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How the CDC (and Dorit Reiss) Hyped Risk of Childhood Hep B Infection by 50-fold to Push Vaccines

ReissBy Cia Parker

Professional vaccine operatives like Dorit Reiss have been hard at work for some time to exaggerate the dangers of the vaccine-preventable diseases, while simultaneously denying the damage that the vaccines for them often do. A case in point was found in the comments on this article on the Mother Jones website last week:

The topic had turned to the hepatitis-B vaccine, given to all newborns in the U.S. while they were still at the hospital, beginning in 1991 (at the beginning of the autism epidemic). I put up information I had found in Dr. Bob Sears’ The Vaccine Book, a link to a CDC report with a chart at the bottom showing the rate of hep-B diagnosis in children 1-9 from 1986, five years before the vaccine program began.

The chart at the bottom of the report clearly shows that the rate at which hep-B was diagnosed in children was less than one per 100,000 or fewer than 360 a year in a childhood population of 36 million in 1990. The text at the top of the report, however, states: “Before 1982, an estimated 200,000--300,000 persons in the United States were infected annually with HBV, including approximately 20,000 children.”  The source for this large number was an article in Pediatrics in 2001. It uses the word “estimated” because this is a purely speculative figure, not based on the disease being diagnosed by blood tests carried out by physicians.

Hepatitis B is a very dangerous disease when contracted in the first year. At that time, the only means of transmission, except in extremely unusual and almost unimaginable circumstances, is from contagion by an infected mother. It is usual to perform a blood test on a pregnant woman to learn whether her child is at risk, in which case it would probably be best to give the baby immunoglobulin and the vaccine when it was born. But instead it has become standard practice in the U.S. to give this dangerous vaccine to all newborns, even those born to healthy mothers, and very common to give the vaccine to the newborn without the permission or knowledge of the parents, making it harder to realize that the vaccine was the cause of the child’s autism, diagnosed years later.  

The virus is transmitted like AIDS, by infected blood/body fluids to blood/mucus membrane contact. It is most commonly contracted by unsafe sex with a carrier or by shared use of needles used by illegal drug users. Medical personnel exposed to infected blood are at some increased risk, but it is not as great as is commonly believed. It is not spread by the sharing of eating utensils or drinking glasses, or sleeping in the same bed as an infected person. It may sometimes be transmitted by sharing toothbrushes or razors. Australia did a study which showed that it was not transmitted by children at school. (Burgess, MA and McIntosh, EDG, “Hepatitis-B in urban schoolchildren – No evidence of horizontal transmission between high-risk and low-risk groups,” Med J Australia, 5 Sept. 1993; 159: 315-319, quoted Wendy Lyall, Raising a vaccine-free child, p.178). Everett Koop went to a lot of trouble thirty years ago to persuade people not to fear casual contact with those infected with HIV or AIDS. But now the pharma operatives are drumming up terror at the idea that there MAY have been twenty thousand children a year getting hepatitis-B before 1991, but, since they had NO symptoms, no one ever noticed or diagnosed it. It was only when they grew up and were finally diagnosed with it that the moment they had contracted it was unsuccessfully sought.

Many believe that the vast majority of this group caught it in the usual ways, by unsafe sex and/or sharing of illegal IV drug needles. Many of them were probably unwilling or unable to share the details of their sex and drug lives with inquiring researchers. But, without having proven that there really had been twenty thousand children a year getting a sexually-transmitted disease by unknown vectors, was it really a good idea to start giving all newborns a highly reactive vaccine?

Dorit Reiss aggressively contends that it was and is a good idea. In her comments related to this topic on the Mother Jones article (a standard one meant to monger fear of usually mild diseases), she states: “Before the Hepatitis B vaccine, over 16,000 children got (it) before the age of 10. (citation given from Pediatrics, 2001) About half contracted the virus while passing through the birth canal of a mother who was infected. The other half caught the disease from relatively casual contact like sharing toothbrushes with someone who is unknowingly infected (hence the term the silent epidemic). Since the hep B vaccine was introduced for routine use in infants, we have virtually eliminated this disease in children. When an infant gets Hep B, they have 90% chance of getting the chronic version, which can lead to liver disease or liver cancer; if it’s acquired between the ages of 1-5, there is 30-50% chance of that.” (citation from CDC Pink Book)

Like most vaccine defenders, Reiss deploys large numbers of partial truths cloaked in frightening rhetoric. She, as well as the CDC reports, employs the word “estimated” several times in each paragraph, since there is no clinical basis for this figure. Since the rate of diagnosed hepatitis-B in babies and children has always been extremely low, and it continues to be the case that asymptomatic children are very rarely tested for the disease, it is impossible to say whether or not the vaccination campaign has reduced the speculated number of infected children from 20,000 a year to almost none. She notes that it “can lead to liver disease or liver cancer,” but is careful not to add that it does so in less than 1% of the total number of cases. And most of those who eventually progress to cirrhosis and liver cancer do so because their liver function has been impaired by alcohol or drug abuse. Recognizing that fact would dilute the impression of an invisible but deadly threat lurking around all children unless they get the vax, and so it is never  mentioned unless someone else brings it up. 

A standard medical textbook gives the facts, which are much less alarming than what Reiss presents: according to Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine (1994): "in cases of acute hepatitis B most patients do not require hospital care; 95 percent of patients have a favorable course and recover completely; case-fatality ratio is “very low (approximately 0.1 percent).” (1/10th of 1% or 1 out of 1,000); and 95% of those who recover completely from hepatitis B infection acquire life-long immunity.”

Reiss also neglects to mention that it has been routine for several decades to test pregnant women for the presence of the virus, enabling those babies to receive the vaccine and immunoglobulin at birth. While sharing of toothbrushes or razors might transmit the virus to family members, it is not common practice anywhere for a parent, infected or not, to share his toothbrush with a child, and certainly not razor blades with dried blood on them. The virus is not common in First World countries, and in the vast majority of cases, the infected person is sick for a few weeks or months and then recovers completely, with usually permanent immunity: would the relatively small number of cases of infected parents sharing toothbrushes with children, or having blood to blood contact with them, during the usually short period of time they are infected, add up to sixteen or twenty thousand children a year getting asymptomatic hep-B? It is not likely, but no attempt has been made to determine the issue by large-scale scientific testing one way or the other. Official channels consider the universal use of the vaccine to be so safe, effective, and lucrative that there is no need to find out.

Reiss is also uninterested in seriously considering the safety of the vaccine. She admits to some relatively common adverse reactions, saying: “Here is a discussion of the adverse events to the vaccine from the Pink Book link above: ‘The most common adverse reaction following hep-B vaccine is pain at the site of injection, reported in 13-29% of adults and 3-9%  of children.  Mild systemic complaints such as fatigue, headache, and irritability, have been reported in 11-17% of adults and 0-20% of children. Fever up to 99.9° F has been reported in 11-17% of children. Serious systemic adverse reactions and allergic reactions are rarely reported following hep B vaccine. There is no evidence that administration of hep-B vaccine at or shortly after birth increases the number of febrile episodes, sepsis evaluations, or allergic or neurologic events in the newborn period. (CDC link)”

It should be noted that Dorit and the CDC are careful to give figures so precise as to give the impression that they must be accurate. It is also interesting to note that the fatigue, headache, and irritability she admits that the vaccine may cause are all self-reported by the patient, and by their nature are not clinically verifiable events. But there are many other events the vaccine has been reported to cause by the tens of thousands, events like encephalitis and autism, seizure disorders, chronic digestive and sleep disorders, developmental delays, asthma, diabetes, learning disabilities, MS and other neuromotor dysfunctions, and death.

