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AofA Red Logo Ayumi YamadaBy Dan Olmsted

Our indefatigable Anne Dachel passed along a story Friday with the kind of title we are by now immune to, so to speak: "The Dangerous History of Anti-Vaccine Comspiracies," by Jeffrey Kopman. It was the usual mashup -- mishmash is probably a better word -- of Andy Wakefield being a fraudster, and the horrifying attack of mutant killer illnesses, and parents being so profoundly deluded as to think their child had a life-wrecking vaccine reaction just because their child had a vaccine followed by a life-wrecking reaction. (They are not the same thing!) How dare these benighted parents tell anyone such a tale, when endless scientific "experts" say it didn't happen because it couldn't happen? How very dare they?

But this article, as the Church Lady would say, was special: the piece was published by The Weather Channel, of all places. And its first paragraph is quite a piece of work: "Forty-three years after the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine hit the mainstream, the disease is still flaring across the country — as are mumps, rubella and whooping cough."

Now say whut, exactly? MMR disease is still flaring, as are mumps, rubella and whooping cough? Not gonna happen. Like all Gaul, the MMR is divided in three -- their cumulus total is not another disease, unless you want to count autism (snicker, snicker). These people, they make fun of our lack of scientific understanding and then they start off like that? 


On a happier note, I was really glad to see that Paul Krugman is retiring from Princeton and heading to City University, in part because he wants a vibrant big-city milieu (he mentioned Zabar's, a specialty food store on the Upper West Side), and also to focus more sharply on the issue of income inequality.

Not that there's anything wrong with Princeton. What makes me happy, rather, is that Paul is my age, 61, shares my political outlook, and even my college class, and is serving notice that he's not letting up, he's bearing down on what he cares about most. And he's enjoying himself.

I can dig it.


Another thing I can dig is that our friend (and not just the Facebook kind, although he is that!) Erik Nanstiel is out with a new communications App with the very cool name Avatalker. Check it out at Avatalker.com and download at the App Store. It ain't cheap ($189.99), but for the right kids it could be a game-changer. A new version is expected next week. According to the site:

"Avatalker ® AAC is a robust, full-featured augmentative and alternative communication solution designed for the iOS platform (Apple's iPad and iPad Mini). It gives nonverbal children and adolescents the ability to build phrases and sentences pictographically, which are then converted to audible speech. It features a 1,500+ word vocabulary and exclusive symbol set library by Aurora Symbols that is easy to navigate and fun to use!"


And speaking of friends, one of AOA's best, Laura Hayes, has written a fascinating two-parter on Monsanto and GMOs, titled GMO Food: Failed Promises, Toxic Impacts.

To whet your appetite, here's the beginning -- "I have a new friend. His name is Howard Vlieger, and he is a third generation Iowa farmer. I started asking him questions about the food I buy in the grocery store to feed my family.


 Laura also called our attention to a great 16-minute YouTube video, Vaccines -- Are They Safe and Effective? -- that "pits" Boyd against Paul Offit's outlandish claims for the current vaccine schedule's safety and effectiveness. (Talk about a mismatch.)


" Next week," Laura says, "there will be a fundraising campaign to raise $15K to refilm Boyd Haley so he's not on Skype." But as she points out, he looks pretty good right now!


I also commend to your attention the new book Preventing Autism and ADHD -- Controlling Risk Factors Before, During and After Pregnancy, by Dr. Debby's Hamilton. She looks at everything from Preventive Nutrition to Environmental Toxins to, yes, Vaccines. While she's not as emphatic as I would be about the lunacy of the current vaccine schedule, she calls these disorders an epidemic, gets new and prospective parents to slow down and think, and urges them to put good questions to their doctors. And she makes the critical point: "Vaccines are a medical intervention. With any medical intervention, there are risks and potential side effects."

That's obvious, but not said often enough. Why, I'm sure even  Dr.  Offit and Jeffrey Kopman would heartily agree.


Have the Feds ever met a pill they wouldn't push? I ask after Lou Conte sent me a flyer this week from HHS's Office of Inspector General, titled Pharmaceutical Alert Bulletin.

What, some rogue supplier of counterfeit drugs is up to no good? Nope, "FDA Approves Zohydro." "Although it has been declared a schedule II drug and will contain a 'strong' black-box warning, there is considerable apprehension that this drug will fill the recreational drug void left by the original version of OxyContin 80mg," warned the FDA's own watchdog.

