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April 9, 2014, KPLC 7, Lake Charles LA: Homes for adults with autism giving families peace of mind -

April 8, 2014, USA Today: Social media bring politics to the corner office

April 8, 2014, Washington Times: EDITORIAL: An outbreak of common sense on vaccines

KPLC 7, Lake Charles, LA

Fifty years ago, autism was only diagnosed in one out of every 10,000 children. Now, the Centers for Disease Control says one in 68 children has the developmental disorder.

That creates a big concern for aging parents as they ask themselves "what's next" for their child with autism.

These stories are always the same. While the national press overwhelmingly denies a real increase in autism and blames bad genes, old dads/moms and fat dads/moms, etc., these local stories show us the reality. The autism generation is aging out of school with nowhere to go. There are waiting lists now. What's going to happen when more and more young adults are added and parents everywhere just can't provide for them anymore?

This is the disaster that will be dumped on the states. No one at the CDC, CNN or the NY Times will be interested. They believe this just can't be happening---these people have always been here.

USA Today

Likewise, the National Autism Foundation lost the support of Chili's simply because it refuses to condemn parents who choose not to vaccinate their children out of fear of a link between autism and inoculations that include mercury-based preservatives.

Critics - including hundreds who posted comments on Chili's corporate Facebook page - argue that the growing movement against forced vaccinations has allowed diseases once nearly-eradicated in the U.S. to return in greater numbers.

Those diseases, including polio and measles, are sometimes fatal, always debilitating and often terrifying for families who've suffered from them.

So is having an autistic child wander from home, possibly never to return.

I posted comments.  (I'm not sure what the comment was all about, since there was no acknowledgement of the lifesaving work of NAA in preventing deaths from wandering.)

Washington Times

The childhood scourge of measles is making a comeback. The highly contagious disease was all but eradicated in the United States more than a decade ago, but an outbreak in California has infected 50 persons so far this year. It's happening largely because people who should know better are taking medical advice from quacks and porn stars.

Even well-meaning restaurant chains like Chili's have become unwitting accomplices in the movement to stop vaccination campaigns. Chili's planned to host a "Give Back Event" on Monday in which 10 percent of customers' checks would be donated to the National Autism Association in recognition of National Autism Awareness month. It appeared to be a harmless philanthropic gesture, except that the autism association reveals its true agenda on its website, saying that "vaccines can trigger or exacerbate autism in some, if not many, children."

The notion that vaccines and autism are linked was born in 1998 when a medical researcher named Andrew Wakefield falsified data to create the appearance that a common vaccine led to an increase in rates of autism. The British medical journal The Lancet formally retracted the study, conceding that "evidence" had been falsified. Mr. Wakefield lost his medical license.

The media is in a frenzy to attack anyone linking vaccines and autism and they'll sink to any level to do it.  I posted comments.


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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.



I'm so sorry about what you've been through and what happened to your son. We have to try to prevent every case of autism by any cause, whether it's birth trauma or from a pregnant mother's illness or from vaccination or from other environmental insults. The thing with vaccination, unlike the other causes, is that the Vaccine Industry with the cooperation of the medical community, is denying a link while the federal government has paid out billions to victims, while lying to the public saying that vaccines are perfectly safe and pushing for mandates of more and more vaccines - the same vaccines that thousands have reported have caused autism in their previously normally developing children. And as you know, the parents are being not only ignored, but villified and threatened. After what you've been through with your son, could you imagine if the medical community came out with a recommendation or a mandate that all babies be born posterior and with forceps? That's why people who know what happened to their children are reacting so strongly to the increasing vaccine mandates and the medical community's refusal to acknowledge their childrens' injuries. And we know that vaccine safety studies are extremely flawed and inadequate. I actually think the outcry isn't loud enough. Another point is that many doctors and scientists say that a vaccine given during pregnancy causes the same type of immune response that natural infection causes during pregnancy (what happened to you) - that is linked with autism and schizophrenia, etc. The pro-vaccine lobby claims that the flu vaccine during pregnancy prevents the possibility of this type of injury to the baby, but not all scientists agree.


