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Mar 10, New York Magazine: The Right’s Favorite Mainstream Benghazi Reporter Resigns From CBS|

Mar 10, ABC News: Parents Reach Son With Autism Through Disney Movies

Mar 10, 2014 Huffington: 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Autism | Emmanuelle Assor

New York Magazine 
Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson left her position at CBS today, she announced on Twitter, over what Politico reports was growing frustration "with what she saw as the network's liberal bias." Although Attkisson insisted the split was "amicable," she's been hit repeatedly in recent months for what some co-workers called "agenda-driven" reporting on the Obama administration, including, of course, the Affordable Care Act and Benghazi. (Less politically, her anti-vaccine reporting is also iffy.) Attkisson just happens to have a book coming out this year tentatively called Stonewalled: One Reporter's Fight for Truth in Obama's Washington. also covered the Attkisson story.
Liberal media watchdogs have tried to discredit some of Attkisson’s work. Media Matters For America has accused her of “shoddy, irresponsible reporting” and pointed to holes in her reporting on green energy and autism [and] vaccines. also made a reference to what could seen as the power and influence of drug industry sponsors.
Attkisson, who had been with CBS News for more than two decades, had grown frustrated with what she saw as the network’s liberal bias, an outsize influence by the network’s corporate partners, and a lack of dedication to investigative reporting, several sources said. She increasingly felt that her work was no longer supported and that it was a struggle to get her reporting on air.
Although her investigative reporting on vaccines and autism wasn't mentioned in most of the coverage of Attkisson's leaving CBS, the question remains: How did the "outsize influence of the network's corporate partners" react to her "iffy" "anti-vaccine reporting"?
ABC News
Parents act out scenes from Disney animated movies and it helps their autistic son.  There's an upcoming documentary about this young man.
Owen Suskind was a normal three year old who all but vanishes.
All of a sudden, he's speaking less and less. And then he wasn't speaking at all. Where did he go?
That was two decades ago. He stopped talking for years.
I think this is wonderful. I remember trying to connect with my son who didn't really talk as a little kid. He loved the Weather Channel, maps, trains and hot air balloons. We could get him to notice us if we watched the Weather Channel ALL DAY LONG, took long rain rides, went to hot air balloons launchings, and covered the walls of his room with maps.
BUT this child in the story suddenly lost learned skills. He stopped talking.
The news team asked ABC's Dr. Richard Besser about regressive autism:
Besser: "t's a term many haven't heard of. Regression means loss of function and you'll see that actually in about one in four kids with autism, where they either have some function or they're going normally and they start to loss things, usually between a year and a half and two years of age."

George Stephanopoulos (about the documentary): "Does it teach us anything more about the disorder?
Besser: I think it tells us how little we know. We tend to lump together autism under this big umbrella, when within there there's so many different things going on. The more we can understand about different types of autism and what may be causing them. That can give us ideas, not only in terms of hopefully prevention, but how to reach each of these children in their own way.
This of course is the nice side of autism. This charming young man is doing well. It's an encouraging success story.
Dr. Besser meanwhile can't tell us why any of this happened. Why did this child stop talking?
Look at the horrific statistic he gave us: One in every four children with autism regresses. With an autism rate of one in 50 or one in every 88 kids---that's happening to thousands and thousands of children.
I have an idea for a documentary. How about one where experts study these kids--the ones who were fine and then lost everything?

We could hear their stories and maybe find what happened to make them disabled.
There's no comment section here or I would have asked Dr. Besser why no one ever wants to do a study like this.


Until someone proves otherwise it is not vaccines that cause Autism -- no serious scientific study has been able to prove it -- but rather an assortment of factors including genetics and environmental factors. Recent studies revealed that fathers over 40 are six times more likely to have a child with an ASD, which indicates a possible link between spontaneous mutations in the sperm and ASD (Neale, B.M, 2012).

Here's an autism mom telling us old dads are linked to autism, but not vaccines. I posted six comments.  (Five have been removed.)

