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ACTION ALERT: Federal HHS Appropriations Robbing Autistic/Disabled of CHOICE

Dachel Media Review: Medical Choice in Crosshairs

Online newsBy Anne Dachel OurKids ad 2013

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25, 2014, NY Times: Seeking Autism’s Biochemical Roots

Mar 24, 2014, Could a 3-Year-Old Just "Disappear"?/Why parents shouldn't worry so much about regressive autism

Mar 24, 2014, Asperger's and vaccinations

Mar 23, 2014, Forbes: Worried About Measles? Don't Call Dr. Bob Sears

Mar 23, 2014 ,New York Times: Eliminate Vaccine Exemptions

Mar 17, 2014, UC Davis: Epidemiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder, an Emerging Global Public Health Priority next MIND Institute Distinguished Lecture

NY Times

The biochemist Ricardo E. Dolmetsch has pioneered a major shift in autism research, largely putting aside behavioral questions to focus on cell biology and biochemistry.

Dr. Dolmetsch, 45, has done most of his work at Stanford. Since our interviews — a condensed and edited version of which follows — he has taken a leave to join Novartis, where his mission is to organize an international team to develop autism therapies.

Research scientist with autistic son believes there are 800 genetic mutations connected with autism. (Who knew?)

Now he's at Novartis where he's working on "autism therapies"---which I'm sure involves "Ask your child's doctor if XXXX is right for him/her."

If a top researcher is willing to watch his son scream, not sleep and end up with an autism diagnosis, then take him to a psychiatrist . . .

I guess there's really nothing we can do. Autism happens, tough luck if it's your kid. NO COMMENT SECTION HERE.

A few days ago, an old friend sent me a panicked email. She had just finished reading Ron Suskind's beautiful essay in the New York Times Magazine about raising a son with autism: "Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney." Suskind describes how, at almost 3 years of age, his son Owen "disappeared." The child was once "engaged, chatty, full of typical speech," but then he stopped talking, lost eye contact, even struggled to use a sippy cup.

. . . The claim that many kids with autism develop typically for almost three years and then experience a near-complete loss of language, social skills, and motor ability-a claim I've read many times before-simply isn't true. It's time to set the record straight.

The kind of developmental pattern that Suskind's son experienced is very rare. Most children with autism show signs of the disorder in the first two years of life. Yes, studies have suggested that about one-third of children with autism experience some kind of regression, but most of these children do not have typical development to begin with. Instead, they have early delays and lose some of the skills they had attained.

What a perfect way to make the whole autism-vaccine controversy go away. YOU ONLY THOUGHT YOUR CHILD WAS NORMAL. You just didn't recognize the signs--that means the vaccines they received didn't have anything to do with their autism.

This is what the NYT and CBS said about Hannah Poling. And remember the 83 cases in Unanswered Questions? It wasn't really the vaccines.

NY Times on Hannah Poling

Hannah, of Athens, Ga., was 19 months old and developing normally in 2000 when she received five shots against nine infectious diseases. Two days later, she developed a fever, cried inconsolably and refused to walk. Over the next seven months she spiraled downward, and in 2001 she was given a diagnosis of autism.

CBS News on Hannah Poling

Hannah was described as normal, happy and precocious in her first 18 months.

It really, really makes me angry, absolutely furious, that people say vaccines cause autism. Speaking as someone with Asperger's Syndrome . . .

Just what we love---someone with Asperger's telling us she was born with autism. I posted comments.


Dr. Bob Sears once wrote anon-evidence-based book about vaccines, urging parents to adopt "Dr. Bob's Alternative Vaccine Schedule (TM?)" but at the least, to please purchase his book. Thousands of people, presumably terrified at the prospect of protecting their children against debilitating or fatal infectious disease on an evidence-based schedule, purchased the book and, one infers, followed its advice for "alternative" or "selective" schedules.

Emily Willingham aimed her attack on Dr. Bob Sears (along with Dr. Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy) in this piece.

Her point is: Sears is responsible for parents NOT VACCINATING and he doesn’t care about measles.

I posted a number of comments.