For example, Reiss said last week that “Encephalitis is not a listed adverse reaction to the Hepatitis B vaccine, either. Vaccines do not cause autism or MS, studies show. They are very safe.” In point of fact, encephalitis is listed as one of dozens of potential side effects on the package inserts of both Recombivax and  Engerix:

Since these adverse reactions are more likely than irritability and a headache to give a parent pause when deciding whether to get and pay for the vaccine, she denies that they occur. She neglects to mention that the reason she and the CDC find no evidence that the vaccine causes allergic or neurologic events in the newborn period is because they simply dismiss the many thousands of such reports as being false.. The vaccine is safe, therefore it did not cause all these thousands of reported reactions. Case closed.

Except that the case is not closed for the many thousands damaged by the vaccine, with autism, cerebral palsy, MS, or death. France moved this vaccine from the mandatory schedule for schoolchildren to being recommended but optional after hundreds of lawsuits were brought by people who had developed MS shortly after receiving the vaccine. In the Mother Jones comments, I put up descriptions with case numbers of eight VAERS reports of babies  killed by the Hep-B vaccine:

"Shills like to say that VAERS reports, administered by the FDA, are nearly all either invented or coincidental, but the reader is urged once more to research it himself. If you rely on what shills say, you may, like so many others, lose your child.:

160271 4 month old boy gets shot, gets diarrhea, goes into coma, and dies same evening.

49808 4 month old girl gets shot, develops bleeding disorder, encephalitis, and abnormal liver function. Dies three days later.

76188 6 month old girl gets shot, develops diarrhea and bleeding lesions, dies two days later.

49035 7 month old girl gets shot, develops cerebral hemorrhage, and dies four days later.

160183 9 month old baby gets Engerix-B and died 18 hours later.

180302 10 month old girl gets shot, gets bacterial infection, bronchiolitis, goes into coma, and dies day after shot.

74126 10 month old girl gets shot, it causes liver cancer, and she ultimately died of it.

173745 18 month old girl gets shot, later that evening found dead with profuse bleeding from mouth and nose. "

And Reiss replied: "Ms. Parker is misusing the VAERS data base. The VAERS data base is not verified; anyone can say anything in it. It is a passive reporting system; one doctor reported the influenza vaccine turned him into the incredible hulk and got a VAERS number. If you look at the examples above, they are good indications of no connection even on its face. A child get a shot - and gets liver cancer. Since the Hepatitis B vaccine only includes a single protein from the virus, not a virus, there is no way the shot gave her liver cancer. Drawing such a connection is misleading and inappropriate. But Ms. Parker does it, to scare parents away from vaccinating - even though she knows VAERS does not show causation, even though she should know this could not be caused by the vaccine."

So once again we see that reports of headache and irritability are accepted as true and minutely counted, while reports of deaths are dismissed as being born in the paranoid minds of parents distraught with grief over their child's death within a day of the hep-B vaccine, with symptoms identical to those of thousands of others. Anyone can access these reports to the FDA-sponsored VAERS, read the evidence, which often includes summaries of medical reports, and decide for himself whether he believes these were fraudulent or mistaken reports of vaccine damage.  

Judy Converse, in her book When Your Doctor is Wrong: Hepatitis B Vaccine & Autism, reports on CDC doctor Harold Margolis’ testimony at the congressional safety hearing on the vaccine in 1999. Margolis testified (with figures greater than those from the CDC’s own surveillance data) that the number of hepatitis-B cases in children under two declined from 266 cases in 1990, before universal vaccination of all newborns began, to 95 cases in 1997. But “in the very span of years for which Margolis claims success for this vaccine, 73 deaths from adverse reaction were reported to the FDA for children under fourteen. The FDA also received over 2,400 adverse event reports for hepatitis-B vaccine in children in that same time frame, culminating in death, hospitalization, or prolonged disability.  Add the reports for adults and the number swells to 27,000 serious reactions to the vaccine. With all camps in this debate in agreement that ten percent or fewer of adverse events ever get reported, this means that the vaccine may kill or disable thousands more than the disease itself.” (172)

It is clear that a vaccine defense campaign motivated by financial interests is at work at this time to persuade parents to vaccinate by manipulating some facts and concealing others. In a different context, Randall L. Bytwerk in Bending Spines describes the construction of propaganda to serve official interests in Nazi Germany: “(Potemkin’s) successors have surpassed his achievement, persuading whole nations of things that were not so. The media in totalitarian societies have catechetical functions. Their goal is to present people with convincing accounts of what they cannot know firsthand – the reality beyond their everyday lives. That which is presented must agree with the reigning worldview.” (89) But since what is at stake here is children’s lives and health, it is imperative that parents look further than official propaganda and the reigning worldview before allowing their children to get the hepatitis-B or any other vaccine.

Cia Parker, J.D., Ph.D., whose daughter has autism from an encephalitic reaction to the hepatitis-B vaccine, given without permission at birth, works as a home-based translator while working to recover her daughter.



Thanks so much, Cia, for pulling together all this information and making such cogent arguments!


The perfect response to Dor'idiot Reiss whenever her vaccine-injured troll face appears...

"Vaccinating your child is not required by law in Israel." So why is she here in the U.S. when she could be 'saving' the dying unvaccinated children's lives in her home country?

Jeannette Bishop

re Christine Waldman's link, I can't really get past the top comment blaming the perceived "illiterate response" to "science" re vaccination on poverty and the failing education system.

Would it do any good to suggest, as vaccine uptake has really always been high even as the schedule essentially tripled, that instead of refining social media messaging these healthcare professionals would do better to find the "real" sources of IQ and academic decline (having a significant portion of students in each classroom dealing with chronic illness and learning disabilities can't have anything to do with it?), as they are sure, without having conducted the science, that our failing educational system has nothing to do with vaccines or their neurotoxic components?

John Stone

Hi Mary,

Very interesting,


Dorit Reiss parody is comedy gold

This is very funny in a similar way to "Boring Sean Monaghan."

Christina Waldman

Dorit Reiss comments to this article Some entity called Global Prairie was contracted (by whom it doesn't say) to capture the complete online conversation at "HPV Conversation Continued" using "DataFarm"and analyze the data.

Dorit is asking questions of "Tom Peddicord PharmaD" who wants to know what they'd like to see in the future. Dorit asks "Was there a trigger for the timing?
Will you do any content analysis - e.g. use of sources, types of arguments?
I'm curious about your finding about the Twitter/Facebook difference, but my impression is you're already looking at that.
Are you also examining regular news outlets?"

