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Part 2 Regressive Autism - New Hypothesis to End an Enigma?

FrustratedRead Bill's post from last week HERE.

By Bill Welsh                                                

If you are the parent of a regressive autistic child in the UK and have been following the controversy re vaccination’s role in what has occurred you may have to take a deep breath and adopt a seated position before reading this article.

Something is not quite right!

From the very beginning something has not been quite right!

Those of us who witnessed a precious child gradually withdraw following MMR vaccination ‘know’ that MMR is deeply implicated. We do not need an epidemiologist in Finland to tell us we are wrong. We know!

But something is not quite right!

I concede we were up against incredibly powerful forces when we challenged the safety of the vaccination programme but, notwithstanding, we should have won our case by now. Instead we are no further forward. Where did we go wrong?

My appraisal will no doubt be regarded as controversial and perhaps disloyal but for what it is worth here is my opinion of where we went wrong:

From the very beginning parents in the UK were in the hands of ‘experts’, legal and scientific. Decisions were taken before many of us had grasped what had actually happened and as a result a runaway train went hurtling down the track, careering hither and thither, across continents, into court rooms, and along the way galvanizing parents to form action groups. But a decision, central to the entire dispute had already been taken and it was that decision on which our grounds for compensation may have foundered.

I recall reading a statement by Brian Deer (I told you to take a deep breath) where he said something along the lines of ‘If I wanted to prove that MMR caused autism I wouldn’t have gone through the gut’. Interesting, because in my Edinburgh clinic we saw about 500 regressive autistic children and about 20% did not appear to have bowel issues! And some had received single vaccines rather than the MMR!

Why then did we go “through the gut”? Quite simply it was the only show in town at the time. There was only one doctor, highly qualified and compassionate, who supported the parent’s view that MMR was implicated in what had happened and not only that but he could articulate a mechanism, his hypothesis, as to what had happened.

I believe he was correct about the measles virus in the gut, but perhaps not for all the children, only for a sub-set of the sub-set. Was he only partly correct?

Andy Wakefield once said ‘my hypothesis is only one hypothesis’ which is true but at the very beginning there were we assumed no other options. The lawyers went with this suggested explanation and that was before our imaginary train had even left the station.

I make no personal criticism of Andy Wakefield who as a professional offered his services as an expert in gastroenterology but did no one on the legal team consider alternative compelling evidence? Was there a simpler explanation for what happened to our children? Was there a less complex mechanism which resulted in our children developing autistic symptoms?

I think a classic error was made by the parents’ legal team and as a result our adversaries were given an opportunity to defeat us. A more straightforward explanation, hypothesis if you like, for what happened to our children was available and demonstrable but was ignored.

I decided some time ago that there were weaknesses in the initial handling of the children’s case and began examining the early evidence. In the UK, parents can (theoretically) access the Batch number of their child’s vaccine. The lawyers had in fact assembled the litigant’s Batch numbers. That list* is revealing.

My own grandson’s Batch number was shared by 16 others (one died, the rest are non verbal with autistic symptoms).

A friend’s son  shared his quite separate Batch number with 23 others (all have autistic symptoms, most are non-verbal).

There are many, many, more examples. There was a definite pattern of batch contamination.

That is the route I believe the lawyers should have taken. It is self evident and persuasive that Batch contamination was an important and compelling factor.

The next step would have been to identify what the contaminant was, show how it can be related to the symptoms we see in our children then find it in the children’s bodies as final proof.

Oh, and investigate treatments!

I have been involved in that very exercise and with the co-operation of Age of Autism will continue to share my thoughts.

Bill Welsh is the founder and former Honorary President of Autism Treatment Trust, Edinburgh.



Jenny Allan

Professor Salisbury also chaired the WHO committee SAGE, charged with overseeing the safety and effectiveness of the first H1N1 vaccine, now acknowledged to have caused widespread narcolepsy in children. The Finnish Government (to their credit) accepted the damage and compensated victims. After a lot of fuss from Ireland and UK parents of child narcolepsy victims, the UK Government has finally agreed to compensation ‘in principle’. This will still involve a parental fight for proper justice, since the sums awarded are often derisory and the burden of proof lies with the parents of affected children.

Jenny Allan

Mairéad Hilliard says:-

"Some of the above long term illnesses, (e.g. asthma, eczema, food intolerances), are listed as possible side effects in the manufactures MMR information leaflet which is NOT given to parents to read before or after giving consent for their child to have the vaccine!"

