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Surviving the Flu Naturally

Fear sellsBy Cathy Jameson

I caught the flu two weekends ago.   I survived the flu without getting a flu shot.  After taking an extra week to fully recover from the aches, pains, fever, congestion and general malaise, I can tell you all about it. 

Before I got sick I had been feeling a little tired for a few days.  But raising five kids, one of whom has a severe vaccine injury, leads to exhaustion quite frequently.  I figured I’d get through whatever was making me drag my feet once our schedule lightened up a bit.  Just in case I was coming down with something, though, I made sure to get to bed a little bit earlier and upped some supplements known to boost the immune system.

Before I go into more of the details, let me back up a bit.  Not long before I started to feel sluggish I saw another big stink being made about getting the flu shot.   Citing the CDC’s  over-used scare tactic of “36,000 flu deaths per year” statistic, even though “…[the] CDC does not know exactly how many people die from seasonal flu each year…”, people like me, who hadn’t yet gotten a flu shot, were being told they had just about two more weeks to get one for it to be effective.  With how advertising for this particular shot if hyped from September through May, I wasn’t aware that there was an expiration date of sorts for its effectiveness (not that I was going to run out and get “the damn vaccine” mind you). 

Ironically, the day I got sick was when the media warmed those two weeks were up.  No matter.  I was ready.  

I would take the flu standing up. 

Kid jumping


Err, I mean, laying down. 

CJ woman in bed
 I sniffled.  I sneezed.  My throat hurt.  My head ached.  I wanted my Mommy.

Feeling like a Mack truck ran me over, I had no time to prepare my husband for what lay ahead.  With how much I ached, it looked like he’d be running the entire household solo for the next few days.  He and my five kids depend on me to make the meals, to keep up with the laundry, to clean up at the end of the day while getting ready for the next one.  Of course they’d manage without me, but this is what I wanted to do knowing I’d be completely useless to my family for at least the next few days:

  The scream

After sneezing about 200 more times, and before I crawled under the covers in the fetal position, this is what I mustered the energy to do before I took hiatus from my duties:

CJ witch


I added a little bit of this:

  CJ iced tea

And a little bit of that:

  CJ flower med

While hoping for a whole lot of this:

  CJ blue bed

Then, I retreated to my bed. 

I slept on and off for the next 48 hours waking up groggy, cranky and with annoying aches, pains and congestion.  I will not lie. 

It. Was.  Awful.

  CJ man

My kids and my husband, being the kind souls that they are, did a great job of letting me rest all weekend. 

Fortunately, we didn’t have any of this madness going on:

CJ wife sick

Nope.  Props to hubby. 

  CJ angry kid

He took the kids out for lunch and to the library.  He improvised and made gluten-free Belgian waffles for dinner so I could rest in peace and quiet. 

Over the next few days, slowly, I started to look human.  I started to feel human again too.  Bonus.  

  CJ nose

With the sickness behind me, I was grateful to be able to function again.  My husband was happy.  My kids were happy.  Things were looking up.  They all let me know how grateful they were. 

  CJ unicorn

We were in the clear.  Until someone else sneezed.  And sneezed.  And sneezed.  And sneezed. 

While I was on the mend, two of my kids came down with the sniffles, the sneezing and felt the aches and the pains.  They longed for naps and for some quiet.  Thankfully, they didn’t get nearly as sick as I did.

  CJ snot

In a few days the kids got over their illness.  Knock on wood, no one else in the family got sick. 

  CJ over


We did it.  We survived.  I’m sure that isn’t what the media wants to hear.  The CDC, all manner of doctors, medical providers and corner store pharmacists are more than ready to pump toxic gunk into us via the “the dreaded flu shot” (which is what one of the nurses at my doctor’s office calls it). 

They say that we’re in for a long haul still.  They’re still advertising and selling flu shots in full force.  They’re trying to win people over with shopping incentives, discounts and store credit in the process.  I have to ask, if the flu shot was a guarantee, as society is being lead to believe, why do stores and companies bribe consumers to get it?  Gift cards and shopping passes.  20% off here.  $15 toward purchases there.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.

It isn’t headline news, but with how much the flu shot is pushed, you’d think surviving the flu sans the shot would be. 

  CJ star

I’m grateful we got through with relative ease.  I understand some people aren’t so fortunate. 

Now that I’m over it, and as my family and I get back on track boosting our immune systems naturally with some vitamins, supplements and essential oils, I believe we’ll be able to get through the rest of the flu (and flu-shot) season unscathed.  

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Pediatrician Pawling NY

Nice post. Lots of rest may really help fight off sickness naturally. Thanks for sharing.


I'd like to add that my son, who is now 14 years old, developed very well until he was 5 years old, when he regressed. This is unusual, as far as I know because most kids exhibit symptoms of Autism when they're younger. Before he turned 5, he was a leader, made great eye contact, was very social and had great gross/fine motor skills. He was fully vaccinated and after getting flu shots (I went out of my way to find a clinic with flu shots because I wanted to keep my child safe) that seemed to be his tipping point. He lost eye contact, developed dark circles under his eyes, tics, ADHD, fine/gross motor delays, etc....Today, he's struggling the most with Tourettes Syndrome, anger issues and OCD. His anger issues are so significant that I can't imagine he'll be able to live independently when he's older, although I hope time will prove me wrong. I wish I could go back in time and not vaccinate him at all. When I read people's comments that are sarcastic and crass as they wish to shut us up, it hurts me deeply and I'm tempted to stop reading here. I honestly don't have the strength to fight ignorance. The information is out there if you're willing to dig. If someone asks me, I'll tell them of my experience, but otherwise, I thank this site and the wonderful people here for having the strength to fight the ignorant and enlighten the open minded.


