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Simply Fun Walk The Dogs
Readers we have a contest for SimplyFun games. SimplyFun builds smarter kids and stronger families through the amazing power of play with over 100 award-winning games (that have been independently evaluated for 11 characteristics of Autism).

Leave a comment to enter to win one game.

SimplyFun Games have been Independently Evaluated to 11 characteristics of autism:

Digger’s Garden Match: Simply Fun Katachi

Walk the Dogs:


SimplyFun believes that play is for everyone, regardless of their skill level or challenges.  So we have embarked on a new project that evaluates the contents, methods and skill level of our games for various types of learning challenges. 

A number of years ago a mother of two children, one severely autistic and one without those challenges told us that our game Walk the Dogs allowed her to experience something she thought would never be possible in her life….to see her two children play together, laughing and enjoying a game together. Though she had modified the rules to make the game accessible to both kids, that didn’t lessen the joy of their play or detract from the emotion we all felt in how our game made a difference in her family. Her story remains a legend in our company and gave us the idea that we could and should provide help to other parents just like her.

Simply Fun Garden MatchAs a result, we partnered with two well know play experts to individually evaluate each of our games for suitability for play with children with autism.  The games were evaluated against the eleven most common challenges like verbalization and socialization with a determination as to whether the game was appropriate for use with a child with this challenge and if so, could it be modified to be more accessible while maintaining the basic play of the game. 

We have now completed this project and are including the informational results in our online game catalog at  Just pick a game of interest and you will see a tab at the bottom of the screen for autism.  Click the tab and you will find the detailed assessment of the game for use with your child.  In addition, we have modified our Personal Shopper survey to include one for autism to help you select a game that is right for your family.   Just click the autism box on the main webpage and it will take you to a survey that helps pre-select games that meet your specific issues.

Our mission is to build smarter kids and stronger families through the amazing power of play.  We know that play benefits all kids and we want to help you find games that can enhance learning and improve the quality of your family time.  More importantly we want to be a resource for your family to find games that meet your specific needs. We hope we can be your partner in learning and for fun to make play a part of your family life!



Melissa E

These games look awesome. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Laura Taylor

I wasn't aware of these products. My daughter and her twin sister who turns 11 today would love these games. Would be fun to take to school and share with special friends.

Allie Bernier

SimplyFun games look like a great investment. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Jennifer H.

I would love to win this. My 6 year old with Autism is just now becoming interested in games and learning about turn taking. These look like fun!!

Julie Wiesemann

Ooh walk the dogs looks fun!

Elizabeth Hiracheta

Sounds Amazing!!! I would love to enter to win!!! I have three boys at home. My middle one is on the spectrum, but I'm sure they could all get a lot out of the game!:)

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