"The FDA did not require abuse deterrents prior to approval. Zogenix is 'considering' employing deterrent, but that is expected to take considerable time ..."

To quote Laura Hayes, yikes! This is HHS talking about a drug that HHS approved. Turns out there is a lot of Congressional concern over this.


Re bad drugs, whatever you think of the not guilty verdict in Kerry Kennedy's drugged driving trial, Ambien didn't come off looking too good. My doctor won't prescribe that class of sleeping pill because, she says, it blocks REM sleep and sooner or later makes you flat-out crazy.

No matter. On TV Friday, one of the doctors who helped get the drug approved acknowledged that it could "zombify" people. That didn't appear to bother him one bit. Maybe he's a zombie and welcomes more company among the not-entirely-dead. No worries -- between MMR disease, Weather Channel vaccine experts, Zohydro, and Ambien, mutant killer zombieism is still flaring across the country .


Dan Olmsted is Editor of a Age of Autism.



Dow Chemical environmental labs -- in accordance with EPA guidelines test their products up at least seven generations, if not more. Sometimes up to 12 generations because it is well know that things will show up generations after.

Daniel Boone is impressive to be kin too unlike Jessie James. However; I do believe there were a lot of very religious men in that line


You still might be on to something. Animal research with GMOs showed an effect several generations from the parents that were exposed. The same with wireless radiation studies if I recall correctly. Sterility in both cases, but not showing up in the first generation of offspring.

Betty Bona

My whole theory about older grandfathers and the typhoid shot doesn't make sense because it shouldn't matter if it is two or three generations down, whatever passes down from generation to generation should still be there. It was an interesting thought though.

Betty Bona

I'm very interested in the typhoid vaccine things you've posted. The Ozarks were much better known for logging rather than coal, so I don't think coal mining is a reason for IQ drain in the Ozarks (I'm not an expert though). I had ancestors in Kentucky who died of typhoid back in the late 1800s (my great, great, great grandfather went on long hunting trips with Daniel Boone, and his brother married Daniel Boone's sister, so it might have been near your area). Typhoid was a scary thing. The Ozarks certainly had the same sanitation problems as the Appalachians, so it wouldn't surprise me if the Ozark residents got the typhoid shots as well. I wonder if the shots had some type of virus or retrovirus in them that is inherited generation after generation. I remember that one study about old Grandfathers being a risk factor for autism. I wonder if that was grandfathers who fought in WWI and got the typhoid shot. Their children did not have autism as frequently as our children because all the current triggers weren't present. But their children (meaning some of us) now have other chronic health issues. It's very interesting.


If anyone is interested I found this for vaccination of US troops for typhoid in the 1900s and beyond.

NO doubt the men needed it going into the Hell holes they were sending them.

But I found it interesting it was also a three in one vaccine
whole cell --also a vaccine that was withdrawn and then reintroduced many times and no doubt to the civilian populations living in mountainous regions still unware of the safe ways to get rid of human waste, with typhoid still present.

"Various vaccine combinations of typhoid, paratyphoid A, and paratyphoid B antigens were used during the 20th century. (4, 12, 42, 43) The trivalent vaccine was commonly known as TAB vaccine, triple vaccine, or enteric vaccine. Inactivated by heat and phenol, the vaccine contained whole-cell preparations of Salmonella typhi, Salmonella paratyphi (A), and Salmonella schottmuelleri (B). In 1916, the U.S. Army Medical School discovered paratyphoid A and B bacilli and developed a vaccine against them. But the paratyphoid components were of questionable efficacy. In the following decades, TAB vaccine was withdrawn, reintroduced, and then withdrawn again. In 1940, the triple TAB formulation was relicensed. Around 1945, paratyphoid A & B components were removed again from U.S. formulations. Typhoid fever affected 0.42 cases per thousand soldiers in World War I, but only 0.05 cases per thousand in World War II, due to expanded immunization. Various typhoid vaccines were developed at WRAIR, notably the acetone-killed and dried (AKD) and heat-phenol (H-P) treated formulations. (3, 7, 44) The AFEB preferred the AKD vaccine for its clinical efficacy. (9) Today, clean, chlorinated water supplies (a technique developed in 1910 by Army Major (later BG) Carl R. Darnall) (16) and other public-health practices prevent typhoid bacteria from entering military training camps (and cities) in the United States. The risk for typhoid fever is encountered overseas, so that typhoid immunization is standard before overseas deployments, but not part of trainee immunization itself. Development of the typhoid Vi polysaccharide injectable vaccine and live attenuated typhoid vaccine capsules rendered obsolete the whole-cell typhoid vaccines, renowned for high degrees of injection-site pain and swelling, fever, and systemic reactions. (7, 45) "