Yes, I do understand Martha; There is a study out that says the flu can cause autism -- NOT the flu itself or the infection, but the immune system that becomes inflammed at the time.

Now why would Mother's immune system suddenly be doing this after centuries of all the infections pregnant women must have endured and yet there has not been a rise of autism. Is it because the Mother's immune systems have learned to behave in an odd way due to the Mothers being vaccinated.

Arthritis is an auto immune diseae, so your family is showing that the immune system is already not behaving the way it should -- still for all those past generations -- how many in your family had epilepsy and/or autism???

You must also understand that the only thing that is an environmental constant all over the United States is vaccines as the autism numbers rise all over the United States not pesticides, flu, strip mines except in clusters --

And I would appreciate that you hear me that my kids reacted many times with vaccine reactions - I kept allowing them to have them cause it is sort of invisible, in that I did not know what I was looking at - untill one actually reacted with more than a high fever, but a full blown stroke like episode.

That Kawasakis seven weeks after a DPT shot kind of fooled me too.

Martha Moyer

You all won't agree but I think this vaccine issue is blown out of proportion. There is so much more to what causes autism than vaccines and I am not saying that some may react to vaccines and might cause autism. It is just that research is showing us that there are many other things too that can cause autism such as environmental things that happen. I think the terrible flu that i got at the time of conception caused my son to be born with autism but it could also be because my immune system is compromised, according to my rheumatologist. I have severe arthritis and so did my dad so maybe I inherited the tendency to create autism? My son was BORN with autism and coming out posterior and being pulled out with forceps could have made a difference too! Understand my thinking too? Martha

Joy B

Linda, I absolutely agree with everything you've said. The crazy thing is that every big industry has this phenomenon now. These are the 'lawyers' who end up with cabinet positions, the ones who start their careers arguing for 'agency capture' and precrime solutions a la Minority Report. I mean it's practically formulaic at this point.

Recently the heads of the Turkish government were recorded talking about the planning of a false flag bombing attack, to be perpetrated on their soil and blamed on the Syrian government in order to facilitate a pretext for all out war on Syria(to be conducted by US/NATO of course). In the conversation, John Kerry is mentioned as having been in frequent contact, questioning the progress of said false flag attacks, checking up.

So they are abolutely not adverse to false flag attacks. To think that US soil would be spared in this race to hell is naive. They do it for the profits, wherever and whenever they do it. The absence of any relevant politician on the anti-vax side tells you how verboten questioning pharma is, and exposes exactly how the industry is being rewarded for their payments.

I hate to say this but I feel like we're skirting the bio-warfare age with this sht. Like 'proof' may start to show up here and there, with engineered infection campaigns or something that used to be equally as unimaginable. One could argue that the side effects of all this benevolence are already showing up; the paralyses in India, the narcolepsy in Uganda, the severe autism in doubly-vacc'ed immigrant children, etc etc ad infinitum.

Sebelius and Burwell- not for health

@Not an MD, I think I'm going to puke. Obama just introduced Ms. Burwell to, among other things, preventing bioterror attacks. Ahhhhhhhh. Mr President, like in the movie Black Christmas; the attacks are coming from within.
Now Sebelius is talking about how proud she is of her bright and talented staff and how well they treated the most vulnerable: the young. What a load of bullshit. I can't even watch anymore... I wonder what someone with integrity, like David Wright is thinking?
It's like some creepy futuristic movie where everything is controlled.

Chilibots suck

Not an MD, I thought Sebelius had years with the Gates Foundation as well, maybe I'm wrong. I have no doubt her successor, this Sylvia Mathews Burwell will be as bad or worse in promoting autism increase and trying to silence media and research that would end it. Hopefully there will be a new government soon that sees the corruption and actually doesn't stand for it. People really are getting fed up with governments that don't listen and mainstream media that is not impartial.

John Stone, no of course we will never forget Andy. Very, very few would stand up the way he has/is. It is obvious they only mention his name now to serve as an example of the terrorizing treatment you will get if you question the dogma.

