Vaccine Industry Watchdog Responds to Forbes' Defense of Mercury-Laced Vaccinations
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Dachel Media Review: Blue Days Ahead, Challenging Parents Healthcare Rights

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Mar 2, 2014, Palm Beach Post: West Palm Beach walk for autism draws thousands

Mar 2, 2014, Las Vegas Review Journal: Parents of autistic children decry state's long wait list for services

Mar 2, 2014, CNBC: The big investment opportunity in autism?

Mar 1, 2014, The Week: The worrying rise of the anti-vaccination movement

Mar 1, 2014, Forbes: Who Was First With Shocking CDC Autism Data?

Feb 28, 2014, Wall Street Journal: THREE SEPARATE STORIES DENYING A LINK

Feb 28, 2014, Sacramento Bee: SC project looks for autism breakthroughs

Feb 28, 2014, Vaccine Industry Watchdog Responds to Forbes' Defense of Mercury-Laced Vaccinations

Palm Beach Post

Organizers estimated that more than 7,000 registered walkers would raise $450,000 from the event, held on a sparkling day along the downtown waterfront.

"We had that many people last year, and it was a freezing 40 degrees," said Liz Feld, president of Autism Speaks. "The weather this year is perfect."

Autism Speaks was founded in 2005 by Palm Beach residents Bob and Suzanne Wright shortly after their grandson was diagnosed with autism. In the years since, the group has become an increasingly visible advocate for autism research and awareness, as well as a clearing house for autism treatments and advances. . . .

"I want this country to have a sense of emergency about autism, like we did for polio and AIDS," said Suzanne, who wore a white jacket appliqued with blue puzzle pieces, her organization's symbol. "The prevalence numbers for autism are shocking. This is two percent of our children."

Bob Wright announced that Google has signed on to support a genome sequencing project that holds promise for autism diagnosis and treatment.


I agree that we should have "a sense of emergency about autism," but I do not understand how a genome sequencing project can possibly address what's happening to our children. Millions of dollars have been wasted on genetic research that has failed to tell us why a once rare disorder is now so common that everyone knows someone with an affected. Officially autism has no known cause or cure. There's nothing a mainstream doctor can tell a new mother so that her baby that was born healthy and is developing normally doesn't also end up on the autism spectrum by age two. The one undeniable fact about autism is that it affects children. The rate is always based on studies of children. No one has ever been able to find a comparable rate among adults, especially adults with severe autism whose symptoms are easily recognized. That simple fact should be scaring us all. Maybe when we start paying for this generation of disabled children as adults we'll finally honestly address what's making our children so sick.

Las Vegas Review

Olivia Espinoza repeatedly called out to her 8-year-old son, who paced the living room floor like a sentry on patrol.

He wouldn't make eye contact and stayed fixated on his footsteps as the adults around him spoke of the challenges of raising an autistic child.

Irma Alvarado's autistic son, 9-year-old Rojelio, tugged at a red necktie while the discussion unfolded.

The third mother at the informal gathering on Thursday said her severely autistic child's need for treatment and services is going unmet.

"It's a huge desperation," Maria Sosa said in Spanish of her 8-year-old son Jose's situation. "Sometimes you don't even know what to do anymore."

Their sons are among 357 children on a wait list for help from the state's Autism Treatment Assistance Program, which offers therapy to improve communication and behavior. . . .

Notice that Yesenia Amaro, the person who wrote this, sees no REAL PROBLEM HERE. All the kids on the waiting list are because of people being "more aware." The rate of autism isn't even cited here. As long as health officials and mainstream medicine don't think anything is wrong, the media won't either. I think that's the plan.



Thanks to increased awareness and diagnosis of autism, it's now known that one in every 88 American children is born with some level of the disorder. That's more than those affected by diabetes, AIDS, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy or Down syndrome-combined.

But products and services for autism are woefully inadequate, according to advocates.

The big money is starting to take notice of investment opportunities that both could generate profits and help the autism fight. . . .

"While autism has always been part of our population, as our economy has shifted from agrarian work, where everyone could contribute, to urban, social workplaces, this group has moved backward due their social disability. As an investor, I see the opportunity to capitalize on the talents and availability of this group of workers," said Brian Jacobs, co-founder of venture capital firm Emergence Capital Partners.

CNBC like most of the media, spins the lies when it comes to autism.  We're told children are born with autism and that "autism has always been a part of our population."  Now's the time to make money off of all the sick children.  I posted one comment.