From his response: ". . . . In response to your second question, DataFarm monitors all major news outlets, the social conversation, open source information, and can incorporate enterprise (proprietary) information as well. The ability for DataFarm to cut through the "social clutter" allowed us to pinpoint the conversation around the Katie Couric program and analyze this in a unique way that had not been shared prior to this blog post to our collective knowledge.

As you would expect, news releases from major organizations (Forbes, CNN, etc...) are typically the biggest drivers of the conversation, but this is not always the case. . . ."

Christina Waldman

Google "Dorit Reiss Parody Disqus." It collects 29 comments made by "Dorit Reiss Parody." All but one are to this Mother Jones article.

The 3-line page header says: "Dorit Reiss Parody. Well know Shanda who has ABSOLUTELY NO CONNECTION to the pharmaceutical companies!! I mean it, NONE! ZIP! NADA! UC Hastings"

Dorit's comments are interspersed in the same conversations as "Parody's" so she obviously knows about this. Dorit's photo is used. Here are a few: (11 days ago, according to Disqus) "There I go again calling them anti-vaccine activists, when in truth they are pro-transparency advocates. But isn't it cute how I try to marginalize them with my clever turns of phrase and dismiss any "evidence" that isn't paid for by Merck."

"Whoops. I, Dorit, am speaking out of the other side of my mouth again, the one that champions regulatory capture and argues that Merck should be able to self-regulate. And when mentioned that vaccine harms are rare, I meant to say rarely reported in corporate media. My bad!(also 11 days ago).

"State Senator Kevin Mullin of Vermont, a typical rightie Republican who, on behalf of Big Pharma, introduced S.199 to take away parents rights to exempt their children. The bill was defeated in the Vt. House because people in Vermont are smart (Bernie Sanders, etc). I am kind of curious though why MJ seems to be in bed with ALEC on this. Thoughts?"

"So many of you have wondered how is it that I, Dorit, can post such a large number of responses on multiple discussion boards, across a variety of platforms, at all times of the day or night, often simultaneously, and at the same time keep up my signature frizzy locks. Do I not need sleep? Is this a manifestation of complusive behavior? Am I some kind of superwoman? Or do I have an army of paid staff in a low wage country like India, responding to any vaccine post using my signature Dorit Reiss® bullet points, often with awkward syntax and occasionally disconnective pronouns. Well, all I can say is that anyone who'd suspect that, or suspect that pharmaceutical companies aren't acting 100% in the public interest, are crazy!" (16 days ago)

Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

On Valentine’s Day this year, the US Court of Appeals for the 6th District ruled in favor of a plaintiff in Shuler v. Garrett. A Tennessee court had dismissed her claim for “medical battery,” saying that the unwanted injections Mrs Shuler received were mere “malpractice” under that state’s Malpractice Act, not battery. The appellate court said “Get outta here, Tennesee judge” (I am not being literal, of course). They undid the dismissal. They cited a 2006 Kentucky case, Hoofnel v. Segal: (“Medical battery is an intentional tort, and as such, it contains all the essential elements of a common law claim of battery.”). They also favorably quoted a 2005 Georgia case, King v. Dodge: (“A MEDICAL ‘TOUCHING’ WITHOUT CONSENT IS LIKE ANY OTHER ‘TOUCHING’ WITHOUT CONSENT: IT CONSTITUTES THE INTENTIONAL TORT OF BATTERY.” [The bolding is mine -- MM ]
The 6th Circuit (which is second highest to the Supremes) thus wrote, on Feb 14, 2014: “An injection, therefore, fits within the definition of a “procedure” and is a species of “touching” or physical contact -- a battery -- and so provides sufficient factual basis for that element of a medical battery claim.” Wow. So they’ve now sent the case back to the Tennessee court.
It happens that Mrs Shuler died, but even if she were 100% healthy she could claim for battery. I am no ambulance chaser and personally I prefer to see a crime prosecuted rather than treated as an actionable tort. But we see from her case that inside the courtroom it doesn’t matter one whit that a hospital “thinks it can get away with intimidating people.” (I mean if you’re lucky. Granted, the shenanigans in the Pelletier case are otherwise.) Thank God for this Valentine.
PS I hereby apologize to Taximom if I appear to have said that any particular person should sue. What I meant to say was that it is our right.

cia parker

I read in a book by Barbara Loe Fisher last year that the paper pregnant women sign when they check in to the hospital has a clause giving permission for the hospital to do whatever they think necessary, and that's how they excuse giving newborns the hep-B vaccine without the knowledge or permission of the parents. She said women should be aware of this, and write in that they do NOT give permission for the vaccine.


Maybe CIA beat the shameful socks off of her, till she erased her comments?
If she was allowed to erase them?
If she was it is more than I know how to do.

Maybe some one else with an injuried child?
We seem to arise out of the murky mud of unexpected mire to be in places that CDC and all least expect-----

Such as in the story of Gieger and Gieger -- when they found that the CDC had impossible old, unexpected computer storage system -- and who was in charge of the CDC Warehouse of computers and knew her way around --- Yes, a mother of a child with autism -- and she took of her coat, closed the door and helped them

John Stone

Hi Christina

On reflection, I am sure it is a more than a technical possibility that someone didn't want you to see Dorit Reiss's comments.


Christina Waldman

John, responding to your March 7 comment around 1:00 p.m.: no, I meant exactly what I said. Before I posted my comments here on Friday, I had gone through all the comments at the Mother Jones article, down to where no more comments would load, to the very last comment. At that time, I saw none by Dorit Reiss, but plenty by Cia. I have not been back to the page since; it may have changed. It seems someone is always trying to control the internet conversations because they think their side is the only one worth hearing/believing. Witness the KatieCouric "HPV Conversation Continued" blog where anyone could delete anyone else's comment. Just weird.


@Mary W Maxwell: at this point, it is more than a decade since the HepB vaccine incident. Luckily, that child had no discernible reaction, and has always been neurotypical, so Ii can't prove that harm was done. Even if I had a good case for a lawsuit, that's the last thing I'd want to do. There is nothing to be gained from it for my child or for my family except an enormous amount of stress, and time lost, time that could be spent doing more important things.

I'm not willing to put my family through a costly, stressful lawsuit to set a precedent. There are better ways to help others avoid vaccine injury.


Hi Mary,
I think what would happen in that case is that the hospital would cite physician's standing orders for each birth. The nurse would have been following orders. Parental consent for vaccination used to be sought in the early 90's, when a parent's signature was required. Granted, the signature was a formality because no one was really expected to say no, but at least there was that. Vaccination isn't regarded as an operation. It isn't even regarded as an intrusive procedure due to the brainwashing of the entire health care industry (and the practitioners' laziness). Parents now are being pushed aside and not just with vaccination (the Pelletier case as an example). The mindset is that it is the health care practitioner's duty to follow through regardless of the parent's wishes for the patient's sake. That's what has to be fought fiercely - the usurpation of parental authority and rights.

Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

We need to be aware of our rights. The government does not have a right to perform any operations on a person (a vaccination or any injection is a “operation”) without the person’s permission, or, in the case of a child, parental permission. Probably there is no law in any of the 50 states saying that a vaccination is mandatory. Rather, they use an indirect approach, such as “you cannot go to school if unvaccinated.” In the article by Parker, the HepB shot is described as “standard practice” – that is not the same as “mandatory.”
One of the commenters below said she refused permission and the doctor wrote that on the chart but the nurse injected the newborn with Hep-B vaccine anyway. Whoa! She can’t do that.
I would write to the hospital and ask what their policy is and also ask how the nurses are trained. See what they say. (Presumably it is their policy to do as was reported, to enforce the shot as it were. See if they’ll admit it. It's blatantly illegal and they know it.)
In 1973 the US Supreme Court ruled, in Roe v Wade, that Texas could not outlaw abortion. As a conservative Republican I think the case was reasoned improperly but it did set precedent for interpreting the Fourth Amendment (“The right of the people to be secure in their persons… shall not be violated.”) as a protection of privacy and bodily integrity. The plaintiff’s argument was that making the mother keep the fetus alive against her will was an assault on her. Hence, in cases where something is done to a person medically, against their wishes, you can cite Roe v Wade’s assertion of 4th-Amendment protection.
Anyway it appears that the nurse could be sued (not to mention prosecuted). The fact that there is federal legislation protecting Phama and doctors and nurses would not come into play here as there is no need to mention a subsequent vaccine injury. Rather, it suffices that an operation was performed against the patient’s orders. Nor should we worry that the nurse will say she made an honest mistake. There are many reports of nurses doing that, but it may not sound like a mistake to a jury.
Note: the court might say the proper defendant is the hospital not the employee-nurse. OK. But you still want her in the witness box to answer the question “Who told you to be sure all babies get the Hep-B vax?” Disclaimer; I am not a lawyer. I have no experience with the above, but I know what’s in the Bill of Rights and think every American should know. (I imagine nurses may be grateful if you brought such a case. If they are being secretly told to disobey the law they may want to resist.)
By the way I read somewhere that the justification for giving babies a Hepatitis shot is not that they will be having sex or using drugs any time soon but that one of their parents may have passed the disease down to them before birth. Not that it matters in regard to the above assault. If Mom says “Do not vaccinate,” her word is law.

cia parker

In the same congressional hearing on the safety of the hep-B vaccine in May 1999 (which found it was very dangerous and should never by given with mercury, which totally explains why they gave it to Cecily WITH mercury and WITHOUT permission a year later), Michael Belkin testified about his daughter Lyla's death from the vaccine and Judy Converse about her son Ben's near-fatal encephalitic reaction to it, Missouri school nurse Patti White also testified on the sudden upsurge of autism and other developmental disabilities in Missouri public schools starting in about 1995, the hep-B for newborns program having started in 1991:

cia parker

Wendy Lydall's excellent book Raising a Vaccine-Free Child, in which I read about the study proving that hep-B is not transmitted among schoolchildren, a study which would never be done here, has a lot of information on many topics regarding vaccines: the true history of the smallpox vaccine (it's diametrically opposed to the Edward Jenner as Savior of the World story; the founding myth of the vaccine religion), how Nurse Kenney pioneered a technique for recovering children crippled by polio, a technique predictably suppressed by mainstream medicine; how vitamin C treatment saved the lives of dozens of children suffering from tetanus in Bangladesh (a true study, with a control group that got conventional treatment and a group that got conventional treatment plus vitamin C. 74.2% of the children who did not get vitamin C died, while NONE of those who got vitamin C died. Hilary Butler in her fascinating books Just a Little Prick and From One Prick to Another, adds examples of how vitamin C effectively treats pertussis, the only treatment that works. She says that allopathic medicine refuses to acknowledge how effective vitamin C is in treating pertussis, tetanus, and all toxin-mediated diseases, because it would vitiate the importance of the (ineffective) pertussis vaccine, offering a cheap and universally available substance, and encourage people to seek naturopathic treatment and throw Dr. P's latest book into the trash.

Lydall's children had most of the universal childhood diseases, and she gives very good advice on treating them, reassurance to counter the current hype, and mentions of effective homeopathic remedies for many serious diseases. A groundbreaking work that, like Dr. Suzanne Humphries' latest book, dissolves illusions.

cia parker

Good point, Here's a Kleenx, when she posts links to scienceblogs I say Ah, Shill Central! And I'm saying that a lot lately.

One has to wonder

@Linda, one would think that would be a crime, tampering with health tracking records for both the person who submitted and the persons responsible at the CDC end.
@John Stone, unfortunately I am referring to more dark possibilities than even what you have alluded to.


Also, if someone files a false police report, that's a crime, punishable by law (and it doesn't prove anything about other reports). Isn't deliberately filing a false VAERS report lying to the government and deliberately skewing public health tracking records? Wouldn't that be a crime?

John Stone

One has to wonder

The dynamics of this lunacy are clear, it just gets more entrenched and dirtier as the decades roll by - no one can ever admit that they are wrong, and certainly not now.

One has to wonder

One has to wonder at the *why* of what some of these people have done and said in terms of cover up. At the various levels it makes me wonder if there is even more than just monetary gain, prestige and liability at stake here. In other words, one has to wonder if at least some of those involved have any kind of blackmail leveled at them. Who knows what is at play here- frightening really.


"a shill on Katie Couric's blog submitted a false report to VAERS in order to discredit all the other reports..."

What that proves is that the people promoting and administering the vaccine program, the same people saying that vaccines are safe, aren't looking into or verifying adverse event reports. That proves that vaccines are safe? I think not.


Cia- "a shill on Katie Couric's blog submitted a false report to VAERS in order to discredit all the other reports..." That really is a new low for the scienceblog crowd. We know that they encourage hate campaigns and "poll crash" but that really is a new low.

here's a kleenex, you got some white stuff under your nose

I have to wonder if there are a couple of people posting under Dorit's name. Sometimes the posts read like what I imagine a coke (not the soda) binge looks like. Especially the ones where she links mainly to skeptic blogs as if they are credible sources of info. WTF?

John Stone


This is a very good point - if people are messing around with VAERS in order to discredit it it only tells you about them and their motives.

Also, if Dorit repeats it it tells you about her too. And it is not something very nice.


cia parker

Thsnk you for posting Michael Belkin's congressional testimony on his daughter's death from the hep-B vaccine. Pharma operatives like to say that she obviously died of SIDS, and she did not have a swollen brain on autopsy, just as they say that my daughter obviously just had colic. Colic never occurs before the third week, following a rule of three: starts not earlier than third week, screaming lasts at least three hours a day, and it ends by three months of age. Now the vaccine defenders like to say that that USED to be the case, but, for inexplicable reasons, colic now often occurs even in the first week, to be able to brush off the encephalitic screaming caused by the hepatitis-B vaccine.