Yes indeed. Alleged MMR vaccine damage in children is not just about autism. In Scotland it has been acknowledged there has been a huge recent increase in Crohn's disease in children, and a 'tacit' official acceptance of corresponding increases in childhood type 1 diabetes, asthma and allergies. Most parents are blissfully unaware of any possible listed vaccine damage , before presenting their precious healthy children. Parents should all insist on being given copies of vaccine inserts in advance of vaccinations. This is called informed consent.

Professor David Salisbury is retiring this year from his position as UK Director of Immunisation at the Department of Health. His vigorous defence of the MMR vaccine, which he introduced into the UK child vaccination schedule in 1988, included putting a 20 year ban on any press reporting of the widespread mumps MMR Urabe damage. This information ‘surfaced’ in 2010, just before Dr Wakefield and his colleagues, Profs Walker-Smith and Murch were pronounced guilty by the GMC. ( Prof Walker-Smith was later exonerated via the High Court; Prof Murch was admonished but kept his licence to practice medicine).

The Glasgow Herald internet edition,June 2010, which reported the death of baby Ryan Mason, 6 days after he received the MMR Urabe jab, was edited a few days later to remove any suggestion of Government ‘fault’, although this version of the MMR vaccine, introduced into the UK in spite of warnings from Canada, was not withdrawn for more than 3 years and even then, it was the vaccine manufacturers who withdrew it, NOT Salisbury who seemed determined to cling on to the fiction this dangerous vaccine was ‘perfectly safe’. We have never been told how many deaths and disabilities the Urabe MMR vaccine caused, because this information has been vigorously suppressed by the DOH.

MMR was the first UK vaccine to contain more than one live virus. Giving very young children 3 live vaccines at once, was a completely untested concept. The respected Cochrane Collaboration stated the MMR safety trials were ‘inadequate’, but Salisbury & Co were far more concerned about protecting their own positions, than any possible damage caused by an intrinsically unsafe vaccine. Instead the spin doctors went into overdrive, using the Madsen et al flawed Danish epidemiological MMR vaccine research as evidence to ‘debunk’ any MMR vaccine /autism link; yes I HATE that word too!! The involvement of Poul Thorsen, part of the Madsen ‘et al’, and his US indictment for allegedly misappropriating more than $2million of US taxpayers and Autism Speaks charity donations, intended for vaccine research, has NEVER surfaced in the UK, where any MMR vaccine concerns are still ‘debunked’, using this very flawed Danish epidemiological research, which could not and did not prove MMR vaccine was ‘safe’. Continually accusing Dr Wakefield of ‘fraud’, whilst ignoring all the other REAL frauds is official fraud in itself.

Bill Welsh’s theories about vaccine contamination have considerable merit, but are unprovable in the present political/ corporate ‘joined at the hip’ climate. There are many other theories, many also with merit, but Eindeker is correct in his assertion about the necessity for 'hard facts' if we are to be taken seriously. Only 'official' research, sponsored by governments and the likes of the WHO, is ever taken seriously, and we all know where the research money gets dissipated, on older mums, dads, genetics, air pollution etc etc etc. Any researcher who actually discovers anything usefull gets the full on Wakefield/ O'Leary treatment. Celebrities and news media outlets, daring to raise any vaccine concerns, get the Jenny McCarthy treatment. Withdrawal of pharma and other corporate advertising revenues and sponsorships keeps the press and media outlets compliant.

It is time for us all to concentrate on what HAS been already proven and acknowledged and hit them with it. We already have an admitted massive rise in autism corresponding to the introduction of MMR vaccine. We have the Urabe MMR scandal, now part of the public record. The living victims are now grown up and some of them are ‘vocal’, although their attempts to obtain belated compensation will, if successful, come with a gagging order. Salisbury’s part in this scandal was disgraceful. Now that he is retiring we need to ‘hit him hard’, and his collusive colleague Prof Elizabeth Millar.

There is also now a huge problem in the UK with mumps, thanks to MMR vaccine hitting young adults at University. This is easily ‘googled’. Again the US court cases involving Merck’s alleged fraudulently misrepresenting the long term efficacy of the Jeryl Lynn MMR mumps component has never ‘surfaced’ in the UK press. This scandal is presently being kept ‘under wraps’ in the UK, but for how long? Mumps is now notifiable in the UK and the official stats make interesting reading.

Bill Welsh does well in the UK, and the AoA and other campaigners work tirelessly in the US, but they are up against powerful political forces and big pharma, both with endless resources.

