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Vaccine Injury: Tip of the Iceberg

IcebergBy Wayne Rohde

The Tip of the Iceberg.  A small evident part or aspect of something largely hidden.

How often have you heard the phrase, it is just the tip of the iceberg? How relevant is it today regarding the discussion of vaccines, vaccine injury, autism, and disease?

Over a century ago, Captain Edward Smith was at the control of the mightiest transcontinental passenger ship liner, the Titanic.  As he and his crew confidently sailed the North Atlantic from England to the United States, little did he know that he was about to succumb to the worst ocean disaster man has ever known.  We all have heard the stories, watched the movies and documentaries about that fateful journey.

But have we been paying attention to the iceberg that we, in current times, have encountered?

Our government, the pharmaceutical industry, and the modern medical establishment have us believe that what we see as vaccine injury is very rare.  Just a blip on the horizon, a very small speed bump.

Do you know how many vaccine injured persons filed petitions in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP)?  Only 501 petitions for the fiscal year 2013 ending September 30, 2013.  How many have been filed for this current fiscal year?  89.  And if you project that figure out as to estimate the entire fiscal year 2014, the number will be approximately 534.  In 2012, the number of petitions filed was 400, in 2011 it was 386.  We see a trend increasing each year.  The largest number of petitions filed in the history of the NVICP was 2,592 for the year 2003. 

But we really do not know how many petitions “could be” filed if the NVICP was promoted by the Secretary of the Health and Human Services (HHS) as mandated by law.  The Tip of the Iceberg can be defined as the part that is evident of something largely hidden.  So what is the hidden number of injuries that could be filed as petitions?

There have been discussions to create public awareness campaigns, only to be squelched by HHS officials.  In 2010, a public awareness campaign was shelved.  Banyan Communications received a $ 300,000.00 contract to develop a public awareness campaign.  Discussions held in meetings of the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) centered on determining who will be the primary targets of the campaigns.  Should the focus should be on the general public or a specific group such as pediatric doctors? 

And the details of the Banyan contract which determined goals and actions plans for the Secretary of HHS Kathleen Sebelius to implement were never put in place.  My FOIA’s (Freedom of Information Act) to examine the Banyan contract, to determine which budget paid for the contract, why was the proposed awareness campaign stopped, and who said no, have gone unanswered?

So the question of how many petitions could be filed is very difficult to determine.  Several factors artificially keep the level of petitions to a minimum are a lack of public awareness, difficulty in finding an attorney and medical experts, medical practitioners that deny vaccine injury can happen, the aggressive screening of potential clients by attorneys, and parents who are too emotionally drained just trying to find and maintain medical care services for their children. 

It has been argued that the number of vaccine injuries report to VAERS each year only represents a small percentage of the total number of vaccine injuries that are incurred by children and adults.  Some figures have been placed forward stating that 1%, 5% or even 10% of vaccine injuries actually get reported to VAERS.

Using a very conservative percentage of 10%, applying that to the current figure of petitions filed, imagine the shock and the fear of knowing that instead of 500 petitions have been filed, 5000 could be the number. 

Would the media start to question the often used but never questioned statement that vaccine injury is very rare?  Would the medical establishment start to question themselves about the probability that vaccines can cause injury, more often than what we have been told? 

And would Congress start looking into a program that often times, provides cover and deception of the true horror of vaccine injury.  This is just another reason why we need Congress to investigate the program known as the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the many tentacles that continue to keep the secrets of vaccine injury buried or hidden in the dark.

Wallace Hartley was the band leader that continued to lead his orchestra in playing music to calm the fears of the passengers while the Titanic was sinking, and he perished along with hundreds of other passengers.

Maybe the Secretary of HHS needs to stop listening to the music that her agency is playing.


Wayne Rohde is father to twin boys, one with autism.  He is also the author of upcoming book, The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – SkyHorse Publishing



Bob Moffitt

@ Sarah .. your vivid discription of what happened to your son .. could just as easily have been made by our family describing what happened to our now .. fourteen year old .. non-verbal .. grandson. The similarities are almost EXACT .. and .. I suspect there are literally tens of thousands of parents who witnessed first hand their .. "sweet, funny, walking and talking toddler turn into a screaming, vomiting, unresponsive baby with terrible pain and hideous BMs"

Coincidence .. not bloody likely.

