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Food for Thought During National Infant Immunization Week

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By Cathy Jameson

April 26 began the CDC’s National Infant Immunization Week.  This week-long event includes 8 days of hoopla.  From observing to celebrating them, the CDC will surely share only achievements they perceive as positive.  Those who endorse and administer immunizations will once again promote the ever living stuffing out of them sharing only one side even though another side exists. 

National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW), set for April 26 – May 3, 2014, is an annual observance to highlight the importance of protecting infants from vaccine-preventable diseases and celebrate the achievements of immunization programs and their partners in promoting healthy communities.

2014 marks the 20th anniversary of NIIW. Since 1994, hundreds of communities across the United States have joined together to celebrate the critical role vaccination plays in protecting our children, communities, and public health.

Please note that I am exercising caution while using the term immunizations in this piece and will replace it with the word vaccine.  While immunizations were designed with the hope of creating life-long immunity, immunity isn’t a sure thing.   In fact, diseases these immunizations supposed prevent actually still exist, and according to the media, are coming back in droves causing major “outbreaks” in several area across the US.  Oddly, with these increased “outbreaks”, instead of ceasing use of the immunizations associated with them, in the same news reports that state immunized individuals are spreading a so-called “vaccine-preventable” disease, it also says to run right out and get another immunization!  With the first two doses and a booster obviously being ineffective, my guess is that the CDC hopes that a third, and even fourth, dose will hopefully do the trick. 

While the CDC stands there scratching their heads about the latest vaccine debacle, this week will see them patting themselves on the back for the immunizations that they say do work.  I don’t think they’ll be advertising the other side of vaccines, the one that creeps into many parents’ conversations as that can get ugly.  It’s the side that includes full disclosure of certain ingredients still found in vaccines.  It’s the side that has one parent weeping for their vaccine-injured child’s past while the other parent fears for their child’s future.  This side of vaccines should be more readily discussed but isn’t.  Fortunately, some people are being vocal about vaccines and are boldly publicly questioning them. 

Some of the people who speak up and who speak out are parents of vaccine injured children.  Others have been vaccine injured themselves, injured by the very vaccines the CDC plans to parade around this week.  These people, who valiantly speak up about vaccines and vaccine safety, have one of the most valuable opinions on the matter, but I doubt that they will be asked to join the CDC and their vaccine celebrating festivities.

This being an important topic, I’d hope that all aspects of immunizations be highlighted this week.  This would include the immunity immunizations don’t offer and the host of damaging after affects that can result.  It’s essential to understand everything that’s involved, including the negative aspects.  So, while the CDC is likely choosing only to showcase only their side, here are some other points of interest worthy of repeating this week.  These are just a few items we’ve referenced or posted that sheds a different light on vaccines, one that the CDC and our mainstream media often forgets to include in their literature.

On Vaccine Safety:

AofA New Disclosures on Vaccine Safety

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On Vaccine Ingredients:

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On Vaccine Side Effects:

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AofA Prevnar 13 Damned in Belgian Reports

On Autism and Vaccines:

Canary Party Do Vaccines Cause Autism Video

How Mercury Triggered The Age of Autism


On the HPV Vaccine:

Canary Party Gardasil Video

Japan Issues HPV Vaccine Warning

HPV Vaccine Info Too Little Too Late

Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

On Vaccine Exemptions:

School Vaccine Exemptiomns

On the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: 

Congressional Hearing on National Vaccine Compensation Injury Program

Did NVCIP Director Share Medical Info

On The CDC and Its Shady Dealings:

Poul Thorsen on Most Wanted List

Round 2: Poul Thorsen Lying in Plain Sight

What did CDC Know and When Did They Know It

How CDC and Dorit Reiss Hyped Hep B Risk To Promote Vaccination

On Speaking Up: 

Congressman Posey Accuses CDC of Corruption

Give Autism A Chance Panel Features Aidan Quinn, Andy Wakefield and Rob Schneider

IACC Called Out for Ignoring Regressive Autism

Katie Couric on Gardasil

Dr. Koran Boggs Defens Vaccine Science

Protocol 007: FDA Document Supports Claims of Mumps Vaccine Fraud

It’s a lot of reading, I know.  But imagine how much more knowledge can be gained by taking time to read through those links.  I’ll tell you one thing.  It’ll sure be different than what the CDC is claiming and what the media is portraying! 

The vaccine information we share here is meant to assist others because not enough has been done in that regard.  Information is based on science as well as reality, the reality of a vaccine injury.  Sharing this information and being more informed about vaccines is not a bad thing.  Shouldn’t the pregnant woman who’s being told to get this vaccine and that know that neither vaccine has not previously been tested on pregnant women?  Shouldn’t the teenager who’s gotten one HPV vaccine be told she doesn’t need to return for shot 2 and 3 in that series?  Shouldn’t the parent who’s told by the school nurse that those “required vaccines” for school entry are merely recommendations and her children can in fact attend school without them? 

Those who withhold vaccine information and guard it as they do is troubling.  Instead of keeping the negative side of vaccines a secret, everyone who is contemplating them should know as much as they can about them.  I’d hope that they’d know each vaccine ingredients and how the body interacts with them.  I’d expect they’d be told how to recognize a vaccine side effects and know what to do about them.  I’d pray they’d realize that adverse reactions occur more often than is reported and they should be taken very seriously.  Finally, I’d hope they’d investigate if vaccine choice (exemption) is an option and to exercise that right if needed. 

Imagine if these valid points weren’t downplayed or dismissed like the pro-vaccine advocates work so hard to do.  Imagine if instead everything was published as clearly and openly as the CDC posts their positive information.  It’s a shame that all of the information is not as easily accessible.  But there is a solution.

For the new parent who might be somewhat worried or even a tad confused about vaccines, we encourage you to ask questions.  Do that while also conducting your own vaccine research.  Most of us have been where you are today and would have benefited with more time and lots more information before making our decision.  Now equipped with greater knowledge about vaccines, we come together to share our stories, our links and all manner of helpful resources.  We feel that it’s important because with the PR material the CDC is plastering on the walls of waiting rooms, it’s unfortunate that only one side of the vaccine story will once again be told. 

In preparation for the National Infant Immunization Week’s kick off, the message is clear.  It continues to be to vaccinate everyone and to vaccinate them often.  Certain people can’t, and shouldn’t, be vaccinated.  But the CDC, whose motto is “Saving Lives. Protecting People.” makes vaccines sound perfectly perfect.  I find that upsetting.  It’s upsetting because it didn’t save my child’s life but caused more problems for him to live with.  It didn’t protect him but instead added layers of medical issues he struggles with daily.  In claiming that immunizations are so wonderful when they aren’t reminds me that our children, and our children’s vaccine injuries, have no value in the CDC’s “Saving Lives. Protecting People.” agenda.  I don’t believe they ever did. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.




cmo, If anyone should get all those shots in one day it's Paul Offit.


National Infant Immunization Week

I think we are a bit behind on our vaccines.

We need about 20 doses of regular vaccines... and 10 years worth of mercury flu shots plus the two dose 2009 H1N1 vaccine to save us from that PANDEMIC that they thought would kill tens of thousands...

Can you get 30+ shots all on the same day ?

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