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Judy Converse on How To Clear A Room: Unvaxed Kids!

Monty-python-run-awayManaging Editor's Note: We've excerpted this terrific post from Nutrition Care for Kids.

By Judy Converse

Want to clear a room fast? Tell people your kids aren’t vaccinated. Then say, “Not only is that why they’re so healthy – it helps your kids stay healthier too.” Wait. What? Unvaccinated kids, healthier? Aren’t they walking cesspools of infection, recklessly spreading disease in their wake? Aren’t they leaches, getting a free ride away from infections, on the backs of all those good parents who vaccinate their kids?

The CDC maintains that they can’t solve this question for us. Their posture is that it’s unethical to study vaccinated versus unvaccinated kids, presumably because it isn’t safe to not vaccinate anybody. But ongoing survey data show that unvaccinated kids are healthier. They have fewer allergies and asthma, less autism, fewer chronic conditions  and are sick less often. Even though these data come from an uncontrolled voluntary survey (over 13,000 participants worldwide and growing), the differences are enough to give anyone pause – and plenty big to warrant formal investigation. By factors of double, triple, or tens of times, vaccinated kids show a higher illness burden than their unvaccinated peers, for conditions like epilepsy, diabetes, thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditions, autism, allergy, asthma, and more.

Meanwhile, the argument that a pool of vaccinated kids is needed to quash a return of infections is starting to crumble (bolstering the position held by some that vaccines can’t confer herd immunity): Even with compliance for most immunizations at over 90% across the US –  above the level considered necessary for successful herd immunity – we still have outbreaks of pertussis, measles, mumps, chickenpox, polio, and flu in  vaccinated groups. The global level of pertussis coverage was 83% in 2012 – pretty darn good – but, still: Outbreaks. In fact, vaccinated people may spread infections they are recently inoculated against, as they shed viral and bacterial material from vaccines – just as occurs with wild type, naturally acquired infection. This has been documented for those recently vaccinated against pertussis, polio, flu, chickenpox, rotavirus, and measles.

Read the full article and bookmark Judy's site at Nutrition Care for Children.




We have a problem, we can't think of natural immunity in the way it's historically defined. Life long immunity requires subtle lifelong exposures that "remind" our immune system and offer a boost against the disease. The idea, "you can only get measles once, chicken pox once", etc. is based on this premise..yet these conditions no longer exist. The longer we are not exposed to an illness the more vulnerable we become to it in our future. The vaccines work similarly, in most cases they require booster after booster within shorter time spans, causing nothing more than an ugly shift in age of disease. jmo

Roger Kulp

No-vac and everybody else who does this.I would like to hear as many stories as possible from parents whose kids get medical complications,and regress from wild (non vaccine induced) fevers.


Linda, it's okay, I don't mind at all..I was told this in conversation by hubby's neurosurgeon, but in looking I see there is a little info out there.


I believe it is best to go to rubella parties (popular in Europe) and get your child infected. This is very mild disease and gives immunity for life.


They need to keep vaccinating for that and that alone in the triple MMR shot.

The young women that were vaccinated by the MMR - do not have an immune system - now -- that can be trusted - to keep the rubella at bay as they carry their babies in the womb.

That according to a very worried Dr. Walkfield.


Hi Linda, :
Did find this article in google scholar
"Does prior infection with Varicella Zoster Virus influence risk of Adult Glioma?"
By Wrensch et al (A. Journal of Epidemiology 1997).
It seems to suggest that Varicella infection is protective against Glioma ( brain tumor starting in the Glial cells).
Like most things the authors don't know why.
Hope this helps,

cia parker

The mumps vaccine virus was quadrupled in the MMR in 1990. Then, when the autism rate started to skyrocketed, in part because of this presumably, they quietly reduced the amount of mumps virus in it again. They may have increased it in order to try to increase effectiveness, and reducing it again may have led to less effectiveness. They just can't win for losing.
But the sterility so feared is very rare: when testicular atrophy occurs, it is usually one-sided, and does not affect fertility. When boys get mumps before puberty, as they did before the vaccine, they are not affected by this problem. Another reason to just let measles, mumps, and rubella come back.


"Having had chicken pox as a child is showing protective against the development of brain tumors."

I am not challenging you Barbara, but I'd like to see the research behind that. Because of the extreme increase in EMF/RF exposure in this generation, we can expect to see a massive increase in brain tumors. I suspect that is already happening, but is not being attributed to the cause. I wonder how can they tell that the brain tumors they're seeing are from not having had chicken pox and not from cell phone and other wireless radiation? I doubt that they even count wireless as a variable.

david m burd

Dr. Judy Converse has covered lots of ground in a thoughtful, integrated way, with her piece ideal to send to others - she's probably not invited to many pediatrician symposiums.