For Karin - I beg to differ. I don't think it's just a matter of translation from lab dish to human trials with large numbers. It has as much or more to do with the patent system, which promotes and supports and defends manmade, for-profit medical solutions to the detriment of cultural solutions passed on from generation to generation based solely on efficacy and safety. Health treatment for profit has changed what gets used and why.

As you seem to be "in the know" on what makes studies good or bad, here is a link to 294 abstracts/article resources on green tea, some of which I see are human studies. Maybe there are even meta-analysis style reviews there. Have fun, let us know what you find. While I wait I'll warm up my hands around a cup of nice, soothing tea.

Not an MD

Karin, you can believe whatever you want, but I know from direct personal experience that just three cups of green tea, each with a single tablespoon of coconut oil melted in it, can do a phenomenal job of reducing influenza and/or ILI. Why? Because I drank it myself in 2009, when I felt really sick, and I experienced the extraordinary results, i.e. the quickest recovery time ever from such an illness, directly. I didn't experiment on canine kidney cells; I experimented on myself, not knowing what to expect!

But since you've brought up the topic of canine kidney cells, Karin, I would really like to know exactly what studies were actually done on humans using injected MDCK cells (Madin-Darby Canine Kidney cells, to be exact) like those in the new flu shots for those people who are allergic to eggs, prior to FDA approval of these new vaccines? What, pray tell, is the effect on a human body of those dog kidney cells, and what adventitious organisms come embedded in those dog kidney cells, I wonder?

I'll just stick with my green tea, coconut oil, herb and vitamin approach to wellness, thank you very much.


"No health related organization would ever recommend anything with minor data gathered at such a low level."

I beg to differ. Take a good close look at vaccine research and policy and you'll be surprised at what health related organizations will base their recommendations on.

I call baloney on your study. They set out to allay fears about GB and vaccination. I would bet good money that having the study in hand, that I could easily find the flaws that made it come out the way they wanted. But let's just for the sake of argument say that it's true, that there is a greater risk of GB after wild influenza than after vaccination. Let's apply some common sense (even scientists do that from time to time). I have had influenza once in my many years - not laboratory tested - I didn't go to the doctor for it. But it is the only time I can remember having what is being described as influenza. So, if what you say is true (and I don't believe it is), after that ONE illness I had a chance of contracting GB. But Jimbo, if I had started getting yearly flu vaccines starting at 6 months of age, that would be A LOT of vaccines. And the more you play Russian roulette, the more chance you have of encountering the bullet (or GB). I'm glad I was born long before flu vaccines were a threat to my health. That's just my experience, but my experience, everyone's experience, and everyone's opinion, counts. If you think that study paves the way for you to get your yearly shot, have at it. I hope you never lose the game. I have also personally known 2 people who got GB after the 1970's swine flu vaccine. Never met anyone who got it from wild influenza.

One of Brian Hooker's radio videos.
He has spent a great deal of time getting information out of the CDC through the Freedom of Information Act.

It took lots and lots of effort to get this information.
Why would that be?


Hi Jim,
Since you did not realize that, I'm happy to have explained it to you.
Under the title "autism" you will find a lot of different people with a lot of different experiences. And there are lots of different websites that cater to these different requirements.
You have people whose children have genetic disorders, such as Fragile X.
You have people who are intellectual, have no real deficits and in an earlier age would probably just have been referred to as introverts. Most of those people feel very strongly that there is nothing wrong with them.
I completely agree.

You even get the people who self diagnose themselves because they think autism sounds cool, and spend a lot of time talking about the fact that they are likely to be the next Einstein, and that all other humans are inferior and going to become extinct. They normally try and avoid people with real autism as much as they can,( spoils the story and isn't sexy enough) and often don't even realize that language deficits are one of the criteria for an autism diagnosis.

This site here has parents who for the most part have seen vaccine injury in one form or another in their own family.
I'm sure you haven't seen vaccine injury in your own family, since the worst experience you can imagine happening to someone is to have complications from the flu.
That's good actually.
Being non verbal for most of your life, having to depend on others to make choices with no way of telling someone if you are in pain, are thirsty ,or are hungry, is probably something you cannot even imagine .
And in a way, that's good too.
Experience and understanding sometimes comes at a very great cost.
By the way, are you brave enough to look at the evidence for vaccine injury, or would changing your mind be too devastating to you?
If so, you may wish to go elsewhere.
If you are brave enough to face the facts. Welcome. Stay. Come here and learn.


Not and MD: I read the two PubMed references you posted:

In answer to your question "Why don't those in public health recommend that those in fear of contracting influenza, or those who already have influenza drink green tea?", it's important to recognize the significance and limitations of single "in-vitro" (outside the human body) studies such as these. These two studies would be classified as the lowest level of "basic" scientific research, only a little above anecdotal evidence. The results may or may not trigger further research at higher levels to eventually include testing on animals and humans. No health related organization would ever recommend anything with minor data gathered at such a low level. Scientific inquiry and research will not generate any widely accepted consensus as to the validity of recommending a preventive mode until full study of an hypothesis produces analyzed data that strongly validates the hypothesis. This is an arduous process that often takes years and demands duplication of results from multiple independent sources. It's called "The Scientific Method" and it's the only way we can reliably learn if something really works! What was observed happened in cell cultures using non-human (canine kidney) tissues incubated in petri dishes in a laboratory. The fields of science are littered with failed small studies done in petri dishes that showed promise but failed to show any effect in research performed with animal and human models. There are many things, even as innocuous as saline (salt water) that, in the right concentrations, can inhibit or kill living viruses. And, the concentrations of these green tea compounds cited as inhibiting viruses in the studies were likely very much higher than those that could ever be attained by a human just drinking green tea.


In case Jimbo is some wide eye innocent and not some pharma troll -
Some one give him the linked to Brian Hookers radio video - I would like it myself and put it in with my favorited.

