Weekly Wrap:The “Trutherization” of Vaccine Injury
To Journalists on the Eve of Autism Awareness Month

"Unintended Acceleration" Vaccines: Sales Over Safety

Toyota recallBy Cathy Jameson

ABC Reports on Toyota Recall

 “Car manufacturer Toyota has agreed to pay a staggering $1.2 billion to avoid prosecution for covering up severe safety problems with “unintended acceleration,” according to court documents, and continuing to make cars with parts the FBI said Toyota “knew were deadly.”

A deferred prosecution agreement, filed today, forced Toyota to “admit” that it “misled U.S. consumers by concealing and making deceptive statements about two safety related issues affecting its vehicles, each of which caused a type of unintended acceleration.”

Toyota “put sales over safety and profit over principle,” according to FBI Assistant Director George Venizelos.”

Oh, boy, did this article make me see red.  I remember watching the news when people were reporting that their cars were malfunctioning.  I also remember the asinine claims that the auto manufacturers offered while trying to deflect that a legitimate problem existed.  Instead of properly address the dangers Toyota drivers were facing, excuses were made and critical time was wasted.  Several people lost their lives despite customer’s pleas to thoroughly investigate the issue.  What Toyota did and how they handled this situation is inexcusable. 

I couldn’t help but think of how eerily familiar the Toyota customers’ statements and troubles sounded.  While reading the article I saw several comparisons of what Toyota drivers had to deal with what has also happened to the vaccine injured.  One thing was not so familiar though.  Justice was finally served to a set of customers who were terribly wronged.  I can’t say the same thing has happened yet for many of us. 

But, I can certainly see other comparisons similar to the unfortunate events Toyota customers faced. 

“The disregard Toyota had for the safety of the public is outrageous,” Venizelos said.

When media reports arose of Toyota hiding defects, they emphatically denied what they knew was true, assuring consumers that their cars were safe and reliable… More than speeding cars or a major fine, the ultimate tragedy has been the unwitting consumers who died behind the wheel of Toyota vehicles.”

What’s been outrageous for us?   That vaccines have been pushed on the public for decades with little to no regard toward how individuals handle being vaccinated.  Clamping down and enforcing vaccine safety can’t happen when they’re sold as safe and effective though.  I don’t know how they could be.  Even when the government calls them unavoidably unsafe, and while each vaccine comes with an extensive list of negatives reactions, vaccines are sold with no liability.  Too many double standards get in the way of taking care of vaccine consumers.  Vaccines have a safety net.  People questioning vaccines get run over instead of helped. 

Moving on

“Not only did Toyota fail to recall cars with problem parts, they continued to manufacture new cars with the same parts they already knew were deadly.

Golly, how many vaccine recalls have we seen in just the last few years?  I’ll tell you how many. Too many.  One is too many let alone the lot of 160,000 that were recalled in December of 2012.  Focusing on the vaccine customer now, how many individual documented adverse reactions from recommended vaccines have happened?  Again, too many. 

Other countries react swiftly and begin an investigation soon after one of their own falls ill.  What happens here in the US?  Do we take them completely off the market?  Do we stop manufacturing that vaccine immediately?  Do we go back to the drawing board tweaking the formula or the process so as to not cause further injuries or death?  Nah, all of that would slow down production and sales. 

Even with a recall or two, and with 31,000 reported adverse reactions from Gardasil, for example, the vaccine industry doesn’t have to save face as Toyota did.  The vaccine industry doesn’t because of the indemnity vaccine manufacturers have been granted.  Why should they invest in making a safer product when a) they don’t have to, and b) enough ill-informed public keep the demand high?

While it would be the right thing to do, the US will keep hawking vaccines no matter what the vaccine injury rate is.  How’s that for looking out for your customer?

Time to rebel

“ABC News first reported the potential dangers of unintended acceleration in an investigation broadcast in November 2009.  The report said hundreds of Toyota customers were in “rebellion” after a series of accidents were apparently caused by the unintended acceleration.”

Dear ABC, 

Have I got a story for you!  Court reports!  Cover ups!  Government lies!  On-camera government liars! 

Let’s chat.


“At the time of the first ABC News report, Toyota attempted to assure its drivers that the incidents of sudden acceleration without warning were solely caused by floor mats becoming stuck on the gas pedals or driver error. But already other customers were complaining of similar problems with sudden acceleration, but some had nothing to do with the floor mats and they maintained they weren’t to blame either.”

