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Dachel Media Review: End Scream Rooms

Online newsBy Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary and review the links after the jump.

Feb 26, 2014, Santa Rosa (CA) Press Democrat: Taking a needless risk with health

Feb 25, 2014, Naperville (IL) Sun: Naperville ASPB Therapy Pathways offers daycare program

Feb 25, 2014, Fox 43, York, PA: Lawmakers push to end 'scream rooms' for punishing students

Feb 25, 2014, Forbes: Hyping Your Conspiracy Theory In 5 Easy Steps

Santa Rosa (CA) Press Democrat

Parents devote considerable time to choosing schools and activities for their children. Yet when it comes to health, too many parents accept junk science found on the fringes of the Internet and spread by the likes of Rep. Michele Bachmann, who declared, without any evidence, that the HPV vaccine causes birth defects. Pseudo-celebrity Jenny McCarthy has helped perpetuate the falsehood that immunization can cause autism.

The claim, published almost 17 years ago in a British medical journal, has been conclusively refuted. Credible researchers have proven that data were falsified. The article was retracted, and the lead author lost his medical license. Yet suspicion persists, even here in a highly educated community.

One-sided vaccine ad.  I posted comments. 

Naperville (IL) Sun:

Kayla, Tim, and Kate are not alone. They are not one specific family; rather, they are a combination of circumstances across many families that Olson has heard spanning her 10 years in the field. According to the organization Autism Awareness, the incidence of Autism is steadily increasing. The current statistics are one in 88 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is an increase of 78 percent from 10 years ago; and one in 54 boys are diagnosed with it.

Watch the video. We have accepted autism. Yes, the numbers are increasing. We will provide for more and more autistic children and never ask where they're coming from. Everyone is having such a good time in this video. How could autism be a real problem?

Fox 43, York, PA

When a high school teen acted up in an Indiana classroom a few years ago, his teachers sent him to an isolated room, where he was left unmonitored for hours. He wasn't allowed to leave, for any reason, and was forced to urinate on the floor. As punishment, he was dragged to that exact same room the following day where he screamed, pleaded and banged on the door for someone to let him out.

When no one came, he tried to hang himself.

The 2011 case is just one example of how children and teens have been isolated in what are known as"scream rooms," as a means of both punishment and regaining control - a practice that has been called barbaric and abusive, yet is still being used in several states. The use of scream rooms and other forms of restraint were highlighted in a recent Senate report; individual case studies, which did not identify the students, were shared with

The incidents detail how students - sometimes as young as 5 years old - are being locked in the padded cell-like chambers as small as four-feet-by-four-feet. And they underscore the frustrating recourse parents are left with if and when they are notified of their children's treatment. Under current law, parents have few options, but some lawmakers are trying to change that.

Last year, more than 66,000 cases were documented where children were thrown into scream rooms or otherwise restrained, in both public and private schools.

This is unbelievable. This is barbaric. This cruelty sounds like something from the 19th century. Is this NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND? How can enlightened teachers in the 21st century treat students like livestock? I've been a teacher for over thirty years. No one ever prepared me for seclusion rooms and having to restrain students. I never saw it in any school I was ever in.

Why do teachers have to resort to practices like this? The one specific disability named in this story is AUTISM. How is this "loco parentis"?


A case study.

1. Find something online that is related to your subject. Like this Senate committee report on an investigation of government agencies regarding safety claims of thimerosal in vaccines.

2. Cherry-pick partial quotes that seem to support your position (here, that vaccines cause harm) and assert conclusions that support your claims. Be sure the conclusions are sufficiently scary and conspiracy worthy. Mention of children and/or pregnant women is always good. Like this (italics theirs). . .

Emily Willingham and Dorit Reiss are both here defending vaccines against all challengers.  I posted two comments.



Every single one of your posts to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat have been removed, Anne. :(

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