Yeah, and Probably autism in s Banjo boy in Deliverance

There was more to this article starting way back in the late 1800s. The policy to vaccine was - not to do it unless they were going to be deployed' they would not give them the typhoid vaccine because the risk was great and they had limited supply of immogloblins for serum sickness.

I find it fasnasting that even in the 1900s they had immunoglobins to give for vaccine reactions???? WHO KNEW!


Oh, and in a very early immunology text book of mine -- it did say that father's immunity was passed to his offspring. So it is not just maternal.


Jeannette Bishop:
Well said as always!

Jeannette Bishop

@Benedetta, Betty,

I can't help jumping in a little here too. I think I see much evidence in my family that environmental exposures (maybe solely vaccines in our case--I don't know of any other specifics, but that doesn't mean there weren't other sources) can perpetuate harm and greater susceptibility to additional insults through generations. I'm not sure the inheritance (or the insult) is necessarily in the genes either, but I think there is a strong prejudice to blame the genes rather than think about what we may be doing and how far the effects can extend.

Some talk about how there may be inherited immunity that develops over generations that lessens the impact diseases have over time? Maybe some such function also intensifies the adverse effects of our artificial immune system manipulation? Maybe even the risks of "inbreeding" are not so much in sharing genes as in concentrating exposures through certain family, medical, occupational practices and/or perpetuating effects? Sometimes I wonder if it's something as simple as an added toxic load through breast milk from a mother with compromised detox that lowers her children into an unhealthy position from a much earlier age?

I especially agree that vaccines are particularly shielded by human prejudice. It seems we want to believe we've conquered microbes, at least some of them, through our intentional interventions, and we don't want to see particularly that much of our modern problems and suffering could be a result of our "achievement," and as we've come this far with a selection narrative, I think there is that much more incentive to not see, but I'm preaching to the choir...


I know what you mean about getting tired of the inbreeding comments.
Disaster comes from quick judgements, and easy answers.

The Ozarks; are they known for coal production too? Because lots of people are quick to point out it could be nasty coal's fault - even though my area had very little coal, if any production. There are only a few areas deep in the mountains that have good veins of coal worth mining.

It could very easy also include the Ozarks and other Applachian communities; including West Virginia,since the same life styles caused typhoid to be present.

I don't think it was experimental as much as no one cared too much about the people of this area. It was an idea area to use up a WWI typhoid vaccines left over since typhoid did exist in the area. Plus these are areas that were rural and isolated, and not much way of the people reporting or complaining about severe reactions -which the vaccine was well noted to cause.

If the people of the Ozarks are like they are here - they are very aware of who is kin to who -- right on up to the 7th cousin. Jessie James was my seventh cousin by the way. He really was. See! If any inbreeding went on -I have heard stories - there were usually something very wrong mentally with the family before all the inbreeding began. Yuck!

I wonder how we could find records of where it was used, the years it was used, the IQs after it was used. I guess Brian Hooker has his plate filled up right now.

Many of my cousin's parents who were vaccinated with the typhoid vaccine went on to leave Eastern Kentucky years ago - for Ohio--but the family as a whole continues to have health problems, even in Ohio; all at very young ages--From MS, Parkinson, morbid obesity, a 12 year old died of a brain aneurysm just as she began her period, IBS, depression, alcoholism and on and on. . It does not seem to matter they (mostly Irish) married a bunch of Germans (inbreeding?) I think not. . One cousin - a nurse that now lives in Florida, who I spoke to this Fall - told me that Eastern Kentucky People were all known for their allergies and autoimmune diseases, as if she was not connected to us.