Not an MD

@ Chilibots Suck,
Here is the latest on the Sebelius successor, Sylvia Mathews Burwell:

Sylvia Mathews Burwell allegedly has ten years of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation experience as a former president of their Global Development Program. Sadly, I don't think Sebelius's resignation has anything to do with the botched Obamacare rollout, or even the rising Autism numbers, during her reign. I think her resignation was planned in order to bring in Ms. Burwell.

John Stone

We should not forget Andy. He is where he is essentially because he listened to parents and a mass of lies have been told about him. Every now and then someone pops up and says forget about him but besides being dishonourable the other side have not forgotten about him: he is still an important part of their rhetoric and propaganda supported by lie, rumour and innuendo - not to mention an example of what they can do. And they will do exactly the same to any other prominent individual who steps out of line if they are allowed to. We must not be picked off.


Chilibots suck

Kathleen Sibelius quit. All I can say is Obamacare rollout problems my ass. Her biggest failure is how much autism increased on her watch. What percentage would it be? The stats are 4 years old but still, she's done nothing to help the skyrocketing of autism and all it's associated costs and heartache. In fact, she could/should have demanded the stats get done more quickly. America can't afford this.

Chilibots suck

Yes Roger, in some ways Dr. wakefield's research is yesterday's news and there are newer medical research studies that point to problems with vaccines etc. but there IS one very important reason they keep bringing up his name. Dr. Wakefield is to be held up as an example to what will happen to anyone who dares even breath a word of problems with vaccines. I recall one narcolepsy researcher involved in the H1N1 problem that mentioned his fear of bringing up any problems for fear of such treatment. Being "Wakefielded" is not what anyone would want. Katie Couric, Jenny McCarthy, now Kristin Cavallari, Donald Trump they have all been scorned, but no one so much as Dr. Wakefield, even though the same hi court ruling in Britain that declared his colleagues free of any wrong doing all pertain to him as well.


The journalists are writing from a talking points script that they've all been handed. That's why they all sound the same. They continue to demonize Dr. Wakefield because they can, they're lazy and the story is convenient, even if it's a bold-faced lie.

Re USA Today - The real reason for the Chili's blow-up had nothing to do with Chili's. The whole fiasco was to make an example of the National Autism Foundation because "it refuses to condemn parents who choose not to vaccinate their children out of fear of a link between autism and inoculations that include mercury-based preservatives." In fact, call me cynical, but I wouldn't be surprised if Chili's was paid to start this knowing that there would be a backlash that would cause them to cancel while bringing national attention to the National Autism Foundation being "anti-vaccine". We know that there are people working around the clock developing strategies to defeat any opposition to vaccination. They have people and bots stalking every conversation and article, they are trying to get vaccines mandated around the globe, they are developing a database of those who question, so it is not far fetched to suspect that this was all staged.

"Those diseases, including polio and measles, are sometimes fatal, always debilitating and often terrifying for families who've suffered from them."

The history of polio before the 20th century is that it was for most a mild illness and measles is rarely debilitating and rarely terrifying. I keep correcting these lies for the generations after me who have no memory of when measles was a mild for most childhood illness.

Roger Kulp

I won't comment on what many here think of Andrew Wakefield,but from where I sit he is pretty much old news,and people need to move on.There has been so much science since then about vaccine induced regression,that we don't need his studies any more.That the media continues to bring him up,only shows shows how brain dead and out of touch they are.I do not believe everyone who writes articles like this are pharma shills.I think they really are truly ignorant.

Roger Kulp

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigns

Among other things,Sebelius appointed those on the IACC.

Chilibots suck

Lol, "unwitting accomplices" is how Washington Times refers to a restaurant simply wanting to help with a good cause. More like the Washington Times is a willful accomplices in carrying out pharma's marching orders.

Same for USA Today. They talk about "hundreds who posted on Chili's Facebook page" are pharma workers who have a vested I terested in the denial of the harm vaccines may be causing.

It's almost getting comical. In a weird way I hope they do keep it up. I don't think they realize how alienating and stupid they sound to so many real people. Stopping contributions to a wandering cause is just ignorant and will unfortunately add to the "chilbot autism wandering death count."

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