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IACC Meeting Today

Ringing telephoneKeep tabs on IACC here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Time:     9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern
Place:     National Institutes of Health
31 Center Drive
Building 31, C Wing, 6th Floor, Conference Room 10
Bethesda, Maryland 20892
Map and Directions
Cost:     The meeting is free and open to the public.
Agenda:     To discuss committee business, updates and issues related to ASD research and services activities.
Access:     Medical Center Metro Station (Red Line)

In the interest of security, NIH has instituted stringent procedures for entrance onto the NIH campus.  All visitor vehicles, including taxicabs, hotel, and airport shuttles will be inspected before being allowed on campus. Visitors will be asked to show one form of identification (for example, a government-issued photo ID, driver’s license, or passport) and to state the purpose of their visit.
Registration:     On-site registration is from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Pre-registration is recommended to expedite check-in. Seating in the meeting room is limited to room capacity and on a first come, first served basis.

Online pre-registration This link exits the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee Web site will close at 5:00 p.m. Eastern the day before the meeting. After that time, you will need to register onsite the day of the meeting.

Webcast Live:     http://videocast.nih.gov
Conference Call Access:     Dial: 888-950-8042
Access code: 8689681



Abdull is another one that can kiss my rear end too.
===And that Matt Carney also!

Further more if you have half way seen all of these IACC meeting including last January -- you will come away knowing that nothing would delight Tom Insel more that the IACC to be banned -- then he would not have to come to all these meeting and sit through them and tediously direct any studies, language or thought written on paper away from the fact that vaccines are the driving force behind mental health issues of this country.

Obama holds hands with his wife as they declare it is with heavy hearts -- that a kid with a knife can swing it for half an hour - we ain't seen nothing yet!.


I would like to take back what I said about Batra - she is doing the right thing. I do remmeber how she voted on the simple wording about checking out the role of infections and immunizations on pregnant women in the last meeting.

I think that vote right there lets us know who is trying and who is put there to protect government agencies.

Singer voted againest, Colleen, Insel, Guttmacher.

Singer kiss my rear end.


That is a good idea that they do those searches, because for some reason those parental peopls feelings, emotions, run pretty high when you are involved in damaging, harming, causing brain injuires and death to their children.


"In the interest of security, NIH has instituted stringent procedures for entrance onto the NIH campus. All visitor vehicles, including taxicabs, hotel, and airport shuttles will be inspected before being allowed on campus."

Will they allow anyone to bring hyperdermic needles onto the campus?


Benedetta, the woman with the laptop was sitting behind Colleen Boyle, shown probably while you were making dinner.

These meetings more resemble what one would find in a coffee klatch rather than a formal (or informal for that matter) business meeting. If these people were running a business they would have gone bankrupt in less than a month. They exhibit zero focus, zero momentum, inability to even define the scope of the problem (after how many years?), zero direction, zero leadership, zero organization, zero productivity - just a big fat expensive zero.


Tom Insel wiggled around as Mary Holland said - maybe we should look at vaccines.
He said well we kind of got a study already done.
Parents that had a kid with autism - did not vaccinate the younger kids -- we got the data on that one -- just have not got it analyzed.

Mary Holland said -- yet another statistic research.

They are up against the wall - they really are and Tom Insell is holding down the fort, Colleen was there to help hold down the fort. We are facing something terrible and they sit there and still play games.

"Don't you understand English". Best quote of the day.


Oh, Colleen said;
That they did know that increased risk factors were born premature, small birth rate and she had a senior moment and had to really think --- Oh -- C- sections.

But then they all said that this group had remained constant.
In other words this is not the reason for the increase.


Linda the only computer I saw as Farchione; As she got her's, and put it on the table to read from some FDA -- authority/official web page about how DNA was proved to be safe, and really safe and very safe because they have used it lots of it before. Really indepth - let us go to the webpage and see what they say.

She looked cornered eyed over at Insel in a - I am such a good girl - and helping -- Yeah we got to the bottom of the man with a heavy accent wanting to know if they understood English. She is not getting it -- we don't care what the webpages of federal agencies says - cause we don't believe them. I don't believe them.

John Stone not while I was watching did I hear Tom Insel say anything about UK adult Survey. But I stopped at 3:00 -to fix dinner - got to stay on top of carbohydrates/gluten and all.
I did not come back untill 4:30. So I could have missed it.
I also missed the guy in the neurodivsitiy Tee shirt talking about college. So he could have mentioned it at those times.


With miles to go, they occasionally move forward an eighth of an inch, then the rest of the time they go in circles. I watched a good portion of last November's meeting and I swear there wasn't much difference. Both meetings appeared to be the committee's first.

Then, you know there are some highly respected scientists linking EMFs and RFR with autism either as a cause, contributing factor or exacerbator, and here I'm watching this woman behind Coleen Boyle with a laptop on her ovaries. Just pathetic.

John Stone

Joy B

Also to note that in the Korean study more that three quarters of the screened for positive cases had been withdrawn by their families before the report was complete, so they also didn't have diagnoses at the end of it.