This vaccine was as I said used on WWI veterans.
I also find it - interesting for lack of a better word -
that both of my husband's grandfathers were WWI veterans.
My husband is not from Kentucky.
One set of his grandparents lived on the west coast, San Bernardino , California and the other set lived in Peeksville New York. Their children met at a college in Tennessee.

Both WWI veterans died at early ages.(heart failure and colon cancer) Both WWI veterans had sick children with thyroid problems , as well as inflammation of the disc, IBS, diabetes, morbid obesity, cancers of the bone marrow.

These two WWI veterans had grandchildren with a high incidence of things like mythensis gravis, acquired mitochondria disease, some kind of speech problems, depression, bipolar.

These two WWI veterans had great grandchildren (not just mine from Eastern Kentucky) with bipolar, autism, anxiety epilepsy. Asthma, allergies. and on and on.

I have often wondered what if anything had to do with their family's health problems being linked to WWI.
One was gased in WWI by the way - the other was not.

But it is one thing to vaccinate young men during war time and another to vaccinate whole communities of young children, all unaware of the high incidence of side effects.

Betty Bona

Benedetta, are you saying that Appalachian people have issues because of experimental vaccinations that the rest of the nation didn't get? I wonder if that would include West Virginia and the Ozarks of Arkansas as well. I'm from Arkansas, and I get very tired of the prevailing view among many northerners that people from Arkansas (especially the Ozarks) have low IQs, and it's because of inbreeding. It's surprising how many people actually treat you like you're less intelligent because of where you're from. It would be interesting to see exactly where the typhoid vaccine was used.


I also found that The typhoid vaccine required a booster four weeks after the first one was given.

It lasted two years and then they were again given the vaccine.

As my Mother said - in remembering this as a little girl it would have felt like every Fall, that they received their typhoid shots. This would have been going on right on up through WWII. Typhoid was still around in 1947.

I also found this: Almroth Edward Wright developed an effective inactivated whole-cell typhoid vaccine that was introduced in 1896.[1] Due to side-effects its usage was eventually discontinued.[3]

(Yes, after a whole region in the United States is being made fun of)

I wonder how inactive it really was? Did it keep typhoid endemic in the area; along with unsafe sewage disposal of some of the uneducated people?

And what of the next generation that followed - mine - and my class mates? Plenty of my class mates were not speaking and plenty were receiving at that time whole cell DPT shots on top of what their parents had received; The DPT shot leading to a second insult to an already damaged immune system from typhoid vaccines?

I could give you lessons - if any of you are interested - in how to handle a phone call - in this area; since your own regions may now have the same problem.

By the mid 60s Harry Caudill -An advocate for the people of Eastern Kentucky had given up on his own people, and began talking to Shockley Jr from California on how to improve our genes. Caudill discussed genetics and came close to the same ideas that we had just fought Nazis over and barely won a war.

1.) Secretly test IQs (as if the schools were not already doing this) and encourage through grants and money - Fathers whose children had low IQs to get vasectomies. Of course he was not a Rockefeller and he did not find the money to do this.
2.) Try to get the 3 or 4 million Kentuckians with skills; that had left the region for better jobs (the brain drain) to returnl They tried to set up programs but really there was nothing to encourage these workers to come back.
3.) Get an army base established in the region so it would bring in new sperm to the girls of Eastern Kentucky. This would be left up to the army and we have two already in the state.

Army Base and soldiers --another heavily vaccinated population- Sounds like more misery to me.

As in getting back to my hubby that received from the Forest Service tick shots all through his service to them - along with DPT shot (getting a tetanus shot) every two years-- in his teen years. It all mattered to his children later on.

So The number of vaccines matter.
The number of boostes matter.
The number of vaccines our parents took also matters.


I don't mean to take over the whole of this excellant article on some other tangent not even mentioned but it bothers me and has for a long time. Esp when there are off handed comments from talking heads on the television in high places.

But looking up the thyphoid vaccine;
It was made in WWI for the soldiers in the trenches of France.
The first one was a whole cell thypoid vaccine.
It was only 56% to 68% effective.

It had high reaction rates. 1 in 100 had headaches and fevers, 1 out of 10 had swelling and redness at the injection site.

As a young woman my attitude about the DPT shot -- big deal about the red swelling -- OH what a fool-- 7 weeks later my daughter was in the hospital for Kawasakis.

So after all these years. Bill O'Reilly - your visits to Berea College and they took you into the mountains to see what you could see -- what you were seeing was the results of vaccine reactions.


