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Multi-Meme Look At 1 in 68 With Autism


By Cathy Jameson

I was thinking in pictures this week…


In simpler terms:


Baffling, right? 


“New” rate or not, we have a lot of kids on the spectrum in our country.  Better tell the DMV they need to order a few more (hundred) street signs:


1 in 68.  For the unaware, that’s a lot of children affected.  It’s a 30% increase since the last time the CDC published their data two years ago.  Instead of finding a definitive cause for the uptick, we’re told it’s just “better diagnosing”:


Maybe the officials could start training the remaining typical children for the wave of autism that’s coming:


But, even if autism is recognized earlier, where’s the alarm?  Those who can sound an alarm in Washington, D.C. certainly haven’t



You know it would be a different story if innocent lil kitty cats were facing an epidemic at the same rate.  Thanks to Thinking Moms’ Revolution’s Mountain Mama for the inspiration for this picture:



Not the poor wittle kitties!  Maybe if we dress our children up in cat costumes someone will take notice.  No, that’s not going to happen.  We’ll continue to get the brush off with the message that there’s nothing to see here.  Nothing to see and no one in positions of power willing to address either.  While we’re ignored schools will continue to fill up their special needs classrooms while neighborhood playgrounds are emptied of typically developing children:


April is coming…we need ACTION, not awareness. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Jeanne J

To Bill Angell, An Autistic, and Anonymous,

I would encourage you, when you have a day off in which the public and private schools are still open, to find out how you can volunteer in special education autism classrooms and separate autism/special education schools. These programs are always looking for additional support from the community. Having worked in a separate public special education school for over 36 years, watching the student population change from learning disabled students with behavior problems in the 1980's to 95% of the students having an autism diagnosis, I can tell you that any pretense you have about the bright future for these students, as compared to how you describe yourself would likely be altered. Few of the students in these programs leave the schools, even after age 21, with a high school diploma (instead receiving a certificate of completion). I would encourage you to talk with staff and parents, to get a real perspective of the amount of care needed to support these student's best lives. And I would ask you to ponder the concept of you and all of the able bodied Americans financially supporting this same best quality of life for the rest of these children's adult lives. Perhaps then, you may find some common ground with the desire of parents to help their very severely affected autistic children to recover.

Grace Green

I, too, am an autistic person, with autistic parent, and autistic offspring! The part of my autism which is genetic gave me a very high IQ (like the person who invented fire), but the same "autistic" gene gave me the predisposition to be brain damaged and immune damaged by vaccines. I dearly wish I hadn't been vaccinated, and that I hadn't vaccinated my sons. And now that we suffer disabling medical symptoms, as well as a significant reduction in our IQ's, we would give anything to be healed of these diseases, and if we were I have no doubt that what makes us who we are would remain. Many of the autistic children of others who write on this website are much more severely affected by their vaccine injuries, as the previous commenter described. Being healed of their painful injuries would not change their personalities, but would instead free them to enjoy the lives they should have been capable of. What can you possibly see wrong in that?

susan welch

Anonymous. For my son, it is not a dream destroyed, it is a dream he has had, on more than one occasion, which it will be impossible to become a reality. He dreams of having a conversation with his much loved 27 year old non verbal son, who requires 24/7 care.

I do not understand those that say they have autism and everything is fine, but cannot understand that the experience of others is not the same as theirs. And it is not fine. It cannot be fine when a life experiencing all the everyday things: friendship, love, work, driving, hanging out with mates, conversing......is denied.

Please, all of you who are content with your situation, do not assume everyone is the same as you. Look outside your own life - and have some empathy.

beleaguered autism mom

anonymous, I asked my son if he wanted to go out with friends like his brother does. He used sign language to say yes. He has never had friends. The only people who try to communicate with him are family members, therapists and special ed teachers. I offered to take my son to the same place as his brother’s friends but he said no. Why do you think you are in a better position to speak for him just because you like your diagnositic label.