"For the 1,214 sampled screen-positive students, 869 parents (72%) consented to participate in the full assessment. Of these, 286 (33%) completed full assessments. Of those who completed the assessment, 201 (70%) were confirmed to have ASDs (autistic disorder, N=101; other ASDs, N=100), yielding a crude prevalence for any ASD of 0.36% (autistic disorder, 0.18%; other ASDs, 0.18%)."


It is actually a scandal that this study wasn't aborted, let alone basing anything on it.

Was there any mention again of the UK adult survey by Brugha which Insel has frequently cited in the past (we can't monitor the IACC meetings in the UK)?


July 8th is when they meet next.
The last subject they talked about before they ended at 5:00 was basically -- is it better dignosis or is there a real increase.

They asked Colleen Boyle a lot of questions about how come the CDC can't really come up with the numbers - and she did a lot of fancy talk.

Crandy finally said the school systems have it basically (no kidding)

But then they twisted it around that we need to get these screenings for autism by age three and the doctors are just not doing it (so much for the better dignosis theory) It is still the schools.

Crandy said Nevada (I was not able to follow here) I am too dense and slow -- but when they included every kind of learning disability (that I think added up to autism???)) the numbers went up to 2,000.

They talked about soical econmical links to something (I got lost again) I think it meant that the three year olds were not getting screened do to being poor????

But the whole the last half of hour was about numbers. Tom Insell discussed South Korea's 1 out of 38 and going from door to door and what size area and where this should be done.

Colleen though did a whole big bunch of talking and most of it was in code.

Joy B

Gutmacher thinks we shouldn't 'label' children, just give them the relevant therapies and be done with it. What a peach. Yeah lets not label anything anymore. Full Darwin here we come.

Jose Cordereo thinks well-baby visits should be the vehicle for developmental check-ups. What planet has he been living on? Pediatrician; "Oh, little Timmy isn't talking yet? Don't worry, it's just a boy thing!" "See you in a few months."

Joy B

Wow. They're all sort of timidly asking each other; 'What kind of studies can we do to get more concrete numbers' Insel hints that it's all overreporting, citing the fact(?) that the South Korean rates included children without official diagnoses. This is horrifying. These are the people in charge. And they DGAF.


I think they shouldn't telecast this. It's so embarrassing and such a disgrace. They talk and talk and talk and talk some more about more future talking and they talk in circles and the recurring theme is that they have no direction, don't know what they're doing and don't have the expertise to do anything if they did. It is unbelievable that taxpayers are paying these people for this.

Jeannette Bishop

Does NIH archive IACC meeting videos for public viewing?


It is 3:00 and still going on.
Kimbark was she from the DOD? Sounds like DOD is stepping in and doing some studies that the IACC and NIH refuse to do - don't you think??
Maybe the army is fed up with soldiers and their families being used as guinea pigs.
Here I was thinking that the military was in together -- or more guilty than the NIH after reading Vaccine A.

Batra is new - so she needs to remain silent - she has not much to add -- of all her bilthering the one thing that was useful was to ask about Eileen Simon's comment on chord clamping.

Abdull - You are sitting there for people being brain damaged -- there is no time to waste, or paitence on my part about you asking about how many are serving on a committee that are of a certian ethnic background.

Great comments by parents.
Help me out with their names PLEASE:
I hope Age of Autism gets their videos up .

Holly Bortfield
Who was the next little blonde mothere?
Eileen Simon we all know and love
Who was the grandmother?
Who was the man that had autism?

What was the name of that dark headed - heavy accent man that said "Don't you understand English" Love, Love, Love him and I broke down and cried.

Of course Tom Insel has a heart of stone -- as he reminded them they had three minutes left or took seconds away reminded them they had wasted some time on other things.
Tom Insell by the way ----- has aged 20 years since the last meeting.


For info & to set up your own IACC alerts:

Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee



I looked at the agenda. It looks like it will end early.
Public comment is at 1:00.


Watched for a couple of minutes. My impression - today's agenda is damage control aimed at the public and the autism community. So far I've heard Tom Insell say, with respect to our current knowledge of the brain, "We often bump up to our level of ignorance...We don't know what cell types are in it...(we need to) get a sense of what the parts list is..."

How anyone could make the claim that vaccines do not effect the brain, when they admit to knowing next to NOTHING about the brain, and have an incomplete understanding of what happens to vaccine constituents after administration, is ridiculous.


Wow! This is huge. Great connection and video.
All the government officials there: Boyle, Insel, Singer...
It is more boring than usual. I watched 5 minutes and they are still trying to count how many are effected and additionally delving into race. They are discussing CDC and Autism Speaks surveillance studies on counting and screening and tracking like how they track shots and on and on... Unfortunately, not the kind of studies we are interested in.
Insel is keeping it moving quickly as usual and a bit out of character says to the speaker, "We care about what you are saying, but we need to move on." :oD
I'm done watching, but this is a very good production!

beth johnson

I want to come to one of these, but need more notice. Can there be a link put to the IACC's meeting schedule on the AoA website?

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