Autism Organizations Demand CDC Accountability Following Autism Rate Rise to 1 in 68
Autism Groups React to New CDC-Reported Prevalence of 1 in 68 Children

President Obama: Fire The Deniers! CDC Reports 1 in 68 Autism Rate

Contact the White House to ask President Obama to fire the autism epidemic deniers from CDC and NIH. The leadership in charge of public health has failed a generation of children.  Read an open letter to President Obama demanding accountability for this tragic increase in autism that is radically altering the American family -  unabated.  A nation can not sit idly by and watch 2.4% of its young males moved from regular education into special education without serious future impact. Thank you to Mark Blaxill for the following graphics.

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John Stone


Nancy, It's like some new religious calendar isn't it?



The CDC's National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW) is April 26-May 3, 2014.

Betty Bona

Can someone with more knowledge than me comment on why the Courchesne conclusion that autism starts in utero (after 19 months) is unwarranted? The conclusion seems to be based on the fact that those layers where they find the disorganized clusters start forming at 19 months gestation. But people with Alzheimer's have tangles that form late in life. These kids were up to 15 years old when their brains were autopsied. Though I don't doubt that some damage could be done by toxins or epigenetics in utero, I feel sure that some children on the spectrum are born without that disorganization and develop it later. I'm already tired of hearing this study quoted when people talk about vaccines not being implicated in the rising rates. Have they ever researched this type of disorganization before? My guess is that these areas of disorganization are related to toxins, and they typically disappear once the toxins are excreted. Kids on the spectrum can't excrete toxins very well so the disorganization persists. But, alas, just a guess.

david m burd

autismmom and jen and all, thanks for replies. Just to let everybody know, NPR on their own website actually cites annual revenue of "Grants and Contributions" by the Ford and MacArthur Foundations.

These two Foundations are very active in promoting aggressive vaccination for children. This is a perfect example of how badly NPR and PBS, etc. is compromised. The forces of pro autocratic vaccination have long infiltrated EVERYWHERE, and explains how America's public has been duped. There is zero chance that NPR will objectively, honestly explore the wholesale vaccine poisoning of our pregnant mothers, babies, and children - NPR's executives have swallowed the pro-vaccine dogma.

Since Donald Trump is indeed financially independent, and is on record about vaccines causing autism, he could maybe renew and get national publicity. But he has been silent on this the last couple years, so even The Donald may have been become gun shy if he intends to go for public office. We'll see.


Dawn, Jenna, David,
So right. It will take only one major network or paper to care/cave and the rats will start to run. Someone mentioned that Donald Trump has responded. We need to organize.
Time for civil disobedience. Let's do it! # WTF is going on.


no offense taken and I know NPR supports the vax side but have has anyone tried to approach NPR's Tom Ashbrook to see if they want to interview autism parents and get our reaction to this 1 in 68 news? The media only hears from talking heads why I am suggesting we do our own outreach to get our voice on the air. Reach out to different news outlets and talk shows like Dr. Phil while the story is still hot.

Ed Yazbak

Re John Stone's first comment today and the inserted link

That video is 1 minute and 43 seconds long and the speaker talked for more than 1'30" without interruption.

He stated: 'The chance of having an adverse effect to a vaccine is always invisible' at 1'38" and cleared his throat between 1'39" and 1'40".

Che coincidenza!

cia parker

Yes, they have always used and continue to use a lot of mercury in the vaccines. Still in injected flu vaccines like Fluzone in full force, and the "trace" amounts still in many vaccines are ten times over the hazardous waste limit and a hundred times over the drinking water limit. But as you note, Bummer, the numbers won't improve, because vaccine encephalitis can be caused by any vaccine, just from the shock to the immune system that it tries to counter by mounting an inflammatory response that is often too much, the inflammation includes brain swelling, cuts off circulation to the brain, and causes brain damage that is essentially the same as a stroke. So we can't stop at getting all mercury out of all the vaccines, it's a much tougher problem than that.