The Week

Why are vaccination rates falling?
Since the late 1990s, a growing number of American parents have become convinced - against all scientific evidence - that the risks of immunization outweigh the benefits. Their fears are rooted in a now-discredited 1998 study by a British doctor, Andrew Wakefield, who claimed that the onset of autism in 12 British children was linked to their being vaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). But subsequent studies failed to replicate Wakefield's findings, and an investigation found that his study was "an elaborate fraud," with deliberately falsified data. Nonetheless, Wakefield's bogus study started a wave of apprehension and confusion that continues to spread. In some states, from 5 to 8 percent of parents got a "personal belief" exemption to prevent their children from being vaccinated in 2012. Overall, more than 10 percent of parents are either delaying when their children are vaccinated or not getting the shots at all. "Every year, the number of kids getting exempted [from vaccines] grows," said Dr. Lawrence Madoff, director of epidemiology and immunization for Massachusetts. "When immunization rates fall, it doesn't take long, even in a developed country, for diseases to resurge."


I posted comments.  Attacking parents. . . what else is new?



It's been interesting watching those committed to selling mercury-vaccines as causation for autism try to gain traction for their message-and engage in a little infighting (grabs popcorn). AutismOne, which has a conference coming up, has been co-supporting outlay to PR Newswire to distribute marketing materials flogging their claims of a mercury-autism link. For the uninitiated, this is the group that features an autism "cure" in the form of bleach enemas administered to autistic children and tends to focus a whole lot on mercury.


What everyone should realize from this debate is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approves and recommends vaccines for America's children, countless people there have conflict of interest waivers because of direct financial ties to the vaccine industry, and they're in charge of vaccine safety. There is something very wrong with this setup.

Friday, Feb 28, the Wall Street Journal posted three stories online all saying the same thing--vaccines are safe, they don't cause autism.  I posted comments. Notice that on a daily basis we need to be reminded that vaccine are safe. Maybe parents do have reasons to be concerned. Notice that they have "experts" telling us this. Experts in the Wall Street Journal--how much more convincing can they get?

Surprising Misconceptions Parents Have About Their Kids' Health - The Experts by Carol Cassella, MD 

Three Mistakes Parents Make on Their Kids' Health - The Experts -by Dr. David Blumenthal

New Parents: Kids' Health Misconceptions Abound

Sacramento Bee

In the same way, he said, researchers could develop a blood test that could screen for autism, which affects about one in 88 children, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And that could point the way to a treatment that could prevent or maybe even reverse symptoms, or at the very least, improve the quality of life for sufferers, he said. . . .

The research also could help determine whether a condition is caused by a gene, many genes, the interaction between genes, and whether the environment plays a role, said Steve Kresovich, the Coker Chair in Molecular Genetics at Clemson. . . .

Bo's sister, now 7, shows no signs of autism, Martin said. And they're doing everything they can to make sure their new son, now 18 months old, isn't exposed to something that might trigger the condition in him, too, like avoiding gluten, dairy products and preservatives.

There is no comment section here. Notice that the message here is that AUTISM IS GENETIC. Millions more are going to be wasted pretended that autism is inevitable, No one is alarmed over the rate. There's no mention of any increase. There are vague and unexplained references to preventing autism and "something that might trigger the condition."

No one is going to really explore what the triggers are. Officials have spent the last 20 years doing nothing about the cause of autism, other than defending the vaccine program and paying for junk science that lays the blame on the parents. This is why geneticists are the main researchers when it comes to autism.

Meanwhile the nightmare continues...


Last week, PhD biochemist Brian Hooker created a stir when he announced he had obtained sensitive documents from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. According to Hooker, these documents implicated the vaccine preservative Thimerosal (50% mercury by weight) in causing autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, revealing what he says CDC officials had long known, but never disclosed publicly: a 7.6-fold increase in autism during infancy after exposure. Emily Willingham, who frequently editorializes in support of the vaccine program, responded in Forbes by criticizing a news story that went viral on the subject of Dr. Hooker's FOIA revelations.

Willingham says she's writes about "the science they're selling you."  And the stories are making the vaccine industry very happy.



@For Emery- The only difference between a school and a workplace is the age of the people there. There is has been legislation introduced to require all healthcare personnel, school personnel, daycare, etc. to have mandated vaccination. It is not a long stretch to keep expanding the definition of who is in contact with a sufficient number of people to justify mandated shots. or if you want to attend a public event with more than 10,000 attendees you will have to show a shot card. Google adult low vaccination rates to see the scope of the plans- here is the first hit

for Emery

Emery, "paving the way for adult mandates." The American or Canadian public will not put up with this. There's no way anyone's sticking a needle in me. People will fight this.