New York Times

At the crux of this question is whether individual choice can be subverted for public good. Vaccines work by protecting individuals, but their strength really lies in the ability to protect one’s neighbors. When there are not enough people within a community who are immunized, we are all at risk.

Vaccines protect our neighbors -- like following traffic laws, drug tests at work, paying taxes -- they are a shared responsibility.

Personal and religious belief exemptions should be curtailed because some people, whether because of age or compromised immune systems, cannot receive vaccines. They depend on those around them to be protected. Vaccines aren’t the only situation in which we are asked to care about our neighbors. Following traffic laws, drug tests at work, paying taxes -- these may go against our beliefs and make us bristle, but we ascribe to them because without this shared responsibility, civil society doesn’t work.

Dr. Feemster wants it all her way. Parents should have no choice when it comes to vaccinating their children at the same time doctors have no liability if a child suffers a side effects from vaccination. Both the physician and the vaccine maker have been indemnified by the federal government. Instead, parents have to appeal to an arbitrary federal compensation program where they're up against government lawyers defending the government's vaccine schedule using government money. Few parents ever get compensated and those that do report that it took seven to fourteen years for the claim to be settled.

UC Davis

Maureen Durkin, director of the Graduate Program in Population Health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, will address "The Epidemiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder, an Emerging Global Public Health Priority," during the April UC Davis MIND Institute Distinguished Lecturer Series address.

The lecture will be held on Wednesday, April 9 from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the MIND Institute auditorium, 2825 50th St. in Sacramento. The event is free and open to the public and no reservations are required.

Despite advances in awareness and understanding of autism, little progress has been made toward preventions or evidence-based practices that improve outcomes. Most of what is known about autism - its epidemiology, genetics, clinical manifestations, course and treatment - is based on research in high-income countries, where fewer than 10 percent of births occur and less than 20 percent of the world's population resides.

The MIND Institute--UC Davis--a prestigious autism research center will feature Maureen Durkin as a speaker on autism. She's from the U of WI, Waisman Center and she sees no real problems with all the autism everywhere. The Waisman blames bad genes for your child's autism. 

Look at this article that just came out.... and Durkin dismisses autism as greater awareness.  She's done research linking autism to older parents...

She's adamant that there's NO EPIDEMIC.

So is this the opinion of the MIND INSTITUTE? Autism is the result of old parents/bad genes? It sure sounds like it.

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Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which goes on sale this Fall from Skyhorse Publishing.




"The biochemist Ricardo E. Dolmetsch has pioneered a major shift in autism research"

I think Novartis has pioneered a major shift in biochemist Ricardo E. Dolmetsch's research.


Emily Willingham is a lying sack of garbage. I have Dr. Bob Sears' book. No where does he urge parents to follow his alternative schedule. He gives the facts, he gives his opinion which is based on those facts, he lays out an alternative schedule that as a physician he feels is acceptable while at the same time clearly outlining any risks involved in following his schedule or in omitting certain vaccines, and he respectfully allows parents to make up their own minds about vaccination. It's called informed consent. I really, really, really, wish that someone would sue these bastards for libel already. Enough is enough.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

So the esteemed Marueen Durkin will speak on "The Epidemic of ASD, and emerging Global Public Health Priority".
Friends, put that on your list of favourite euphemisms and engrave it in stone for the soon to be built Museum of Autism.

Years ago , Dr. Boyd E. Haley, mercury toxicologist, said that we were exporting autism to the third world. All of the autism disaster in India, all of those waterfalls of parents tears . All those Schindlers' lists of destroyed minds. All of those parents who will never see their son striding along to a cricket match with a bat in one hand and a bag for gear in the other. - Reduced to nothing more than a "Global Public Health Priority" How soon will that Global Public Health Priority turn into a Global Public Health Opportunity- as in opportunity to give MORE vaccines.
Can anyone give me a contact for Maureen Durkin? I would like to invite her as an epidemiologist to come here to India and explain to us why all the autistic kids here are vaccinated kids of the middle and upper classes. The millions and millions of little or un vaccinated kids have no autism. Am I mistaken? Isnt that what the science of Epidemiology is for?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Was the MIND Institute part of the CATS study of 2012, that showed clearly that autism is largely environmental in causation? If so, why are they going back to genetics? Can anyone here tell us any good research that has come out of the MIND Institute in the last 10 years? Should they be referred to as "prestigious " any longer?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Pay your taxes, mow your lawn, wear your seatbelt and sew that yellow star on your unvaccinated toddlers jacket. Is this the land of the free and the home of the brave?


