Action Alert: Dr. Offit, Please Stop Making Stuff Up About Regressive Autism
Vaccine Panel with Rob Schneider, Aidan Quinn, Andy Wakefield & More at Give Autism a Chance

Rebecca Estepp on CW6 San Diego on Autism Awareness Month

San Diego 6Thank you, Becky for your consistently stellar work to get the word out on local and national media about the epidemic. Nice shout out to Age of Autism in the intro and graphics. 


Adam M

Great job Rebecca,

I would agree with most of what you said. However, I can no longer in good conscience advise giving even one shot anytime to anyone. Just look at what there made of. Even the thimerosal free ones are a poisonous, toxic, health destroying cocktail. What if someone actually followed that advice to just give one shot at a time and their child was killed or injured? How many children received only a single HepB vaccine and were injured or killed? If you've been around this issue more than a few months you know the answer is many. The only safe advice I could give is DON'T give any vaccines EVER. There are much better ways to go about securing the health of an infant (or anyone for that matter) than injecting poison into them. Doesn't it have EVERYTHING to do with their diet, or in the case of infants their mother's diet? Thats not as convenient as a shot in the arm but they'll be a whole lot healthier overall. The vaccinators would have you believe your child is just a sitting duck. Any infectious disease could just come along at anytime and just take them down to the grave. Healthy babies are well nourished babies. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, probiotics and LOW IN SUGAR will keep anyone disease resistant. After all, It was those very things and better sanitation and living conditions that DID bring down disease incidence and resulting death. We've got to get a coherent message going here. Our children were injured by a flawed system of thought. Even when the vaccinators were only giving the smallpox vaccine there were kids being injured and killed by it. Why don't we just say it? Vaccines are bad for you and your baby. Nutrition is good for you and your baby. And one more thing, Your immune system is not a blundering idiot that needs to be "trained" by vaccines. You baby's immune system can learn just fine without them on a diet with proper nutrition. This is exactly what our younger two never vaccinated children have experienced in contrast to our two older vaccinated kids.

Having said all that, I'm very glad to see you give so much exposure to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. That is much needed and you did GREAT job!

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you!


Great job, Rebecca!!


Thank you Becky!

Anne J.

Thank you Rebecca for your common sense interview! How anyone can find fault with her recommendations is stunning, given the epidemic of autism we are seeing. How is studying those who were injured, giving only one vaccine at a time, and using caution with those who have a family history of auto-immune disorders (or those infants who are demonstrating auto-immune symptoms after early rounds of vaccines) anything but wise?!
I do think more people are finally waking up to this man-made disaster. Thanks to all those who continue to speak out!

An Inconvenient Truth about Vaccines

Cheers! At least one news reporter and one news channel is finally giving airtime to a parent with an autism vaccine injury story. As Rebecca said, there are 10's of thousands if not 100's of thousands of parents who saw their child deteriorate into brain injury, illness and yes, even autism after routine shots. It's a painful truth that needs to be heard despite pleas and threats from public health agencies who are talking head supporters of pharma companies who are keen on keeping this inconvenient truth suppressed.

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