Details of CA vaccination rates here
There is no drop in vax rates- that misrepresentation is part of the false narrative being used by the Vaccine authority in it's process of eliminating non-medical school attendance vaccine exemptions. That narrative says, “Irrational, unscientific parents influenced by Jenny McCarthy and AW are irresponsibly abusing non-medical exemptions, which is causing dangerously low vaccination rates and therefore non-medical exemptions must be made unavailable”.
There was no “Golden Age”, of vaccination in the past when people were more rational and rates were higher than they are now.
The current 90% plus vaccination rates of toddlers, and 95% + or – of school age children for required vaccines, was not achieved until the 90's.
These high rates are a confluence of primarily 2 programs- the NVICP, National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which indemnified vaccine manufacturers from liability, and VFC- Vaccines For Children, where the government buys and or requires insurance companies to pay for all mandated vaccines. All through the 60's , 70', and 80's and early 90's rates were in the <60% to low 80 %'s, for much fewer vaccines. And yet there were not epidemics raging from coast to coast as is being implied will occur if every single child is not vaccinated to the current mandate, on the current timing schedule.
The absurdity of this is assault on exemptions is demonstrated by a recent feature in Maryland lamenting the increasing use of exemptions, with a link to the health department that no one ever follows. 76,586 out of 77,767 students are in COMPLETE compliance! Only 1,181 students have an exemption on file, which is 1.54% of the cohort, meaning this program is 98.46% successful. 
What other public health, or any other program has that level of adherence? Complete vaccination compliance is 8.8% higher than seat belt use in Maryland. 
And if one drilled into that 1.54% I would expect that half of that 1.54% is to exempt Chicken Pox, based on researching other states.
There is no “convenience”, irrational, or uniformed use of exemptions in the United States. Parents are not rejecting the “traditional” vaccines but responding to an ever growing schedule of shots. The promotion is always “Deadly Epidemics”, but new requirements include shots for infections that are not casually communicable in the school setting, and therefore no epidemic risk. Newer Hep B and HPV vaccines are for blood borne pathogens with the same infective profile as HIV, sex or unsanitary IV drug use with an infected person. And new requirements of shots for infections that are not deadly, like Chicken Pox, which was a routine childhood illness prior to the vaccine, a shot that is responsible for doubling the exemption rate in every state it is required, and which almost no other industrialized nation recommends universally. And there are required shots for infections that are not airborne droplet communicable or serious, such as Hep A, which is transmitted by fecal / oral contamination, very recoverable and very rarely has serious complications. Hep A is the most exempted vaccine in Oregon, only required in 15 other states. This chart shows that exemptions rise in direct relationship to more requirements. Www
Documentation of the high Oregon Vaccination rates with the non-medical exemptions in place 
Hep B www
Chicken Poxwww
During the recent attempt to restrict non-medical exemptions in Vermont the Health Department claimed that vax rates were falling and that exemption use was rising, when they were in possession of data which stated otherwise and was not released until after the legislative session was over.
Extensive Vermont information here
"Dropping Vaccination Rates" is part of the publicity campaign to get legislatures and the media to mischaracterize and de-legitimize non-medical exemptions so that they can be eliminated. This is to construct a legal framework where it will be very difficult to avoid future mandates for new additions to the schedule. It is also preparing the way for Adult mandates. The "successful" school age mandates will be used as the justification and template for adult mandates, and if non-medical exemptions are not available to school kids then adults won't be able to expect or ask for them either.



You did a marvelous job explaining the California numbers, and accounting for why pharma may be seriously concerned. I might add that there is also the overseas markets to consider, where vaccine refusal is likely worse. In fact, the US market is probably its last bastion that provides pharma with a realistic chance of protecting its sacred cash cow.



A friend of mine from New Jersey said he just heard an ad on the radio twice in the last few days warning people about flu shots, that they don't work and contain mercury. This is the first time he got this info and was quite interested. He said they gave out two websites for more information. Way to go, the airwaves!


Thanks for digging up the info. Very interesting. The chart reflects all schools with over 10 students, excluding homeschoolers (unless those homeschoolers are in a special arrangement called a Homeschool Charter School, in which case they might report, if they have more than 10 students, I think), so 9.7% of the total reporting = 51,450 kindergartners that are not up to date or who don't vax at all. 14.2% of the private schooled kindergartners, or 6,735 kids, are not up to date or don't vax. No wonder Pharma's soldiers are all twisted up over the wealthy and (usually) higher educated not complying. Interesting that they don't divide out the numbers who don't vax at all. If they did, the health of those children could be compared to the health of the others (can't have that now, can we?).

Remember, these are just the kindergartners in only one state. If all school grades have similar numbers, and we multiply 51,450 kindergartners times 12 grades, that equals 617,400 kids who are not up to date or who don't vax, in California alone. Add to that the homeschoolers who don't vax (some definitely do vax - despite the media stereotype, people homeschool for many reasons - the most often cited are safety, academic quality, moral/religious instruction, because a child is medically fragile - so they don't have to vaccinate is not on any list I've ever seen, but as with the rest of the population, some will and some will not). It's hard to know how many homeschool in the US because some states do not require reporting (New Jersey, Texas, etc.) and I don't know what kind of reporting Calif requires, but I do know that numbers are just estimates. A gov't funded study in 2012 reported 1.77 million students or 3.4% of US students are homeschooled, but those who did the study, the National Center for Educational Statistics wrote, "Interpret data with caution; coefficient of variation is 30 percent or more."

