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The List of Really Bad People Who Must Be Stopped Because They're Like the Worst Person in the World Since Adolf Hitler

The-Great-Dictator-WWII-Movie-starring-Charlie-ChaplinBy Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I know that readership in the mainstream media has declined over the past several years because people have lots of other choices and so many times it seems like the media is being bought and paid for by some industry that isn't really interested in telling you the truth.  

So just in case you haven't been reading the popular press all that much, I thought I'd compile the current enemy list of all right-thinking people so you'd have it in a single place.  It just makes hating people so much easier when you don't get confused about the identity of the bad guys.

1.  Dr. Andrew Wakefield - Okay, let's all pile on him first.  I mean, so he was a top scientist in the Andy Austin field of gastroenterology and he did respond to parent complaints that their children regressed after a MMR vaccination and had gastrontestinal problems.  Like any good supervillian, he went looking for the source of the gastrointestinal problems and found the measles virus in the gut of these children several years after it should have cleared their system, and was brazen enough to say the findings called for additional research.  That's what good scientists are supposed to do when they find something which might help people, right?  Instead, Wakefield was attacked and found guilty of "conspiracy" with another gastroenertologist who had retired years earlier.  However, that other doctor was able to get the insurance company to fight the verdict handed down by the British Medical Council and be exonerated.  So, even though now the gastrointestinal problems of children with autism are widely accepted, Wakefield remains probably the only man on the planet guilty of a conspiracy with himself.  You have to be a major-league supervillain to pull off that feat.

Jenny The View2.  Jenny McCarthy - Jenny was an actress, a best-selling author of humorous books, and yes, she did have a rocking body that was hot enough to land her in the pages of Playboy magazine.  Then she had a child who developed autism after a vaccination, and she was able to recover him, a supposed impossibility.  When she talked about what had happened to her son, she was attacked as if she was, well, an NBA owner who made racially insensitive remarks.  Okay, let's put her on the hate list.

3.  Dr. Bernadine Healy - Healy may not have had a rocking body, but she had a rocking mind.  It Bernadine healy lab coatwas good enough to make her the first female head of the National Institutes of Health, where she started the Human Genome Project.  Oh, and after that little stint, she headed that crypto-fascist organization, a.k.a.  the Red Cross, and was a columnist for U. S. News and World Report.  She thought it was important to study subgroups of people who received vaccinations because some might be more vulnerable to side-effects than others.  What?!?  Some medical interventions might have different effects on different people and should be studied?!?  Next, she'll be saying the world is flat and we're going to sail off the edge.

Sharyl A4.  Sharyl Attkisson - For those Neanderthals who think the leaders of our country need to answer serious questions from reporters, like what happened to our ambassador in Benghazi, the IRS scandal, or Fast and Furious, this is your poster girl.  But wait, this former top CBS investigative journalist also pursued embarassing stories that the Bush administration didn't like.  I'm starting to have a thought here, but it needs time to develop.  Maybe . . . just maybe . . .  in a free society, the press should act as a check on whichever party is in power.  Sharyl's crime?  She interviewed Dr. Bernadine Healy, the former head of the National Institutes of Health, asked whether vaccines had been thoroughly studied, and reported Dr. Healy's response that they had not.  Oh, and for those keeping score at home, that happened at the end of the Bush years.

5.  Rob Schneider - Here's another funny actor, but he's dangerous too, because he also worries Rob Schneiderthat vaccines might be hurting children.  We need to crush him like a grape!  Okay, maybe they should just keep him locked up so he doesn't lead good people astray, and let him out only when he does those movies with Adam Sandler because they're so damn funny.  (I'm not sure, does that mean Adam Sandler should be on the list, too?)

Katie couric6.  Katie Couric - Well she did anchor the CBS Evening News and was known for going after people like the first President Bush, but when she did stories on the harm that the Gardasil vaccine might be causing in young girls, well, that was it.  We need to turn our backs on her and shun her like a bunch of mean girls.

7.  Dr. Luc Montaigner - Okay, well he did have some success a few years back Luc Montagnier when he was the first to identify the HIV retrovirus that caused all those deaths in that thing known as the AIDS epidemic, blah, blah, blah, and he did win the Nobel Prize in Medicine rather than that nasty Dr. Robert Gallo, but that only earns him a very short leash.  Let him actually listen to parents about what happened to their child after a vaccination, and try to come up with a therapy which helps them, and well, if only we could get that Nobel Prize back from that soft-headed sentimentalist.  Does anybody have the phone number or e-mail for the Nobel Prize Committee?  I wonder if they have a suggestion box?

Quinn headshot8.  Aidan Quinn - All right so he's not a funny actor, just incredibly good-looking with those soulful Irish eyes, and he's also got a kid with autism who regressed after a vaccination.  That makes him a bad man.  A very bad man.  Maybe real handsome, but again, a very bad man.