I would look it up myself but guess who else came down with the flu - me and I don't feel like looking it up.

The flu has never given me a fungal infection or damaged my thyroid but vaccines have.

Jimbo I know you think you know but I dare you to listen to this interview. They are kind of dull for the first few mintues and then as they get into their tale -- it is something that really holds your attention.

Dare you.


Your comment drips of sarcasm.
But so very proud of yourself that you told us all off.
Now please hurry along and get the two flu shots recommended, put us our of your mind.


@Hera, you ask me what kind of reception do you think I would receive if I "came to a website dedicated to victims of severe peanut butter allergy".

Funny that, I thought this was a website about autism, not one "dedicated to the victims of vaccination". Thanks for clearing that up. And btw, this article is about influenza - suggesting Cathy would have benefited from vaccination is a pretty reasonable comment given the context of her post is how terrible the illness was for her and her family, don't you think?

But then at least she wasn't as badly affected as Jen, who got flu complications including pneumonia and took a year to recover. But that seems a small price to pay, because she says she avoided the risk of Guillain Barre syndrome from the vaccine.....

News for you Jen, the risk of GBS after vaccination is around 1 in a million, but influenza itself is far likelier to cause GBS than any vaccine. 17 (seventeen) times likelier, in fact.
So.. bad call, you didn't really avoid any vaccine GBS risk, and you got flu, and risked GBS anyhow).


Something I've always struggled to understand when I see it in blogs like this... How does one really know that their immune system has been "strengthened" or "boosted" and that it, in fact, has prevented a disease? Are immunoglobin assays done by a reputable medical laboratory? The mere absence of disease over time is an erroneous correlation as it’s purely anecdotal.


In 2008 I got probably a bird flu; I was infected by a person sneezing and coughing in the airplane during my long flight across the ocean. The airline was British Air and that person was from Bangladesh, as she claimed. (For health reasons, I no longer fly with this airline because it is usually full of people from exotic places with exotic diseases, for which I have no immunity. I prefer US or other European airlines).

The flu experience was unpleasant, but not awful. I had high fever for about 24 h and was weak and aching for a few days, but it was bearable. I was taking megadoses of vit. C (2g/day), multivitamins, consumed oranges, garlic, took tea with lemon and honey. After a week I was OK, like a new. Of course I stayed in warm bed most of the time. I believe this experience gave me immunity to fight most types of flu for many decades. I don't take flu vaccines, but I constantly see vaccinated people getting severe flu soon after vaccination and I am convinced that vaccines in fact spread flu and contribute to seasonal epidemics.

Not an MD

Oh, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! (Forgive me. I used to watch The Brady Bunch, and couldn't resist typing those words.) The truth is that all of us experience illness differently. Some of us can have a particular influenza or ILI, and recover after only a day or two of misery, while others can suffer for a week or more with the very same illness. Our immune systems just do not work identically. Some of us may have better and more diverse gut flora, and others of us make take more relevant supplements pertinent to a particular virus we may contract, nipping it in the bud efficiently, before it can replicate dramatically.

Decades ago, I experienced some kind of ILI or influenza, don't know which, but it sure wasn't the common cold, due to the fevers and chills, full body weakness and aches, and unusual and severe discombobulation I experienced. In fact, I felt like I was in a haze, working at a diminished capacity, for a few months after I had recovered from all the other symptoms. My experience was truly awful. I got this illness after a co-worker coughed on me after telling me he was diagnosed with flu just the week before. As I don't know if he had lab testing done, who knows what, exactly, I caught from him? All I know is that I sure wish I had known back then about all the supplements I know about right now. I truly believe I could have recovered much more quickly if I had.


How sick you get depends on how healthy you are when you come into contact with the virus, how much virus you come into contact with, and what it was that you caught. Statistically, it is more likely that you had an influenza-like illness than influenza. Only way to tell is by testing. Can't come to any conclusions about how bad the flu is by your experience, but I'm glad your case of whatever it was was mild. I think it is worth noting that your vaccinated colleagues didn't fare as well as you did in fighting all that's going around.


Hi Marsha,
I think you are right; different people do react differently. Some of my family tends to autoimmune problems; but we almost never get sick with the flu or other illnesses, and when we do it is very mild. My older son,. who had severe food allergies to many foods when young ( to the point where whey in bread would make him vomit) typically "does" the flu in a couple of hours. ( Yes, really!)he feels sick or feverish, lies down to sleep for a couple of hours, and when he wakes up it is done. He actually got an illness that kept him in bed for a day or two and was totally shocked. Being sick just isn't something he ever really experiences.

My guess is that our immune system is always on overdrive, attacking our own body; any odd bug doesn't have much of a chance in the chronic autoimmune state.

Ironic that those with autoimmune problems, who are most likely according to several studies, to have children with autism ( and I suspect this is because their immune system, which is already oversensitive, cannot handle being
over-stimulated by vaccines) are (I'm guessing) most likely to be least vulnerable to actually catching the illnesses at all.

Chronically tired/low energy; yes, we deal with that. My youngest son, if he exhausts himself physically riding a bike etc, can be sick for days recovering. I've been wondering if it might be a mitochondrial issue ? His fevers etc tend to be a bit longer than his brothers, if he catches an illness, but what is most noticeable is that he can think very clearly when he has a fever. Its got so that if he has a cold I try and teach him new math stuff, because he finds it so much easier to learn it then.

If he gets exhausted purely from physical exertion though, all he needs to do, or can do, is rest.

I would be interested in anyone elses' thoughts on why those things happen, particularly the clear thinking when he has a fever.