The Stone Age
-they were agile and had great ability;
Try poverty and starving



I only show many facets of devastating effects of toxic vaccines on young Americans. Autism is an extreme vaccine induced brain damage, but majority if not all vaccinated people according to US schedule are brain damaged to some degree. And this is a national suicide, but no politician dares to talk or think about this. All they care are their profits and power. Very soon the US will find itself in the Stone Age, but then it will be too late to save it. Already now you almost can't find a young person, who can think clearly and can take any responsibility even for themselves.


Oh,and ---
those taking the typhoid vaccines--spread typhoid
Little typhoid Marys.


No Vac:

Night comes to the Cumberlands
gives us a sneak preview of when

Night comes to the United States


The reason I mentioned typhoid is because on the U tube it said that typhoid went down without using vaccines.
I just wanted everyone to know that there existed a a vaccination program for typhoid in the United States.

Every one wants to blame coal. However; My school was away from the main coal fields--Kentucky is not just one massive coal field - My school was toward the edge of the mountains. There was not much coal in our area at all.

Also for such a long time there were no spikes in autism- Kanner's kids appearing suddenly; all the while,, all the houses in the entire United States in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s had coal bins --. I often wonder if that was what basements were really built for.

If you can find any information about late typhoid outbreaks in the United States you will find that it was in the Appalachians--my paternal grandmother came down for the second time in her life with typhoid in 1947.

Also it was only in the Appalachians that there was a typhoid vaccine program . .

Some People would build their outhouse right on top of a branch or creek. I have seen such as late as the 60s; One that really bothered me was right at the edge of town. The people had a very neat house, very nice lawn, but still had their out house over top of a little branch that could be viewed from two roads.
What was wrong with them??? Some body should have said something to them. You dig holes, or trenches for heaven sakes.

What was needed at the very beginning were not a bunch of doctors going to give out typhoid shots -- - BUT education that you bury your waste away from the creeks and branches, using the collective community to enforce or at least make fun of those doing such silly stuff.

I found some information that the typhoid vaccine required a booster soon after the first one. It also caused headaches in every last person. There was no shortage of the whooping cough vaccine either.
Experimenting on the people of Appalachians; is not a stretch.
Today; We know what each rad of radiation will do - because Cincinnati used Appalachian women with breast cancer to find out.

One boy that had autism in my class - I know that was what it was esp now -- ended up moving right down the road from me during highschool. He and his brother were really into horses. We had horses on our farm and they were over often.
I think he got a job in Lexington on the horse farms as a groomer. They said they loved him.


Benedetta- Yearly typhoid vaccines? I wonder what effects the coal mining had, too? That's a sad story.


Tragic consequences of massive vaccine poisoning of Americans.
The Science magazine (24 Feb. 2012) shows a graph of distribution of NIH grants among US scientists from different age groups. In the 1980. the young scientists (<36 Y.O.) received about 17% of all NIH grants, but in 2010 they received only 3%. The reverse is true for older scientists (>66 Y.O.), who in the 1980. received only 1% of grants, but in 2010 received more that 7%. The average grant recipient in 2010 was 51 Y.O.

This statistic tells us how intellectually devastated is the present young generation of Americans, whose IQ has been dramatically reduced by toxic vaccines, food and fluorinated water. US has no future with such massively neurologically damaged young generation, but no politicians dares to talk or even think about this. They are all sold to pharmaceutical mafias and unconsciously they are enablers of American national suicide.


I started school in the mid 60s. I know that many of you all asked if autism had always been around then why had you all never seen them in school.
I never said anything -- but the truth is the school systems divided our classes into talented, average and below -- 1/3 of my class was below.

It was around 90 students, and the 1/3 below -- mostly had language problems they - just did not talk much. This became very obvious in the fifth grade.

As for severe disabled- they did not attend school at all,
But it was a small little town and during the summer my friend and I were hanging out on the playground while our mothers were teaching head start. There were three; two who had their parents attached at the hip and the thirde roamed around - unwatched - I guess - I did not see anyone watching him, that I was aware of - but I was a little girl. He would sneak up on us and pull our hair.

I think he was just raking his hand through our hair like one would do a puppy.



At first he blamed outside interest in the area which is true and then he began to quesion his neigbhors' IQ.