AS a autistic person, not a autistic "parent" to be frank we Dont need a cure for somthing that is mainly genetic, and that we wouldnt be talking here without(id bet 1million dollars the the inventorof fire was autistic)
However the public(majority of society) needs to be aware these things exist, how to deal with them, and how to recognize them.
"dreams destroyed"WTF is that supposed to mean?for starters, that would be defining a persons dreams.Which you Cannot do, as humankind currently does not have the technology to read other humans minds..
So sorry, come backwith a more valid and accurate argument Please:)

susan welch

An Autistic. I respect your views and am pleased that you are happy with who you are.

My 26 year old grandson may feel the same as you. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to find out as he is non verbal and has no perception of his autism. He lives in his own world and I give him Comic annuals and the like for presents. He is certainly happy with them, because he smiles when he receives them.

It is different for my 22 year old grandson because, although not as seriously disabled, he has no friends and upsets people because he has no perception of others' feelings. He gets very obsessed/angry at certain things and his life is so unhappy that he has tried to kill himself.

Please, therefore, try to remember that others are not as lucky as you - and certainly cannot be compared to the people you list.

cia parker

The statistic from 2018 was one in 36 American children has autism. And for those auto-absorbed, autof-congratulatory Aspie commenters here, what about the vast majority of autists who will never be independent, never be able to recount an experience or share their opinions with friends and family, never be able to hold meaningful employment, never be able to eat ice cream, a cookie, or pasta without incurring severe symptoms of their bowel disease, never read for pleasure or travel, etc. etc.? You evidently don't care at all about those, who are, again, the vast majority of those diagnosed with autism.

Aimee Doyle

@An autistic

There are adults with autism who do want a cure and I think their voices should be heard. I have read their blogs and stories on the Internet and I know several personally. Do some research.

There are children and adults with autism who have no voice, and must rely on their parents or grandparents to be their voice. Those that want a cure for their loved ones should have their voices heard.

And yes, autism at the very top 1% of the spectrum can be a gift, and enable those so affected to do enormous good. However, according to what I've read (and my personal observations from being in the autism trenches for 25 years) approximately 1/3 of the spectrum is non-verbal, another 1/3 is semiverbal, only the top 10% even completes high school, and less than 5% of those on the spectrum finish college. And of the Aspergers students who finish college, many struggle with finding employment. About 2/3 of the spectrum will need lifelong care and support. Significant percentages of individuals with autism suffer from seizures, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety disorders, depression, and other issues.

for clara

The last post was for you Clara


It is time sensitive.
Some times it just don't go through, because of other reasons that is common among other websites.

I am glad though it is set up this way cause I don't feel like reading a bunch of pharma shrills' opinions, they are not helpful and I would know cause I have had to read and listen to them for 30 some years as I and my family had to remain isolated, and alone with this big problem.

Nor do I want to hear the opinions of young idealistic recent graduates that have been brain washed by our universities tout their opinion on vaccinations, cause I have been there. I know where they are coming from, but they don't know where I have been; yet.


The comments on here are only approved by the author, so other people saddened by this may not be represented.

An Autistic

I read this article assuming it was sarcastic, and am extremely disappointed. I am autistic, diagnosed at three years old. 1/68 kids with cancer would be a big deal because cancer kills people. Autism helps others. Have you ever heard of Jane Goodall? Temple Grandin? Andy Warhol? Albert Einstein? Each of these people were/are autistic. Many people with autism don’t want a “cure”. We love the way we are. Nobody who personally has autism, not knows somebody with it, would support the message of this article.

Bill Angell

I'm sorry, but no. The final image is horrendous. I am that one in 68. My dreams are beautiful, my life appears fulfilling, and my childhood was amazing. You compare autism to cancer in the cat image, which is plain wrong. You take autism and drag it through the mud.


Hans Litten; thanks!


"You will all die by the age of 30"... hilarious!

Just how young are we supposed to be around here?

Hans Litten

"Out of interest, how many vaccines do you think humans can take,before we start to see health problems?"