Our bodies react to disease in a different ways. To me this story reads like a horror story and I have never seen anyone suffering this bad from the regular case of flu. I am not saying that it this story is exaggeration, but this case is certainly on the high end of disease symptoms. It can be used by flu shot pushers in their advertisement campaign.
I also had what I think was flu few week ago. I did not have it for 15 years, but this year I started new job at health institution that mandates everybody to get a flu shot. I was exempted, but most everybody around me had it. And at the end of December there was not a single healthy person on the floor exempt for me, and I guess there was no way for me to get infected with it and so I did.
This is what I experienced:
Few days of feeling unusual weakness. I feel low energy my entire life, but it was slightly more than usual. Then on Saturday evening I started feeling aches in my body, my skin became sensitive to the touch and my fever started to go up. I let it go up, and it went to 101 and at that point I took Motrin.
I felt miserable for 2-3 hours, and then the fever went down, and huge appetite hit me. I ate two bowls of fresh homemade chicken soup (yes, I still had enough energy to cook it, even though I was down with flu), and the horrible monster mysterious disease was gone.
My point is – when I read flu stories, I find it hard to believe that the regular flu is that horrible. Symptoms can vary and can be very mild. My symptoms where not even near the coughing, runny noses, fevers and pneumonias of people around me that had flu shot compliance rate of 98%.


Jim; perhaps it would help if I paraphrased your comment and made it about vaccine injury.
"Now imagine what it would be like for someone who gets complications."
You might want to consider imagining that.

You see, reality is going to be different depending on where you sit .
You may not have realized that you came to a site where the majority of people have had a family member or themselves injured in one way or another from vaccines.
Some of their family members may have died from complications, from seizures, from wandering because they are unaware of basic safety needs. Some may have died after the vaccine (, may he rest in peace)
Others may have regular seizures, or still be struggling to speak a couple of words, or use the bathroom independently, while in their teenage years.
To put the situation in a different way, you may love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.To you they taste great. And you can eat as many as you want without a problem.

But what kind of reception do you think you would receive if you came to a website dedicated to victims of severe peanut butter allergy, ( maybe some had already died, and some just had problems with going in places where peanut butter could be) and you explained to them how great it would be if they all went home and gave their kids a peanut butter sandwich?
In actual fact though, I though most people were pretty polite, and gave you various scientific facts and peer reviewed journal articles to review. You might find it interesting to look at some of them.
(By the way, great thanks for the peer reviewed article about heart problems following the flu shot. Intriguing and I wasn't aware of the connection..)
Jim, maybe you really weren't aware of how your comment came across. Many people really aren't. I wish you well and hope you will learn a little bit more about vaccine injury here.


I'm just a bit bemused by the reaction to my observation that Cathy seems to have had a horrendous time (as have some others posting here) with what you all say is influenza (and it sounds like the genuine article from the description), but when I point out that this might have been avoided through vaccination I have been vilified, and my attitude compared to that of a child abuser. Nice.


Injecting mercury into defensives children IS child abuse Jimbo. And there NOTHING nice about it.


You're not seeing the big picture, and the science.


Jimbo, how you have been responded to here is nothing compared to the way anyone who disagrees with commenters at Scienceblogs, so nice try!

cia parker

Jimbo and Rebecca,
Have you not read the Cochrane Collaboration reports on how ineffective all flu vaccines are for all age groups? But beyond that, who cares if they're effective or not. My father lost his voice for a months after getting a flu shot in November 1999, which also paralyzed him for the last three years of his life. I have a friend in Salt Lake City whose three year old daughter regressed into autism after getting the H1N1 shot required by her preschool. I'm with Cathy, it's much better to just get it, use vitamin C, Sambucol, echinacea, homeopathic oscillococcinum, bryonia or gelsemium depending on your symptoms, and stay in bed with hot tea beside you. Yes, I have also had the experience of being surprised it was so bad, I thought I was dying. But better to let your immune system practice and develop new skills in fighting the flu, get some partial immunity to future strains, and just tough it out, than to risk death or permanent disability from the vaccines. It's like keeping newborns at home to protect them from pertussis rather than risking the shot: it's a risk/benefit thing. Do you want to risk paralysis like Lisa Marks Smith or death from the shot or do you want to pull together as a family to support the sick members during their illness?


I went to Amazon and searched using word like immunoglobin Igg and came up with XYMOGEN EP igg.

I ordered it off of Amazon.
I just came from there to order some more. It looks like now it takes you to the XYMOGEN website and you can order it there for 50 dollars.

I see that Amazon has another brand - comparing itself with XYMOGEN'EP IgG 2000 DF. I just ordered it - I hope it is as good.

It appeared to work better than the tamiflu - if it does - if it really did -- the world really is insane - is it not!


I'm just a bit bemused by the reaction to my observation that Cathy seems to have had a horrendous time (as have some others posting here) with what you all say is influenza (and it sounds like the genuine article from the description), but when I point out that this might have been avoided through vaccination I have been vilified, and my attitude compared to that of a child abuser. Nice.


Thx for all the flu remedy ideas. In the interest of objectivity, whatever it was that I had wasn't lab confirmed, I just assumed it was H1N1. It sure came on rapidly with high fever.


One more point about the article "Want to Get the Flu? Volunteers Sneeze for Science". While it is clear that public health policy promoting and forcing flu vaccines on 313 million people is not based on any kind of evidence based science, it is clear that it amounts to experimenting on a population without its consent. The young adults at NIH gave their consent to be experimented on. The United States population did not, nor were we asked, and the experiment was sold to us in a package of lies about the safety, the efficacy and about the illness it is sold to prevent.

Lara Ocasio

My son is vaccine damaged, he had a flu shot and of course all the others up until he was two. It led to a pdd nos diagnosis and he is nearing five and on the mend. He will NEVER be vaccinated again. I also stopped getting my yearly flu shot when I made the association with my son and guess what happened to me? My chronic arthritis pain, GONE. VACCINES ARE POISON PEOPLE.