He killed himself when he developed Parkinson.
Parkinson -- hmmmmm.


Nothing says stupid quite as well as the hilariously unintentional repetition in sentence one.

Smug + angry = bullying... not scientific accuracy.

Laura Hayes

Dr. Spearman's claim that "we know the rates" with regards to having an adverse reaction to "some minute component to a vaccine" is a bald-faced lie in case anyone new to AoA happens to be reading today. AoA Veterans, I know you know this :)

In our country, we have a passive reporting system called VAERS which is supposed to alert federal regulators when something is amiss with our nation's vaccine program. At best, the CDC itself admits that 1-10% of adverse reactions to drugs, including vaccines, are reported. I think 1% is a gross overestimate in and of itself. Additionally, I have zero confidence that federal regulators spend even one iota of time analyzing the reports that are made to VAERS. I've certainly never come across an analysis of reports made to VAERS by our tax-payer funded regulatory agencies, have you?

Of the many, many people I know who have vaccine-injured children, not one of their doctors acknowledged it, made the connection, or reported it. And by the time most parents find out about VAERS, if they find out, the 3-yr. statute of limitations has expired to file a case with the NVICP, so they often choose not to file a VAERS report (by this time, most parents have lost any and all trust in the system anyway, and have heard what a joke "Vaccine Court" is). Shockingly, doctors are not required to report adverse vaccine reactions in their patients to VAERS, it is a completely voluntary reporting system. Doctors don't want to admit that they have harmed/killed their patients, and they don't want to admit that their bread and butter is causing problems. Vaccines keep them in business...first for all those "well baby" visits"...then for the lifetime of follow-up care needed due to vaccine injury in the forms of autism, diabetes 1, seizure disorders, cancer, learning issues, behavioral issues, sensory issues, GI problems, bowel disorders, food allergies and intolerances, life-threatening peanut allergies, arthritis, the list is endless. Vaccines initiate an immune response which may be immediate, and/or which will play out over the course of a lifetime, further exacerbated by the many other insults our children will be exposed to via pesticides, GMOs, toxic cleaners, etc.

It sure would be nice if doctors, including Dr. Spearman, woke up to the rampant and devastating vaccine injury in our country. As it stands now, they are a huge part of the problem. They have forgotten that they are to "First, do no harm." They would be wise to remember that. For now, parents are on their own to protect their children from doctors.

Jeannette Bishop

I thought with the weather channel article that, well, it seems like they are attacking vaccine awareness with all they've got.


In 1963, Harry Caudill of Whitesburg published Night Comes to the Cumberlands: A Biography of a Depressed Area, which shined a spotlight on the plundering of the mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

He decided that our genes were just wore out and we needed outside genes -- never mind that the people of this area are the most well traveled anywhere in the United States since so many left.

If he noticed a drop in skills and IQ -- perhaps it can be traced back to everyone getting a typhoid shot in the Fall of the year ---- Every YEAR!


Re Bob Moffitt comment: Kennedy money and influence might buy the family a quick not guilty verdict, but it can't buy them their health, which, to the extent we can know about it, seems remarkably fragile. Ted Kennedy Jr. lost a leg to osteosarcoma, and Kerry has thyroid disease - both caused and/or aggravated by fluoride. Robert Kennedy Jr. has spoken out forcefully about vaccine dangers. Some of his children have asthma. Although no one has ever openly admitted to autism in the immediate Kennedy family, I wouldn't be surprised to find it there too.


The community I mentioned down below -- is gone - nothing remains of 7 generations of people that lived there except a few well hidden graves stones - it is all part of the Daniel Boone National Forest.


Bob, you are so right. You would think that a drug that could even rarely cause "sleep driving" would be immediately taken off the market with embarrassment and apologies from the regulators to the American public that it endangered. That would be in a sane world.


They did have typhoid vaccines.
Everyone meet the county nurse and doctor in one room school houses in the Fall and received these vaccines.
These made everyone sick,and run fevers for days. This according to my Mother - born in 1929.
In spite of the typhoid vaccine if some one drank from the wrong spring, as did my parternal grandmother - they were still going to get typhoid. The only way that saved my grandmother's family from getting it -- was a new solution called lysol -- they washed the house down with it.