Hey Dawn-

I'm in. I'm so effing in. Time for civil disobedience. I had a rare night out this week with 2 other autism moms. All three of us were at the top of our games in the professional world before the autism tsunami (in journalism, law and tech). We were making huge dollars and had our own staffs. We've all spent the last 10-12 years out of the workforce and acting as effing supplicants-asking nicely, then pleading, then begging for information, services, insurance coverage, treatments, respite, new laws and regulations, etc. We've spent hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, given up God knows how much in income, and are all hanging on by threads financially (and relationally with our husbands). Not to mention the physical demands of taking care of these kids, which is just enormous. None of us has any meaningful help from our families (who watch media coverage, believe it, and can't understand what we're really complaining about). We know so many other moms who've simply collapsed under the burden-with cancer, lupus, early onset Alzheimer's, etc. It's time for this to STOP. And it's time to use other means than just endlessly asking, pleading, hoping, praying, and begging. Let the DEMANDING begin. Organize it, Dawn, and we will show up. Love the idea of blocking roads with boxes of IEPS, medical records, evaluations, etc. I have a whole CLOSET FULL, as I'm sure do most Age of Autism readers.

John Stone

I have been reading on and off for some months a book about the origins of the First World War, about how a generation of European polticians/statesmen/diplomats stumbled into the great conflict inch by inch, a slow accretion of fateful moves. Of course, it would be quite wrong to say that any of them were blameless -they all had aggressive designs of one sort or another but gradually they locked themselves into positions in which they were forced to act: it was an age of empire and an age of nationalism and the political orders they inhabited depended on creating often imaginary menaces and unnecessary hatreds.

I am saying this to get some kind of historical angle on our contemporary politics which has left us so exposed to foolish ideas. History will surely condemn our generation of politicians - who have had a far greater opportunity to see what is going wrong - because of their inertia, laziness and sheer cowardice (not to mention underhand greed). Behind the "scientific" folly is the greatest political folly, that you can defer to such powerful interests and come out unscathed, and that states can be manipulated by quasi imaginary threats. In a democracy you can have a debate on the basis for going to war but not it seems about the alleged war on disease.

david m burd

autismmom, No offense meant but NPR has long been a vaccine cheerleader and in the tank with Pharma and CDC & NIH. NPR swallows their every press release.

It will only take ONE major news media to "sound the autism fire alarm" and keep at it while they willingly lose all the ad funding they have been whore to the last several decades.

Just ONE major Publisher who won't shut up -- will just ONE have the moral fiber? Are there any honest Publishers left?

John Stone

Just to mention that Rebecca Estepp wrote in the linked to open letter to President Obama last year on behalf of several organizations that since Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp and Coleen Boyle joined the CDC in 1981 and 1984 respectively the autism rate had risen 1,470%. Excellent though the letter was in almost every respect I do believe that correctly the rise should have been reported as 14,700%!

Only the other day I linked to a video of the CDC favoured Italian researcher Alberto Tozzi declaring 'The chance of having an adverse effect to a vaccine is always invisible':

So, over the period when this bunch of jokers have been in office a disability which was "invisible" in the statistical terms Tozzi was talking about has become one of the commonest features of every day life. Moreover, what has been conspicuous has not been the drive of the CDC to find out what was going wrong but the immense public relations exercise to make it appear normal. Why would they do that? When did they know?

Another question I have today is why was it that Bernie Marcus -CDC Foundation emeritus board member- approached Bob and Suzanne Wright with an enormous endowment to found Autism Speaks? Is it because of what they might have said and done based on their own experiences if they had not had not been institutionally bound?

Dawn Koplos

I'm late to the table, because when I received my first message about the new autism prevalence rates today- it felt like someone stabbed me with an ice pick through my temple, my eye, and lodging into the bridge of my nose.

It still hurts.

I believe it is time for families of children and adults with autism to DEMAND answers. I don't see how people aren't screaming at the top of their lungs, running through the streets, "WTF is going on?!!"

Maybe it's time to take a page from past civil rights movements.

Maybe it's time for some CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

We've asked the powers that be nicely for too many f*cking years.


We have been so busy trying to find ways to provide, find and figure out services to support our loved ones and friends affected by autism that we stopped DEMANDING answers... to the million dollar question, "WTF is going on?!!"

