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The Crippling Cost of Autism: When Will People Notice?

Money pileOur Anne Dachel has been hollering at the top of her lungs for YEARS that the autism epidemic has and will continue to ravage families.   The story below is from Canada, but in America, it takes a hand in the pocket to make citizens take notice.   Remember the gas prices of a few years ago, when electric cars ruled the highways and Hummers looked like dinosaurs? Today? Prices dropped a fraction and the H2s roared back to life. We have really short memories in America.  Autism will hit social security, Medicaid and many other government and private sector programs with a vengeance in the next 5+ years as the epidemic of kids "ages out" of school into........ 

My fear is that once America grows angry at the "sudden" explosion of people  handicapped by autism - from kids like my own to people with Asperger's on disablity or other government programs, the green light will shine to consider eugenics and post-birth eugenics a viable option. It scares the crap out of me.   KS

From Canada's Calgary Sun:

The lifelong cost to families with a severely autistic child is $5.5 million in a province lacking in adult care for the condition, says a University of Calgary think tank.

While the province is a leader in dealing with childhood autism, its public system of care for adults with the neurological disability is exclusionary and poorly-developed, states a report prepared by The School of Public Policy.

And its controversial decision last year to close the Michener Centre will only worsen the situation, say the study's authors.

That often places the burden to provide care on the shoulders of families, at an equivalent cost for supports at nearly $160,000 a year, said report co-author Carolyn Dudley. Read the full article here.



The cost for my two sons in California:
about $50,000/year for In Home Support Services (IHSS)
about $20,000/uear for SDI
Assuming they live another 50 years, that $3.5 million, not counting cost of living increases. Of course, my wife and I won't be able take care of them forever and the IHSS costs are considerably less than those of institutions, so the final cost will be considerably higher.


Kim and Anne- indeed we are at a very scary place where sex selection is being used to try and "screen" for autism. There needs to be a whole article done on this!!! It scares the hell out of me that we are seeing this happen now and we have no further idea (most researchers don't seem to) as to what causes autism. We know it's not just genetics. It is truly horrific and unconscionable.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Kim, I share your fear. You said it exactly right.

I remember a story a few years ago where a nurse made the claim that all autism everywhere is because we're saving so many at risk babies who would have died previously---thanks to modern medicine.

Now, if you just run across that statement, it might make sense. HOWEVER, anyone looking at the big picture will quickly realize that our infant mortality rate is nothing to brag about. We're number 34 on the list, tucked between Cuba and Malta.
It's much safer to have a baby in most European countries than in the U.S.

For years we've heard that autism is genetic. Most of the research on possible triggers lays the blame on mom: old moms, fat moms, drinking moms, smoking moms, moms who marry older dads, moms with bad antibodies, ...you get the idea.

And no one is screaming for answers. The medical community and health officials are happy to leave autism as ONE BIG MYSTERY.

The stage is set for everyone to see all our kids are one huge burden. No one is doing anything to prepare for all these children as adults. We still pretend that autism really hasn't increased.

Meanwhile, parents are scared, even if doctors aren't. They know there's a four times greater chance of autism if their child is a boy.

These were stories from last month. They're about parents using in vitro fertilization who don't want boys, because the risk of autism is so much greater than with a girl.

Times of India: Why girls are preferred over boys by IVF parents
A new research has found that a majority of IVF parents undergoing embryo screening are choosing girls over boys in order to decrease the child's risk of autism, as male babies are about 4 times likely as girls to develop the medical condition.

Sydney Morning Herald: Why IVF parents are choosing girls over boys http://www.smh.com.au/national/health/why-ivf-parents-are-choosing-girls-over-boys-20131225-2zwrf.html
Parents are increasingly asking to choose the sex of their children in an attempt to lower their baby's risk of diseases and disorders ranging from cancer to autism, IVF doctors say.

Figures from one of Sydney's top IVF clinics show about one in 20 parents seeking embryo screening are looking to have a female baby to reduce their risk of autism. . . .

The Southland Times had the same story. http://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/life-style/9556838/IVF-parents-choosing-girls-over-boys
Instead of treating autism as a health care emergency, we act like it's perfectly normal to have all these disabled children. That attitude is sure to change when there's an adult group home on every other block.
Anne Dachel, Media


It is the same then for the DTaP
Five years old receive their last DTaP until 10 years later.
It use to be 10 years between boosters.
then reduced to six year between boosters.
Now it is three.
Or anytime you get a cut.

My mailman as a very young man; received two tetanus -- DTaP --- in just one day from a smashed hand while cutting timber. That was about 15 years ago.

He had a slow progressive kind of auto immune diseae attacking his kidneys. He is a man in the prime of his life.

That is just the three in one vaccine without the other two.
Scary stuff.

John Stone

Hi Benedetta,

Yes, a wonderful racket. The vaccine doesn't work so everyone has to keep having it. Now we have a 5 in 1 vaccine with HiB and polio given at two, three and four months with the pneumococcal vaccine at 2 & 4 months, rotavirus 2 & 3 months, meningitis C at 3 months. Not to recite the whole thing there is a DTaP/PV booster at 40 months, and someone told me DTaP was being given again to 17 year-olds at a Scottish school yesterday.

You can read the entire official schedule here...



John Stone;
How many boosters of DTaP are required for children in the UK?
Also there is a big push right now here in the United States for adults to take the DTaP ever three years instead of every six years. The tetanus shot is and will always be the DTaP.

Is that the same in the UK?

John Stone

Note this press release from Autism Speaks a couple of years ago.


The UK figure of the cost burden on the entire population is £34b or $54b per annum although this is based on the unreal proposition that prevalence is equivalent in the adult population (we aren't there yet). That is, of course, for a population approximately one fifth of the US.

At the time I made enquiry at the British Treasury Office where they evinced no concern or surprise.

I suspect the pattern of incidence is different in the UK - we may have very similar numbers but we have proportionately more high-functioning Asperger cases. This is possibly because although we have very extended vaccine schedules and high compliance we have so far been spared Hep B and Chicken Pox.

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