Posted by: Hera | January 23, 2018 at 11:35 AM

Answer : One !
Every Vaccine Harms , Every time (Andrew Moulden was correct)

PS I liked you reply , excellent logic


Hi Jake Smith,
I am a little confused by your statement. Which vaccine schedule is it that everyone should follow or we will all die?
The vaccine schedule that all the adults you know born in 1940 took ( four vaccines by the age of two)
The vaccine schedule all the adults you know born in 1980 took ( 8 vaccines by the age of two)
The vaccine schedule of children born in 2012 ( 49 vaccines by the age of 6, 27 vaccines by the age of 2)
Or the vaccine schedule of 2016, which has added several more, which we can assume you didn't have.


That seems to be a lot of people who you think should be dead...
Interestingly, as we continued to stimulate the immune system many many times more than we have ever done in the past, in tiny infants, all kinds of autoimmune problems have hugely increased as well for these children and young adults ( diabetes, asthma, etc)
We know that cats can only handle so many vaccines before they get health problems ( vaccinosis).

Out of interest, how many vaccines do you think humans can take,before we start to see health problems?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Jake Smith | January 23, 2018 at 02:04 AM

Ever heard of William Thompson sir ?
Poul Thoresen and his cdc concubine Diane Schendel ?
SimpsonWood ?

The science is with us. And no its not about money . Its genocide .
You have an awful of catching up to do , I'd get reading if I were you & quick.

Don't believe me , take your flu vaccine sir , be my guest - and goodbye , forever.

Jake Smith

I'm sorry but this is absolutely hilarious. Do you really think vaccines are just a money scam? You will all die by the age of 30 from various diseases. Many people have proved there is absolutely no correlation between vaccines and autism. There is no end to you people, is there? LMFAO


I have to say that yes, absolutely it is, at least partly, from better diagnosing. Aspergers did not exist as a diagnosis in the US until the early 90's. It's not like every doctor was incompetent, they were just not aware.

I was diagnosed ADD in the 80's, I have Aspergers. They did know I was neurologically different from brain imaging, but I was intelligent. The closest thing they knew was ADD. Even though even my parents knew it was not.

Autism is an epidemic, I am not disagreeing with you there, but don't disservice the adults suffering out there today. Just cause we were not counted does not mean we did not exist.

More prevalent today than in the past? Yes. More prevalent in the past due to lack of knowledge? Absolutely.

Where is Congress on the matter??

Autismmom, insulting, mocking and nasty is what is needed at this point. Big time. Nothing else will work.


Yeargin-Allsop, Boyle and Insel should be held accountable. I would like to see thefaces of these three photoshopped on the hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil monkies. With words "1 in 68 American kids dxed with autism is not due to diagnosing- "STOP LYING TO THE PUBLIC ABOUT THE AUTISM CRISIS"

Insulting yes, but as a autism parent I am insulted by their continued denial and is flat out lying to the American public.

mom of a sweet child with autism

I am with you Cathy, many who are big wigs in the healthcare industry do not care other than their financial gain. We, the parents of children with autism should raise our voice loud enough to change this pattern... the question is how to impose our need action against this epidemic rather than the "awarenes"nonsense that so far has been the focus of a few autism associatons..


Yes, I think the meme idea is great, Cathy. Per A mom's point maybe one of them could refer to the cost over a lifetime of caring with a person with autism, the fact that SATS have been summed down twice or the fact that American children are one of the few countries to get hep b at birth and then the caption "why?" I wonder if Americans knew they were one of the few hep b at birth countries if they'd start to wonder about it.

A Mom

I don't think we can do anything about this until we figure out why "they" are allowing this to happen. What is the intended result of all of these damaged kids and families? What is the goal - the end game? It doesn't seem to me that the other approaches are helping. Too many have been compromised in the implementation of this agenda, whatever it is.