It concerns me that the Waisman center is equating bad genes with autism and then using the discovery of the bad genes to say there really is no epidemic since these hidden genetic defects have always been with us just quietly passed along generation after generation. TO equate autism with bad genes to me is dangerous thinking and a slippery slope that will be used to justify eugenics.

Dog breeders look at pedigree and breed dogs with so called "good genes", have the best traits and are champions-- I feel this is exact same roadmap that some scientists are following with regard to human reproduction. The goal is to produce humans who are most genetically fit and eliminate those who are less fit (those with bad autism prone genes).

The media role and even Autism Speaks role is to make the public super aware of genetic condtions like autism and then, using fear to create demand, sell reproductive technologies like PGD amd third party DNA donation.

One day, the quality of ones genes will be what determines whether one will succeed or not in life or even determine whether one will even be born.

Some interesting reading to see how real modern eugenics is:

"Modern Eugenics: Building a Better Person?" - Helix

"Modern Eugenics: Our Brave New World"


What Jennifer Richler author of the Slate article says about herself on Twitter:

Jennifer Richler @jrichler:

"I write about psychology, parenting, child development, and whatever else strikes my fancy."

'nough said.


Regarding the Slate article, consider the source: "Jennifer Richler is a freelance writer living in Bloomington, Ind. Follow her on Twitter."

Mind you Richler is not an autism parent, not a doctor, not a researcher and certainly not an autism expert she is a freelance writer who feels she is qualified to comment on and knows for sure that regressive autism is "rare".

She writes: "But these cases are rare. Stories such as Owen’s make it seem as though unusual experiences are commonplace, and they unintentionally feed parents’ already acute autism-phobia, a creeping anxiety about autism that leads parents to worry when their children don’t meet developmental milestones precisely on schedule. I blame this anxiety partly on alarmist ad campaigns by autism research and advocacy agencies, which often describe the prevalence of the disorder in sensationalist terms"

Richler is using Ron Suskind's story about his son Owen as a springboard to attack autism research and advocacy groups and even parents like Suskind who raise alarms about regressive autism and the increase which experts themselves acknowledge is real.

Shame on her. Who is paying her to write this BS?


re: "Vaccines aren’t the only situation in which we are asked to care about our neighbors."

What about the neighbors who have vaccine induced conditions such as autism? Who cares about them?

What about the neighbors who would suffer harm from vaccine injuries if exposed to the whole schedule? Does anyone care about them?

If our govt and mainstream medicine cared there would be much more interest in understanding vaccine injuries - susceptibility factors, prevention, and treatment - instead of blanket denial as coincidence.

The belief that "No man is an island" should apply to the vaccine injured too. Instead it is only wielded like a club to force acceptance of dozens of vaccines in infancy, childhood, and now the teen and adult years as well - and let the collateral damage be damned.


Emily needs to get a life. Or, rather, Forbes needs to move on from this succession of articles.
"Methinks the lady doth protest too much."

I heard Dr. Sears speak many years ago, and he is PRO-vaccine. The difference (I felt) is that he believes in his families' rights to make those decisions. And, he is trying to be supportive. The only vaccines he delayed in his kids were chicken pox (and perhaps Hep B). He's accepting the reality, instead of trying to make reality conform.

Again, I came away from his talk with the sense that he would not expect most children to be harmed from vaccines (except from high aluminum, thimerasol, and too many vaccines at once). And, I'm not even sure he thought all those things would always be a problem, but he was respecting his patients, and trying to make them feel more comfortable. He recommends ALL vaccines, even flu shots and rotavirus! Those are on his schedule. It is terrible that he is vilified for not advocating the kicking out of patients. I read his comments on measles as a bit more cynical--"look, you CHOSE not to do the vaccine--you can't panic during an "outbreak"--it's always out there". Plus, he's giving a sense of reality: "You can't choose not to vaccinate for measles and assume your kids won't be exposed!" I am sure that, if non-vaccinating parents came in for the vaccine, he would give it! He just wants them to know the reality of not choosing to do it.

