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Mar 13, 2004, WBNS-10TV Columbus, OH: Licking County Mom Says Police Acted With Excessive Force Against Her Autistic Son

Mar 13, 2004, More Evidence Environmental Exposures Contribute to Autism

Mar 13, 2004, Forbes: What Public Speaking, Autism, And Vaccinations Have In Common

Mar 12, 2004, Contra Costa Times:  To raise a child with autism, it takes a village

Mar 12, 2014, Autism Awareness License Plate Campaign Pre-Sells 1,000 Plates

Mar 11, 2014, KETV Omaha: Researchers seek early detection for autism

WBNS-10TV Columbus, OH

A Licking County mother says police are responsible for bruises and scrapes on her 11-year-old autistic son.

She says her son’s special needs require special treatment. What he got instead, she says, was physical abuse.

11-year-old Micah Hollins appeared calm and content Thursday. Visible bruises and scrapes were the reason he was home, and not at school with his classmates.

He's been diagnosed with autism and bi-polar disorder.

His mother, Holly, says cognitively, he's more like a 6 year old. "He has zero reasoning skills,” said Holly Hollins. “He did testing at the Autism Center and they said he cannot reason these things out and needs talked out of things."

This is the future. Imagine this boy at 18.

A large U.S. study suggests environmental pollution might be contributing to autism risk, although the specific culprit toxins remain unknown.

Researchers analyzed medical records and found a correlation between U.S. counties' autism rates and their rates of genital birth defects in boys, which could be a sign of some common environmental contributors.

However, the findings, which were reported March 13 in the journal PLoS Computational Biology, do not prove that any particular environmental exposure directly raises the risk for the developmental disorder, experts said.

There's no "smoking gun," said Alycia Halladay, senior director of environmental and clinical sciences for the advocacy group Autism Speaks.

"This study was not designed to figure out what the [environmental] factors are," said Halladay, who was not involved in the research.

How long will this garbage continue? Pollution and toxins have been talked about FOR YEARS. No one EVER knows anything specific and it never involves the TOXINS IN VACCINES. Next week's study will blame bad genes AGAIN and claim the rate has been unchanged. I posted two comments.


If we needed further proof that humans are emotional beings, and make decisions emotionally, we can ponder a study done by a non-profit organization that wants to increase compliance with childhood vaccinations.

As you probably are aware, the Internet still believes that some vaccinations cause autism, in spite of the fact that the scientific community has discredited this idea.

So the organization found parents who still hold to this bit of Internet folklore and gave them the facts about autism and vaccinations. The results were fascinating. People who were told the facts did have their minds changed. They were more likely to believe that vaccinations don't cause autism.

But they were less likely to immunize their children.

Nick Morgan is a public us vaccination advice. He's sure vaccines don't cause autism.


Why was this unchanging attitude about vaccinations such a surprise? Your "facts" might show no link but in the real world more and more children have a diagnosis of autism--a disorder with no known cause or cure. Parents are afraid. Parents are also talking about what happened to their child. A child may be born healthy and be developing normally but then suddenly lose learned skills, stop talking and end up with autism. Doctors can't explain this. The only thing they know for sure is that their ever-expanding vaccine schedule isn't to blame--and they have lots of pharma-funded studies to prove it.

Our kids are the most vaccinated on Earth and some of the sickest and most medicated. Kids with diabetes, seizure disorders, sleep disorders, arthritis, asthma, life-threatening allergies, bowel disease, autism, hyperactivity and learning disorders now fill our schools.

Something is seriously wrong with the health of our children and health officials haven't even noticed. No one at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has ever called autism a crisis---a disorder that affects one in every 50 children or one in every 88 children (depending on which official finding you care to believe).

Contra Costa Times 

African-Americans are less likely to have health insurance and more likely to experience barriers to quality health care, such as poverty, unemployment and unconscious bias among health care providers. To combat this, the National Black Church Initiative hopes to increase awareness and lower the age of diagnosis.

ASD consists of a group of developmental disabilities that cause behavioral, communication and social challenges. Autism is just one along a continuum of disorders, which include Asperger's syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified, Rett syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorder.

Approximately one in 88 children is diagnosed with ASD, including one in 54 boys. Experts aren't clear what causes ASD, whose most obvious signs emerge between ages 2 and 3, or why rates appear to be rising. Theories range from genetics to immune disorders that begin in the womb to having older parents to nutritional deficiencies to environmental toxins. And there is a vocal community that insists that childhood vaccines cause autism, which the scientific community refutes.

Actually, it’ll take the whole village to support all the Americans with autism. I’m not sure how willing they’re going to be to do that.

Getting ready for April.