Ahhh, the floor mats.  That’s when Toyota added insult to injury:  Here, driver.  You’ve got it all wrong.  Here’s a quick fix that has nothing to do with the problem.  Take this floor mat.  Put it there.  Lookee!  No more unintended acceleration.  Problem solved.

Until the next person died.

Things get out of control

How many times have we heard, seen or been told that vaccines are Safe! Effective! Good for you! Good for me! Good for everyone! 

Every single time.    

Even before the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which has awarded $2.85 BILLION dollars to families of the vaccine injured, vaccines were sold as safe and effective when they weren’t.  They’re still called safe and effective when they aren’t.  But that’s marketing (and the government) for you:  

Let’s call it one thing.  Let’s pay out the nose for when it isn’t that thing.  Let’s not tell anyone about it even though we should.  Let’s keep business booming.  Deal?  Deal!

If that’s not a smack my head moment, I don’t know what is.

Pick a study, any study

“ABC News published dozens of reports in the following months as Toyota said it investigated and announced massive recalls to address the accelerators being stuck under floor mats – repeatedly assuring drivers that the problem had been taken care of.” 

Dear ABC,

Like I said before, do I have a story for you!  And I can get you more than just a dozen reports.  In fact, here’s a sneak peek at a few studies that support what a lot of vaccine customers have been saying for years. 

So, tell the producers that you’ve got THE story of the century.  Tell them that that yes, vaccines maim.  They kill.  And they can even cause autism.  Want to see?  Come on over!  I have a kid here that you can interview.  Well, he can’t talk, on account of his vaccine injury, but I can interpret for you.  When he pulls my hair that means he is super upset.  When he slips out of the house undetected means he’s one of those kids who wanders because he understands no safety.  When he’s eats the bland food I serve him it’s because his GI tract is so messed up that he can’t enjoy what you and I get to on a daily basis.  When he cries like that it means something hurts.  But I can’t tell what hurts because he can’t tell me since he has no words.  Anyway, give me a call.  I’ll hook you up with the scoop.



In December 2009, the court records showed the company responded to “media accusations that it was continuing to hide defects in its vehicles” by publishing a statement on Toyota’s website saying the company “has absolutely not minimized public awareness of any defect or issue with respect to its vehicles [and] [a]ny suggestion to the contrary is wrong and borders on irresponsibility.”

Minimizing public awareness coupled with media accusations.  Hmmmm, we don’t know anything about that here, do we? 

Thanks in part to …”an unidentified Toyota employee” whose comment revealed “the dangerous game the company was playing”, the efforts of the investigators paid off and solidified Toyota’s negligence.  A $1.2 billion fine has been set because of that negligence.  Sadly, no amount of money or admittance will ever bring back those drivers and passengers who suffered injury and death.

We the People

We’ll have to see if Toyota holds true to its promise that they will focus on the customer again.  It’s a shame the customer was taken out of the equation in the first place.  We in the autism community have heard that time and time again.  Parents! We hear you.  Really, we do.  But we’re not going to do anything about it.  Keep at it though.  You’re super focused and really energetic about your cause.

Overall, vaccine manufacturers and the people who adamantly protect them have made something else clear:  we don’t matter.  Our pain and suffering doesn’t mean a thing, and it will never mean a thing to them unless they also fall into the same fate that we and our children have. 

Into the sunset

With fewer casualties, and in a time span that is a fraction of how long vaccine injury claims have been reported, the Toyota investigators addressed a serious problem.  Top officials and groups working at the national level contributed to remedy disastrous outcomes stemming from a faulty product.  I’m grateful that the issues were fixed and that someone is finally being held accountable.  Too bad our children don’t have anyone in a federal position looking out for them like the FBI did for Toyota’s customers.  I won’t hold my breath hoping that something similar will happen for our kids anytime soon.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.




You know - the DMS-5 did not just change the diagnosis of most PDD-NOS to communication disorders - but due to the rise of bipolar in children - which no one wanted to use the word bipolar they have a new one for that to..
Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder.

In this one article it says:

"In the late 1990s and continuing on into the past decade, bipolar disorder started being diagnosed more and more in children. This became a problem only because the criteria for bipolar disorder in children have never been firmly established. Researchers developed their own set of criteria which contradicted the official diagnostic criteria for the disorder. The research criteria basically did away with the need for a manic or hypomanic episode, and instead replaced it with irritability and anger.

Coincidentally, a few pharmaceutical companies also released a set of medications — called atypical antipsychotics — which can be used to treat certain symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Doctors started diagnosing bipolar disorder in children with a looser set of criteria, and felt more at ease prescribing a treatment for it because these new medications had become available.