I think it's funny that Reiss used the example of a doctor making a fraudulent report to VAERS, saying a vaccine had turned him into the incredible hulk, and they accepted his claim respectfully and gave him a case number, to try to say that NONE of the tens of thousands of reports made to VAERS, the only official means of keeping track of post-licensure vaccine reactions, are to be taken seriously or believed. Has it just become automatic these days for both sides to say, "Yes, of course. That's what doctors do. They lie about vaccine damage, going so far as to commit fraud themselves to compel belief in the lack of any evidence that vaccines ever ever harm anybody." Reiss thinks it was clever of this doctor to lie in order to drag more patients into his office to submit to his vaccine schedule, and certainly enough to exonerate vaccines of the damage they obviously cause. This is probably an apocryphal story, although there was a shill on Katie Couric's blog who said she had deliberately submitted a false report to VAERS in order to discredit all the reports of tens of thousands of the vaccine-damaged (universally thought to represent only one to ten percent of the total number of vaccine-damaged).

david m burd

Cia, Forgot to say thanks for your contribution.

Also, I meant to say that everybody should make a copy of Michael Belkin's testimony (on my prior Comment), and give it to relatives, and give it to relevant hospital nurse staff, AND to any pediatrician who goes along with the HepB vaccine horror.

Perhaps Belkin's printed testimony will actually penetrate some medically indoctrinated brains, and at a minimum provide strength for parents to adamantly reject the HepB shots.

david m burd

Testimony by Michael Belkin about his infant's death after HepB shot (copied from the National Vaccine Information Center site):


February 17, 1999 -- Atlanta Georgia

My name is Michael Belkin. I am a father, businessman, former quantitative strategist at Salomon Brothers and Director of the Hepatitis B Vaccine Project of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).

The NVIC has studied Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act covering the last nine years on hepatitis B vaccine adverse events -- and in 1996 there were more than three times as many reported serious adverse reactions as reported cases of the disease in the 0 to 14 age group. Of the total 2,424 adverse event reports made between 1990 and October 1998 in children under age 14 who only received hepatitis B vaccine, there were 1,209 serious events and 73 deaths. Thus, one half of the reports for children under age 14 who received only hepatitis B vaccine were for serious events that required an emergency room visit, hospitalization, or caused life-threatening health problems or permanent disabilities.

As a UC Berkeley graduate and advisor to some of the largest financial institutions in the world, I am qualified to analyze and make conclusions about statistics. Based on that experience, I am astonished that the scientists on this Committee would disregard or cover up data showing the number and severity of adverse reactions to this vaccine. Science is observing and learning from what is observed. The assertions of the CDC that the many reported adverse reactions to this vaccine do not exist or are a coincidence violates the basic principle of science, which is rooted in the observation and analysis of data.

A benefit/risk analysis of the hepatitis B vaccine for the average infant in America, not born to infected parents, must conclude that the VAERS data on adverse reactions shows the real-world risk of a newborn infant dying or being injured by the hepatitis B vaccine is a greater threat than the remote chance of contracting the primarily blood-transmitted disease.

My 5-week old daughter, Lyla Rose died within 16 hours of her hepatitis B vaccination, which she received because of the universal vaccination policy this Committee instituted in 1991. At her death, Lyla had four of the eight highest-reported symptoms in the VAERS hepatitis B vaccine adverse reaction data. The NY Medical Examiner observed brain swelling at the autopsy but refused to record that or mention the hepatitis B vaccine Lyla received in the autopsy report.

I hold each one of you who participated in the promulgation or perpetuation of that mandated newborn vaccination policy personally responsible for my daughter’s death and the deaths and injuries of all the other beautiful, healthy infants who are victims of the hepatitis B vaccine. Your negligence is the proximate cause of my daughter’s death and you have failed to exercise reasonable care.

At the NVIC, we are overwhelmed following up constant new reports of deaths, seizures and autoimmune reactions following hepatitis B vaccination. Because the CDC refuses to acknowledge this large number of serious adverse reactions, hospitals and doctors who have been misled about the risks continue to administer the vaccine and then deny any vaccine connection when children die, get ill or have seizures within hours or days. CDC officials tell parents they have never heard of hepatitis B vaccine reactions.

That is a lie. For this government to continue to insist that hepatitis B vaccine adverse reaction reports do not exist is negligent, unethical -- and is a crime against the children of America. It is a sad day for the US when the nation’s children need protection from the official medical authorities who are charged with protecting them from disease.

Thank you.


Lots of excellent points in this article and in the comments too!


"casual contact like sharing toothbrushes "

Who shares toothbrushes? We need a vaccine so that we can share toothbrushes?

How about people can just use their own toothbrushes!


It's great seeing your byline here, Cia. I've gotten a lot out of your insights and our back and forths on various issues in the past year or so and can see how well you put that really sharp process of verification to work. I see you've met Ms. Reiss, lol. She heads straight at the person threatening to disclose the most facts with her pro-troll polite veneer on the usual tactic that appearing to "bring down the ringleader" (and bore everyone to death in the process by clogging up the forum) with sciencey-sounding spam will sway onlookers. It's part of the Skeptic's explicit strategy and "application of social science" in online propaganda.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Carol, You are correct. by coincidence, I recently found that I had saved an article , from many years back, printed prominently in our main Indian newspaper with a big headline- something like "One in Twenty Indians is Infected with Hepatitis B" This figure was given by the WHO and it was later exposed that they had extrapolated this figure from adult men in Taiwan, onto the whole population of India ! After that everyone in India began taking the Hep B vaccine course and within a few years, I heard of two cases- one in my own family, from a blood transfusion and a mother in my school who said that she got it from dental work. Strangely, I have never encountered any real cases since . it is all very puzzling. One wonders, What IS the real incidence of Hep B? and where did it come from?

Vaccine Information

In researching Hep B incidence in VT when opposing the bills to restrict exemptions, the Infectious Disease Report showed zero acute infections 2007 to 2011 in the under 14 age category. Chronic infections were 0 chronic in 2011, 2 in 2011,3 in 2009, 2 in 2008, 4 in 2007, out of a population group of about 98,000 kids.


Excellent work CIA! Well done! Thank you for taking the time to post this important information.

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Cia, for this informative compilation and all your efforts online to give readers a more complete view of the risks vs. benefits of vaccination.

I really think ignorance and trust have been the facilitating factors for the HepB vaccine recommendation.

The study claiming public vaccine promotion "backfires" seems positive news though and suggests that to me that many are likely in a sense informed through these promotions there is more to be investigated. When I was a soon-to-be parent there was never a point where education was suggested, and I was getting my first vaccine information sheet on the Hep B vaccine, with the vaccine waiting in the shadows. I didn't even really know or consider, going into that appointment, that there would be a vaccine given my daughter. In a way that's what this study seemed to be calling for a return to--something that I hope can't happen at this point. Too many have been harmed by trusting and letting others do the research and the deciding.


"You Got It, I Want It" If you live the life in pharma land

Laura C.

PS: I think it should be made clear to newcomers, that photo at top is of Dorit, not of the author of this article. My being new here, I'd thought that pic, used before, was of an article author.

Laura C.

Rational, intelligent, irrefutable information, Cia... all those things the Vaccine Clerics write off as blasphemy. I believe they'd have us burned at the stake if they could, going by their hotheaded vitriol condemning vaccine-danger aware people as mass-murderers condemning millions of people to immense suffering and early graves due to our "ignorance, evil and hysteria." While nothing is further from the truth.

