Food for Thought During National Infant Immunization Week
Plus Ca Change: The Oil Spill Called Autism

Dachel Media Review: New TV Ad, FDA Crackdown, Gardasil Worry

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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April 28, 2014, Wall Street Journal: Autism Speaks Launches New TV Ad With Three Big Brands

April 27, 2014, Fox News: My child missed regular vaccinations: Should I Worry?

April 27, 2014, Examiner: FDA cracks down on false claims for curing autism

April 27, 2014, Natural News: Former Merck doctor predicts Gardasil will become 'greatest medical scandal of all time'

April 26, 2014, ABC 7, Los Angeles: Walk Now for Autism Speaks raises millions for research

Wall Street Journal

In a new take on cause-related marketing, three big advertisers are participating in Autism Speaks' latest television commercial aimed at raising awareness about the early diagnosis of autism.

The 60-second commercial

for the autism science and advocacy organization is made up of four separate 15-second spots that have been put together to create one commercial that tell the story of a family with a child who is diagnosed with autism at an early age. Three of the four spots feature different advertisers whose message ties into the public service nature of the overall commercial.

The ad, which carries the message "An early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference," will run once on CNN on Monday morning and will also be available online.

Here's the latest from Autism Speaks. Besides lighting the landmarks of the world in blue for autism awareness and spending millions of dollars looking for the genetic cause of autism, AS is dedicated to promoting EARLY DIAGNOSING. More proof that we're helpless to PREVENT autism. All we can do is find it early and start the important and costly intervention for a disorder with no known cause or cure.

Great images to connect with in this commercial--J&J Brand-aids and Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup (minus any mention of the MSG therein). Surely the best parents feed their kids nourishing food and take care of their needs.

At the same time, we're shown a child with autism who grows up before our eyes. He even graduates from high school. He's an actual young man with autism. We're told he didn't speak until he was 5. "Now he can build and program computers from scratch." The son is handsome, verbal, accomplished, and happy. And the message is: it's all due to early intervention.

GOT AUTISM? No problem, just start therapy and everything will turn out fine. Of course, no one mentions the huge percentage of autistic kids who are non-verbal, despite "early intervention." Nothing is said about the ones who reach adulthood and are still in diapers, have bowel disease, seizures, and require constant care. That's the side of autism we generally hear nothing about.  This is more cover-up of an epidemic we're doing nothing to stop. I posted  a comment.

Fox News

Marc Siegel isn't worried. Vaccines are great and everybody needs to be vaccinated.

Siegel: "Since [1994] compliance with childhood vaccines has been over 90 percent. We need it over 100 percent."

According to Siegel, the biggest reason parents don't vaccinate is over FEAR.

Siegel: "There was a scare, a mercury scare that went around after a bogus study in Great Britain in 1998, that was since disproven."

For public health reasons, everyone needs to be vaccinated."

Dr. Samadi advises to just get "multiple vaccines all together" to make up for missed shots. "You can catch up."

Samadi: "There has been a lot of false information out there. . . . The whole thing about autism, there has been a big debate about that . . "

Siegel's parting statement: "Everybody's got to get vaccinated."

Obviously Dr. Siegel isn't clear on his facts.  The 1998 study in GB was the Wakefield article in the Lancet.  It was about side effects from the MMR vaccine.  It had nothing to do with MERCURY.  Autism mom, Becky Estepp, corrected him about this back in 2010 on Fox News. 

It doesn't seem to have sunk in.  And how do you get compliance OVER 100 PERCENT?  Vaccinate kids twice?


There is no cure for autism. For this reason, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings to a number of companies that they face possible legal action if they continue to promote their products or therapies as a cure for the disorder. According to an April 25 FDA news release, these products and so-called therapies pose significant health risks.

One such therapy, chelation, claims to cleanse the body of toxic chemicals and heavy metals by binding to them and eliminating them from circulation. Available as sprays, suppositories, capsules, liquid drops and clay baths, chelation therapies are approved for treating lead poisoning and should only be used under medical supervision. Used improperly, chelation can remove minerals that are important to the body and cause life-threatening conditions.

The FDA also warned against claims that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can cure autism. This therapy involves breathing oxygen in a pressurized chamber, and while appropriate for treating decompression sickness in divers, it is not approved for treating autism.

While officials haven't a clue about the cause of autism or how to prevent it, (and nobody knows if there's been a true increase) the FDA is sure THERE IS NO CURE. Time to get tough on all the fraud out there.

The FDA is same agency that has allowed thimerosal in vaccines for over 80 years although they never tested for toxicity. (And after the fact population studies done in the last few years don't count.)

Natural News 

A top physician who used to work for drug giant Merck & Co., creator of the Gardasil vaccine for cervical cancer, has made some groundbreaking public admissions about the dangers and ineffectiveness of this controversial jab. During a recent interview with the French magazine Principes de Sante, Dr. Bernard Dalbergue confessed that Gardasil is a worthless vaccine that not only fails to protect against cervical cancer but also puts individuals at risk of paralysis, encephalitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome and a host of other debilitating ailments.

