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Contest: The Autism War A Novel by Lou Conte from Skyhorse Publishing

BOOK REVIEW – The Autism War – By Louis Conte

The Autism War_revised coverBy Kent Heckenlively

Louis Conte has finally gone and done it.

Conte has written an exciting medical and legal thriller that may end up being as important to the autism community as Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, was to the anti-slavery movement.

I want to talk first about the fine book Conte has written, then why it is important for you to not only to go out and buy it, but to purchase several copies and give them out to friends, families, and public officials who haven’t yet understood our cause.

Conte’s main character is Tony Colletti, a former New York cop who now works in a suburban community on the Hudson River.  As the father of a child with autism, Tony’s life is upended when he fails to save the life of a boy with autism who had wandered away from his house and fallen through the ice of a frozen pond.  This event, combined with the increasing number of policemen on the force who have a child with autism convinces Colletti that he needs to use his investigative skills to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Former CBS investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson, called this book, “Compelling and controversial.  You know that saying about truth being stranger than fiction?  This is the truth.  I couldn’t put it down.”

From this point Colletti plunges into a world we in the autism community know all too well, a sordid intersection of media disinformation, political and scientific corruption, the influence of big money on important issues, and something that many of us thought existed only in other countries, a public and press which acts more like those in an authoritarian country where people are afraid to speak out.  In a democratic country, is the fear of ridicule more powerful than the secret police of a dictatorship?

All of these questions are presented in a fast-paced page-turner that I believe the typical person could race through in an afternoon.  But it is a book that will be difficult to forget. 

The Autism War has the potential to do something revolutionary for our movement.  Those who know me are aware that I have long advocated for non-traditional ways of fighting for our children.  I’ve often used the example of George Washington taking on the British during the Revolutionary War.  He was facing the best-trained, most powerful army in the world.  As a gentleman, he knew he was expected to engage in the enemies' definition of a fair fight – basically, the two armies squaring off against each other at a pre-arranged location, a day or two of battle, then a winner being declared.  That was a fight Washington knew he would lose.

Washington had to wage an unconventional war, picking those places where he might score a few victories, and keep his rag-tag army together.  We need to do the same.  Our opponents may own the media, the politicians, and the scientific journals, but they don’t write exciting thrillers like Conte has done.  The numbers needed to move the dial on this and turn Conte's book into a New York Times bestseller are very low, probably less than ten thousand copies.  And I know how many of you read Age of Autism on a daily basis.  A victory in this fight is within our grasp.

The book can be ordered on Amazon and will be in bookstores on April 1, 2014, just in time for Autism Awareness Month.  Do your patriotic duty and buy at least five copies of Lou Conte’s wonderful book to pass out as "gifts" during Autism Awareness Month.  Our children and families deserve a few victories and YOU can give it to them.


Shalva Kokochashvili

Dear Mr. Louis Conte,

Congratulate with your book! I will appreciate if you can let me know your e-mail address.

Thanks beforehand for attention.

Shalva Kokochashvili
Tbilisi, Georgia


I didn't know what to expect from a novel concerning autism. I was very marginally informed.
Thank you for this gentle introduction to a terrible blow to humanity and for reminding me that people of integrity will someday bring an evolution on this issue.


Great book I also recommend getting the audio version for those who do lots of commuting.

So incredible that to me after checking some of the content of the book is not that far fetched in what really goes on in this war.


This is a wonderful book! A good read for sure!

Anita Donnelly

This book is fantastic!


If you're interested in another autism novel written by an autistic author consider my novel, "The Mu Rhythm Bluff" about an autistic individual who undergoes an experimental treatment that fails to help his autism but turns him into an expert poker player.

the mu rhythm bluff available on amazon

Eileen Nicole Simon

Louis, I love your book. Autism is a battlefield, with families up against horrific enemies in the medical establishment. I love your comparison with Russian/ Communism, and the Japanese/ Minamata disaster.

And, yes autism is the result of encephalopathy. This is the saddest thing. None of us wanted to believe this. We wanted to find a cure. We wanted to heal our children.

But the language disorder and seizures are the result of neurological damage, a very specific disruption of systems within the brain. These systems and how they are injured by all of autism’s many causes is what is needed next.

Birgit Calhoun

Great book review! I am looking forward to reading this book.


I am really looking forward to reading Lou's book. When a Washington insider says she couldn't put it down, that's high praise.

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