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Interview with Jeff Hays – The Producer of Bought: The Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma, and Your Food

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By Kent Heckenlively

It was through chiropractors that documentary film producer, Jeff Hays, first became acquainted with those he jokingly calls “the most dangerous people on the face of the Earth.”

Hays was working on a film called, Doctored, which recounted the attack made by traditional medicine on the chiropractic profession and the fight the chiropractic profession waged in response and won.  “It was a small film that told the chiropractic story.  The AMA (American Medical Association) tried to contain and eliminate the profession of chiropractic.  Some chiropractors sued them in 1974, and it took 13 years, but the AMA was eventually found guilty.  That story had never really made its way into the mainstream.  And I felt it was a microcosm of what happens to alternative therapies that come under attack from mainstream or political medicine.”

Many of the chiropractors Hays interviewed had parents who were chiropractors and several of them said that in their life they’d never, “taken a drug, an aspirin, or a vaccine.”  Hays was startled to hear that many of them had never had a vaccine and what followed from that was a slow awakening to the fact that there was even a discussion about the safety of vaccines.

This was brought home even more clearly to Hays when his thirty-one year old daughter posted on her Facebook page that she was considering altering the vaccine schedule for her son, because of what she’d observed after a previous vaccination.  Many of his daughter’s friends attacked her on Facebook and a sister-in-law told her to never bring her children to her house.

In the course of producing Doctored, Hays realized that the issues of genetically modified foods, pharmaceutical drugs, and vaccines were all concerns of the chiropractic community.  And underneath it all was the concern of how these industries lacked effective oversight and regulation.  How could one tell if the science was valid if the companies which were selling these products were paying for the research?  Who represented the interest of the public in this discussion?

Hays understands that each one of these issues could be the subject of a separate documentary, but felt that if he did that, “each would have played to their individual audiences.”  While Hays knows the subject of vaccines is likely to provoke the most controversy, he wants to get the most qualified experts on camera discussing these concerns.  While the film is close to completion, Hays needs an additional $20,000 to take a camera crew over to Rome to interview Tom Jefferson of the Cochrane Collaboration about the safety and effectiveness of the flu vaccine.

“The flu vaccine is the perfect entry point into this discussion,” says Hays.  “The information that the CDC releases says the flu vaccine reduces all-cause mortality by 50%.  When you unpack that statement, the flu vaccine reduces death by plane crash by 50%, death by electric shock by 50%, death from tumbling off the roof by 50%.  Apparently, the best thing you can do to reduce your chances of getting cancer, or getting into a car wreck, is to get a flu shot.”

Hays continues, “The absurdity that somebody who’s been through medical school will blindly repeat that statement, shows how thoroughly they’ve indoctrinated this group.”  Hays believes this discussion is important especially now, given that many medical professionals are facing mandates that they must get the flu vaccine or risk losing their jobs.

Another revelation which was startling to Hays was when autism activists showed him more than 150 cases in which the federal Vaccine Court had awarded damages to children for vaccine-injuries which included autism. 

“You’re sitting next to a mother and her 20 year-old son wearing a seizure helmet and a diaper, who was damaged when he was six months old, that his pediatrician said was a cut and dried case of vaccine injury.  Everybody agreed, all the medical people in her life agreed, she’s a Ph.D. in neuropsychology and her husband has two masters degrees.  It still took almost seven years for them to win.  The court found and pays for this child’s autism treatment, for eight million dollars between the lump sum settlement and his lifetime care.  To have the gall to sit across from her and say, no, you’re uninformed, you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Vaccines don’t cause autism.  How could you set your mouth to say that to her?”

Hays says, “Our goal isn’t to convert everybody.  Our goal is to prove it’s not a shut case and we need to pay attention to these people.  We’ve built a really smart, kind-hearted film.  This is not a flame-throwing, the other side are all idiots kind of movie.  My target is a 31 year-old woman who’s wondering how do I do what's right for my children?  If we can wake up that beast, it’s the most powerful force in nature.”

While Hays and his team have hit their $40,000 goal for their current Indiegogo campaign they’ve been running, they need an additional $20,000 to get their crew to Rome to interview the Cochrane Collaboration about the flu vaccine.  Any money raised beyond that will go towards marketing of the film, which Hays views as essential to their success.

Hays concludes, “If we can break through to a certain level, and actually capture the public’s attention, they will not be able to unring that bell.  This film has the potential of being the first real main-stream effort, aimed not just at the autism community, or the GMO community, but to tie all of these issues together and get this larger group moving in the same direction.”

I encourage all of the readers of Age of Autism to support this effort by going to www.supportboughtmovie.com and donating whatever you can.



Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Thank you, Kent! As always, AOA is the source of what is really going on. I am poor; I turned my small front yard into a food production garden; I am 65; I am the mother of a medulloblastoma survivor of 41 years; I am the grandmother of a thirteen year old with severe regressive autism (following MMR vaccine); I am the mother of three other healthy adult children, and six other healthy grandchildren, three of whom have been vaccinated according to the national schedule. I'm poor, but months ago I gave a contribution to the making of this movie. I don't give a rat's carcASS if I ever get my "present" for donating to the production of this film. I just want this film to come out!

Kent Heckenlively

I just put in $100 towards Jeff's movie! Let's really support him!!!


Acknowledgment is what we want and we will get it one day. This Film goes a long way in helping us prove our case. They all live in the same murky pond one day a big fish bigger than them will come along and swallow them up...I live for that day.


 Bob Moffitt

“Our goal isn’t to convert everybody. Our goal is to prove it’s not a shut case and we need to pay attention to these people."

God bless you for at least trying to keep "open" what "scientific consensus" has already declared a "shut case"

However .. Einstein, Newton and a thousand others have proven throughout history .. "consensus" has no place in science.

Consider .. from a recent article debunking "scientific consensus":

"the founders of the scientific method .. Thales of Miletus in ancient Greece, Alhazen in 11th century Iraq .. made it repeatedly and explicitly clear that, in the late Michael Crichton's neat turn of a phrase .. "If it's a consensus, it isn't science. If it's science, it isn't consensus."

Then there is George Will's rule:

"If they say the debate is over, they're really saying two things: The debate is raging .. and .. they are losing it"

By the way .. I hadn't heard the our President has given Monsanto the very same "product liability protections" as the vaccine industry?

How in God's name did THAT slip past our ever vigilent "watch dog" media?

God help us .. but .. maybe our vigilent media "watch dog" no longer exists?

Is it possible the "watch dog" .. has grown old, lazy, hard of hearing and losing his eyesight .. and .. like any household "lap dog" .. now seeks nothing more than being patted on the head by his master for being a "good boy".

In any event .. "protecting Monsanto" appears a "done deal"

Does that mean it is only a matter of time .. a foregone conclusion .. that a majority of the Supreme Court will soon rule that "GMO's" are "unavoidably unsafe" .. but ..

False scientists make me laugh

No coincidence then that the article on "Opposing Vaccination" by Breakenridge names chiropractors in the area who have any vaccination materials that question safety.


Thanks very much, Kent, for this update. Those of us in the alternative healthcare professions are painfully familiar with the politics of mainstream medicine and hope this film will be widely viewed. What happened to the chiropractic profession is the same thing that's happening to those medical providers whose ears are open to the Parents who watched their previously healthy children regress into autism following vaccines. The one factor that the medical mafia underestimated is the dedication of these parents, grandparents and siblings who will NEVER surrender the cause of safer vaccines, honest reporting and government accountability.
If you are able to contribute, please do so. This film could be the tipping point of true reform.

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