We should bombard the press, and politicians. The former need our money; the latter need our votes. Ultimately, the real power is in our hands.


From a pamphlet from the US Dept of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, CDC, dated 10/91, "Measles, Mumps and Rubella What You Need to Know". It is 11 pages long and completely different from the watered and dumbed down Vaccine (Mis)Information Sheet that is currently given to parents and patients. It sheds some light on arthritis, other side effects, and how the CDC's relationship with the public has radically changed. It starts with, in bold print, large font on the contents page:

"Please read this pamphlet before you or your child gets this vaccine!"

"Mild or Moderate Problems From the Vaccines
- A rash may occur from 1 to 2 weeks after receiving the measles vaccine. About 5 children out of every 100 will get a rash.
- A fever of 103 degrees F or higher after receiving the first shot of measles vaccine, even though the child may not act sick. About 5 to 15 young children out of every 100 who receive the vaccine get such a fever. This could happen from 1 to 2 weeks after receiving the vaccine and usually lasts 1 or 2 days. The fever occurs less often after a second shot..."

- Swelling of the lymph glands in the neck or a rash that lasts 1 or 2 days. This could happen 1 to 2 weeks after getting the rubella vaccine in about 1 child out of 7 who get the vaccine.
- Mild pain or stiffness in the joints that may last up to 3 days. This could happen from 1 to 3 weeks after getting the shot. This problem happens to about 1 child out of every 100 who get the shot and to about 25 adults out of every 100. Women have this problem more than men and it may happen in up to 40 women out of every 100. Rarely, pain or stiffness can last for months or longer and can come and go."

[My comment - we're still in the mild to moderate section - 103 degree or higher temp in a child - no big deal - chronic joint pain or stiffness that "can come and go" - this is a mild or moderate problem according to the Centers For Disease Control. Heaven help us. The mild to moderate list continues:]

"- Painful swelling of the joints (arthritis) happens to fewer than 1 child out of every 100 who get the rubella vaccine. About 10 adults out of every 100 can also have this problem, which usually lasts a few days to a week. Rarely, this swelling has been reported to last longer, or to come and go. Damage to the joints is very rare.

- Pain or numbness, or "pins and needles" feeling in the hands and feet that lasts for a short time. This happens rarely.

More Serious Problems From These Vaccines

- Children 6 months through 6 years of age who get the vaccines can, in rare cases, have a brief convulsion (fits, seizures, spasms, twitching, jerking, or staring spells). This usually occurs 1 to 2 weeks later, and usually comes from the fever caused by the measles vaccine. Very rarely, hearing loss has been reported, but it is not known whether hearing loss is ever caused by these vaccines. Very rarely, a person can have inflammation of the brain after receiving the vaccine. This usually clears up completely. These brain problems have been reported to happen about 1 time for every million MMR shots given.

- There is a rare chance that other serious problems and even death could occur after getting the vaccines. Such problems could happen after taking any medicine or after receiving any vaccine."

Three quarters of page 8 is space for parents to record for the doctor any adverse reaction to the vaccine, "problems", "day and time problem started". Page 9 instructs parents to ask their doctor or health dept to report any reactions to VAERS, and to report themselves if they think the problem was not reported. It also says "A U.S. government program provides compensation for some persons injured by vaccines. For more information..." and it gives a 1-800 number and The U.S. Claims Court address and phone number.

On the 2nd to last page, parents were to sign under this statement: "I have read or have had explained to me the information in this pamphlet about measles, mumps and rubella diseases and MMR, Measles-Rubella, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccines. I have had a chance to ask questions that were answered to my satisfaction. I believe I understand the benefits and risks of the MMR, measles, mumps and rubella vaccines and ask that the vaccine checked below be given to me or to the person named below for whom I am authorized to make this request."

What happened between 1991, where parents were given information and then asked for permission and a signature (even if they were still pressured and it was largely a formality), and recent years, where parents are told next to nothing, where questions are discouraged and vaccines are all of a sudden perfectly safe according to medicine and media, and instead of asking parents for permission, parents have been threatened with prison time if their children aren't vaccinated, as happened in Maryland? And how is it that now not only is informed consent a thing of the past, not only do they not ask for your permission and for you to sign that you understand the risks and benefits and that you are requesting to be vaccinated, but if you do not undergo the procedure, they want to make you liable for diseases that you have not been vaccinated for. We've come a long way (to the dark ages).


Well; Since we are guessing here; not to take away from the mycoplasma nasty contaminated vaccines and all.