Here's a story where we're told there's nothing we can do to prevent autism. There are guesses about the cause, but no one really wants to find answers. There is no demand to learn the cause (or at least I've NEVER seen anyone talk about finding the cause with any urgency, have you?).

Just get that early diagnosis and intervention and your kid will be fine. (Oh, that "vocal community that insists that childhood vaccines cause autism"?....

They're wrong.)

The Tennessee Autism Awareness License Plate project has been completed. Over 1,000 license plates have been pre-sold and will now be submitted to the state.

The plates will be available to everyone in about four-six months during annual tag renewal. For more information, go to

The Autism Awareness license plate was the project of four Tennessee moms. All four have
children on the autism spectrum and wanted to spread autism awareness in a big way, while also raising money for the autism organizations that have touched their lives.

This makes me sad. All the kids everywhere with autism frighten me. I'm scared of the numbers that don't get the attention of any health official. I'm scared of the fact that no one wants to stop the epidemic or see this as a crisis. And most of all, I'm terrified about the future when all these kids that no cares about age out of school with nowhere to go.

A couple hundred years from now when everyone finally recognizes what we've done to our children, they'll ask what we did to address autism. Historians will discover that we asked for awareness, we congratulated doctors for their "better diagnosing," and we did things like light the world up in blue every April and create cute autism puzzle piece license plates.

KETV Omaha

University of Nebraska at Omaha researchers want to help identify babies who may have problems interacting by searching for a faster way to intervene for autism.

"We see how the baby actually develops the ability to sit in an upright position," said Dr. Nick Stergiou.

Researchers then compare typical developments with that of children with developmental disabilities, like cerebral palsy and autism. . . .

Stergiou has an end goal for all the research.

"Working with our clinicians, we can actually, as I said, develop diagnostic tools, prognostic tools, interventions so we can help them," he said.

Kyvelidou said there's new data that shows even 2-month-old infants with signs of autism focus on mouths instead of eyes, and by 18 months, most of the attention is on objects instead of people.

The only thing experts care about is early diagnosing.  Other than that, they're clueless and disinterested.

How long will this go on?  Seriously.  We need to ask why this kind of research continues to get funded. They don't even mention the rate for autism.  I posted two comments.

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Bell Moore is Great!
Tireless - and that is about what it takes to hold Lilady's feet to the fire.

False Skeptics Make me Laugh

If you guys want a good laugh, go over to the article. There, you will see lilady making a complete and utter fool of herself. Believe me, it's a very good read.


Re's "There's no smoking gun":

From Mother Jones 3/14:

"Estrogenic chemicals found in many common products have been linked to a litany of problems in humans and animals. According to one study, the pesticide atrazine can turn male frogs female. DES, which was once prescribed to prevent miscarriages, caused obesity, rare vaginal tumors, infertility, and testicular growths among those exposed in utero. Scientists have tied BPA to ailments including asthma, cancer, infertility, low sperm count, genital deformity, heart disease, liver problems, and ADHD. "Pick a disease, literally pick a disease," says Frederick vom Saal, a biology professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia who studies BPA...

Today many plastic products, from sippy cups and blenders to Tupperware containers, are marketed as BPA-free. But Bittner's findings—some of which have been confirmed by other scientists—suggest that many of these alternatives share the qualities that make BPA so potentially harmful."

Per autism speaks on "This study was not designed to figure out what the [environmental] factors are," said Halladay, who was not involved in the research."

And plastic is only one of who knows how many thousands of environmental substances, including injected vaccines, that children are subjected to, substances that will impact future generations.

 Bob Moffitt

"How long will this go on? Seriously. We need to ask why this kind of research continues to get funded"

Unfortunately, it will "go on" until the cozy, corrupt, ehtically/morally bankrupt .. federal and state public health bureaucracies (HHS, CDC, FDA, IOM, etc) responsible for "regulating" the vaccine industry are finally exposed as being more of a "problem" .. than a "solution" .. to the overwhelming deterioration of the health of our nation's children.

1 in 88 autism? 1 in 6 some type of early childhood development problem?

Yet .. like Claude Raines in Casablanca .. who was "shocked" to discover gambling in the casino .. we're supposed to be "shocked" .. befuddled .. that our children's health is so poor .. even as those incompetent public health bureaucracies continue to recommend, approve and administered .. more vaccines than children of ANY other country.

Indeed, one could list each "childhood development problem" and it would surprise no one the statistics of today's children diagnosed with chronic (life-life long, life-threatening) disorders .. such as .. Juvenile Type 1 diabetes, Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, asthma .. to name just a few .. that were far less common in all previous .. LESS VACCINATED .. generations.



"As you probably are aware, the Internet still believes"

What? Now the Internet has personhood?

Yah it's better for all those addled brains to get their medical information from a magazine which is best known for its rich people lists.

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