@ Laura .. great post. You really touched some of my red-hot buttons .. such as .. you wrote:

"Our children's vaccine injuries were never reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). We did not know about VAERS, and we were never told about VAERS by our children's pediatrician, by our state regional center for the disabled, or by our school district, including special ed personnel"

Almost fifty years ago .. my then four year old daughter was diagnosed with Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) which eventually .. after a lenghty hospital stay .. required the surgical removal of her spleen. Every doctor we consulted ... and there were many .. as very young parents .. had the same word of explanation for her condition .. and .. that word .. which I have never forgotten was "bizarre". Fast forward 35 years and I suddenly discovered that ITP is now listed among various "serious adverse events" following certain vaccines .. a possibility our doctors NEVER considered worth telling us.

I have long suspected THEY KNEW .. but .. DIDN'T TELL US.

As you stated .. had we been told the truth then .. as proud new grandparents .. we would have understood and been wise enough to remember .. "There are no vaccine "do-overs".

"Presently, vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies have ZERO incentive to make safe and/or effective vaccines...zero. There is no liability with vaccine-making, only profits...and we are talking multi-billion-dollar profits."

As Wayne posited .. I believe the "profits from liability free vaccines" .. as enormous as those profits are .. may just be the "tip of the iceberg".

In my opinion, there is a real possibility that vaccines have become the "gift that keeps on giving" .. providing ever increasing financial rewards for the entire public and private.. Industrial-Health care complex .. heavily invested in the ever expanding creation of drugs, treatments, research and technology necessary to confront the inexplicable .. dramatic increase in chronic autoimmune diseases .. that were far less common in all previous .. less vaccinated .. generations.

I wonder what "epi-pen" profits are?


As detailed in David Kirby's book "Evidence of Harm," a decade ago a group of autism parents nationally attempted to convince Attorneys General to sue vaccine manufacturers to recoup state costs for mercury-damaged children.

Special education costs for autism often are triple that of neurotypical children. According to IDEA, in 1992 Minnesota's autism incidence was 297; in 1995 it was 664; and in 2003 that number leapt to 5,076.

I asked a government statistician to tally my state's costs for autism services. Our Department of Human Services uses 1/4 of the state's budget. Their 1995 stats show expenditures of $37,883,928.91 for 1,514 people on the spectrum -- more than twice the head count of IDEA, with each receiving about $25,000 worth of services.

By 2002 the total of autistic MDHS recipients increased to 2,549, receiving $115,432,039.68 worth of services -- about $45,000 per. However now that number of people served was only half of the IDEA figure.

Twelve years later individuals with autism remain an underserved population, with many children spending their entire lives without waivered services and deprived of crucial therapies and medical treatments.

The state expense calculations did not include costs to families, private insurers and health maintenance organizations for medical care, psychological and behavioral therapy.

A few years later I asked the same state statistician to provide updated autism cost figures; however his supervisor deep-sixed the request. Sadly those old autism head counts aren't much older than the eight-year-old statistics that the CDC trots out -- obsolete on arrival, intended as obfuscation.


Thanks, Laura. I posted it here http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1395794/every-parent-should-read-this-the-tip-of-the-iceberg. I put your name on the bottom of the page as sig, and posted a link to this AoA page. If you'd like me to delete your name and keep it anonymous, or go back and add your last name, I can edit.