Good natural story. You can be assured, that if you got flu shot you would also get flu, but much stronger and perhaps you could die or get crippling autoimmune disease. Natural flu is no big deal, most of us get it a few times in life. It is in fact a good exercise of our immune system and for our families it is an exercise of independence. Stay naturally healthy Cathy.


I agree with Danchi -- Anyone who thinks their flu shot saves them from all circulating strains of influenza has a lot more reading to do.

Rebecca and Jimbo should save their snotty remarks for:
- FluMist users who are contagious for 2 to 3 weeks,
- people who go to work sick,
- people who fail to practice proper hand hygiene,
- public health PR folks who market single products instead of promoting year-round immune boosting and wellness education;
- vaccine developers selling mediocre warranty-less limited utility shots which, due to the failure to follow up on consumer adverse event reports, amount to Frankensteinian wild cards regarding one's immune system.

God only knows what havoc that annual flu shots could wreak on the immune system of a mother whose child regressed into autism after vaccination. The CDC certainly refuses to know, with its mindless one-size-fits-all protocol and closed door policy regarding vaccine consumers.

Apropos of an expert opinion, here's a link to a November 2012 op-ed from Tom Jefferson of the Cochrane Collaboration.

Scientist fires latest shot in mandatory flu vaccine debate

Chloe want to drink the koolaid feel free. Cathy and the rest of us know that vaccines are POISON!



What IgG pills are you speaking of?



The flu is deadly they say, especially for young, even healthy, people. Yet they are now purposely giving it to the young for research. More startling is how little they know about what they're doing. This yearly treatment that they already recommend for the entire population including babies and young children and it's all a big guess.

Excerpt from "Want to get the flu? Volunteers sneeze for science", published today:

"Here's the issue: The vaccine is designed to raise people's levels of a particular flu-fighting antibody. It targets a protein that acts like the virus' coat, called hemagglutinin — the "H'' in H1N1, the strain that caused the 2009 pandemic and that is causing the most illness so far this winter, too.

But it's not clear what antibody level is best to aim for — or whether a certain amount means you're protected against getting sick at all, or that you'd get a mild case instead of a severe one.

"As mind-boggling as it is, we don't know the answer to that," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief of NIH's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. "We made some assumptions that we knew everything about flu."

Just targeting hemagglutinin probably isn't enough, Memoli added. Already, some people in his study didn't get sick, despite remarkably low antibody levels, meaning something else must be protecting them.

Could it be antibodies against the "N'' in flu's name, the neuraminidase protein? Specific T cells that are activated to fight infection? Genes that switch on and off when a virus invades?"

The doctor is right that it is mind boggling how completely clueless he is about a treatment prescribed and in some cases forced on the entire population - yearly. "We made some assumptions" he says. What other assumptions have been made in public health policy? So much for evidenced-based medicine. The NIH is practicing, by the doctor's own admission, assumption-based medicine. No thank you.


@Jimbo and Rebecca:
You can have symptoms IDENTICAL to classic influenza symptoms--and there's still 90% chance that you don't have influenza at all, you have an "influenza-like" virus, that wouldn't have been covered by the flu shot anyway.

The vaccine damage deniers would probably be screeching that what you had wasn't REAL influenza, it was just a wimpy little virus. And they might be right. But what they would try really hard not to admit is that the flu shot is extremely unlikely to protect against REAL influenza, either.

Urgent care centers give heavy-duty meds all the time when they are not needed. Just because they hand out Tamiflu doesn't mean you have influenza. And last time I checked, my local urgent care center does not have a lab, and doesn't do any testing to see if you have influenza, but maybe other urgent care centers have more sophisticated facilities.


PS This all started weekend.
I so far have no signs of the flu.
However I think our daughter might be coming down with it.


Well my son with a vaccine injury that lead to PDD-NOS and seizures came home with it.
He is very sick with the flu.
He gave it to my husband that has acquired mitochondrial myopathy from a vaccine.

So I was worried.

They ran temperatures of 104.

I took my son to Urgent care and they gave him tamiflu so it was the flu. My son was down for a good five days.
My hubby refused to go for just the flu.

He ran 104 and I gave him IgG pills.
He said it was rough and he thought he was going to die - he took to his bed.

He was up and feeding the cows in two dayy's time.

I am going to order another bottle of that IgG pills so we will have it handy.


We had some friends who all came down with something a few weeks ago. They thought it might be the flu but when they took their daughter to the doctor it turned out she had strep and mono. I checked the flu report for my state and the results for the most recent week's test show that only 20% of the specimens they tested for flu were actually positive for flu.

Presumably they were testing the specimens because they came from sick patients who they thought possibly or probably had the flu. The report for my county shows only 10% of the most recent week's tests were positive for flu. My point is, without a test to confirm it was flu, it's entirely possible that it wasn't.


Roger, I hear you about how nasty the flu can be. I got it in /09 and it was rough- pneumonia and the whole deal. Took me one year to get rid of the wheeze! Since my grandmother had GB from the vacc though, I wouldn't take it myself. I think there can be trade off's and I think there have been person's with autism in institutions in the past who may have had an encephalopathy due to some illness. I HO estly don't think there were too many but the would have been some. Back in the day there were more kids in those places with Down Syndrome, hydrocephaly and CP etc. and sadly even some abused children.I just wish they would honestly study the physiological effects of vaccines more thoroughly, instead of present us with this epidemiological sleight of hand stuff. The public has a right to know exactly what "Preclinical studies" for a given vaccine looked at- biomarkers? Reproductive effects? Toxicity?


Linda: People should not be allowed to work or go to school when sick and contagious.

