An Open Letter to: Gabriel Munroe, Editor-in-Chief, Issue 23, Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy
Weekly Wrap: Yes, Vaccines Drive the Autism Epidemic



The Atlantic "The younger in age we assess for problems, the greater the potential a slow-to-mature kid will be given a false diagnosis."

what are they saying? they don't believe in the increase? they suspect these now twelve year old children were identified as toddlers hence pumped up the numbers?
Why are we not blasting these mags and media , they are directly responsible for creating more autism..a careful mom, who experiences horrid reactions in her child, believes it's okay to continue vaccinating via pharm owned media. ..then held off from services because if she goes too soon..her child will be adding to the "count"..wth is this?


Good interview ! The CDC isn’t afraid of what they’ll find, they KNOW what they’ll find, I think they’re doing this on purpose.The more I read the more it seems like a crazy conspiracy…according to these theories the people doing this use predictive programming (putting out movies, etc.)to get society used to the idea of something, then they take action. In 1989 the movie “Rainman” came out and for many people it was their first exposure to the idea of autism, that same year they increased the vaccines,(co-incidence?) possibly they knew it would cause autism. Why would they do this ? I have no idea, maybe they’re trying to destroy society. If you google the name of that movie, you’ll see it has other meanings to some people…it’s very creepy.
There’s a documentary on youtube “Bell Tolling for Swine Flu” and a nun warned people in 2009 not to get the swine flu vaccine because Baxter pharmaceuticals had shipped live bird flu virus in their flu vaccine ingredients, (claiming it was an error.) She helped a lot of people avoid getting that shot.

After WW2 the U.S. gov transferred a lot of Nazi doctors over to the States to work for the FDA, at least that’s what I’ve heard. Something sinister seems to be going on and I don’t think the higher levels of gov will help with it, they might be the ones giving orders to the CDC to cover things up.
Just some thoughts.

Laura Hayes

Excellent interview Mark and Coy! I can't tell you how refreshing it was to hear a person from the media ask intelligent questions that weren't straight from Pharma's playbook. You were able to speak to so many important points in a relatively short time period, Mark...not easy to do, especially when on live radio! Job well done. Score one for the good guys!


I believe only about 9-10% of the world's population ever received the smallpox vaccine and it is now somehow gone.

We need a new flu shot every year, but for some reason the same mumps virus has been used in vaccines for 40 years... $$$

always a mystery

John Stone

I should have said about Rutter that his Institute of Psychiatry in London was awash with pharma money and he went on to give evidence against Wakrfield at the GMC.


Very important point to make that an unvax vs a vax study --

would include ALL Health outcomes.

My daughter came down with Kawasakis in 1981 -- seven weeks after her DPT - I never had a clue of why she had it and I sure did not figure out that it was linked to her problems as a teenager (not sure was it just typical teenage stuff) Not till the 20s did we know all along she had bipolar.

This is how it is invisible as Tocci said (thanks John Stone for quoting him).


CMO - but the CDC/Congress/and other federal agencies first opened the flood gates of some big huge dam up river -- before going to the picnic spot and watching them all come down the river.
They are responsible -- of course the public seeing the small pox go away and their relief of having a polio vaccine --poor us -- so dubbed into thinking any vaccine is great.

Mark Blaxill God blessed you with a voice that we could listen to forever.

John Stone

Hi Mark

Your reminiscence of Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp in 2005 reminds me of my comment in BMJ on the leading British child psychiatrist Sir Michael Rutter (1 April 2005) who had just been co-author of the infamous Honda study:-

Further bemusement at Sir Michael's role: vagueness and certainty
1 April 2005

It is not very clear exactly what expertise Sir Michael Rutter brought to the Japanese study. To recap:

"He told the Eye that as he was not an immunologist he could not comment on the suggestion that giving three separate vaccines a short time apart was the same as administering the MMR triple vaccine. But he added that although it was unfortunate that there was little relevant material published on any possible interference between vaccine components, immunologists whom he had consulted doubted that this was a significant issue". [1]

On the other hand he also seems remarkably non-commital about other possible causes and scale of the problem:

"Prof Rutter said that one good thing that had come out of Dr Wakefield's controversial 1998 paper that raised the MMR alarm, which he believed should not have been published in that form in the Lancet, was that it triggered much useful autism research.

"Some experts convinced of a real rise in autism across the developed world - rather than as many still maintain, better diagnosis and detection - were now looking for an unknown environmental trigger that might interact with an unknown genetic risk. He said that while the MMR could fit that environmental profile, he claimed his and other researchers work showed it did not fit the pattern."[1]

So we are faced with the curiosity that as of 2005 Professor Sir Michael Rutter is still uncertain whether there is an autism epidemic or not, vague about the causes if there is, but convinced if there is - without having personally examined the science - that MMR is not implicated.

You wonder:

Whether he has sufficient scientific grounds for taking sides?

Why - as the leading member of child psychiatric profession in the UK for the last three decades - he did not start to take urgent action in the late 1980s to find out what might be going awry, and why even now all these years later it does not seem of greater urgency?

Why, apart from the MMR issue, researchers were looking for "an unknown environmental trigger" rather than very obviously known one like mercury?

[1] MMR, The link effect, Private Eye No 1129, 1-15 April 2005, p.27


Its insane that they could release new measles cases daily in headlines across the country, yet they can't give us a somewhat current autism rate, like at the least of 5 year old children entering kindergarten.

Roger Kulp

Nice to here Mark mention Atypical Autism at 7:51,since this was my original diagnosis.You rarely,if ever,hear any body use this.I bet a lot of people don't know what that means.


Nice interview Mark.

The CDC seems quite satisfied to simply sit on the bank of the river counting the children as they head over the falls.

One might think they would be releasing numbers for the year 2012, rather than their most recent release for children born in the year 2002.

Dan Burns

This brief, confident interview nails key points in the vaccine safety debate. Congrats, Mark!

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