Sarah L'Heureux

My 14 yr-old son was vaccine-injured between 1999 and 2001, when he became symptomatic for autism. All vaccines had the thimerosal (ethylmercury) preservative in them in 1999 and my boy received all of the CDC recommended injections up to 2001.
The MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine put him over the edge at age 2. The sweet, funny, walking and talking toddler turned into a screaming, vomiting, unresponsive baby with terrible pain and hideous BMs. We turned to Early Intervention, DAN doctors and special diets. EI provided some of the needed therapies to support his learning (slow, limited), the Bio-Med approach repaired his metabolic/immune damage (but only partly) and his special diet (no gluten/casein/soy/phenols) restored a minimal amount of clarity to his conscious thinking and language.
At age 5, he was diagnosed with measles infection (lesions) in his large and small bowel, introduced by the MMR vaccine. Under the advice of our BioMed (DAN) doctor, he underwent a grueling, year-long therapy to eradicate the bacterial, fungal and viral (measles) lesions in his gut. The measles lesions finally healed, but the gut tissue was left scarred and unable to absorb needed nutrients from the clean, organic diet we fed him.
He now takes 24 nutrient supplements a day, including an every-other-day injection of methocobalamin (B12) to assist his damaged metabolic system. He drinks 3 full ounces of cod liver oil daily to support his regimen.
This is vaccine damage. This is parents trying everything they can to undo vaccine damage. This boy is 14 yrs old and will never be able to live independently. The government has planned nothing to support this boy's learning and living once he has reached the age of majority. His parents are aged 57 and 65 this year and wish to God they could live forever to protect and support their beloved son.
No one really sleeps very well at our house. We all want to put the brakes to our maturity so that none of us (especially the sweet, loving son) is ever left alone.


Unfortunately I fear parents of children with autism/vaccine associated encephalitis are simply the leading edge of a wave.

I suspect vaccines will be yet another medical intervention about which it was said (after the fact, of course) - oh, so sorry, we were wrong.


Laura Hayes

Hi Wayne,

You are correct, there is no reporting system that reflects what states spend on the vaccine-injured. It wouldn't even be possible since there is no acknowledging of the many forms of vaccine injury in the first place...not by doctors, elected officials, government regulators, state public health departments, school systems, or the media. The blind eye turned by these sources to the vaccine-injured continues, however, the mounting evidence is piling up far too quickly to ever be properly buried...especially with the internet...thank goodness. Truth bubbles to the surface, it resonates, it spreads, it can't/won't be kept down. Pretty hard to hide vaccine injuries these days since they have pretty much visited every home where children who've been vaccinated live. The holocaust against our children, in so many forms (vaccines, GMOs, pesticides, toxic chemicals, etc.), continues. Thanks to all of you at AoA who are doing your best to shed light on it and bring it to an end. I am thankful for each and every one of you.

Laura Hayes

Hi Taximom5,

Yes, you have my permission to post it in its entirety wherever you wish. The blue link to which I referred took readers to Wayne's "Tip of the Iceberg" article here on AoA :)

Wayne Rohde

Laura, you bring up a very good point about the taxpayers (state and federal) are paying the bills for many vaccine injured children and adults. For those who file petitions and are awarded monetary compensation, prior to funding, the Court will inquire if the injured party has received Medicaid/Medicare services from a state. If so, then the state will receive compensation to recover their funding. However, that total amount for all compensated cases is so small compared to the overall cost of services and care provided to all vaccine injured children. There is no reporting system that I am aware of showing dollar amounts spent by states for services on vaccine injured children.


@Laura Hayes:

First of all, may I have your permission to post/quote your comment in its entirety at a parenting forum (mothering dot com)? Or would you consider going there and posting it yourself? Or can the AoA editors post it as its own separate post, so I can link it?

THIS is the kind of comment that parents--particularly NEW parents, who have no autism in the family (a vanishing species, that)--NEED TO READ.

Here at AoA, we're all applauding you and saying, "Amen, sister," but I want the parents who have never heard of VAERS, VICP, or the fact that vaccines can cause diabetes--I want THEM to read your words.

2nd of all: what blue link? I read the whole post, and looked down the whole page; I see some blue links on people's comments (including mine), but don't know which one you are referring to.

Zoey O'Toole

MelissaD, I was curious about the spike in 2003 as well. I thought it might have to do with the Autism Omnibus, so I Googled it. Looks like it.

Bob Moffitt

Wayne writes;

"Wallace Hartley was the band leader that continued to lead his orchestra in playing music to calm the fears of the passengers while the Titanic was sinking, and he perished along with hundreds of other passengers."

In my humble opinion .. during the past twenty years .. we have all been riding aboard a ship named "fools" .. and .. the members of the orchestra our "ship of fools" are not musicians .. they are CDC-FDA-HHS public health officials, medical practitioners, academic scholars, elected representatives, media whores, pharma industry officals, etc. etc.