People who take the Flu vaccines are contagious for 28 days as stated by the CDC studies which they don't tell people.
Vaccine Shedding. You will never look at vaccinated children the same again. (same video as the one above)

My son's wife talked him into getting flu shot in October. By November, both and their baby had come down with the FLu. This went on until Thanksgiving when her parents visited who also had gotten flu shots and the flu started the rounds again. They cam to visit a couple of weekends ago and they still had runny noses & a light cough. Everyone who came to visit them were told to double up on preventative supplements. We all came through without anyone contracting it from them.

Flu shot is linked to H1N1 illness
A strange vaccine-related phenomenon spotted in Canada at the start of the 2009 flu pandemic may well have been real, a new study suggests.

The Flu, if indeed that's what the person really has because the only way to be sure is to have a lab test done, doesn't kill healthy people. CDC data shows that people die from compromised immune systems, are immunosuppressed or from bacteria pneumonia-not the Flu. The latest CDC report states in 2012 there were 18 CONFIRMED Flu deaths.

People should stop living in fear of everything out in the world. That's not living, that's existing waiting for the next wave of fear mongering from the CDC. Look at it this way, Baby Boomers haven't been vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, chicken pox and a host of other diseases in decades yet they are alive and kicking, no epidemics have broken out. Most people I know who contracted the Flu were younger and got a Flu shot. Most wish they hadn't like my son. Flu shot vial inserts does not say it prevents the Flu, it states if you contract the Flu it will minimize the symptoms. Because of viral shedding from vaccines, the unvaccinated should be kept safe from the vaccinated. Watch the video.

Here is an astonishing bit of science.

Researchers wanted to investigate why people seem to have more heart problems in the first weeks after an acute inflammatory event.
What did they use to induce inflammation in the healthy male human volunteers?

A flu shot.

What did they discover?

Cardiovascular function can be abnormal for at least two weeks after getting a flu shot.


Roger Kulp
If you follow the research as much as I do,you know in the last couple decades there have been a number of rare genetic causes of autism and complex medical problems found.Most are metabolic.

I'm sure metabolic issues are a factor in some cases but to say most cases of autism & complex medical problems are just incorrect. You need to read the following:
The Simpsonwood Transcript:
-The Truth Behind the Vaccine coverup:
-Deadly Immunity:

In June 2000, a group of top government scientists and health officials gathered for a meeting at the isolated Simpsonwood conference center in Norcross, Ga. Convened by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the meeting was held at this Methodist retreat center, nestled in wooded farmland next to the Chattahoochee River, to ensure complete secrecy. The agency had issued no public announcement of the session -- only private invitations to 52 attendees. There were high-level officials from the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration, the top vaccine specialist from the World Health Organization in Geneva, and representatives of every major vaccine manufacturer, including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Wyeth and Aventis Pasteur. All of the scientific data under discussion, CDC officials repeatedly reminded the participants, was strictly "embargoed." There would be no making photocopies of documents, no taking papers with them when they left.

According to a CDC epidemiologist named Tom Verstraeten, who had analyzed the agency's massive database containing the medical records of 100,000 children, a mercury-based preservative in the vaccines -- thimerosal -- appeared to be responsible for a dramatic increase in autism and a host of other neurological disorders among children. "I was actually stunned by what I saw," Verstraeten told those assembled at Simpsonwood, citing the staggering number of earlier studies that indicate a link between thimerosal and speech delays, attention-deficit disorder, hyperactivity and autism.

Even for scientists and doctors accustomed to confronting issues of life and death, the findings were frightening. "You can play with this all you want," Dr. Bill Weil, a consultant for the American Academy of Pediatrics, told the group. The results "are statistically significant."

After you digest these gems read:
Fear of the Invisible by Janine Roberts and
The Vaccine Papers by Janine Roberts

The dangerous impurities of vaccines by Janine Roberts:

Your perspective of what came from where and what caused this disease or that disease will profoundly change after reading this information. Janine Roberts has spent 17 years researching vaccine by attending Vaccines conferences in the United States and UK. She has interviewed scientist, researchers and the man considered the Father of Vaccines, Maurice Hilleman who admitted the polio vaccine was contaminated with SV-40, he also states that the mercury in vaccines would cause significant damage to children: '91 Memo Warned of Mercury in Shots


Glad you survived! And you know what? You probably would have caught the flu even if you had gotten the vaccine.


@ Eileen Nicole Simon

Vaccination workaround ideas:

Several doctors have developed protocols to help protect yourself when vaccination cannot be avoided. One is Dr Blaylock

Note the recommended use of an ice pack on the injection site to reduce local inflammation.

Lypospheric vitamin C is high dose vitamin C unlikely to cause diarrhea. It can be taken for several days before and after vaccination. Additional information on the marvels of vitamin C:

2. More workarounds posted online:

“ 1. ...My physician, a naturopath, provides flu shots at his clinic and he offered to give me an extremely dilute one (less than 1 drop of vaccine in a saline syringe) so that he can legally sign the paper saying he gave me the shot...

2. Also, I have a friend who went to a drug store pharmacy when the pharmacist wasn’t there, paid for the shot but did not receive it, then submitted the receipt to her workplace...”

We must push back the capitalist gangsters dismantling our right to refuse vaccines.


So, you were off work and seriously ill for two weeks, left the kids without a mother for the same time, by the sound of it ensured your husband was off work for those two weeks, spread the bug to your children and spent a fortune in vitamins and other "remedies".

Or you could have had a mercury free flu shot for what, fifteen dollars and saved all that?


In your dreams.

The only thing flu shots prevent is a properly functioning immune system. And they do that by design.


...anyone else in the house catch the flu from you ???

The flu shot sells here for $14 in some pharmacies.

When they bill it to Medicare it is $77... $24 of that just the "labor" of giving the shot...