I propose we choose a day-- a Monday for the most impact -- and designate one main thoroughfare in each and every city and town across the country. Every one of us drives to the nearest gathering spot to us and helps barricade the entire road with our cars and our boxes of medical records, IEP meeting notices, letters from ignorant staff and school personnel, binders of gluten-casein free diets and recipes, books that we've purchased and shared with each other... I know you have at least ten boxes per child, right?

BLOCKADE THE ENTIRE SECTION OF PRATT STREET IN BALTIMORE CITY FROM HARBOR PLACE TO EASTERN AVENUE -- with our cars and BOXES of autism crap... and meet on the side of the road (or in median strips depending on the town/street you are on)... and bring your kids if you're brave... and at least bring a picnic lunch... and we will have a NATIONAL "WTF IS GOING ON?!?" "SIT IN" - blocking traffic and hitting people where it really matters -- when it directly starts to impact THEIR LIVES, too (hey, it worked for Christie.)

And, do NOT stop until Autism is declared a NATIONAL EMERGENCY and keep DEMANDING answers until we know "WTF IS GOING ON?!"

#WTF_IS_GOING_ON!?? #CIVIL_RIGHTS #demand_the_truth


This latest autism increase report has recieved a ton of media attention. The Huffington Post, NPR, NBC, ABC, CBS and online publications like Yahoo and AOl have all reported on this. I think we need to keep the spotlight on this and maybe reach out the some mainstream talk shows like Dr. Phil and NPR radio (like On Point) who may want to hear from genuine autism parents not talking heads like Coleen Boyle who offers absolutely nothing. The public needs to hear directly from the parents.

I recall a few years back when Katie Wright and two other autism parents appeared on Oprah and it was so refreshing to listen to autism parents (who I could relate to) and see them being given an opportunity to speak instead of having people like Boyle, Offit or Insel speak for us which allows them to control the message. I am tired of these talking heads hogging air time- they offer nothing- the public needs to hear from us not them!


There are actually people on some of the comments sections asking why, if the vaccine schedule is approximately the same in every state, the autism rate varies somewhat.
Are these people morons? Exemptions? Do they also think each person who receives chemo or any toxin would react exactly the same? Especially at different weights? Do they not understand human biology? Oh vey it's making my head spin, the stupid.

Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Firing them would not nearly be sufficient.

False Skeptics Make me Laugh

Neat little bit of trivia here:

Today is Paul Offit's birthday!

Man, this news must be a great birthday present for him, don'tcha think?

Donald Trump rocks (from someone in schools)

Shout out to Donald Trump who dares to speak out on vaccine safety. Obama won't even mention it. Too afraid.

Mayer Eisenstein

BS in BS out We have no clue as to the cause, but we know it has nothing to do with vaccines. Vaccines are Perfectly Safe and More BS from the Medical Past
1. Smoking does not cause lung cancer
2. Mercury, aluminum, squalene, in vaccines is perfectly safe
3. The earth is flat
4. Autism does not exist in part from vaccines
5. Oswald did not kill Kennedy (oops maybe that is true) Need I go on!!!!

The More they Lie the Stronger We Become:

Pro-Vaccine Message Backfires with Public the More They Hear the Propaganda from Drug Companies, Doctors, Government Officials: In a fascinating segment, the Know Your Rights Radio, co-hosted by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, the conversation turns to the results of a study which claims that the more the pro-vaccine elements hammer home their messages the more the public is tuning them out and moving in the opposite direction.


Our last study was conducted in 2004 with children born between 1992 & 1998. The rate 1:160

My child was born in 2002 and still hasn't been counted.

There have been no further "proper" studies commissioned to determine the prevalence of Autism in this country. There have many guesses ranging from 1:110 to 1:90 depending on who you speak to.

At the end of the day no-one has a clue!