Unfortunately, the "orchestra music" being played aboard our "ship of fools" has been loud enough to drown out the voices of parents screaming for help while drowning under waves and waves of "callous disregard".



Never mind, Lou, I found it:

Holy crap, this is worth an entire AoA article all by itself.


1998 Rotashield introduced in the US
prelicensing trials showed 5 cases of intussusception in vaccine recipients, but only 1 in control group. Vaccine (of course) was licensed anyway.

This paper http://www.stanford.edu/~siegelr/ShadmanRotashieldPaper.pdf examines intussusception rates. In spite of "One week following the administration of the first dose, the infants had nearly a 25 times greater chance of intussusception than their matched case controls. Within one week of the second dose, the infants were more than 14 times more likely to develop intussusception." they call for a rotavirus vaccine.

October 22, 1999 ACIP votes to no longer include Rotashield for infants because of the association between the vaccine and intussusception.

According to AoA's 2009 post "Voting Himself Rich," "CDC records make it clear that Offit was not silent on RotaShield. By 2001, he was actively advancing a “unique strain” hypothesis, an argument that RotaShield was formulated in a way that did increase intussusception risk whereas other formulations (e.g. Rotateq) would not."

From 2006 through April 2012, VAERS received 584 reports of confirmed intussusception following RotaTeq (http://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/vaccines/rotavsb.html)

From 2008 through April 2012, VAERS received 58 reports of confirmed intussusception following Rotarix.

July 2013 https://www.federalregister.gov/regulations/0906-AB00/vaccine-injury-table-rotavirus-vaccine-within-the-national-vaccine-injury-compensation-program
"The Secretary has made findings as to intussusceptions that can reasonably be determined in some circumstances to be caused or significantly aggravated by rotavirus vaccines. Based on these findings, the Secretary proposes to amend the Vaccine Injury …"

January 2014
"This proposed rule would add intussusception to the Vaccine Injury Table under the category of rotavirus vaccines. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program allows a family of a child, a person, or their estate to receive monetary compensation if they experience a vaccine-related injury or death after receiving a covered vaccine. Currently, no adverse event is listed on the Vaccine Injury Table for rotavirus vaccines. However, recent data point to a small risk of intussusception, and the rule would amend the Vaccine Injury Table to provide for this adverse event."

So will Paul Offit answer why he pushed the idea that HIS vaccine was less likely to cause intussusception, now that it's clear that HIS vaccine causes just as much intussusception as the vaccine that ACIP voted to take off the market?


Kathy do you know what Judy Mikovitz is doing now a days?

How about that big pretty place she was working at doing?

Is it still sitting empty?

Laura Hayes

Excellent article, Wayne. Thank you. Your article prompted me to write what was to be a brief introduction to your article for an email group that I have. Read below to see what "brief" turned into! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Our children's vaccine injuries were never reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). We did not know about VAERS, and we were never told about VAERS by our children's pediatrician, by our state regional center for the disabled, or by our school district, including special ed personnel. When we finally did find out about VAERS, from other parents of vaccine-injured children, the statute of limitations for filing a report, and for filing a claim with the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), with hopes of receiving some compensation, had expired (ha!...as if there is any type of "compensation" for vaccine-induced, catastrophic, lifelong disability and health issues, for which you will remain dependent on others for every single remaining day of your life). Even if we had found out about VAERS and the VICP in time, the likelihood of us finding a vaccine injury attorney to take our case, and the feasibility of flying to Washington D.C. with 3 young children at home (one of whom being severely disabled), to fight a case (often taking up to 10 years!) with the odds stacked greatly against us (check the stats for compensated cases...they're not good), would have made proceeding with a case very, very difficult, expensive, and time-consuming...which is, of course, part of the plan to keep the number of cases reported and legally pursued very low.