That hypocrisy is beyond infuriating. Their expert manipulation of numbers and emotions, as you clearly show here, is stunning. They ignore all evidence for the other side, or write it off as hysterical, treacherous lies. But they are the ones wanting to scare and bully people into shooting aluminum and the other vaccine toxins into newborn babies, giving rise to all sorts of problems either immediately or later in life, like ALS: ...And here's what NIH had to say about aluminum in vaccines in 2011:

Keep on stating the truth to those who will listen, the more objective and unemotional the better, for anything less than the unbiased truth, stated civilly but compassionately, is not good enough to arrive at true sanity on this issue. Animal studies are one aspect we need to stay away from, since that is another severe abuse of life and science. Human data and species-specific data arrived at in real clinical trials or epidemiological studies...not using caged lab subjects...are keys to the full truth.

Here's another site people may find useful, chock full of extensive info; hopefully they don't cite animal studies:

Thank you for this excellent piece.

Christine Thompson

Hep. B - I wish I had been a Thinking Mom back in Jan. of 1999 when my child was given this vaccine or in Dec. of 2001 when my other child was given the same. No one informed me. I did not know enough to investigate vaccines. I had no reason to suspect. I was too busy trying to "Expect What to Expect When You're Expecting or Not Expecting." If the powers that be can do such a thing with Hep. B - is it a stretch to imagine they will eventually concludes "well, young children do not have a great compliance rate with Gardisil... let's just inject newborns. After all, someone needs to take it." It's sick. But could happen.

cia parker

Converse says, p. 167, "Ultimately Merck did test the vaccine on a few hundred children, in a trial it describes in its own product insert. Whether or not infants were included in the trial is unclear. Not surprisingly, they gave their new product high marks for safety, even though various adverse effects were noted in 17% of the subjects. This data has been roundly criticized since test subjects were only followed up for three days post-injection. No measure of longer term effects was made, and it is these which seem to play out so viciously in children who react." Converse says elsewhere that screaming syndrome (encephalitis) usually starts four to five days post-vax (in my daughter it was a few hours short of four days). How convenient that Merck stopped the test before the usual beginning point of vaccine encephalitis caused by this vaccine!


Dorit is on the wrong side of history, along with Paul Offit, Brian Deer and such dark souls.

She's smart and sophisticated, ergo, she must be lying deliberately.

Someday, her kids will be ashamed of her.


"There was never any study of the carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, effect on the reproductive system or fertility of that vaccine..."

Just because it wasn't studied doesn't mean there's a massive and ignored threat lurking in the vaccine. The most likely reason why studies of this type were not performed is that a Bayesian analysis of potential side effects is typically done when developing a new medication or vaccine. Prior probability and plausibility of a specific adverse side effect is assessed by comparing long term data collected in other studies of other similar vaccines. Why waste time and resources on analysis of a purely conjectured adverse outcome that, based on other studies, has an extremely low chance of veracity?

Apple juice has never been studied to see if would cause your head to explode - Are they hiding something?

cia parker

Many of Dorit Reiss' comments on the Mother Jones article are there now, I just looked, but I don't have time to look for all of them. You have to specify at the outset that you want the newest comments first. I'm turning over several possibilities with regard to what Christina said. But in any case, I saved the exchanges and have them in a file on my desktop.


Linda and Cia: I have no idea what instinct kicked in, or why, telling me to avoid formula like it was poison, but thankfully, it did. I'm convinced it saved my son from being profoundly, irreparably autistic.

I had planned to give breastfeeding a decent try, and then use formula if necessary, as per all the advice from the parenting books. And, since I had pre-eclampsia, and was given magnesium sulfate during labor, I had ZILCH for 5 days--not a drop of colostrum, NOTHING, despite pumping round the clock every 3 hours (and then giving in and giving my son formula).

This was a baby who was induced early, was only 4.5 pounds--and who had been given hep B vaccine when he was 4 hours old.

But my milk finally decided to make an appearance after 5 days, and I tossed the formula and never looked back. In addition, when he had diarrhea the first time we tried cow's milk (coincidentally the same week he got his 12-month shots, including MMR), I switched to soy.

I've talked to an awful lot of autism moms whose pediatricians all told them the same crap that mine did: "all babies get diarrhea, it's no big deal, they NEED cow's milk, they won't grow properly without it, soy isn't a good substitute, don't worry about diarrhea...."

Years later, I asked Andy Wakefield at a conference where he was speaking, what he knew about links between formula/breastfeeding/autism, and he immediately replied that there were very clear studies showing that breastfeeding had a protective effect against autism--breastfed babies were far less likely to develop autism, and when they did, were far less likely to suffer profound autism--and that at that point, nobody knew why.

Quite obviously, the powers in charge of Big Pharma and Big Formula are not the least big interested in finding out why.


@Beth: the EXACT same thing happened to my first child.

With my second child, the pediatrician agreed we could wait on the hep B vaccine. He wrote it very clearly on the chart, and added a sticky note.

The nurses injected it anyway, waiting until I was in the shower to do so.

When my third child was born, I wouldn't let her out of my arms, except to let my husband hold her, until we were home.


You know if Dorit wants you to stop saying something, that's what you need to keep saying. She's working hard to protect and promote vaccine sales. The last thing she wants is for fever reducer sales to decrease as a side effect of her campaign. You are doing a phenomenal job.

cia parker

I totally agree with you on the importance of breastfeeding, both for optimum calibrated nutrition, development of happiness and trust in mom and life, and the very best protection against any disease that mom has ever been exposed to. I breastfed Cecily for years, and to this day she's never had diarrhea or an ear infection.
Dorit just said this morning how I was going on again about the importance of not giving Tylenol or any other fever reducer. It is important though to just go on about it until everyone is aware of how important the information is. Most people still just give Tylenol reflexively for the slightest fever, not knowing that doing so prolongs the infection and increases the rate of complications and death. Let them roll their eyes!


Christina said, "There was never any study of the carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, effect on the reproductive system or fertility of that vaccine, in either of the two competing brands prior to licensing, on any person or animal. In the clinical trials, the adults, children, and infants--not specified how many of each--were observed for only 4-5 days following vaccination."

If that isn't treason, to put an entire population at risk of cancer and infertility, and other dire outcomes, without even attempting to investigate the risk, and without true informed consent of the population put at risk via official recommendation and mandate, I don't know what is.

Louis Conte

Well done.
There is no rationale for the continued use of this drug on a population basis. Like many other drugs, vaccines are now being abused and pushed on the public by those who deal the drugs.

People like Reiss help the dealers.


Challenge plan

I challenge everyone here to link to this post at least once to a blog/comments section. Word needs to get out about Dorit and what she's up to.


So basically she's a bully with a law degree intimidating vulnerable families with lawsuits to force them to comply- nice way to make a living.

John Stone

Hi Christina

Did you mean that the Reiss comments were standing and Cia's taken down, rather than vica versa?

Christina Waldman

From the package inserts for the two hep B vaccines licensed in the US: You may be surprised to hear that the same dose of hepatitis B vaccine is given to a newborn baby as is given to a nineteen-year-old. FDA approved that.