9.  Alicia Silverstone - Another actor, but this time not one with a child who Alicia silverstoneactually has autism.  But because of what other people had written and talked about, she decided to do her own research on vaccinations before having children.  And she didn't like what she read.  (Funny thing - The CDC reports that those most likely to alter or skip the vaccination schedule are those who do the most amount of research about vaccines.  In less controverrsial times, that's known as being a responsible, well-informed citizen.)   After all that research on her own, Silverstone went out and  wrote her own book about how to raise healthy children.  I bet her children won't have the auto-immune or behavioral problems which seem to plague the rest of the population.

Mayim10.  Mayim Bialik - The knock against most actors  in this discussion is that they're not scientists, but this Big Bang Theory actress  is one.  She's got a Ph.D. in neuroscience and from what she's read, she's very wary of vaccines.

The thing about making lists of people you're not supposed to like is that eventually that list gets very big, and the list of people who still support you gets very small.

It reminds me of that great quote by the German pastor Martin Niemoller, which I've slightly modified for our current discussion.

First they came for Wakefield and I didn't speak out because I wasn't an English gastroenterologist:

Then they came for the scientists, like Healy and Montaigner, but I didn't speak out because I'd never headed the National Institutes of Health, or won a Nobel Prize.

Then they came for the honest reporters, like Attkisson and Couric, and I didn't speak out because I didn't want to know about current government wrongdoing since I voted for that guy, or I never liked that reporter because she went after that other guy a few years ago.

Then they came for the actors, like Jenny McCarthy, Aidan Quinn, Rob Schneider, Alicia Silverstone, and Mayim Bialik, and I didn't speak out because I'd never posed in Playboy, been in a great movie with Brad Pitt or made people laugh in a successful film or television show, and I certainly didn't have a Ph.D. in neuroscience.

Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak out for me.

I hope you're clear now on the real enemies.

Kent Heckenlively is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism



correlation and causation - should never be considered even if you bring you Babe in and report two reactions and it has a sister to boot that reacted too.

It was not long after Columbus returned - that Italy was invaded by the French army for some reason and was the winning army. I could be wrong for - European history is so - well never a dull moment --

But it did become known as the The French Disesase for a reason.

cia parker

Thanks, Benedetta, I will enjoy the article! But he may have a point, since correlation never ever means causation, the fact that syphilis only hit Europe in the 1490s and spread wildly and universally in just a few years certainly had nothing at all to do with Columbus.


Cia Parker
Dr. Stevens was right -- 10 years ago -but now they have changed it back to probably started in South America.

They were looking at bones in old tombs in Europe and apparently there are several types of syphilis that is not transmitted by sex. Then they started looking at the DNA and the South American kind is closer. Although there are plenty of other types of syphilis around the world and in African apes to keep them busy for now on.

here is the article -- From Feb of this year 2014 Enjoy


John Stone; Well if it came from the actual Columbus what an honor then. Thanks for the chuckle.

Really though I bet it came from the Raping Vikings and those Scottish Free Masons - coming in early on a wood row boat - all a great plan to infect the Italians when they finally got to the New World. So it might be traced back to Eric the Red or Macbeth.

John Stone


You remind me that Dr Pangloss, who perpetually averred that he lived in 'the best of all possible worlds', in Voltaire's 'Candide' was absolutely delighted that he could trace his dose of syphilis right back to Columbus himself - now there's putting a brave face on things!

Victor Cruz

The fact there is a continual hate campaign against the TRUTH about vaccines, shows how scared so many people are about the truth. It's a reality that there are SOME people who have bad reactions to some vaccines. For goodness sakes, why wouldn't the medical community want to know WHY so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones!!!????? Something aint' right here!!

cia parker

Laura Hayes,
Your comment about their increasing desperation made me laugh. Dr. Michael Stevens evidently has it as his assignment to try to discredit every word I say, even on topics not related to vaccines. Yesterday I commented about the American Indians having no defenses against any contagious diseases because, according to the genius (seriously) Jared Diamond they had no domestic animals they lived in close proximity with, the way the Europeans did, and all the major diseases made the species leap to humans. I said with the exception of syphilis, which came from Indians in the Caribbean, who gave it to Columbus' sailors, who took it back to Europe. I was about to say something flippant about Served them right, but it was so horrible for so many hundreds of thousands, that although it certainly served Columbus' sailors right, it caused a lot of undeserved suffering. Anyway, Dr. Mike immediately comes back with That's not true, syphilis originated in Europe. So there. I read Pox, too, and in my opinion and that of many others, it came from the Caribbean. It made me laugh that he thinks he can take me out by trying to obnoxiously discredit my opinion on the origin of syphilis. Reeks of desperation.


Zed; Nothing like getting an award for ??? Global Health?
Globe - could mean she is saving the planed from human lice.

Chelsea Clinton -- is that "Thee" Chelsea Clinton - they are giving her an award too.

She will soon be a new mother - I heard.

Mary Maxwell going over to your PFD file now.


And lest we forget the true heroes of vaccinology:


Candyce Estave

Great piece!!! Many thanks to our villains!

Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Dear Kent, the phone number for the Nobel Prize Committee is Pennsylvania 6 -5000.
By the way, I have just finished writing a book subtitled “Can Severe Autism Be Cured?” and am dying to share a PDF with anyone who emails me as “marymaxwell836” (yes there were 835 Mary Maxwells in front of me in the queue). My location is yahoo.com.au. Thank you.


If we become the majority will the government listen then?

Elizabeth Gillespie


Thanks Kent;
We need to be reminded who those brave souls are that stand up against (Water Ship Down) and come out to help human kind and could not be bought.

This was an excellent article that needed to be written and stated, letting us all know we are not alone against big powerful pharma run/ ruined federal government agencies.

I guess I keep wanting to put up a Offit list -- a list of really bad guys - hoping for jusitice and jail time -- which is my blind spot. This article points this out to me - so thanks ---it is not the bad people in the world that counts -- it is the good guys that turn around bad social issues to the good.

Laura Hayes

Outstanding piece, Kent! I will be sharing, hoping it gets spread far and wide.

I do believe we are finally on the cusp of the tide truly turning. The desperate attempts by those trying to maintain their power, profits, and deception are becoming daily, frenetic, and just plain ludicrous. No one with 1/2 a brain working can possibly be taking these people, and their paid shills, seriously anymore.

Their desperation is clear, as evidenced by their overreaching and attempts to tyrannize us, actions which will be their complete undoing. Now, for their long-overdue being brought to justice...may they receive the maximum penalty allowed by law for the holocaust against children/humanity in which they have participated and which they have perpetuated, LONG AFTER THE EVIDENCE OF WHAT THEY WERE DOING WAS CLEAR.

cia parker

S. Ilfray,
Dr. Bob Sears is not really on our side, not completely on their either. Dr. P. wrote a long, scathingly dishonest hit piece on him about five years ago, taking apart The Vaccine Book piece by piece, even though it was basically pro-vaccine. But Dr. Sears has made a name for himself as being in the middle, so parents who want to be moderate in their vaccine choices can use his selective vaccine schedule. He gives a lot of sources in The Vaccine Book of studies that have demonstrated damage caused by aluminum, hep-B vaccine, MMR, etc., but he gives sources from their side too, albeit with the italicized observation pharma-funded. He says that if we're right, and the vaccines really do cause the damage we say they do, then vaccines would unquestionably be more dangerous than the vaccine-preventable diseases. And yet he apparently remains unconvinced, and continues to recommend that his patients take most of the vaccines, although he is respectful of parental choice in this matter.


Yes, the list is getting longer and longer...

Thank you, Kent for this astute article.

Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Anne Dachel should be on that list. And Joan Campbell in the UK. (Her followingvaccinations.com now has 1200 cases.)
I know Hitleresque when I see it.


Love the Watership Down reference.... Yes, we read too.

S. Ilfray-Hraka

Isn't Dr. Bob Sears also on their list?


Loved this!

 Bob Moffitt

Unfortunately, "scape-goats" have been used for centuries to deceive the people by powerful vested interests .. be they political, religious or financial .. and .. in today's mad world .. these particular "scape-goats" are the well-chosen targets of government bureaucracies that recommend and approve vaccines .. as well as .. the pharmaceutical industry that manufactures them absent any liability concerns.

And so .. politically .. it does not matter who occupies the oval office in the White House (Bush or Obama).. the real power is wielded by the entrenched regulatory bureaucracies .. such as .. the FDA, CDC, HHS, Justice Dept, on and on.

I can't recall the last time a President left office and then started working at a huge salary in a corporation that benefitted while he was occupying the oval office? The same cannot be said for former chief officers of a federal regulatory agency.

In any event .. when the media abandons their Constitutionally guaranteed critical role as a "watch-dog" .. they become nothing more than "lap dogs" .. willing accomplices in "scape-goating" the "Ten Most Hated Men and Women in America".

Shame on all of them ..

John Stone

Well put, Kent. Anyone who concerned with vaccine risk or damage has to be pursued by hate. Immediately to mind comes the BBC "science" journalist Adam Rutherford who in the 2011 Radio 4 'Science Betrayed' program described the Wakefield MMR affair as "the worst medical scandal in living memory". I wrote in my final appeal to the BBC Trustees:

"This is a misrepresentation...I objected to the hyperbolae afterwards, where I pointing out that nothing in this case compared as a modern medical scandal with Harold Shipman or Vioxx (and I might have added Thalidomide, contaminated blood for haemophiliacs, Paroxetene, the cover up of the Camelford water disaster or Joseph Mengele - who is actually still in living memory). It was patently a preposterous claim that it was the worst medical scandal in living memory, and unfair comment."


Of course, shortly after that the High Court overturned many of the GMC's claims at the Walker-Smith hearing.

And, of course, the medical establishment needed it to be "the worst scandal" to cover their tracks.

You also make a strong case against those occasional voices who say "dump Wakefield" or "dump Jenny McCarthy".


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