Anyway, if we multiply 617,400 students in all grades in California who are estimated here to be partially or wholly unvaxed, times the profit lost from the vaccinations those parents didn't buy...let's see. All hypothetical, just for fun...if each child didn't buy 7 vaccines and each vaccine nets a profit of, say, $10, then that $70 per child time 617,400 children = $43,218,000.

Now, nothing in medicine costs $10, so imagine what the real number is. And if a child forgoes all the doses of all the vaccines, that's a lot more than 7 vaccines. So $43,218,000 is a very low estimate. The real number is more likely at least 10, 20 or 30 times that number. Mindboggling, isn't it? And that's only in California, and that doesn't even include the estimated 177,000 homeschooled students who may or may not be vaxed.

In a recent article the CDC stated that they spend $8 to $12 million on vaccine promotion - taken into perspective that's a teeny tiny drop in the bucket of cash made on these drugs. That's why we're seeing hysteria and heavy handed tactics to force compliance. Always follow the money.


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Linda, this might be what you were wanting to see for the California rates.


The uptake of the flu vaccine was only ok last year and is very low this year. They are worried about the trend.


My pediatrician....a very large practice told me we were the ONLY family in their practice that does not vaccinate. She assured me that no other families even question it.

She could not look me in the eye as she said it. It was a blatant lie as I know other non-vaxxing families that are patients. Just another attempt to isolate, intimidate and undermine.


I don't think Andrew Wakefield is the ONLY reason that parents have doubts about vaccines. They have doubts because thousands of parents have told their stories of their children becoming autistic after vaccinations. They have doubts because groups like the Amish who don't vaccinate don't have autism and they don't believe that it has to do just with their genes. They have doubts if they read any research studies such as the Japanese study where at some point vaccinations start causing autoimmunity. They have doubts because whistle blowers from big pharm have talked about the contaminents in vaccines, which are cultured in monkey organs, calf, chicken eggs, aborted fetuse to name a few. And also that big pharm does not routinely check for contamination because it is expensive. They have doubts because any disease that vaccines prevent is more treatable than a vaccine injury and also covered by insurance which a vaccine injury is not. Parents know they have to protect their children against danger and they don't buy the fake reassurance of big pharm funded media to vaccinate because it's safe and there is no relationship to autism.. What is it.. fool me once... the risk of avoiding vaccines are nothing compared to the risks of vaccine injury and a lifetime of illness.

cia parker

I also hope you're right. They may care so much because they realize what a slippery slope it is, if two percent get away with not vaxing, and people see that those kids are healthier than most and not dying by droves, then they will start to think about their own kids with asthma, allergies, and autism, and put two and two together. Gotta pull that two percent back into the fold. Unfortunately, I looked at the vaccination rates for the California kindergartners, and it looks to me as though there's only maybe two percent not vaxing.


Thanks for the link. I find it interesting that there are no totals for the columns at the end of the 175 page list, so that one can compute, for those schools reporting, the total percentage of children who are up-to-date and the stats for each vaccine. Surely, the state has those figures, but it isn't on the chart.


I forgot to post the link to the vaccination rates in California kindergarten students. Here it is.


Linda, I think you may be onto something there. If it was really so low, why would they care so much? But I think California has a pretty accurate reporting system through the schools. Every school that has 10 or more students in Kindergarten, (both public and private) must report the vaccination rate of the kindergarten students each year. I doubt those numbers are changed.


I think you could be right, Linda, because I hear some of the people who are very militant about vaccines say that they are "winning" and that vaccine uptake is at very high levels. Contrasted with some other articles like this you start to wonder where the truth is.
Personally, I wonder if (as even Dr. Wakefield has said) there are some diseases for which protection might be important but I think they have just pushed the vaccine agenda way too far for parent's comfort.


You know, I have a feeling that we aren't being told the truth about the percentage of people refusing vaccines. I have a feeling that the numbers of people delaying or opting out is much, much higher. That could explain the public health machine hysteria and move for litigation, mandates, army of trolls, front groups coming out of the woodwork, etc. I'll bet those stats are as accurate as the flu efficacy and mortality rates. We see a lot of different stats thrown around regarding immunization rates. The stories don't match. But they don't want to admit the real stats especially because they think we're all lemmings and will follow whatever we think everyone else is doing. So they hold up stats that say that the majority vaccinate, that it's only a small percentage that don't. I wonder.

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