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I think that a two party system was designed by the elites to keep the masses rooting for their team - waxing and waning of one party or the other to keep us thinking if only our team wins things will be better. WHen if fact both Democrat and Republican are going to follow what the elites, the ones in real power, the corporations with all the moeny really wants.


That should be "bias" in the first sentence. Don't hold my bad grammar against the documentary, which is excellent.


There is liberal biases and conservative bias, but the granddaddy bias of them all is corporate bias. I just watched a fascinating documentary, _Shadows of Liberty_, about the corporate takeover of American media. The first two stories are about CBS, as it happens.


Maybe Sharyl will be more free to expose corruption now that she is not being censored, like why autism has never been a crisis 1 in 88 but aids is a crisis 1 in 30000?



Please keep bipartisan politics out of the autism debate. I have seen no difference between how autism has been treated under Obama than under Bush. Big Pharma contributes to both political parties. As for "main-stream media" I assume you are including FOX News in that as well.


Anne, I went on their and posted too and my long post was deleted...hmmmmmmm

Here is what I wrote that they deleted.

Do you want to know why parents are NOT vaccinating? It is because the CDC and their doctors constantly remind them that vaccines do not cause autism.

Meanwhile, they just had another friend whose kid was diagnosed with autism. A kid who was perfectly normal until they went in for a shot and then lost eye contact, started stemming and is now beating their head against a wall until bloodied. This story is repeated over and over again by thousands of parents now financially strapped trying to treat their autistic child.

By the way, the new statistics is 1 in 88 kids, 1 in 50 school age kids and 1 in 54 boys now diagnosed with autism.

But hey, the CDC and pro-vaxers aren't concerned that autism could possibly be an epidemic. They are too busy blaming vaccine choice parents for kids (fully vaccinated) coming down with whopping cough. News Flash: FDA Study shows pertussis vaccination spreads bacteria.

So keep unleashing Big Pharma bloggers/shills who try and intimidate, brow beat and publicly shame parents who just want a "not one size fits all" vaccine schedule choice or safer vaccines.

As long as the statistics are 1 in 88 kids and the "experts" keep repeating the same mantra: 1) Vaccines do not cause autism, 2) We're not sure what is causing the increase in autism, or my favorite.... 3) It is not an increase, it is better diagnoses.... This Mama bear is going to protect her cubs and not vaccinate.


Earlier reports last Agust that someonme outside hacked into Sharyl Atkisson work and home computers. Wonder if they ever found out who and whether that event factored in to her resignation from CBS. I wonder is she was on an NSA watch list.

"CBS News confirms Sharyl Attkisson's computer hacked" - CBS

 Bob Moffitt

"Attkisson, who had been with CBS News for more than two decades, had grown frustrated with what she saw as the network’s liberal bias, an outsize influence by the network’s corporate partners, and a lack of dedication to investigative reporting, several sources said."

Imagine .. Sharyl is accused by "co-workers for agenda driven reporting on the Obama administration" .. yet .. these very same "co-workers" are widely recognized as overly friendly towards the President and Advertisers .. regarding the many .. mostly uninvestigated to satisfactory conclusion scandals .. of the President's administration .. as well as .. the pharmaceutical industry.

It is no accident that CBS .. as well as most other "main-stream media" .. have more than a "lack of dedication to investigative reporting". After all .. they much prefer to practice "advocacy journalism" instead.

Unfortunately .. "Advocacy journalism" .. is NOT what our Founding Fathers anticipated when they specifically guaranteed "freedom of the press". Cripes .. the Founding Fathers already had an "advocacy press" under King George .. which is why they sought to guarantee a PRESS FREE FROM THE POWERFUL CONTAMINATING INFLUENCE OF GOVERNMENT. (I suspect they would also abhor the contaminating influence of powerful corporations.)

In any event, God Bless Shary .. there will always be great need for a woman who has the personal courage to "investigate" those serious events and occurrences that demand it.

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