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Katie Wright on the GAO Report on Autism Research Versus IACC

CONTEST: Write the 125,000th Autism Tweet from @TannersDad

TannersDad Twitter

By Tim Welsh

125,000 tweets for our families. What would you say? @TannersDad Contest / Request

This weekend I will reach the milestone of 125,000 tweets for Autism Action as @TannersDad. I would like to open the floor up to our Age of Autism family to pen that tweet.

I will chose the best of the best comments on this post. Feel free to share on Facebook, groups and other formats. It will be the winners choice to be anonymous or credited. I like for milestone tweets to me moving monumental and personal. Who, what where, when and how has the Autism vaccine injury environmental crisis impacted your family. Call them to action. Call them to task. Your best in 100 - 110 characters.


Bob Hudson

Where are we when we challenge society's stereotypes which attempt to make us less than the people we are? Are we really not the greater--are we not the STAR (Speak Talk Autism Rights)

Yup! Too pharmed. Can't even post in the right place...

ADHD Allergy Asthma Autism to Zed...vaccinations are pharma's bread!

ADHD Allergy Asthma Autism to Zed...dig a hole in the sand and insert head!

ADHD Allergy Asthma Autism to Zed...let's all vaccinate until we're dead!

Autism 1 in 500, 1 in 150, 1 in 88, 1 in 50...hmm, we'll figure it out sooner or later--go get your flu shot!

...but insomnia helps...or not

IACC - perfect example of government inaction!

The Combating Autism Act - the Supreme Court ruled the title of the bill is not law so ...


Thank you Tim for all you do. 125,000 Tweets is a pretty impressive milestone.

This would be mine.

The need for a vaccination study of children w/autism to address a national epidemic still exists. #helpautism


Our child's autism was vaccine induced and the US government does not care. #stopvaccineinjuries


The deliberate indifference to vaccine induced autism must stop. #vaccinescauseautism


Make the govmt and pharma accountable over vaccine injury and stop the bureaucratic flannel: what was the American revolution for?

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