Elizabeth Gillespie

Jenny Allan

The Courchesne study was NOT a study based on the brains of dead foetuses; it was based on the brains of dead children with diagnosed autism. The researchers identified some apparent differences in the cerebral cortexes of autistic children- a GOOD discovery, for those parents of autistic children wrongly told their children have a MENTAL not MEDICAL disorder. However, to extrapolate this discovery, to children yet unborn is NOT scientific - just another crappy pro vax hypothesis. The KEY words to note are 'suggests' and 'appears'. These words have NO scientific credence at all!!

From above:-
"The symptoms of autism may not be obvious until a child is a toddler, but the disorder itself appears to begin well before birth.
Brain tissue taken from children who died and also happened to have autism revealed patches of disorganization in the cortex, a thin sheet of cells that's critical for learning and memory,researchers report in the New England Journal of Medicine. Tissue samples from children without autism didn't have those characteristic patches.
Organization of the cortex begins in the second trimester of pregnancy. "So something must have gone wrong at or before that time," says Eric Courchesne, an author of the paper and director of the Autism Center of Excellence at the University of California, San Diego."

Adam M

Where did the 1 in 50 number come from that was being touted until today? I'm confused.

Bad Penny

It all starts in the second trimester. Isn't that when unsuspecting moms are advised to protect that fetus and get your Flu shot. Still loaded with thimerosal that readily passes the placenta. Hmmm it seems all roads actually do lead to ETHYLMERCURY!! Absolutely no Autism prior to it's introduction into our environment. But let's just continue to deny.

Well I for one am not lighting up anything Blue for the month of April. I am however going to Fly my American flag upside down. The international distress symbol. I want people to question it and I am going to inform them that 1 in 6 children in this country have a developmental delay the current Autism numbers are a shame and our nation does not appear to be distressed.

Poul Thorsen

Please. Nobody panic. Read the Corchesne (it's all caused in the womb) stuff I sent out. Now back to my snorkeling.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm ready to fire just about everyone in the whole U.S. (and my state) government, but it's the overhanging system of corrupt and capture that operates above petition that I think we need to somehow get out from under and reckon with.

It seemed like prior to the 2000 count of autism in 8 year olds, we were getting numbers that incorporated a range of ages (I'm not sure I'm clear on this though) and those numbers never came close to reflecting what appeared to be reality for children born in the late 1990s particularly. They were claiming better and changing diagnosis back then, but my impression was there was still significant levels of delayed and under-diagnosis at the time.

Now they say they are seeing more higher and average IQ in this count. Has "better diagnosis" finally come into play, now catching up with the vaccine+ overdose disaster or is this what thimerosal light, but still vaccine heavy looks like?

I'm pretty sure we still don't have an honest evaluation of what getting maximum vaccine mercury of the 1990s did. Are we getting an honest evaluation of 2002 now, Center for Disease Confusion...and Creation?!?


Did anyone else happen to notice the study that just conveniently came out yesterday stating that autism starts in the womb. They refuse to ever look at vaccines as a contributing factor to any illness. They have no desire to look at the outstanding health of my unvaccinated child -- no allergies, no ear infections, no antibiotics, no cavities, no GI problems, no emotional issues and smart as a whip. Instead they tell me my son got his autism genetically from me and my husband even though his autism and all of his illnesses came to fruition less than 2 weeks after he received a flu shot.

Bummer for the CDC

The "Autism starts in the womb" Corchesne crap is being rolled out now. As if that changes the possibility that epigenetics or vaccine considerations are involved. You just can't make this stuff up.


I heard the medical hack doctor on Fox news say how we need to stop looking at mercury and start looking at the age of fathers having children. Good grief!!!!!!!!!!!
They have no idea what causes autism except they know
vaccines are not the cause.


The one thing that is the cause they will not look at while they look in every other spot imaginable.

Mean while pharma laughs all the way to the bank.

Bummer for the CDC

Bummer for the CDC. I guess those poor kids had some merc shots (since the ones on the shelf had to be used up!). Not that the numbers will improve, though. CDC was smart to never contraindicate mercury flu and tdap shots for pregnant women, albeit mercury-free is also available. These are some sick £u€ks.


Yes, and they were still using plenty of mercury-laden shots in 2002 and on top of that, they added the use of mercury flu shots in 2003 for babies 6mos. and older.

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