I don't know the guy at all. This was my impression from one two-hour seminar. He was sincere. I asked a question afterwards--can't remember what it was now--but he was not a phony.

 Bob Moffitt


"The claim that many kids with autism develop typically for almost three years and then experience a near-complete loss of language, social skills, and motor ability-a claim I've read many times before-simply isn't true. It's time to set the record straight."

Is it me .. or .. is this not exactly how Toyota responded to initial "claims" regarding "unintended accelleration"?

Toyota admitted hearing many "unintended accelleration claims" .. though not nearly as many as the thousands who claim their child "regressed" following vaccinations .. and .. then Toyota .. "set the record straight" by LYING the claims were "simply not true". We all know how that turned out for Toyota.

NY Times:

"Vaccines work by protecting individuals" ..

duh .. vaccine work SOMETIMES .. by protecting SOME individuals

"Vaccines protect our neighbors" ..

sometimes .. unless the neighbors are exposed to a child recently vaccinated with a "live" virus .. it is called "shedding" .. and .. the neighbors .. none the less .. are then exposed.

"Vaccines aren’t the only situation in which we are asked to care about our neighbors."

Comparing vaccines to "traffic signs, drug tests and paying taxes".. is comparing apples to oranges. Yes they are both fruit .. but .. that is where the comparision ends.

In fact .. unlike the examples given .. the vast majority of those asked to "protect their neighbors" .. are innocent toddlers .. at the earliest, critical stages of neurological, biological development .. who are required to receive numerous "unavoidably unsafe" vaccines .. in numerous doses .. a virtual gauntlet of vaccines .. and .. each one known to contain a serious risk to that toddler.

In any event .. why should toddlers be denied their right to the "informed consent" of their parents .. while their adult neighbors can decide for themselves if they "want to protect" others?

Why should their neighbors want toddlers to suffer the risk of so many vaccines .. when those very same neighbors never had to suffer that same risk when they were toddlers themselves?

In other words .. one wonders if the NY Times would be as courageous promoting the removal of "informed consent" for ADULTS?

Roger Kulp

This Slate article is mostly BS,with a grain of truth mixed in.The type of early regression the article describes,is very much like what my mother said happened to me.When I was six months old,I had the flu.I soon developed meningitis with pulmonary complications.My mother said after I came back from the hospital,I could not sit up,like I did before,I could not make eye contact,like I did before,I had melt downs,and I would lie on my back in my crib and bang my head against the head board.This was the first of many,many regressions.Regressions that continued into my late forties,when my metabolic disease was first identified.My life was an endless cycle of regression,slight improvement,then regression again.Seizures,undiagnosed metabolic crisis,acute infections,and regressions.Had my cerebral folate deficiency and inherited metabolic disease not been found,it would still be my life.Frequent regressions,and loss of skills is a hallmark of metabolic autism.This includes genuine mitochondrial disease.It was not uncommon for me to lose several months of what I learned in school,as well as having an autistic regression.

I have also had a lot more medical problems,and other brain related disabilities,than most kids with autism have had,but I have the type of medical history seen with inherited metabolic disease.

There is also a history in my mother's family of medical and other problems now known to be associated with folate and methylation,going back at least to my grandmother,who was born around 1900.I suspect something happened with the epigenetics in my family,when my grandmother was in the womb.My aunt,born 1930,had very obvious Asperger's.She had many mysterious medical problems involving her female organs,now known to be folate related,and was infertile.She became a professor of plant genetics.One day,she had a severe melt down,attacked somebody,and eventually ended up in a group home,where she died in 2003.

In the last eight years,I have spent enough time in internet discussion groups with parents,and reading comments here,to know families like ours are fairly rare.It does not represent most autism families.I will admit I cannot accept vaccines,as the main cause,but something did happen in the 1990s.A new type of regressive autism did emerge,and the numbers really have skyrocketed.Vaccines combined with toxic prenatal exposures on a massive scale might well explain the epidemic we have seen.

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