I think a lot of doctors might ask the same thing.

Some parents may not be aware that kids with genuine mitochondrial disease,or inborn metabolic deficiencies,will regress after a fever,usually in the fist year,but they go on to have multiple regressions the rest of their lives,if their underlying mitochondrial/metabolic disease is not treated.Regressions in you teens,20s,30s,etc.

So could somebody please answer this for me once and for all?

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