Lila White

Spelling error on the one with the doctor. Should be "have missed"


so why did they wait..kids born in 2002 were studied in 2010 ,at their age 8, and hold the study up for FOUR years to release now..because they thought we would be confused by the licensing of thimerosal "free" vaccines that weren't available to these kids, and think the kids "got autism after removal" /nothing more than a deceptive tactic..maybe by 2004 the shelves were clearing giving them less toxic autism boosts..isn't that what we were doing..recovering kids only to give them a boost of autism for good measure every few years..

False scientists make me laugh

Princeton is looking pretty stupid right now....


Re Wang very amusing that the only medical interventions on the list - sonograms, vaccines and antidepressant use during pregnancy, he says have "no statistically significant risk". Everything else comes out positive but not anything that the doctor did. Right. He didn't include pitocin though. Surely he's aware of that research. It couldn't be that he's purposely trying to deflect blame away from the medical profession, could it?


Love these! Especially the kittens, the yellow sign and the last one because they go to the heart strings. Where are you going to put them up? Thanks for all your work!


I was flabbergasted by the Sam Wang article in the New York Times today. My mouth is still hanging open! Everything suggests that autism is caused by "combinations of genes acting together." Why weren't these combinations of genes acting together in 1960, 1970, 1980? Also, stress is very important. Stress? My grandparents were barely able to eat and survived world war and the depression. Talk about stress. But not much autism. Wang sounds plain crazy and also arrogant. On his website, you can "drill down" on the science. I don't like to be too negative but a really good surgeon might be able to drill just the right size aperture to get the cement out of his cranium.


Boy I'd like to have a set of these posters and put them up around the community!! Any chance of getting these as PDFs to download so we could take them to our local print shop and have some posters made? I'd love to put these up at my church, library, even the local bank!
Thursday as I was reading posts on Facebook about the new numbers posted by fellow Autism parents I was blown away about the ignorance of the many commentors who don't live Autism. Comments like "in the 90s didn't people used to think Autism was caused by an allergy to a vaccine?" and this one: "well we don't know the increase is real."
I probably shouldn't have been surprised because of the non story that Autism and the continuously rising numbers is in the media. I'm just thinking that maybe posters (I Love the kitten one, which WILL grab people) might get people asking questions and truly thinking.


Sam Wang took all the rigged studies and did some math to come to the same conclusions the original studies came too, and that is vaccines don't cause autism, this is what they're trying to prove with the recycling of old junk science, not working though.

Michele Obama, there is no more free speech in USA

AoA supporter, that Sam Wang is an a$$hole. He's compiled most inane variables to come up with a stupid "risk profile." That's what university is teaching the students these days. Sad.


Get those memes out. See if your local media (community paper, grocery store bulletin board, hair salon window) will post these memes.

But first , Cat, change the box to read www.AgeOfAutism.com. That way people are directed to the truth.

Yeah, Autism Speaks, CDC, lame-stream media are bigger and louder.. But our side has the TRUTH. It may seem as if we're losing, but in the end TRUTH always wins.

AOA supporter

Please consider answering this (also published in today's print edition of the NYT, Sunday Op-Ed section, pages 6-7):


Michele Obama, there is no more free speech in USA

Terry, complete defiance is now in order, I'm afraid. I guess I had held hope that refusing hep b at birth would be understandable by even that reckless loud minority. Nope.. they are forcing it all the way. There is no reasoning with these types. They want 100% compliance, no good studies or questions asked. Disgusting.

the other Linda

1 in 314 million with measles is a health care crisis, a threat to public health, a looming epidemic, brings about a call for all hands on deck, is covered in all media - one case.

1 in 68 with autism is a puzzle, calls for walks, raising money, hiring scientists, doing research, finding treatments - someday, as Colleen Boyle said in November, maybe in 10 years there will be answers. No emergency, no threat to public health, no looming epidemic, no call for all hands on deck, media propaganda regarding autism to distract from and distort the truth that there IS an epidemic, there IS a public health threat, there is something VERY wrong.

Terri Lewis

If the bots will accept nothing less than complete compliance, I would recommend that we start with complete defiance.