This set of circumstances led to a reported 40-fold increase in the past decade of bipolar disorder diagnoses in children. This suggests a pretty obvious problem in the diagnostic criteria, since nothing has changed so much in the past decade to offer a reasonable explanation for this sort of increase."

Nothing has changed so much in the past decade to offer a reasonable explanation for this sort of increase.

Nothing has changed so much in the past decade to offer a reasoonable explanation for this sort of increase.

Slap hand on fore head and give a great big sigh of exasperation

Eileen Nicole Simon

We need something like the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for autism, and I suggested this in a comment I submitted to the IACC. I also posted my comment on my website at http://conradsimon.org/files/IACC4feb2009.pdf.

Someone on another blog (lbrb I think) asked if I really thought autism is a disaster. Yes, autism is a disaster.

Clearly, because of the way it is portrayed in the media, many people have no idea about autism’s sad outcome. Even high-functioning men like my 51-year-old son are not able to work, take care of their own needs, or participate in meaningful activities with others.

Laura Hayes


I love your comment!!!


You know, Toyota is not the only car manufacturer guilty of covering up problems.



I think Cat hit the nail on the head. This kind of cover-up is business as usual today--but the pharmaceutical industry has so much government protection, it's actually overkill.

Parents: You can't sue vaccine manufacturers because we have special Vaccine [Kangaroo] Court! But you also can't sue vaccine manufacturers because Vaccines Are Unavoidably Unsafe!

Scientists and physicians: You can't criticize vaccines because we are going to Wakefield you! Or blacklist you! Or deny you funding! Or publicly ridicule you! Or accuse you of ______!

Adults: You can't turn down vaccines because we are going to mandate them ALL! You'll lose your jobs, your place in college!


Cathy, your analogy is quite apt. Every time Toyota owners got behind the wheel, they wondered whether this time their number was up. Until Toyota was forced to find and fix the problem, driving was a gamble.

When manufacturers and government fail to investigate vaccine injuries, consumer confidence diminishes more and more with each incident. Vaccine users would have more control over redressing manufacturers' lack of ethical and financial responsibility if shot mandates were abolished and civil suits with juries and discovery were restored.


Excellent article!

If this safety issue were treated like safety issues in vaccines, we would be hearing: "These consumers are anti-car! Cars are important for transportation! Go to an old graveyard and see how many people used to die from lack of cars - they couldn't get to a hospital in time, or their horse threw them! These consumers are not mechanics nor electricians! They don't understand at all how cars function! They should leave this in the hands of the experts! Sure, it is natural to want to blame the car for an accident when they probably just stepped on the gas pedal by accident! They probably didn't even have an accident - eye witness accounts are totally unreliable! Maybe their car was just manufactured that way (looking smashed up) but they didn't notice when they bought it! If they don't want to drive cars they should go live on an island! Their kids shouldn't attend public schools if they have to arrive on a dangerous horse leaving manure all over the sidewalk! The media shouldn't even cover their crazy allegations and conspiracy theories! What if people become afraid of driving cars - it will be disastrous for our country and modern civilization as we know it!"

Laura Hayes

Thanks for yet another great article, Cat. I just sent it to my email group with these comments from me:

Two simple solutions for today's plethora of vaccine problems:

1. Repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which indemnified vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies and those who administer vaccines from any and all liability from any and all injury, illness, disability, and death that vaccines cause. The free market was working wonderfully prior to 1986. Vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies were exiting the business of making vaccines b/c of the numerous multimillion dollar lawsuits they were losing due to the injuries and deaths caused by their vaccines. Vaccines would have gone by the wayside, as they indeed should have, and our children and grandchildren would be so much healthier than they are today. The damage done to the health, development, and well-being of today's children cannot be calculated, it is too astronomical, despite the lying assurances of our government, media, and medical "professionals".

2. Ban vaccine mandates in every state. Again, let the free market work. If vaccines are so great, there's no need for a mandate, people will automatically clamor for them. If not, they'll fade out.

So simple, so simple.

And here's a #3 for the icing on the cake for those of us who would like to see some measure of earthly justice for the unethical crooks who've had a hand in forcing these untested, toxic, immune-damaging vaccines on our children for which they will suffer for their entire lives (if they lived, that is):

3. Life sentences (or worse) for all those who have participated in covering up the horrific dangers and inefficacies of vaccines and who have been complicit in promoting untested, dangerous, deadly products on the most vulnerable and the most innocent, our children.


