Autism Groups React to New CDC-Reported Prevalence of 1 in 68 Children
Dachel Media Review: Numbers High, Don't Know Why, Don't Cry

Action Alert to White House As Autism Numbers Continue to Climb

Click this Autism Action Network Action Alert to tell the White House that the negligence of CDC and NIH as the autism epidemic rages on with no sign of stopping.

The new “official autism” numbers were released minutes ago by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 among all eight-year olds evaluated in 2010, 1 in 42 boys, and 1 in 189 girls, more than a million children. The last time the CDC released these numbers in 2010 the numbers were 1 in 88, and 1 in 54 boys. Undoubtedly the real numbers today are much higher than this 4-year old data.

To describe the federal response to the autism epidemic as lackadaisical would be far too generous. It is actively negligent. And the most disgusting, and criminal part of this epidemiology is that the old excuses cannot be ruled out. And we have been hearing those excuse for twenty years. Changes in diagnostic criteria, even though the last change occurred 16 years before this study began, better case finding, and diagnostic substitution will be trotted out once again providing the cover for the CDC, the pediatricians, the psychiatrists, and the federal government to pretend they are concerned, to fake taking action, and ignore the worst pediatric epidemic in American history.

Our first action is simple. Call the White House and ask them what the President is going to do about this.

The White House, (202) 456-1111

And click on the Autism Action Network Action Alert  Link to send an email to the White House asking President Obama what he is going to do about this.

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pretty sure autism is a disorder, not a disease...


If they declared that there was an epidemic, I'm pretty sure that they would be required to (really) track cases. Autism would become a reportable illness. If all practitioners across the country were required to report all their cases, then we'd know pretty much overnight how many children and adults have been diagnosed with autism. Further, the form that doctors could be required to fill out on each patient could include the current age, age of diagnosis, comorbidities, vaccination history including any reported adverse reactions and the manufacturer and lot # of all vaccines that these individuals received. Think that's too much paperwork for a doctor's office? Look at what they do now to satisfy insurance company and government regulations reporting.

Making autism a reportable condition is what needs to happen. Of course the CDC and NIH know that.

david m burd

Right on!, Linda. For the past 15 years now any executive in medicine or a high position in governmental institutions could have - and should have - personally employed internet tools to discover the many medical papers indicting the carnage being inflicted by their toxic vaccine chemicals coerced on babies and children. These people in power cannot plead they've been kept ignorant by subordinates - particularly since there were Congressional Hearings and testimony (in records easily accessed via the Web) also going back over 20 years. They deserve nothing less than the horror they have inflicted.


Fire the Deniers? How about Prosecute the Fraudsters? No demotions either. They should all be stripped of their medical licenses for first, doing harm and then be brought up on a long list of charges.

Also, it is not that Autism is now 1 in 68. It's that the CDC HAS DECLARED that Autism is now 1 in 68. Who knows what the real numbers are. Certainly the CDC doesn't want anyone to know. How do they get away with only looking at 11 states and reporting years later? You would think at the least that people living in the other 39 states would feel underserved. How can years old data that didn't take into account 78% of the states be considered valid by any measure? With all the money these people have been given, can't they find the resources to count cases, current cases, in each state? No? How do they then find the resources to set up state databases for immunization? They can count the vaccinated, the unvaccinated, not from years ago, but today, but they can't count autism cases.

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