Taking it back a step further, had we been informed about VAERS prior to our first child receiving her first vaccine, that would have been the beginning of a true informed consent process, which is required by law for each and every vaccine, but which rarely, if ever, happens. It would have been a big heads-up to us that vaccines have risks, real risks, including permanent disability, chronic illness, and death. It would have prompted us to ask the doctor what adverse reactions we should be on the lookout for (assuming that we would have even proceeded with vaccinating after being provided with true informed consent, which I do not think we would have), in case our child had one. Had we known what to look for, should an adverse reaction occur, we would have then recognized certain signs and symptoms as the adverse vaccine reactions they were, and we would have stopped vaccinating! We would have acted on the information right before our eyes that our children were displaying, and we could have prevented further damage! Imagine how different the health and development outcomes of our most severely-impacted child would have been! It is incredibly painful to even think these thoughts...the "what if" thoughts...the "I was never given informed consent" thoughts...the "I was lied to" thoughts...the "I want a do-over" thoughts...the "this didn't have to happen" thoughts. There are no vaccine "do-overs" and parents would be wise to understand and remember that.

If you didn't know me, and/or were not on this email list, would you even know about VAERS or the VICP? If not, why is that? Is that right? Is that helpful to identifying whether or not our nation's recommended, and your state's mandated, vaccine program is safe and/or effective? If very few even know about VAERS and the VICP, how are adverse vaccine reactions being tracked and monitored so that problems can be identified, recommendations changed, and mandates adjusted accordingly? Seems like we have a big problem here, doesn't it, since our post-vaccination surveillance system isn't working...it's not only not working, it's relatively unknown by the masses, including by doctors.

Now, for the big irony. Imagine if states encouraged parents and doctors to make reports to VAERS and encouraged parents to file claims with the VICP when vaccine injuries occurred (and helped parents by providing attorneys, because in the long run, that would be much more cost-effective)...adverse vaccine reactions would be reported...cases would be filed...parents/victims would be "compensated" by dollars that tax payers have already paid in the form of a 75-cent tax on each and every vaccine, which then goes into the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program's compensation fund (a multi-billion dollar fund that sits there, not being appropriately distributed to those injured by vaccines and their families who must care for them)...and here's the kicker...states would no longer be footing the bill for the astronomical costs of the vaccine-injured, as they are doing now, with 2nd, 3rd, and endless rounds of tax payer dollars (think increased education costs, increased insurance costs, state-subsidized in-home services costs, state-subsidized respite costs, state-subsidized behavioral and habilitation costs, state costs for caring for those adults made disabled or chronically ill from vaccine injury...the list goes on). The costs of vaccine injury are extensive (astronomical is more like it), lifelong, and financially devastating for most families, and as we're seeing, for states, too. As the initial wave of the "autism epidemic" is now reaching adulthood, we will see those state costs continue to escalate, especially as their parents age and are no longer able to care for them. Tragic.

Take another step of imagination...imagine if the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was repealed and liability for vaccine injuries was returned to its rightful owners, the vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies who produced and sold the dangerous and ineffective vaccines in the first place. Wow, imagine that. THAT is how is should be. THAT is what we need to return to. Presently, vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies have ZERO incentive to make safe and/or effective vaccines...zero. There is no liability with vaccine-making, only profits...and we are talking multi-billion-dollar profits. In the investment world, investors love to talk about what great investment products vaccines are...there is a built-in, captive, worldwide, ever-expanding, fetus-to-grave market (thanks to mandates), and NO liability. If you're an investor, what's not to love? The returns on vaccines are HUGE!

Meanwhile, the vaccine-injured grow in number and severity. The costs to families, states, and our society continue to escalate, with no end in sight. 1 in 29 boys is now severely autistic. That does not bode well for our work force or society at large. That number does not include all those who are affected, but not labeled severely autistic. And let me assure you, the "milder" forms of autism are no walk in the park, and any form of autism is, by definition, a severe disability which will impact one's ability to work, raise a family, participate in society, and live independently in a community. And it's not just autism...it's all the other forms of vaccine injury, too...diabetes 1; seizure disorders; SIDS; cancer; auto-immune issues; learning, behavioral, and sensory disorders; asthma; allergies (including life-threatening food allergies); GI and bowel issues galore; the list is endless, as we are still uncovering the many ways in which we are damaging the human species via vaccines.

If you didn't begin by reading today's AoA article, please click on the blue link below. This is all just "the tip of the iceberg." God help us.