There was never any study of the carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, effect on the reproductive system or fertility of that vaccine, in either of the two competing brands prior to licensing, on any person or animal. In the clinical trials, the adults, children, and infants--not specified how many of each--were observed for only 4-5 days following vaccination. The studies seemed more focused on proving efficacy than safety.

See ("Hepatitis B Vaccine for Newborns: Good Intentions, Bad Science, Worse Policy.
"A manufacturer's representative was asked in a 1997 Illinois Board of Health hearing to show evidence that the Hepatitis B vaccine is safe for a 1-day old infant. The representative stated:

"We have none. Our studies were done on 5- and 10-year olds." -- The Congressional Quarterly, August 25, 2000, pg. 647.) ("Hepatitis B Vaccine for Newborns: Good Intentions, Bad Science, Worse Policy.

Christina Waldman

I myself have cited the CDC as authoritative reference. A reasonable person might expect to do so, though it has become compromised by pharma promotion. (Dorit Reiss's article on the "benefits of Agency Capture" comes to mind.) Sadly, I just went through all the comments at that Mother Jones article and did not see a single Dorit Reiss comment standing (but lots by ciaparker2).

Our media is very controlled. Many, including myself,have experienced difficulties getting their comments through moderation or having them stay up at places like Slate, Forbes, ShotofPrevention, and the science blogs. Journalism is excepted from lobbying rules, but journalism standards still require objectivity and fairness, (Check the AP), Then there are the FDA's regulations on social marketing by pharma.

Anyone can read those package inserts for the hepatitis B vaccines Cia linked to (also available at the FDA's website under "blood and biologics"approved vaccines)and see that the safety studies were woefully inadequate, especially for babies. There was more emphasis on raising the antibody titer which they take as evidence of effectiveness than on safety (but immunity is more complicated than that. People can be immune without a good titer, or not immune even with one, research shows).

If you just look at numbers, it appears that vaccines do weigh out ahead on the "benefits outweigh the risks" equation--in theory, were we truly able to gauge all the risks and buying into the utilitarian ethics argument that it is okay to sacrifice some babies for the greater good of more (just not mine, please).

Just as many internet forums wish to control the conversation away from open debate, arguing "false balance," so the medical-pharma-government "complex" wishes to whittle away at our troublesome free choice, our informed consent, whether to vaccinate or not. A little baby can't say yes or no "after being fully informed of all risks and benefits." It is our sacred trust as adults to protect these innocents. The late Dr. Bernadine Healy said as much in her CBS interview with Sharyl Atkinson a few years ago. To do this, we have to have good information, freedom of communication, not controlled conversations. Perhaps Edward Snowden is right.


Autismmom and John Stone, Dorit Reiss is involved because she is heavily involved in political maneuvers to enable lawsuits against the unvaccinated, which is one of the fear tactics used to push vaccine compliance.


I want to see some punishment for the people that decided to mandate the Hep B.
I want to see it on national TV.
Is that too much to ask.

Instead we get people still defending it.

This is just beyond crazy.


Because pharms RUN our country..simple answer..


Thanks for this very interesting article. It confirms my view that the Hep B vaccines mandate is truly a national scandal that receives virtually zero coverage in the press. The vaccine except in rare cases doesn't pass the smell test for common sense. Are pediatricians really giving this crap to their own one day old babies? I am further disgusted by Mother Jones which used to be a good magazine but now apparently has no one on staff who can actually report a story. I was going to resubscribe, but after their vaccine coverage I tossed the slip in the garbage. They really should know better.


To add to what I just said...To anyone rolling your eyes - there she goes about breastfeeding again - that's exactly how they want you to think.


LOL- today Orac laments the seeming influx of anti- vaccine comments that are appearing in major media articles. D'oh maybe that's because the general public is not buying it. Seriously- bring the topic up and everyone is starting to question the monster that has become the vaccine schedule. Most people actually laugh about it.


"After the universal campaign of vaccination against hepatitis B was launched in France in September 1994 upon the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), a criminal inquiry was opened because of the demand by the relatives of people, some of them children, who had died after being immunized.

Having been commissioned as a medical expert witness by the French judge, I have spent thousands of hours on this subject, and had access to dozens of confidential documents....

In February 2004 I read correspondence from an Indian colleague on the fallacies of the data disseminated by WHO about the epidemiology of hepatitis B in his country. Although not well informed about the health situation in India, I was struck by the fact that the mechanisms of the deception as described in this letter (lack of references, inappropriate extrapolations, and gross exaggerations) were exactly comparable to those I observed in my own country. The results were also the same: a plea of experts to include hepatitis B vaccination in the national vaccination program, in spite of its cost and its unprecedented toxicity. There are stunning fallacies underlying this plea for universal vaccination....

It was even more damning that in an interview in a widely circulated French journal, Beecham's business manager claimed with outrageous cynicism: 'We started increasing the awareness of the European Experts of the World Health Organization about hepatitis B in 1988. From then to 1991, we financed epidemiological studies on the subject to create a scientific consensus about hepatitis being a major public health problem. We were successful because in 1991, WHO published new recommendations about hepatitis B vaccination.'"


I still feel duped by my hep b vaccine experience with my 1st born.

She was born 6 wks early - emergency c-section or we both would have died. I couldn't believe the nurses wanted to stick her with the same vaccine that full term babies got. Couldn't we wait until she was bigger? I asked if there was a smaller dose. No, she needed it right away.

I said, I've not heard of hep b, is it really bad? It must be to vaccinate new born babies for it, right??

The nurse said don't worry, it's a really great vaccine, all newborns get it. This was in 2002.

So my 4 lb premie daughter got an experimental GMO vaccine that was loaded with mercury, for a disease she had zero risk of contracting, to possibly convey 5 years of immunity during a period when again she was not at risk for contracting the disease.

Fuming. mad. still.

Uneducated nurse. Rote and robotic hospital staff. "Doctors Gone Mad" as Dan wrote years ago.

Didn't repeat the mistake with my next 2 kids. No way.


Thanks Cia. I remember when Hep B became recommended for all babies instead of those whose mothers either tested positive during pregnancy or those whose mothers didn't have prenatal care, so at birth the status wasn't known. I asked a neonatologist back then how do you know that it's safe to give the vaccine to all newborns? The answer she gave was that they've been giving it to this small population for so many years. But who followed up on those babies? And if a baby of an IV drug abuser or prostitute (which is where most of the small number of either positive or unknown cases came from) turned out to have neurological problems, who is going to suspect the medical care received at birth (we might, but the physicians wouldn't). I also asked her about the need, since babies of uninfected mothers aren't at risk, and her answer was that there are some cases in children where the source isn't known. I didn't buy her nebulous justification and was very worried about the outcome. She certainly didn't come out with stats that Dorit Reiss is now pulling out of her ***.

It's interesting to hear Reiss discredit VAERS while her mentor Offit, in the video featuring him and Dr. Boyd Haley, says that VAERS is one of the reasons why vaccines are so safe, because unlike with other drugs, vaccines have this great reporting system to catch problems and, he implies, nip them in the bud. Which is it? They need to get their story straight.

