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Dachel Media Review: Time Magazine Over The Top Vicious

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.  The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and their OurKidsASD brand. 

April 6, 2014, TIME magazine calls NAA murderers.

The TIME headline went from ....Chili's Burns Anti-Vaxxers: That's What Happens When You Kill and Maim Kids

to...Chili’s Burns Anti-Vaxxers—and Probably Saves Some Kids’ Lives.

As disgusted as I was with this coverage, I did post good comments challenging everything TIME's science editor Jeffrey Kluger said. 

April 6, 2014, Neptune, NJ, Asbury Park Press: Featured letter: Vaccines are to blame for my son's autism

April 6, 2014, WTHI TV Terre Haute, IN: Is autism on the rise?

April 6, 2014, WMAZ Atlanta, GA: Anti-vaccine push gives diseases new life

April 5, 2014, WI Rapids Tribune:  Experts: Increase in autism rate driven by public awareness

April 4, 2014, AMERICAblog: New evidence that autism is inherited, rather than induced by vaccines

 Neptune, NJ, Asbury Park Press

As the mother of a 22-year-old son with autism, I am not surprised by the latest autism statistics (1 in 68 children).

Every year the autism epidemic has gotten worse. The professionals wring their hands in despair and profess not to have any idea of what is causing this increase.

I believe my son's autism was caused by a genetic predisposition to autism and the two dozen vaccines he received as a baby. I believe that onslaught of vaccines triggered his autism.

I believe that thimerosal, a mercury preservative used in vaccines at that time and also in flu shots, is especially to blame. The symptoms of autism and mercury poisoning are frighteningly similar.

Vaccines are needed to prevent potentially fatal diseases, but there needs to be a safer way to administer them to babies - perhaps waiting until they are older and their immune systems are stronger or perhaps administering them singly so the immune system is not so bombarded.

I am so tired of the trite response that "vaccines do not cause autism," which is always backed up by some supposed study. I will never be convinced that they are not a culprit in this autism outrage.

The Asbury Park Press is to be congratulated for allowing a mother to voice her opinion.  I posted comments.


The number of American children with autism has gone up 30% in just two years, that's according to a new study by the CDC.

One in 68, that's the number of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2010.

A disability almost unheard of a decade ago now seems to be exploding.

Despite the spike in statistics, is autism really on the rise? . . .

What's still unknown is the driver of that increase.

Many experts believe the rise is largely due to better awareness and diagnosis rather than a true increase in the number of children being born with the condition.

Why are we still asking this question when the rate is ONE IN 68 CHILDREN?

They can't show us ONE IN 68 ADULTS. It's that simple. What else can you say except, AUTISM IS ON THE RISE?

The truth is, the rate can never be a TRUE INCREASE. It raises too many questions.

No one in charge of health care will ever be worried about the numbers.

Officials will deny this before all else because it lets vaccines off the hook. If autism has been around like this, even at a time when kids weren't vaccinated, then the dramatic increase in the vaccine schedule couldn't be a factor.

WMAZ Altanta, GA

The anti-vaccination movement has picked up steam in the past decade with support from celebrities such as actress Jenny McCarthy, actor Aidan Quinn and reality TV star Kristin Cavallari, who last month said not vaccinating was "the best decision" for her children. Many continue to believe the debunked idea that vaccines cause autism, while others don't trust the federal government or the pharmaceutical companies responsible for these vaccines.

Only actors think vaccines cause autism. I'm sick of Jenny McCarthy being the "fall mom" for the whole vaccine controversy. I posted comments.

WI Rapids Tribune

Autism rates climbed nearly 30 percent between 2008 and 2010 and have more than doubled since the turn of the century, according to the study released last week by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. . . .

The statistics don't surprise central Wisconsin professionals who evaluate children for developmental disorders.

"It think there is much greater public awareness about autism spectrum disorders now than there was just 10 years ago," said Dr. Traci Swink, a pediatric neurologist at the Marshfield Clinic's Child Development Center.

It's all just greater awareness and not vaccines.  Nice photos of smiling boy.  Nothing to worry about.  I posted comments.  They were removed.


Increasingly, evidence from neurologic research is pointing to the fact that autism is inherited, and that children with autism have abnormalities in brain architecture that start before birth. . . .

Genetics seems to play a large role. Siblings of autistic children may have as much as a 30-times greater risk of developing autism as other children in the general population. Also, there is a much higher rate of autism occurring in monozygotic twins (twins who developed from a single fertilized egg) than in dizygotic twins (twins who developed from two eggs.) Though there doesn't seem to be a single gene that codes for autism. Autism may come about from the interaction of several genes.

There are also other risk factors that seem to predispose children to developing autism. There is a higher incidence of autistic children in children who have "older" parents (over about age 30), mothers who develop diabetes while pregnant, meconium in the amniotic fluid, some maternal medications and, possibly some other factors.

No good evidence that vaccinations cause autism

There is no good evidence from reputable researchers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that vaccinations, or thimerosal (a mercury derivative that used to be found in vaccines in small quantities) causes autism. . . .

Lee Silsby logo 09 The Dachel Media Update is sponsored by Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy and their OurKidsASD brand.  Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy is one of the largest and most respected compounding pharmacies in the country. They use only the finest quality chemicals and equipment to prepare our patients’ compounded medications and nutritional supplements. Customizing medication and nutritional supplements for our customers allows them to achieve their unique health goals.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.



these news reports like the piece in Time make the pro vax side look like a bunch of idiots attacking autism parents during Autism awareness month. They are turning autism month into a rallying cry against the dreaded "antivaxxers" who are really autism parents who indeed vaccinated. What an embarrassing display. This isn't VAX awareness month. Get your own damn awareness month. Autism Awareness month is being hijacked by pharma shills- what a bunch of first class LOSERS!!! Pathetic.


