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Contest! Win Watch Me Learn Video Modeling DVDs

Watch Me Learn Set
Mary Beth Palo of Watch Me Learn has a fantastic giveaway for Age of Autism.   7 DVDs worth $175.00.

One reader will win in all five the first classic videos which involve uninterrupted continuous Watch Me Learn LOGOscenarios.  Plus the additional two videos which are broken up into three different sections of video for each of the ten scenarios. Maintaining the comfortable, familiar, and fun social environment loved in the classic series, these videos add extra teaching video, setting up a vocabulary section and a small group teaching session which can be utilized in the classroom or in therapy. This gives the facilitator a very simple tool to teach the necessary language and to teach the skill in isolation before generalizing it into a play or real-life scenario.

Learning the target skills is fun and easy when it involves friends!


Learn more about video modeling at Watch Me Learn.


Jenn martino

Include me I would love these for my students as well as my son with Autism!!!

Hoa le

I have been teaching autistic children in Vietnam, where we have not much access to teaching materials or even reliable informatiojn about teaching approaches. Most of my students love screen and I have been struggling to find reinforcers as all they want to do is looking at the IPAD.

I have been going online everyday looking at videos trying to find the ways to motivate my students and I I have a feeling that these videos would help their learning so much, especially with teaching social communication skills. Thank you for sharing your story and for setting up "watch me learn".

I would love to win these videos in order to help my students.

Thank you


Karen A.

Would love to win these for my daughter. She has come such a long way and continues to grow and amaze every day!!

Sandy Stahl

We have the first dvd in the series and my son loves it! He trys to follow along with the games. I would love to win the set. Thanks!

Anne Hoelz

I'd love to win these for my son! He loves the other videos we have geared for autism! :)

Happy to Win

I'm glad the contest is still open. Please enter me in!


Please enter me! My kids could really benefit from these. Thanks :)

marybeth palo


I also made flashcards out of magazine pictures - we have come a long way!

Dawn DiMarco

have always wanted to try video modeling with my son!


Enter me please!


Consider me entered


These offer comes with perfect timing, as I was just starting my search for such video modeling tools for my 14 year old autistic son!


Hope my son Kyle wins!

Mindy Poist

My son is also 16, and you are right, there wasn't much around back in the day. I remember cutting up magazines to make flash cards and other learning materials. Hard to imagine that today.

I also made many of his social stories. He learned so well with these, and when I first learned about video modeling, I was very intrigued. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your success with other parents.

Jennifer Mulry

I have been looking at these videos for such a long time on the Watch Me Learn website but cost has been an issue. My 8 year old son Gabriel who has classic autism would benefit greatly from this series. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win them!!! Kind Regards, Jen AKA Gabe's mom

Lisa Kelly

Wowza! These would be an awesome addition to our resources at Kaitlin's Hideout, it would also be a great "promo/marketing" opportunity as parents will for sure want a set of their own for home...(Feeling excited and HOPEFUL)...:)

Barbara Bucknam

We have one of these and would LOVE to see more!!

Cindy Heneghan

These look great. We would love to win them. We had a similar type dvd that my son really enjoyed. He has even used some of the phrases he learned from the video.


These videos look great! How have I not heard about them? Hoping to win, but will look into adding this to our collection if not!

 Mary Beth Palo

Hello Everyone!

First of all - thank you for all of these great comments - Watch Me Learn was born from my son learning from home video. These videos were truly invented and made out of love! After much therapy, I wasn't seeing progress - so I took a chance and made him a video - and SUCCESS! After word of his success leaked out, this concept came to fruition through Watch Me Learn.
I have heard so many beautiful and inspiring stories from parents about what their children learned from Watch Me Learn - and I have seen it to .....
Your children are now my inspiration - These videos are for your children to learn and have fun (which by the way is what kids are supposed to do - and how they learn)
I hope to hear wonderful stories - please don't ever hesitate to ask us questions, make suggestions, share stories or even cry on our shoulders!
We built Watch Me Learn for you - my son Brett is now 16 - sadly there was not much around 14 years ago when he was diagnosed. To this day he still uses video to learn - and his school is using video to teach him.
Share your stories with us - we love them! and we are here to help you and your child!
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Mary beth Palo

 Mary Beth Palo


Catheryn Cervantes

Thank you for the opportunity, great tool.

tara mcmillan

Id like to win these! My son did have some of them, but when he liked to eat metal, he did so!

He is non-verbal, so this would be a great motivation to speak.

Christine Heeren

Just wanted to say these are great videos. My son with autism watched them when he was little & I believe they contributed to his recovery process.

Jennifer H.

I have one of these videos and love it!


Watch me enter! Watch me cross my fingers!


These would be FANTASTIC to have in the Lending Library I have in my home!!!

Christina Hasty

Hello. I would absolutely love to win these DVD's to help teach my autistic child. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!


Enter me, please!


Wow, these look great!

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