Deborah Rubenfeld

My 14 year old (completely) unvaccinated son had the flu this past week. Tuesday morning he woke up with the sniffles, by last period at school he was feeling yucky. Came home from school with a headache, nausea, tummy ache and a low grade fever. He went to bed for an hour or so. I gave him homeopathic cell salts, sent hubby out for vitamin D and oranges. I continued with the cell salts, dosed him up with vitamin D and made him my vitamin C drink (fresh squeezed OJ, a raw egg and raw, unheated honey blended together). He ate a little food. By thursday morning he was driving me nuts he had so much energy. He went back to school on Friday completely recovered.


I was thinking how exercising is so important to health. Yet it doesn't feel good while doing it. Heart pounds, breathing is labored, sweating, muscles sore afterwards. But the reward for challenging the body's strength and endurance is that the body meets the challenge and becomes stronger. Could it be this way with illness - when the body is made to endure a natural infection such as the flu? Is this a workout for the immune system that makes the body stronger?

Then there is the fact that some people can't exercise. They are too weak to begin with, to take the strain, and could die of the exercise. Same thing with the flu. But we don't tell everyone to stop exercising become some people can't safety do it. Does the same principle apply to flu-like illnesses?

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Cathy, for making me smile. I became used to getting something at least once every winter, sometimes twice, since I was a kid. And sometimes lately I'd get something when the weather turns warm. Then discovered Vitamin C and D (why does a person have to go looking for what's been known for some time?) which have been good for me at thinning out the expected trend.

Sometimes it just seems like my immune system needs the workout though. An irritation will stay in my throat for days not really turning into anything with supplementation, but not really going away until I get really drained, get sick, and get it over with. A life time of chronic mercury-plus-who-knows poisoning, with extended trauma through witnessing similar family suffering, has changed my pre-programming about what is scary. When I get sick I now hopefully imagine all kinds of free radicals, that I might not be able to get out otherwise, getting trapped in all the mucusy goop and dragged, kicking and screaming, out of me. Don't know how much that really happens, but when I watch family members get sick immediately following a mercury containing flu shot I wonder if that is a function of some microbes?


To add to what Roger said,
People should not be allowed to work or go to school when sick and contagious. Our culture does not allow and penalizes down time. Everyone must get the flu vaccine, but no one is allowed to quarantine themselves when contagious. After the nasal flu vax, people should be quarantined at home for 28 days and maybe not allowed to go back to work/school/community until laboratory tests, paid for by the vaccine maker, show that they are no longer shedding virus.

There are sick people bagging groceries at your checkout counter, taking your tickets at the airport, teaching your children, doing group projects with your children at school, and in the cubicles at work sharing your air.

Roger Kulp

The flu is scary stuff.In my case,it used to mean being acutely sick for 3-4 weeks,and sometimes having serious seizues during this time.Then suffering a major autistic regression,that could last months,or a year or two to recover from to any small degree.This was the same story whether I was a few months old,or in my 30s or 40s.

I would come back to school after three or four weeks a wreck.Not only had I not recovered my health to where it was before the flu,but my seizures,undiagnosed anemia,and GI problems were worse than they were before the flu.I lost academic skills I had before the flu,and any of the behaviors that had improved before the flu,had worsened.Head banging,property destruction,eloping and such.

That was if I were lucky,and my flu didn't turn into pneumonia or meningitis.If that happened,I would be also looking at something that could last at least three months, put me in the hospital for much of that time,and very nearly die from.

There are some of us for whom acute fever and regression is not a one time thing,but something to live in constant fear of.No matter how old you are.Regression after regression all of your life.Unless you are lucky enough to find the underlying cause and treat it.

Autism that is a part of classical mitochondrial disease,or some other metabolic disease that can be linked to specific genetic defects may be rare,but these cases are out there.In the last few years,I have learned I am one such case,just as I always thought I was.I have cerebral folate deficiency,and it is looking more and more like I have CFD related to FOLR gene mutations.Severe folate deficiency has it's own special type of immune deficiency that I have been found to have.

Correct the folate deficiency,and the immune system will eventually correct itself.This may take 2-3 years like it did with me.

If you follow the research as much as I do,you know in the last couple decades there have been a number of rare genetic causes of autism and complex medical problems found.Most are metabolic.You need to spend a lot of time reading the medical journals and PubMed to learn about them.You need to have a lot of tests,apply these tests to your family medical history,and then go back to the medical journals over and over again.And most importantly you need to have a good MAPS doctor who is willing to order a rare test.Even if it the test is only done at one hospital,and you have to pay for the test yourself.

I have seen all the stories about adjuncts and preservatives in vaccines.I'm not saying they aren't there,and don't cause problems.But life sucks.It's full of lose-lose situations.The natural infections can be just as devastating for a child with true mitochondrial disease,or inborn errors of metabolism.Often in these diseases there is a life threatening infection and regression in the first year of life,like there was with me.As any mother can tell you,a six month old baby can regress.This is a big red flag there may be something inborn involved.



It seems that the flu data are completely meaningless anyways when pneumonia on death certificate can be due to aspiration of foods etc. but be labelled "flu." The supposed "death due to flu" statistics are a sort of bad joke.


If what you had was flu, you now should be immune to that strain. If you had the flu shot and survived, you would have questionable incomplete temporary immunity and some studies show you might be at greater risk of more severe illness (scientists call it "VAERD" - vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease - 3rd link below). In the case of the live viral up the nose flu vaccine, you would have been infectious afterward, endangering the immune compromised in your community. You would have to take flu shots every year, with each dose another round in an ongoing game of Russian roulette. Good for you that you got through and are stronger for it, and without the mercury and other poisons in the flu shot.