Suggesting that Gardasil will eventually become recognized as "the greatest medical scandal of all time," Dr. Dalbergue railed against its approval and continued use, claiming that "everyone" involved with it knows that it's completely worthless. Dr. Dalbergue also brought up another researcher by the name of Dr. Diane Harper who was involved with both Gardasail and Cervarix, the two approved vaccines for the human papillomavirus (HPV). As we we previously reported, Dr. Harper had previously blown the whistle on the dangers and ineffectiveness of these widely pushed vaccines.

"The full extent of the Gardasil scandal needs to be assessed," reads an English translation of the interview, which was originally published in French. "[E]veryone knew when this vaccine was released on the American market that it would prove to be worthless! ... In addition, decision-makers at all levels are aware of it!"

I posted comments.

ABC 8, Los Angeles 

Thousands laced up their shoes and united for a single cause at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena Saturday to show their support for the annual Walk Now for Autism Speaks.

Organizers say the walk educates parents on how to better serve their children with autism, and generates vital for funds.

About 60,000 people turned out for the event, sponsored by ABC7 and Autism Speaks. Attendees and organizers helped raise $1.632 million for the cause. . . .

An estimated 1.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with autism. That includes 1 of every 88 children.

Why would anyone worry about autism after watching this news clip? Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. We're told to celebrate people with autism---and the message is we should celebrate autism too. No one has any answers, but who cares?

I posted two comments. (It would have been nice to have the newest rate--I posted it. And I corrected the false impression that autism affects adults just like children.)

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.



Dr. Bernard Dalbergue has written a book about the code of silence in the pharmaceutical industry: _Omerta dans les labos pharmaceutique: Confessions d’un medecin_. (There's no English translation, unfortunately). He also gave an interview to Le Monde:

I did my best to translate it with the help of Google Translate (so you can only imagine). Though I think I got the gist of it, I apologize in advance for the hideous errors.

"It is in the small office of Flammarion in the place de l'Odéon that the meeting took place. With his bombshell book, _Omerta dans les labos pharmaceutique: Confessions d’un medecin_ Flammarion, 300 pp., 19 euros), released Wednesday, Feb. 5, Bernard Dalbergue, has the air of a man tired after a long journey. Greying blonde hair, faded shirt matching his blue eyes, he still wears the dark blue suit and tie with wide stripes that was his uniform for over twenty years serving the pharmaceutical industry.

Employed until 2011 by Merck (known as MSD in France), the 55 year-old doctor today is revealing disturbing practices: biased clinical trials, side effects concealed by experts-for-hire. According to him, the laboratory has violated many rules to ensure the success of its drugs....

'There certainly are a lot of unnecessary, even dangerous, drugs but overall they save millions of lives,' asserts Bernard Dalbergue. 'The vast majority of manufacturers are honest, but some are engaging in unacceptable practices,' he continues....Without naming names, Bernard Dalbergue states that Merck has several times paid these opinion leaders--as they are called in the jargon--for assignments related to the launch of Victrelis while the French Medicines Agency (AFSSAPS as it was known at the time; today it’s known as MSNA) and its European counterpart selected them as experts to evaluate this medication....In 2011, Bernard Dalbergue probably didn’t fall out of his chair after discovering these shady dealings because he was familiar with experts and industry practice. But Victrelis was too much to swallow, the symbol of a very sick industry indeed....'In my career, I had never witnessed such dangerous liaisons between quacks and a private company.'

If proven, these offenses could be costly to the company, including in his home country, where lawmakers are not kidding with conflicts of interest. The powerful Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) allows them to punish, often heavily, U.S. companies suspected of corruption, regardless of the country where the offense occurred...."

Betty Bona

There was a four day series in the Denver Post last week on the overuse of psychotropics in foster children. One day was about drug companies illegally promoting off-label use of their psychotropics. My favorite line was the last line. "Nothing is going to change significantly until a few top people go to jail," Sheller said. "There is too much money to gain by marketing the drugs illegally."


anyone else rudely interrupted by Offit's visage on Colbert report last night?

Colbert has labeled parents of vaccine injured kids as reality deniers and loons.


I think Senator Dan Burton's grandchild was playing catch up on his vaccines -- caused his regression into autism. Catch up worked out well for them now didn't it. Our good Fox Doctor well knows - hehas just sold out that is all. He is rather arrogont bastard though he believe he can spout anything he wishes and his dumb viewers believe him. Well-- if it is at90 percent---I suppose he is right.I can't talk-- goodness knows I was one of them too.

Ann; I was thinking the same thing about the soup commercials and then you put (MSG) in and gave me my first laugh of the day --thanks.

My second laugh of the day was Betty Bona's comment of FDA tracking down those drug companies making all those claims.
I wonder if that would include Autism Speaks -- claiming early diagnosis is a cure?

Betty Bona

All the off label use of psychotropic drugs for autism treatment pose significant health risks. The FDA should be working harder to track down drug companies who promote these uses. Oh, I forgot -- wouldn't want to bite the hand that feeds you.

Laura Hayes

Oh my goodness...just watched the short piece on FOX's laughable...that Marc Siegel is obnoxious, uneducated, and a total buffoon! I pity the parent (and child) who listens to these 2 clowns. There is no excuse for parents to listen to or believe such lies with the plethora of excellent information that is now available. These 2 men are nothing more than cogs in the propaganda machine. Pathetic.

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