Re the side effects of Hep B for newborns. Even if the only side effects were irritability, pain at the injection site, fatigue, headache and fever, which are IMO, abusively characterized as mild, why would anyone in their right mind inflict any one of these on a precious newborn in his first day or weeks when he is first experiencing and adjusting to extrauterine life - when he has the huge tasks of for the first time having to use his lungs to breath, regulate his own body temperature and to successfully eat, nurse at the breast, in order to survive? A newborn with fatigue or a headache is a newborn who won't nurse well. In nature, that baby would die of starvation. How many babies who suffer the mild side effects end up on formula, further suffering the life long higher risk of health problems that come with being formula fed? When breastfeeding, a baby must actively strip the milk from the breast rhythmically using the muscles in his tongue and jaw. It requires that the baby be neurologically intact and well. The baby controls the process. It is the baby's correct suckling that elicits the mother's hormones to produce enough milk for him. You can't force feed a breastfed baby. But with bottle feeding, you stick the bottle nipple in the baby's mouth and the formula drips into the back of his throat. He either swallows or drowns. Big difference. This side effect of not being able to breastfeed in the first week of life after Hep B vaccination is not officially noted anywhere that I am aware of. It's good for formula sales, a nice bonus to the Hep B vax sales - both Pharma products. And the parents get to buy the formula, costing thousands of dollars for each baby in his or her first year. For families on public assistance, the formula is paid for by the taxpayers.

Talking about the insanity of dismissing the so-called mild side effects is not meant to in any way minimize the other severe effects that the manufacturers list but Reiss publicly insists do not exist. The whole practice of giving Hep B vaccine to a newborn that is not at risk is criminal.


Both Dorit and the AAP are on shaky ground with this vaccine. The fact that it got added (mandated, voted whatever) to the schedule for American infants based on 'estimates' is simply atrocious. I suppose it goes to showing how tied in to industry the AAP really is. We need more articles on Dorit- since she likes the limelight so much.
France did the right thing in making it optional (and I would add that they certainly never mandated it as an 'at birth' vaccine when a mother can test for it). Same in Canada- while I think it's the WHO declares Canada a hep b at birth country, in reality there are only a couple provinces that follow this practice.

Diane W Farr

I did not want to believe that vaccines caused my first child to regress into autism. When I became pregnant with my second child I decided to do some research and started with the Hepatitis B vaccine. I was horrified to find that an average of 60 babies die of the vaccine every year. I could not quit crying thinking about parents that had to leave the hospital with an empty car seat and no use for a nursery at home. Then I read this from the CDC

•The primary reason that the CDC recommended hepatitis B vaccination for all newborns in the United States in 1991 is because public health officials and doctors could not persuade adults in high risk groups (primarily IV drug abusers and persons with multiple sexual partners) to get the vaccine. [9,16,17]

The vaccine has never been tested for safety on babies and it does not give decades of immunity.

John Stone


I am absolutely sure that having been turned into the main propaganda arm of the vaccine industry we should continue to monitor and report on Dorit Reiss.


Short Sharp Shock

Two interesting pages from CHS.

US government concedes that hep B vaccine cause Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

UK government caught lying Hep B vaccine safety


I have no idea why Dorit Reiss is involved in this issue afterall noone is telling her how to parent her kid. She is not a doctor, not a researcher, not paid by Pharma (according to her) so why doesn't she MYOB. She acts so self important maybe we shouldn't pay attention to her because she is looking for attention.

On the subject of VAERS. When parents express concern about what happens in the case of vaccine adverse reaction, goverment points to VAERS and says we have this great reporting systems for that, When a parent child actually has an adverse reaction and asks about VAERS reports the government says the system is unreliable- they talk out of both sides of their mouths. They create a system then turn around and call it "unreliable". well, come up with a better system then. Make reporting mandatory for doctors.

The other issue is the FDA's Vaccine Safety Division NEVER investigates individual cases of vaccine adverse reaction or death. They look at vaccine safety in the context of the population as a whole so you see our kids are just insignificant little data points in their eyes. Easy to dismiss because afterall look at how healthy every one else is. Our kids dont count.

John Stone

Hi Vaccine Explorer

I have repaired the link to the CDC report above and it is apparent that the 2001 paper projecting the cases is their only source for claim.

There is always a double problem with VAERS that while cases are unconfirmed they are likely under-reported by 50-100 times. Madame Reiss's sneering approach to the problem - emphasising one aspect and dismissing the other - is particularly obnoxious.

Hit and run is bad enough but they gloat at everyone's impotence in the face of the bureaucratic stitch-up as well.



Well done, Cia Parker.
Two comments:

1. Are there estimates of 16,000 kids contracting Hep B every year BEFORE any Hep B vaccine was introduced?
If not, then case closed. Estimates post vaccine introduction are heavily suspected as mere marketing moves.

2. When the likes of Dorit point out that VAERS is not trustworthy, etc. I ask a simple question to shut them up: OK, I agree VAERS is not solid data, but why haven't the CDC investigated specifically (and medically) these severe AEs reported after the Hep B vaccine? If the CDC really cares about the safety of the vaccine, they'll be the first to carry such investigations.
In fact, there are none. Case closed.

Sandy Lunoe

Ms.Reiss has no scientific background whatsoever. Her responses are straight from pharma databases.

Bob Moffitt

"Like most vaccine defenders, Reiss deploys large numbers of partial truths cloaked in frightening rhetoric."

Ms. Reiss .. obviously more "sophist" than "scientist" .. routinely .. deliberately .. confuses "sound science" .. with .. "sounds like science"

"....instead it has become standard practice in the U.S. to give this dangerous vaccine to all newborns, even those born to healthy mothers, and very common to give the vaccine to the newborn without the permission or knowledge of the parents, making it harder to realize that the vaccine was the cause of the child’s autism, diagnosed years later."

Admittedly .. a very long time ago .. we were young parents in our early twenties .. and .. as such .. completely in awe of our pediatrician. We also relied heavily on the "expert advice" contained in Dr. Spock's best-selling book on parenting children. We had so much faith, trust and confidence in these two individuals .. we would have trusted them completely had they advised our most precious .. very first child .. within hours of birth .. receive the HEP B.

We would have done so WITHOUT QUESTION.

Unfortunately, due to our own life experience with adverse reactions to vaccines .. we no longer hold ANY doctor .. including Dr. Spock .. in complete awe. Indeed, if I were a new parent today ... there is no way in Hell .. that I would follow my pediatricians advice and recommendation to administer the HEP B vaccine to my newborn infant. NONE!!!

I wonder if first-time parents are still in awe of their pediatricians?

To them .. I would quote Ronald Reagan: "Trust but verify".

John Stone

This is certainly very peculiar. If there were 16,000 children under 10 in the US getting Hep B infection every year prior to the introduction of the infant vaccine why didn't the CDC know about it at the time, instead of projecting the incidence 10 years later. In fact, the immoral and unethical decision to target the infant population with a mandated vaccine could be only based on the earlier figure of less than one case in one hundred thousand. It is just like one of those endless bureaucratic data re-writes in 1984, Big Brother inventing the aeroplane etc.

Superb analysis Cia. It's a racket, not only injuring children not at risk from the disease, but defrauding the tax-payer.

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