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Action Alert: Dr. Offit, Please Stop Making Stuff Up About Regressive Autism

Ringing telephoneNote: Here is an easy to use action alert to ask Dr. Paul Offit's bosses to Action alertrequest that he stop making "stuff" (another word would fit well) up about autism - as a distraction for the epidemic and to protect his industry land connections. Click HERE.

Offit: "When you have autism, you are born with autism"

Ask Offit's bosses to stop him making stuff up
In a recent interview with Medscape (www.medscape.com/viewarticle/822981) millionaire vaccine industrialist and spokesman, Paul Offit, MD, pretends that he knows that autism begins before birth, which denies that autistic regression occurs, “When you have autism, you are born with autism. There is no changing that, and to some people, that is helpful to know.” We thought this might come as a surprise to many people who watched their healthy child regress into autism, and anybody who follows autism research.
Offit promotes himself as one of America’s leading authorities on autism, even though, like most parents, he has no professional training in autism.  Which may account for him saying things that have no foundation in either the medical literature, or the experience of hundreds of thousands of people. And he has several jobs at very prestigious institutions, which one would hope would value a close adherence to truth and known facts. Offit is the Maurice R. Hilleman Professor of Vaccinology, and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania, and Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, and the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

If you are tired of credentialed elites with obvious conflicts of interest making up stuff about autism that conveniently supports their own financial interests please click on the Take Action link above to send an email to Offit’s bosses at the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s of Hospital of Pennsylvania.
And why not give Offit’s bosses a call and ask them to ask Offit to stop making things up.

Amy Gutman, President, University of Pennsylvania, (215) 898-7221

Steven M. Altschuler, MD, CEO, Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (267) 426-6143

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cia parker

Dr. Offit has not been called on to comment nearly as often now as he used to be. Does anyone still find him credible? Same for DR. I never see any comments by people saying Thank you, you have set my vaccine fears at rest. How well-informed you are. I know she was hired to persuade such people, but is she having any success? Are the persuaded out there but reluctant to comment on the blogs in the face of the dozens of commenters who hate her with a passion? Have they already lost the battle of public opinion, but are unwilling to publicly admit defeat?


The constituents in the human milk grow and shape the organ systems after birth, including the immune system, the brain, the gut flora, etc. It is likely that the resultant strengthening of the infant by the milk, together with the stream of protective immune factors from the mother's immune system through the milk that comes with very frequent feedings by nature's design, aids the infant in minimizing damage from the attack of the vaccines. They're just stronger and better equipped to deal with an attack, they are more likely to be in balance to start with, while formula fed infants are having to cope with being fed a foreign substance and the lack of what they are built to expect in human milk. They are at a tremendous disadvantage to begin with. Which is not to say that breastfeeding is any guarantee that any infant will weather vaccines without injury. They are just in a better position than if they were formula fed. And regarding what's in Similac, or Enfamil or any of the other human milk substitutes on the market now and through the decades since they first were marketed in the last century - no one is paying attention to or keeping track of THAT experiment.


Martha a brain injury leads to autism - i think it is that simple.

The hard part is deciding what caused the brain injury.

Posterior is s dangerous thing but - women have had those types of births many of a time with out a brain injury -- my close friend for one -- her son was fine.

However there is that study that any infection can cause inflammation of the mother - can lead to autism.

Why are mothers now having an immune system that response to an infection with inflammation - instead of the other side of the immune system. Because it has been trained to do just that -- and that scares me about the future of the entire population -- if that is indeed what is going on.

In the meeting in Jan 2014 Lyn Redwood told the committee as they were going through what they wanted to write up for new studies about this study. She tried to get them to put in to study what effect an infection or immunization would have in inflaming the immune sytem in pregancy.

Tom Insel who had been accepting word changes and phrases left and right -- called for a vote on the matter of these few words -- immediately had had 15 that voted against it -- they did not ask questions - you can tell they had their minds made up as soon as he called for a vote -- because they have won their place on the committee with the understanding they are there to keep the words immunization and vaccines out of any report put out by the IACC committee.
They are Tom Insels - body and soul.


@Martha Moyer, you may very well be correct about your son. There are certainly parents who report that their babies seemed to be wired differently from birth.

However, we still don't know whether environmental factors, rather than genetic one, were present from birth on. You mention flu, and difficult delivery.

I would also wonder if your son was breastfed or bottle-fed. I've lost count of the number of moms I have met, who told me their baby had major problems with colic, intestinal cramps, diarrhea, etc., from birth on, and ALL of them fed their babies Similac.

Gotta wonder what's in the Similac.

And yes, there is strong evidence that breastfed babies have a much lower incidence of autism.

So how does that factor into the vaccine reaction so many autistic children experienced? Do the immunoglobulins in the breast milk weaken the vaccine reactions?


Martha, a half truth is still a lie. Offit is lying. Look at blindness as an example. It is true that some children are born blind, but if a doctor said that all people who are blind are born that way, he'd be 100% wrong.

Martha Moyer

I find Dr. Offit credible but with some reservations. My son, now age 40 WAS BORN WITH AUTISM. i contracted the flu at conception and who knows what other influences went into the cause of his autism. He WAS born posterior and was caught on a lip of the cervix and pulled out of me with forceps. He was Born with autism! However, I feel that vaccines could cause an autism reaction on some. Perhaps vaccines could cause the regression you all talk about. So I say...there is more to this story. Keep tuned...

Anne J.

I don't think anyone who knows anything about autism finds Offit even remotely credible. He's never even treated kids on the spectrum! How they try to pass him off as an "expert on autism" would be almost amusing, if it weren't so tragic.
I'm sure he would not say many of the flat out lies he comes up with, if there was any chance he'd be held accountable. Unfortunately, until doctors and pharmaceutical companies can be held liable, it seems they can say pretty much anything they want without fear. Until then, we all need to keep pointing out his conflicts of interest.

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