For those of you not there yet, I will tell you what there is to be learned, either now or at your leisure: All vaccines are a tremendous scam, either with or without the mercury, and can cause disease even beyond (or in addition to) autism.

Wish I had taken ten years prior to vaccinating my kids to learn, rather than ten years after vaccinating my kids.

God will help us, but I'm no longer relying very heavily on those (currently) untouched by our problem.

Michele Obama, there is no more free speech in USA

I think we need some more shaming memes about Poul Thorsen and maybe the correlation between autism and ADHD etc. figures and the country's ranking on the list Kathy blanco referred to (Press Freedom Index). Countries like Finland, Germany also have a much less aggressive schedule (and less autism and more freedom of press).
The other day I saw a blog by someone who simply opted out of the hep b at birth series and from all the attacking comments, it's pretty clear that the 'bots' will settle for nothing less than complete compliance with whatever the AAP dishes out for the poor kids.

cia parker

The kitties meme made me think of another terrible fact: the yearly booster regime which has been routine for dogs and cats for the last forty years has taken a tremendous toll on the lives and health of pets as well, causing cancer and autoimmune disease at skyhigh rates never seen before. Different limbs are designated for each vaccine, to permit amputation if they cause cancer (always aggressive and malignant), and to realize which vaccine did the damage. The difference is that the veterinary associations have issued statements on this danger, saying that yearly boosters are not necessary and are actually detrimental to the animals' health. About half of vets have taken notice of this and are no longer recommending yearly boosters, but the other half, more concerned with income, have not. Some vets (like outs) speak out against both live and adjuvanted (aluminum) vaccines, offering Purevax instead. Mercury was taken out of pet vaccines ten years before it was slowly taken out of children's vaccines. The reason simply being that there's a lot more money involved in the children's vaccine program, these criminals don't give a damn about children's health, and realize very well that they'd better make hay while the sun shines, because their propaganda is not going to fool people much longer.


Oh, I am so slow -- I had not caught that they collect all this data stuff on 8 year olds, and then it takes them four long (4) years to get all the stats out to the public ,

Ohhh, am I slow????

Maybe I am just spoiled and too use to sitting in teacher meetings at the beginning of every school year -with eyes half crossed as some official from the board of education (no doubt ith an IQ of 190) drones on about charts, graphs, spread sheets of every aspect of intelligence, what kids improved on - what they dropped down on; in every subject just from last YEAR.

If CDC is getting their information from schools --and that is the only logical place to get it-- since Doctors do not (DO NOT) diagnose autism unless it is severe and I doubt even then.

Wellllllll---- those schools already put that information in a very nice box, with a lift up lid, wrapped it up in pretty paper and a big old bow on top.

Laura Hayes

Brilliant, Cathy. A picture speaks a thousand words, and each of these memes does that. Very powerful. Thank you. Sharing now!


@Tim: The "2014 rate" was estimated using data that had been collected in 2010--on 8-year-olds, born in 2002.

So those children are now 14. This is the autism rate among current 14-year-olds.

Autism, particularly profound autism, is diagnosed between the ages of 2 and 4.

John Stone

Hi Tim,

Because outrageously the US government just published figures that already four years out of date.

Tim West

I don't understand memes 2 and 3. Babies born in 2002 are 12 in 2014 not 8. Can you clarify this please!

 Bob Moffitt

"April is coming…we need ACTION, not awareness."

Cathy .. sadly .. it is much easier for Autism Speaks to limit their usefulness to simply creating "awareness".

After all .. in my humble opinion .. as long as Autism Speaks continues to put all their energies and finances into creating "awareness" .. they will continue to receive generous donations .. to pay for lucrative salaries

and ..

since "awareness" presents absolutely no threat to public health officials and the media .. they can also rely on their support.

Why would Autism Speaks start demanding "action" .. when they have a pretty good thing going with the "awareness" thing?

In any event .. I am still trying to figure out what the word "COMBAT" in the Austism Act means .. because .. whatever it was supposed to mean .. it sure as hell isn't anything resembling COMBAT against Autism.

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