Autism Awareness has to be the biggest WTF campaign! We are told that we are sounding the alarm bell for a disability that has seen exploding growth recently, yet we are also cautioned this growth may not be real after all, and it’s likely due to better diagnosis and, essentially, there is nothing to be alarmed about. We are also told that we are bringing awareness to a disability that causes it’s victims and their families tremendous hardships and sufferings, yet others remind us that autism is a natural part of human diversity and indeed it’s a gift that should be celebrated. This awareness campaign over the years has been credited as being a great success in bringing about better understanding of autism, yet we are also reminded that we still don’t know what autism is, and what causes it, and, again, whether it is truly increasing. In all, never has there been a bigger chasing our tails movement.

 Bob Moffitt

@ priorities

"Has anyone noticed that there are actually more major and minor media articles covering or gloating about Chili's withdrawal of support for the NAA fundraiser than the news of the newest stats on autism prevalence??"

In my humble opinion .. there are two "noteworthy" reactions to the response by media regarding Chili's cowardly decision:

#1 .. I don't recall reading anything in the main-stream media about Chili's original offer to SUPPORT NAA .. but .. the media coverage AFTER the cowards at Chili's withdrew their support the media coverage "surprisingly" blew up.

#2 .. I don't recall ever reading about a company that supports Autism Speaks (Toys R US?) being threatened by the pharma-thugs that terrified Chili's? Why aren't these pharma thugs as outraged at Autism Speaks as they pretend to be at NAA? Is it because they WANT Autism Speaks as the ONLY organization representing autistic children? If so .. why so?

Carolyn Flannery

Time magazine, Consumer Reports,and other media outlets like them are responsible for 1 in 88 children getting neurological damage. . because honest reporting in 2000 would have stopped the epidemic cold. We need to put THEM and the Dorits and the Emily's and the LieLadies and the Shills--- on the defensive. We need to get them to defend and explain why it's okay to complain about a faulty ignition in a car without being accused of being "anti car", or the side effects of ANY OTHER MEDICAL INTERVENTION while it's not okay to mention that vaccines cause measurable brain damage in vulnerable infants and elderly.
Our children's injuries are DIRECTLY caused by their lies, their lazy reporting, and ultimately, their quest for 4-page pharma ads. We need to get them to explain why Katie Couric was attacked for describing an actual medical incident, why they refuse to acknowledge that mercury from COAL and in VACCINES causes brain damage. . . . WHY? How much blood money did they get? What job did they get to keep by literally maintaining an environment that leads to preventable autism, epilepsy, and more, by refusing to figure out what is going on, identify the vulnerable, and protect them. Let's put them--and the slime bucket State Senator Leland Yee who wore a dr.'s lab coat when promoting dr permission slips for vaccines exemptions and is now under federal charges for bribery and gun running! ! ! These people are thugs, controlled by thugs, bullied by thugs, who don't give a flying blank about our kids, only their careers, their patronizing, snobbish assurance that they know more about autism than those of us who have lived it . . . may their act of cruelty pressuring Chili's come back to haunt them in a thousand nightmares.


So because siblings of children with autism are more likely to have autism that proves that autism is inherited? Don't siblings usually live in the same environment, eat similar food, breath the same air, live in the same house, drink the same water and go to the same doctor? So explain how the fact that siblings are more likely to have autism proves that it's inherited. If it were inherited wouldn't that mean that a parent or grandparent should have autism too? The ignorance is overwhelming!

More and more bots on sites than you can imagine.

Lol, I actually just checked one of the off topic forums and the pharma troll who was trying hard to ram his pharma junk down people's throats has pretty much gone down in spectac flames. The only few to join in on his thread were not buying his pharma- sponsored spam and told him so in no uncertain terms. Good to see.
The more I think about it, the more I think people don't appreciate the 'thought police' approach by the bots. It's interesting that he and another guy from another discussion are the only ones talking for the pro- side. No one really give a crap about their pharma stories and there isn't even much interest in the story in terms of numbers of comments. Poor little pharma bot.


I like ignorant people writing about autism {like Emily Willingham and Dorit Reiss}. I use it to my advantage. The more they dislike an organization the more I funnel money to that group. This has saved me a lot of time figuring out which groups to support.


I want to thank you for the really valuable work you are doing and for posting comments on these really outrageous, stupefying articles. I wouldn't mind if they had some actual facts or at least attempted some independent reporting but I guess that is too much ask.


Has anyone noticed that there are actually more major and minor media articles covering or gloating about Chili's withdrawal of support for the NAA fundraiser than the news of the newest stats on autism prevalence??
That shows you just how stacked and slanted the media is now. They just love to revel in pathetic little victories like this but are nervous to talk about the autism increase. It will catch up with them, though. We simply can't have this many disabled people increasing, dying (wandering, murder/suicide etc.) without real people (parents, friends) catching on.

Chilibot wandering death body count.

Got it.
NAA stated in Aug /13 that more than 60 children have died from wandering in the last 4 years. It might well have been higher by the end of 2013. 3 drowning deaths were noted in one week in 2013. So we can thank the bots for what might now be around 65? wandering deaths. Please feel free to add or alter my stats anyone.


Sighhhhhhhhh back to the autism is really weak genes mouth piecies.

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