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Online newsBy Anne Dachel

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Feb 5, 2014, NBC 10 Connecticut: Vaccine Exemptions on the Rise in Connecticut Classroom

Feb 5, 2014 KTUL-TV Tulsa OK: Autism Awareness Initiative

Feb 5, 2014, Naperville (IL) Sun: Autism Speaks presents 'An Evening with the Stars' benefit on March 6 

Feb 5, 2014, Augusta (GA) Chronicle: Autism bill personal for Ga. lawmakers

Feb 5, 2014, Provo UT Daily Herald: Pleasant Grove autism charter school filling quickly

NBC 10 Connecticut:

Nationally, almost every state has religious and medical vaccine exemptions. The Troubleshooters wanted to know what has fueled the rise in exemptions.

"It's been an information explosion over the last five years," said Dr. Ann Aresco with Kensington Naturopath Medical Center.

"The Autism epidemic is growing, the ADHD epidemic is growing, sensory issues, behavioral issues, all of these neurological issues are growing, and they're growing in association with the increased number of vaccines," added naturopath Dr. Jared Skowron.

Both Aresco and Skowron promote natural remedies over traditional medicine. They said more and more of their patients are swearing off some or all vaccines for their children because they fear possible side effects.

"They'll say there's no proof that it does cause Autism, but there's also no proof that it doesn't," said Aresco.

Thank you, NBC 10, for giving us doctors in opposition to the MD's saying there is no link.  I posted comments.


"It's hard going into a place. Our families are very isolated. They spend so much money on therapy and treatment, and then you go out in public and you get the stares, the comments from others and it's really difficult," she said.

Until, hopefully, now, with the launch of a new initiative to help educate establishments. "Autism Friendly Locations - We're A-OK" A booklet gives an overview of characteristics, with tips for encounters.

"Once they realize someone has a disorder or disability, they're going to give them extra time, they're going to help them if they need it, and we want that kind of understanding when we go out," she said.

Places that enact the program are given a sticker that identifies them as autistic friendly. On board so far? Joe Momma's, White Flag, ONEOK Field, and the Tulsa County library. And soon, the web site will have a whole list.

"And it'll pop up, boom, boom, boom, these are locations in your area," she said.

This is scary. While we need awareness--parents should be able to take their kids out to places where their needs are recognized--

this is accommodating a disability as if it's normal and acceptable to have all these sick/injured kids everywhere.

Autism friendly libraries, movies, plays, Sensitive Santas, restaurants....

I can see this happening everywhere and soon we won't remember a world without autism. Too bad if it happens to your child. That's just the way it is.

Naperville (IL) Sun

Naperville parents Dan and Kerry Schlaack knew something wasn’t right developmentally with their son, Henry, shortly after his second birthday. His behavior and communication skills began to regress. He became distant and frustrated, eventually losing the ability to communicate verbally.

On Sunday, March 2, 2014, Autism Speaks is proud to announce its 6th Annual Oscar-themed fundraising event, An Evening with the Stars Red Carpet Spectacular, taking place at the InterContinental O’Hare Hotel, Rosemont, Illinois.

I hate these stories of regression where no one asks WHY.

I really wish people would define autism as more than "inability at social interact, lack of communication skills."

They should add:

"Autism: When healthy, normally developing children inexplicably get sick, lose learned skills, some stop talking, and end up with an autism diagnosis."

Doctors can't explain this but Autism Speaks does put on a nice "Evening with the stars" every year.

NONVERBAL---just another part of childhood.

Augusta (GA) Chronicle 

State Sen. Tommie Williams and three other General Assembly members Tuesday urged their colleagues to pass legislation this year that would require private health insurance companies in Georgia to cover treatment for autism.

It’s time to fix this problem,” said Williams, a Republican from Lyons. His niece’s daughter, Ava Bullard, is the inspiration for the proposed legislation, called Ava’s Law. The issue has been raised at the Legislature for the past five years, Williams said. “We should pass this bill,” he said.

Williams was joined by Rep. Scot Turner (R-Holly Springs), whose son suffers from autism; . . .

Well of course, some members of the GA legislature are bound to have a child with ASD. Notice the estimate for lifetime care cost. We're talking about $$$$ that we're not paying out NOW because we don't have a significant adult population.

Maybe these people don’t even think about WHY WE ARE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT AUTISTIC CHILDREN.

Maybe they've never wonder why they didn't know kids like this when they were growing up.

Maybe someone should call the folks in Atlanta and ask them if they've figured out if the rate is really increasing yet.

Maybe they just figure they'll be out of office when autism bankrupts the state with the cost of adult care.

BTW...that won't be something they can vote against.

Provo UT Daily Herald

Less than a month after breaking ground, a special charter school catering to the educational needs of autistic children has already filled its lower grades.

Kindergarten, first and second grades have filled, but there are still some openings in grades 3-8, said administrator Brad Nelson.

With autism numbers on the rise, the school is in demand.

I went to their site and found out this school is only for Asperger's and high functioning kids. Also there was nothing about the tuition.

I tried to post a comment and failed. One in 47 kids with autism in Utah is "on the rise." What a wonderful world it would be if all autistic kids were Asperger's and HF. Too bad the article didn't mention it.


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