I can't even count how many people I've come across this season who are red-faced, stuffed up, and miserable a week after their flu shots. Many others who got them at the beginning of the season aren't feeling so well either.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Rosycurler, thanks for the link to the article on vitamin C. Two years ago my husband and I took a Seine River cruise. I arrived with a horrible cold, and our tour guide took me to the pharmacy where vitamin C 500mg 2x per day was suggested. It worked like a miracle!

I will enjoy reading the French later today, which will remind me of when I was young, before autism, and learned to speak French almost as well as English (in upstate New York).

This year, I got the flu shot required for my job, which I need for ongoing income stream even though I should be retired. Then at work I had to take care of 3 quarantined patients, and guess what? The following week I was sick as a dog, luckily only for 24 hours, the same day NE Patriot quarterback also had a 24 hour grippe. I doubt the vaccine helped any of us with this malady.

Vitamin C. I continue to take lots of that.


Oh Pleeeeze! The CDC has documented 1075 influenza viruses to date. Which one do you suppose she had? The so called mythical Flu Vaccine has 4 strains in it so it seems like not only are the Vaccine makers and the CDC shooting in the dark, they are trying to cover all their bases since the disastrous 2009 killer vaccine. In fact, unless she had a lab test definitely proving it was an Influenza virus, she doesn't know what she had. It probably could be just a cold or random virus that goes around all year long. If she'd taken the Flu vaccine she probably would have contracted the Flu-from the vaccine and more people in her home would be susceptible to contracting the Flu from her because she would be contagious for 28 days. That's the little bit of infor the CDC doesn't tell people. For 28 days after any vaccine with live OR attenuated virus a person is contagious. It's called vaccine viral shedding-a well know phenomenon to the CDC & Vaccine makers.
Vaccine Shedding. You will never look at vaccinated children the same again. (same video as the one above)


I think the CDC and Vaccine makers use this to juice up the number of people who contract diseases. Great example-the California outbreak of pertussis in 2010 where the majority of people who contracted the virus WERE vaccinated and others caught the virus from the VACCINATED. What a wonderful ploy. Create a vaccine that sheds viruses, give it to unsuspecting people (children), they come into contract with others, viruses sheds from them therefore increasing the number of people who have contracted the virus,the CDC records this and make the very public claim that not only have the number of people who contracted the virus gone up BUT the unvaccinated are spreading the virus. Rather than using critical thinking and common sense, instead of people going What!, they panic and run out to get the latest poison being promoted. It's brilliant in a diabolical evil genius way and than the industry hire people like Jimbo to use a backdoor disinformation tactic to push their message.

Jimbo's response reminds me of the "yes-buts" of abusers. Extreme example here but you get the meaning. When I worked for CPS a person who sexually abused a child would admit to the abuse like this: Yes, I did that BUT if she had not worn those blue pants it would never had happened. Jimbo is not sorry you were ill. It was an opportunity to pass along the mantra of "Get your Flu shot".


Initiative Citoyenne has a post on the curative merits of vitamin C, with links to source materials in English. (Google translate may also help).

Dimanche 26 janvier 2014
La vitamine C a guéri une pneumonie en 3 heures

I have translated an adage quoted in the post. Enjoy!

« Le mercure est souverain pour faire disparaître la vérole : lorsqu’il ne supprime pas la maladie, il supprime le malade. » (Un chroniqueur d’antan)

“Mercury is best to eliminate the pox: when mercurcy does not eliminate the sickness, it eliminates the sick.” (Wise saying chronicled long ago)

Not an MD

Cathy, I am glad you and your family are recovered from flu or ILI. Please consider adding green tea and coconut oil to your flu/ILI recovery supplement regimen. Here is a link to an article that is wonderful, entitled "Potential of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Preventive Management of Novel H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) Pandemic: Thwarting Potential Disasters in the Bud."

More on green tea and fighting influenza:

This brings me to the obvious question: Why don't those in public health recommend that those in fear of contracting influenza, or those who already have influenza drink green tea?

(Note: I had a very similar family experience in 2009, interestingly two weeks prior to the April 2009 announcement of the Swine Flu "pandemic." One of my children got it first, then me, then my other child. My spouse didn't get sick at all, despite the repeated exposures to it. My first child took three days to recover. I took 1 1/2 days to recover, and my other child recovered in two days. I have to say I think the green tea with tablespoon of coconut oil melted in it was the factor in length of recovery, for me and child number two. We all took Holy Basil Leaf extract, Astragalus, Airborne drinks, Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Garlic, and Monolaurin. I became exhausted on a Friday, took all the supplements mentioned, and drank three cups of green tea with the tablespoon of coconut oil melted in it, and begged my spouse to bring home dinner that evening. We all ate, and then I went upstairs to crash at 6:30 PM. I woke up at 8:30 AM, feeling about 80% better. Then, I took all the same supplements again and by Sunday, I felt 100% better, which was a very good thing as that is when child #2 was stricken with the same illness. I credit my shorter illness with the amount of green tea I drank. My children did not drink as much of it as I did. The most interesting thing to me was that on that Wednesday, I felt better than I could remember feeling in at least two decades, maybe more. I felt inexplicably happy and healthy, and I had no idea why that was so, considering how sick and weak I had felt only days before. Many months later, Dr. Shiv Chopra explained to me that when you recover from such an illness, your body is rewarded in a very positive way, and that for children, that means reaching new developmental milestones. I found that explanation profound and important.)


Glad you made it through.
Shame you were so unwell, and there were so many knock on consequences for your entire family.
Now imagine what it would be like for someone who gets complications. And think, one vaccine shot could have avoided it all.


So, you were off work and seriously ill for two weeks, left the kids without a mother for the same time, by the sound of it ensured your husband was off work for those two weeks, spread the bug to your children and spent a fortune in vitamins and other "remedies".

Or you could have had a mercury free flu shot for what, fifteen dollars and saved all that?

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