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Dachel Media Review: Jenny McCarthy Logically Explains Stance

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April 12, 2014, Chicago Sun Time: Jenny McCarthy: The gray area on vaccines

April 12, 2014, Jenny McCarthy Speaks Out About Getting Slammed for Anti-Vaccine Crusade

April 12, 2014, TIME: That Moment When You Must Have a Word With Jenny McCarthy

April 11, 2014, Disability Scoop: Groups Want Federal Autism Dollars Reallocated

April 11, 2014, Costa Mesa (CA) Pilot: Parents, vaccinate your kids

April 11, 2014, Salem (OR) News: A Voice of Sanity About Childhood Vaccines from a Respected Nephrologist

April 11, 2014, The Atlantic: 1 in 68 Children Now Has a Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Why?

April 10, 2014, Washington Post: We need a better explanation for the surge in autism

Chicago Sun Times

First the Chicago Sun Times put out the story on Jenny McCarthy making it clear: I'm not "anti-vaccine." (Which should have been understood from the 2008 "Green Our Vaccines" rally.) wrote about the Sun Times story. I posted comments on both articles.

They were removed as I posted each on the SunTimes story.  The Sun Times has about 100 comments, overwhelmingly slamming Jenny McCarthy for defending her position on vaccines. 

My comments are up on


Jenny, as outbreaks of measles, mumps and whooping cough continue to appear in the U.S.-most the result of parents refusing to vaccinate their children because of the scare stories passed around by anti-vaxxers like you-it's just too late to play cute with the things you've said. You are either floridly, loudly, uninformedly antivaccine or you are the most grievously misunderstood celebrity of the modern era. Science almost always prefers the simple answer, because that's the one that's usually correct. Your quote trail is far too long-and you have been far too wrong-for the truth not to be obvious.

Jeffrey Kluger wrote a "Dear Jenny" piece about her position on vaccines and autism. A couple of days ago, the headline on his TIME piece attacking the National Autism Association went from ....Chili's Burns Anti-Vaxxers: That's What Happens When You Kill and Maim Kids to...Chili's Burns Anti-Vaxxers-and Probably Saves Some Kids' Lives.

He's not stopping.  Rather like he's TIME's Emily Willingham.

Disability Scoop

With the nation's primary autism legislation set to expire soon, some disability advocates are pressing for major changes in the federal government's approach to the developmental disorder.

In a letter this week to key members of Congress, 18 national organizations are asking for a greater emphasis on services and the needs of adults with autism when lawmakers reauthorize legislation known as the Combating Autism Act. 

CAA is going to expire again? Does that include IACC?

Please tell me WHY we need "a greater emphasis on services and the needs of adults"? There is no U.S. health official willing to state unequivocally that THERE IS A REAL INCREASE IN THE RATE OF AUTISM.

(I think they like to update the numbers every year or so just so they can tell us once again that it's all better diagnosing--no real increase.)

If it's true that autism has always been here like this, then we must have provided for all these adults on the spectrum quite nicely---they just weren't called autistic.

Stuart Spielman of Autism Speaks thinks "we have made progress" because of the CAA. (I'm not sure what he's talking about besides lots of blue lights around the world.)

Ari Ne'eman thinks we've been excluding the adults. (Maybe Ari could head a study to honestly look for the one in 68 fifty and seventy year olds with autism.)

PLEASE NOTE what U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez's staffer said about the CAA: if this is a reauthorization of existing legislation---it's not going to be anything different than we've had since 2006. Millions more wasted.

Costa Mesa (CA) Pilot

Children are needlessly suffering from the misinformation campaigns about the supposed, and mostly denounced, dangers of vaccines. . . .

There are some 22 cases — not all of them children, we should note — in O.C. Without interviewing the parents we cannot say for sure why they didn't get their children vaccinated, but we suspect that the erroneous belief that the MMR vaccine causes autism is at least partially to blame. It doesn't, as the Centers for Disease Controlreported in 2013, but the myth persists — where else — online. . . .

"We know that there is a vigorous anti-vaccine movement in this country," Dr. Matt Shan, medical director for epidemiology at the Orange County Health Care Agency, told The Times. "So events like this are difficult, but they're important to highlight because we want to make sure people realize that there's reason that you need to get your child vaccinated."

So take the doctor's advice. Listen to the folks at the CDC. Do the right thing. Take your kids to get their shots.

Another newspaper happy to give the last word in vaccine safety to the people who run the vaccine program. The press must think we're all stupid. Reporters don't even make an attempt to investigate this.

Salem (OR) News

To my medical colleagues, BigPharma sceptics and others truly concerned with public health issues and the accelerating sickening of America: In the following link,Dr. Suzanne Humphries talks about vaccines in a 10 minute videointerview justifiably, with science backing her up (and directly refuting what those corporate entities who have immense wealth and power), claiming that there has never been a safe vaccine. This video needs to be viewed by all health reporters to “immunize” them against the powerful, corporate-controlled profit-motivated factions (including the media and our indoctrinated physicians and nurses) that are pushing more and more unsafe and highly toxic vaccines upon unsuspecting parents and vulnerable infants, who then go on to develop hyperimmune/autoimmune disorders such as our escalating incidence of chronic asthma, rheumatoid disorders, etc (for an important list of other vaccine injuries that have been documented, see below). . . .

I'm stunned to see a doctor saying this. Even more astonished to see it on Google News.

The Atlantic

Rates of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are not creeping up so much as leaping up. New numbers just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that one in 68 children now has a diagnosis of ASD-a 30 percent increase in just two years. In 2002, about one in 150 children was considered autistic and in 1991 the figure was one in 500.

The staggering increase in cases of ASD should raise more suspicion in the medical community about its misdiagnosis and overdiagnosis than it does. Promoting early screening for autism is imperative. But, is it possible that the younger in age a child is when professionals screen for ASD-especially its milder cases-the greater the risk that a slow-to-mature child will be misperceived as autistic, thus driving the numbers up?

According to the Atlantic, it's not better diagnosing, it's overdiagnosing and misdiagnosing.  Despite another jaw-dropping rate increase, no one is worried and more kids really don't have autism.  I tried posting comments. I was told I'm blocked.  Even a simple, short comment isn't allowed.

Washington Post

The latest numbers from the Center for Disease Control showing a steep rise in the number of children with autism are so off the charts that it's hard not to come to one of two conclusions: There's something wrong in the way that we measure the data or there's something extraordinary going on. 1 in 68 American children now has autism, up from 1 in 88 children just two years ago, an increase of 30 percent. A decade ago, one in 166 children were diagnosed as having autism. In 1975, it was 1 in 5000. Plot this as a graph using CDC data and you get a hockey stick curve showing exponential growth in autism over just the past decade.

Actually, despite the title, this is more of the same old same old.  There's no demand for answers.  Hey, if Autism Speaks thinks it a mystery, it must be.

We're still arguing over the increase and there's a reference about "mercury in our food."  And of course, as always, it's not vaccines.

All this speculating and musing about autism happens only if we all shut our eyes to the damage being done to children and how everyone involves suffers, otherwise we'd be seriously concerned about regressive autism.

NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT CAUSES AUTISM.  They couldn't live with the truth.

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