Look at all the energy that went into prosecuting small time fraudster Kevin Trudeau. What was his crime? Selling self help books full of fibs. I bet we can find lots of books that are chock full of complete nonsense, starting with the ones by Offit and friends. Why was Trudeau given special prosecurial treatment? Because he targeted the banks and Pharma.


It's a good thing that I'm not in charge because all executives connected with murdering Americans would be behind bars facing the death penalty, any earnings from the murders would be confiscated, Toyota factories would be closed down and Toyota would be barred from selling anything in this country ever again, and I'd try to influence other governments around the world to view Toyota products similarly. That's what we do with terrorists. I don't think what Toyota did is any less than what terrorists do. Yes, the punishment would affect a lot of people. All the money confiscated from the closure of this company in this country and the fine, which would be much more than a measly billion, would go to those affected - those who would be out of a job, those who would be without a dealer to service their cars. I know, it would be a big deal, but, corporations would learn an important lesson, wouldn't they?

As it stands now, you can commit murder if you are a corporate executive. All you have to do is use your product to do the killing, whether it's a car or a vaccine. And all the people who sell your product, even though they know it's faulty and can kill and maim, they get to walk away too. But the desperately ill drug addict who kills to obtain his next fix that he needs to fend off intense pain, he gets prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No mercy for him. Whose crime is worse? The doctor who keeps giving hepatitis B vaccine to innocent infants on their first day of life knowing full well the risk that he's causing irreparable damage without any benefit to them whatsoever while he lies through his teeth telling the parents that it's perfectly safe or the corporate executive who deliberately sells a product that can kill the user or a crazed drug addict who kills for his next fix?

What we need in this country is a zero tolerance policy for corporate murder. You knowingly kill with your products, you lose your money, all of it, you go to prison and you don't get to do business here anymore. Period.

Nick's Mom

I've been in rebellion for about 16 years now. The strategies I believe that work best are: refusing to vaccinate, telling our story to every person, including doctors and nurses, we encounter when it can be brought up in a natural moment, commenting on vaccine proponents media outlets and using labels to erode their support such as the word "deniars" (people who deny vaccine harm, in the face of evidence and even the vaccine package insert) "herders" (people who believe in herd immunity over the rights of the individual to choose) which leads us to the "utilitarians" (BTW, doctors in Nazi Germany were guided by utilitarian moral principles. They believed if more social good was to be gained at the expense of fewer people,that was all that matters and was viewed as morally legitimate. Utilizing utilitarian principles, Nazi Germany had no difficulty designating the mentally retarded, habitual criminals, the physically handicapped, patients with chronic diseases, as those less valuable members of society, referred to as “life unworthy of life”, and they could be legitimately sacrificed to improve life for the majority of the population. It is interesting to note that the definition of mentally retarded and undesirable was expanded over time to include anyone opposed to the Nazi regime.)

I believe people in this country are waking up to the reality of government abuse of power at many levels and collusion with the pharmaceutical companies to put money, position and power over the welfare of the individual. We just need to bring it out in the daylight to show it to the people so they can see how they have been deceived and harmed.

Eventually, the lies will be discovered and they will be held accountable. I just hope it is in my lifetime!

John Stone

Here we are in bureaucratic fairyland where vaccine damage never happens and the cash registers keep on tinkling.

 Bob Moffitt

Cathy .. this column is .. in the words of marketers .. "priceless".

This from a recent column by Rich Lowry ..

"It is only natural that parents who see their young autistic children slip away at about the same time they receive vaccinations make the mistake of confusing correlation and causation. And it is only human to want to believe that a tragedy is a morality tale with readily identifiable villains, in this case the drug industry and the medical establishment. None of this makes the so-called anti-vaxxers any less wrong, or doggedly impervious to evidence."

Ahh .. yes .. Lowry's shop-worn "correlation does not mean causation" explanation .. whereby he effectively discredits/dismisses reports from tens of thousands of parents .. all claiming to have witnessed the very same phenomena .. their child perfectly healthy, normally developing child .. suddenly "regressing" following numerous childhood vaccine..

When all is said and done .. Rich Lowry's "explanation" .. it's not the vaccines that cause autism .. is no different than Toyota's "explanation" .. it wasn't defective design or parts that caused "unintended accellerations".. it was the floor mats.

Unfortunately, Cathy's prediction that absolutely nothing will be done .. thanks to useful idiots like Rich Lowry .. to investigate the ongoing tragedy of childhood vaccines and the protocols by which they are approved and recommended .. regulated .. adverse events reported .. compensated for .. is devastatingly true.


Dan Burns

Call the FBI.

TannersDad Tim


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