The only way to get rid of typhoid was to clean up the water supply

Bob Moffitt

Regardless of your opinion of the financially/politically privileged Kennedy family .. six jurors unanimously found Kerry Kennedy .. the "pill taker" .. not guilty .. and .. though it was not said out loud in the court .. found the "pill maker" .. Sanofi-Aventis guilty .. of significant contributing factor to the vehicle accident that Kerry was being prosecuted for.

Here is "manufacturers" language affixed to every box of Ambien:

"What is the most important information I should know about AMBIEN?

After taking AMBIEN, you may get up out of bed while not being fully awake and do an activity that you do not know you are doing. The next morning, you may not remember that you did anything during the night. You have a higher chance for doing these activities if you drink alcohol or take other medicines that make you sleepy with AMBIEN. Reported activities include:

driving a car (“sleep-driving”)
making and eating food
talking on the phone
having sex

Considering Ambien is a "block-buster" drug .. used by millions of people in the U.S. .. and .. the thought of driving on the NYS Thruway at the speed limit of 65 mph .. while the drivers in front, back or alongside .. may or may not be sleeping at the wheel .. should be positively frightening to everyone on the road.

Kerry's post-trial statement was also right on the money.

The Justice system does not provide for a "fair and equal" opportunity to all who must rely upon it for justice .. be it the lack of money to afford a great lawyer .. or .. a system that limits parents seeking justice for their vaccine injured children to Vaccine Court .. thereby effectively denying those parents their Constitutional Right to present their case before a "jury of their peers" .. in State or Federal Courts .. as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

One can only imagine how different things would be if vaccine injuries were tried as was Ambien .. in a regular court of the US .. judged by a "jury of peers" .. rather than a VACCINE COURT .. that was created to protect "product liability" of vaccine manufacturers?

I suspect any twelve trustworthy jurors in the country .. having read the vaccine manufacturers warning labels .. would be as unanimous in their verdict supporting parents of vaccine injured children .. than the Special Masters that now preside in what has morphed .. as predicted by Dr. Rimland .. into nothing but "show trials" .. where more often than not .. it appears the verdict was known before the trial began.

In any event .. how does a drug that admits causing so many .. (unknown to the person taking the pill) .. "zombie-like behaviors" .. remain so widely used in the U.S.?

Jenny Allan

The Weather Channel -What a load of Codswallop!!
Some excerpts from above:-

“Forty-three years after the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine hit the mainstream, the disease is still flaring across the country — as are mumps, rubella and whooping cough”

“Recent outbreaks of preventable diseases show the damage done by refusing vaccines. The MMR vaccine is over 95 percent effective, making it one of the best vaccines available.”

In the UK the MMR vaccine hit the kids in 1988. I make that 26 years; the US and Canada got this vaccine a few years before. Single Measles and Rubella vaccines were introduced in the UK in the late 1960’s with little or no controversy. The Wakefield et al Lancet Paper was published in 1998, 16 years ago. The MMR controversy has NOTHING TO DO with whooping cough vaccine, a component of the Diptheria, Pertussis and Tetanus triple vaccines. The Weather Channel seems to have got very mixed up here, apparently under the impression MMR is a disease in its own right? I am unaware of any Rubella resurgence. This disease is extremely mild and only causes problems in early pregnancy, when it can damage an unborn child.

I was interested in the following reported comments by Drs Spearman and Marty. If I am not very much mistaken they appear to be admitting vaccines have risks, particularly for children with compromised immune systems. This is very different from the ‘vaccines are completely safe’ mantras, parents have been subjected to when they dared to query any safety issues.

“Dr. Spearman and Dr. Marty both said almost everyone should be vaccinated, except in extremely rare cases.
“It should be noted that in the U.S. most people do not refuse vaccines — we’re at an all time high of childhood vaccinations,” said Dr. Spearman. “[But] live viral vaccines are contraindicated in those who are significantly immunocompromised.”
“Whether they are a transplant patient, or those who are on cancer therapies, or have a primary immunodeficiency, they need to check with their physician and make sure they aren’t getting the live viral vaccine,” he added. “It’s [also] always a possibility to have a reaction to some minute component to a vaccine, but we know the rates, and know they are very, very uncommon.”
Dr. Marty agreed. “While all medications — including vaccines — have risks, the benefits of vaccines greatly outweigh their risks.”

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