@Lou Conte: what was the proposed change to the Injury Table for Rotavirus vaccine?

Do you have a link?

kathy blanco

Brace yourself, rant....

ok, so I have seen a lot of post about the upcoming "IACC meeting".....I see the disdain for even working with these pseudo concerned committees....but I have to say...I told you so....and this is why...

It occurs to me, that working with people who are pharma backed, industrial backed, and militarialy (you think i am joking, exactly those people) backed committees are not the problem here...WE ARE....And i will tell you why...

I have said for a long time now, it's like nailing jello to a wall, and all the pearls before swine arguments valid...if these people have no interest in saying, hey parents...your right...vaccines damage the brain resulting in autism...then it's our own faults for not FUNDING a study to prove our points...if they won't listen to a non accredited super ubber parent, or group of parents who don't have PhD's, access to medical labs, etc...then it's our own darn fault....we need to fund independent research proving in a vaccine and unvaccinated population what long term happens to those who participate in the current vaccine schedule...and like a book which has a story line with forward backward and sideways, we must describe what child is a sitting duck, what happens to the brain when you damage it with immune and metabolic crisis's, what are the parents predispositions, what infections can cause autism in utero, toxins involved, what damage have THEY DONE TO US...

And how you may say can you fund such an adventure? I use to be in a
non profit...we had a certain angle to autism...we thought lyme...because
lyme has a way of creating immune problems, inflammation, and long term damage to antioxidants such as glutathione. Lyme can be given to a child congenitally. Lyme is the backdrop of vaccine injury. I then ventured into unchartered territory by asking Dr Judy Mikovitz if she could test mothers and children with autism, to see if she sees the XMRV retrovirus. She did. XMRV retroviruses have been in vaccines for a long, long, long time..

As she has expressed, if you have this virus... Any inflammation of the body tends to promote replication of XMRV. XMRV is a slowly replicating virus, so that any inflammation acts like fuel for it. Those with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME ( a majority of moms of autistic children have this) and autism both tend to have low glutathione levels. Low glutathione levels will increase susceptibility to viral infections, increase virulence, and impair resolution of viral infection. "Cytokine levels are markers of inflammation in the body and the results from children with autism tend to show high levels, particularly things like TNF-alpha. A recent test from my daughter showed her TNF-alpha levels at more than 6x normal". Stealth infections....., i have over a decade and a half known about the stealth virus from polio vaccines...our entire family tested by Dr John Martin with high virulence, resulting within our family, deadly lymphoma and myeloma, cfs/me, autism, heart problems and seizures.

I've known about Vit D like forever (Dr Gene Stubbs)...why was my children's skin so transluscent? One need look no further than the pale faces of our children to know something is wrong with their levels of vitamin D. I’ve listened to many conflicting theories about how to fix these vitamin D abnormalities and I don't know which of them is correct. However, it seems there is broad agreement among many groups that something is wrong in regards to vitamin D, and possibly the vitamin D receptor. The velvety skin they have is a result of this problem...I have known people at OHSU studying this now for over a decade...Our community has long reported positive effects from high levels of supplemental glutathione.

Our community has long observed how many children were seemingly normal before a vaccination and much different after one. A vaccination by its very design is supposed to create a mild inflammatory response. This mild inflammatory response may be the thing which sets off autism in the majority of children, although it must also be said that the same result could likely be achieved by a simple cold or fever. I long talked with my good friend researcher Dr Anthony Torres at Utah State, a reknown scientist in the field of autism immunology, who had the tylenol autism link long before the broo ha ha ha, that it was a problem. I have talked with researchers at least two decades agao about the slight concern they had that our kids had mitochondrial cytopathies...and that, this could result in autism...one of them being my son...mitochondria don't like heavy metals, inflammation and oxidative stress...exaCTLY WHAT WE PUT OUR KIDS THROUGH ON THE CURRENT VACCINE PROGRAM. Mind Institute confirmed inflammation in mothers while pregnant can cause autism, and what were their weighted protein bands, and what were those infections? A combo of mycoplasma, lyme, and even strep.