Her thoughts about attention to nutrition and breastfeeding by mothers who've had all the childhood diseases (including polio that my siblings, cousins, neighborhood kids also had in harmless fashion long before the toxic vaccine polio vaccine) make points not usually discussed.

A vital detail about "polio outbreaks" in the early 1950s: In the late 1940s and early 1950s production and spreading of neurotoxin pesticides/herbicides had reached over 600 Million pounds per year - right when "polio" emerged in epidemic style - and when even non-farm kids and adults literally were exposed to the toxins, such as at my uncle's home in Illinois there were corn fields being dusted by airplanes, while we kids played and were impressed by such flying!


Both good points and newsworthy, yes the dtap kids who acquire whooping cough carry it mean time around 35 days, a long time to infect infants ,giving the disease the edge. And yes, as well, our local outbreak of mumps was at Loyola college in fully vaccinated young men. Now add "brain tumor" to the list. Having had chicken pox as a child is showing protective against the development of brain tumors. We will see as the diseases reemerge how much more deadly they have become,as they will be hitting a "virgin" population with no exposures to offer immune boosts that build effective antibodies. It's a horror show caused by scientific errors, however, it's a crime scene when those errors are known and not corrected.


The vaccinated for the whooping cough received a partial cell. My understanding is - it is completely dead and can't infect.

So, people are getting infected with another kind of whooping cough -- this has been going on for a very long time. Because of this fact - is why they giving so many boosters of the common whooping cough vaccine. - and is why my whole family is now in health trouble. Those that are vaccinated the whooping cough bacteria stays in the throat longer and the host shows no symptoms.

Worse; the mother's immune system has hardly been trained right - and very young infants that are the most vunerable -- well you all know where that is going.

CDC, NIH, vaccine companies should love us -- some one to blame.

As for vaccine waining - as in the mumps - as men reach adulthood, One more thing I now have to worry about for my adult son - sterility. I think there is a group of people that woul love this to happen since the whole thing is about reducing the population.

Oh, speaking of reducing the population. Last Friday our neighbors that live at the very end of the road lost their 40 year old son to drug overdose. Last spring the did a lot of extra work and redid everything around their house. - They added a chimney to the area around thier in ground pool, put up a brand new even higher white plastic fence around it,added a very nice playground next to it, and made their vegetable garden bigger.

I son was able to reproduce - so in a way he beat them - for a while - the grandkids will have to be vaccinated too - so they might get them next time.

Bob Moffitt

"Even with compliance for most immunizations at over 90% across the US – above the level considered necessary for successful herd immunity – we still have outbreaks of pertussis, measles, mumps, chickenpox, polio, and flu in vaccinated groups."

Consider .. as an example .. ongoing outbreak of Mumps at Rutger's University .. where 13 young-adult students have been diagnosed and treated for mumps. All media reports have stated the students had been vaccinated .. because .. apparently .. all students attending Rutgers are required to show evidence they have been vaccinated for mumps.

In response to this obvious .. embarrassing .. failure of their childhood Mumps vaccinations .. main-stream media outlets in NYC have featured usual .. resident sock-puppet "physicians" .. who promptly dismissed any questions suggesting their mumps vaccinations did not protect them .. by claiming their case of mumps would have been much worse had they not been vaccinated.

One wonders how they can make that absurd claim .. but .. it has become standard practice in cases such as this.

In any event .. I found it odd that not one media report that I have watched or read mentioned recent CDC investigation of allegations made by two Merck "whistle-blowers" .. who allege .. Merck listed false information on vaccine package inserts which the CDC, FDA and the National Vaccine Program relied upon as accurate information to promote to health agencies. Merck had claimed .. SINCE 2000 .. their mumps vaccine had a 95% "efficacy" rate. However .. after the serious allegations arose .. Merck has been unable to produce that same 95% effectiveness rate according to accepted practices the CDC and FDA relied upon for vaccines to be certified.

And .. so .. it appears today's young adults may have received a "mis-advertised" Mumps vaccine as a child .. that no longer protects them against a disease they would have been far better off contracting as a child .. rather than suffer the potentially more serious complications when contracted as a young adult.

Hopefully these young Rutgers students are not the proverbial "canaries in the coalmine" .. warning all of us that a once relatively mild childhood disease .. may now be a much larger threat to young adults who received Merck's now suspect mumps vaccine as a child.

And the band plays on .....

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