"What is not known, but strongly suspected, is that this mosaic of infections increases the severity of the disease process in the patient" For an example, because I knew of certain AGRE parents from CAN (before Autism Speaks or whatever) we were in many studies studying angles like C4B annulle...which, causes the continuation of problems of not handling viruses, bacteria and fungi well...

And on and on and on it goes...where it stops....I KNOW...it stops when we have individual organizations that claim they want answers to autism, and hold onto their funds, to do minutua work on this problem, but never show these committees our results.. I realize our kids need help in many areas, support...but, in this crisis epidemic/pandemic mode, are we suppose to sit back and let the experts tell us what's going down? We never have a spokesperson at that table, who has a phD who has the voice for the voiceless...well you know...when i was in those non profits, i noticed something...and it was alarming...very....What i noticed was a pseudo concern for our children as well...to be honest...we have a hell of a lot of pride...and pride goeth before the fall...We all can't be hero moms like Victoria Beck, or others who paved for biomed...but sometimes i think some moms want that limelight rather than solving this problem for their own children and others!

At this point in the epidemic game, EVERY NON PROFIT for autism, EVERY ORGANIZATION, all chapters of the autism society of America, should
POOL all their funds for one gigantic study proving these points...I HAVE RESEARCHERS complaining to me ALL THE TIME, that there is no money in autism research....I know that sounds cold...but it's the truth...they would require up to five million dollars to get that accomplished...so what do we do? We sit on our hands, we feel self importance by being a president of a non profit or something, and we say to ourselves...but my organization needs this money...well guess what....if we solved this "mystery" called autism, we wouldn't need your damn non profit~!

I have researcher friends willing to put their necks on the line to prove these points, to take their physical bodies to those meetings, and pronounce that this committe was formed to obstifucate the truth of what causes autism, and you are not being found out...stand out of our way~. These same people have nothing to prove but the truth...so if you complain about IACC not listening...then as far as I am concerned it's our own darn faults...because we had too much pride that got in our way.

It's time to stop marching in feel good parades on the mall...and start doing something with our pocket books...every autism parents in America can afford twenty bucks...twenty bucks...and twenty bucks times a million is alot of money folks...and that doesn't even count these organizations who have in their coffers millions already. So...stop complaining no one is listening to us...because we don't have any power...their is power in money...let's just say that...and money when worked for good is good. Along with this study a PR agency should also follow with this lead...and we should have that study voiced on all the networks, pay for newspaper space, magazines, TV shows, you name it....you think that can't be done...well guess what...even those place like money...even if they don't like the truth, money trumps truth.


Louis Conte

Wayne is spot on. The program is designed to turn a torrent into a trickle...and protect manufacturers.

There was a public hearing yesterday on a proposed change to the Injury Table for the Rotavirus vacccine...the public notice of the hearing went out at 4:51 pm on Friday afternoon for the Monday hearing.

And if you get a petition filed, you will need expert witnesses. You may have to pay them up front because the program won't pay petitioners until the case is resolved years into the future.

And how will petitioner expert witnesses be treated...

From Harris V. HHS, No. 07-60V, footnote 29, in the decision of Judge Susan G. Braden:

"The modest hourly compensation that physicians receive for rendering a professional medical opinion, based on decades of experience, does not compensate them for argumentum ad hominem disguised as “credibility determinations.” Professional careers of physicians are built and maintained based on their reputation in the medical community and among their peers. What rational, established physician would want to risk an assault on their credentials and professional standing to render an opinion in a Vaccine Act case under these circumstances? The undersigned judge has seen other cases where knowledgeable physicians have declined to render a relevant, if not dispositive opinion, because they did not want to be subject to such “credibility determinations.” See Record in John Doe 21 v. Sec’y HHS, Docket No. 02-0411V (Dr. Lydia Eviatar, M.D., Professor of Pediatric Neurology at the Long Island Campus of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine declining to testify in remand proceeding before the same special master). Allowing this type of unprofessional conduct to continue has had significant adverse consequences on the Vaccine Act Program."

This is the ONLY venue that a person with a vaccine injury can go.

Congress must investigate and act.


Just curious why the much larger number in 2003? Were the majority of reports for particular vaccines or batches? My son was born at the end of 2002 and received the bulk of his vaccines in 2003... Before i knew better.

John Stone

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