I thing thet there are micro RNA that mimic our own RNA in the vaccines; and the vaccines that contain both mercury and aluminium like the DTP or DTap, or the Hep B -- and I am sure otheres are very much involved.

The e mercury and aluminium are probably holding hands with the Micro RNA as they enter our hypothalamus and shut down or damages the area that controls the production the 11 enzymes that are involved in breaking down the glucose.

The glucose is unable to break down and sits around in our cells giving us mitochondrial myopathy diseases. Not only that but the immune system has to try to clean it up the unused glucose , and that causes mild inflamation.

Since the hypothalamus is involved that would also involve all the other endocrine organs as well.

It makes us sick, we can not fight off things like we should like mycroplasmids or the weak viruses from the MMR, or strep.

How about that educated guess.

What ever it is; I find myself dreaming of standing in the middle of a protest with fist raised in air, or beating our chest as we chant some kind of great to the point slogan.

But that dream is nothing compared to the dream of a returned to health for my family, my coummunity, and no more children should ever face what we have had to face.

Mairéad Hilliard

I believe the huge increase of children and young adults diagnosed with Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis is linked to the introduction of the MMR vaccination programme in

I also believe that the type of children who are more likely to be damaged from the MMR vaccine are children with a compromised immune system with allergies such as asthma, eczema, digestive problems i.e (lactose intolerance)
and where there is a strong family medical history of autoimmune disease such as arthritis, type 1 diabetes,thyroid problems etc.

I have also heard of cases where the mother had crohn's disease/ulcerative colitis and a child with autism.

There are also thousands of young people here in Ireland diagnosed with juvenile arthritis.

Some of the above long term illnesses are listed as possible side effects in the manufactures MMR information leaflet which is NOT given to parents to read before or after giving consent for their child to have the vaccine!


When I hear about vaccine contaminants, I think about this 1999 HHS workshop on adventitious agents in vaccines: http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/NewsEvents/WorkshopsMeetingsConferences/TranscriptsMinutes/UCM056219.pdf
At one point an unidentified audience member says, "....I understand from some of the remarks that have been made that there are others [contaminants] that are known to a small coterie of people here that have not been publicly declared. I urge all of you to think about this seriously because it can and will have a great impact on this industry."

To which Dr. Minor replies, "I agree totally with that. It does seem to me that sooner or later the information will leak out. I think the industry looks very bad."

Did information about these multiple contaminants ever "leak out"? (SV40 isn't one of them because that contaminant is openly discussed during the workshop.)


Let me take another kick at the can of why I believe the contamination hypothesis is lacking.

Time and time again we have been screaming at the pro-vaxx establishment to conduct a vaxx/unvax study that would settle the autism/vaccine issue. At every turn, they have resisted, complaining that such a study would be unethical. Yet, despite their protest, surely they must realize how significant such a study would be.

And, throughout their protests, what is often over-looked is also their disinterest in conducting an animal vax/unvax study. Such a study would definitely get around the ethical conundrum. Yet, to date, only one such study exist; and, it in fact shows a link, and which does not bode well for their side.

So, if autism is all about contaminated vaccines, why have the pro-vaxx establishment not conducted animal studies proving that vaccines are safe? All they would need to do is provide the test monkeys with uncontaminated vaccines and invariable the results would validate the no-link hypothesis. Such a study would be the ultimate slam-dunk for their case, and essentially putting the final nails in the coffin of the anti-vaxx movement.

I believe the only plausible explanation of why such a study has not been conducted is that the contamination hypothesis is not correct. Very likely there is much more to autism than contaminated vaccines.

Indeed, I believe Dr. Blaylock puts forth the best theory when he states it's not one vaccine, or a vaccine ingredient that causes autism. He explains that it is the cumulative toxic build-up of vaccines that causes autism. Reflecting on this hypothesis, it also provides a good explanation for why MMR is often faulted by parents. MMR is the vaccine that comes at the later rounds of vaccination when things are likely to reach the tipping point. Again, it's not MMR in itself that is causing autism, but the continual toxic build-up of vaccines.

Supporting this notion that prior vaccine insults may yield damage in a delayed way, we need only to reflect on Dr. Zimmerman's assessments in Poling case:

"The developing brain is especially vulnerable to mitochondrial dysfunction because of its high metabolic energy demands and may be critically injured by marginal energy supplied by mitochondria under conditions of stress, such as infections and immune stimulation. Such cellular metabolic injuries in the brain during early childhood typically evolve over time as the child develops and may express themselves as the child grows. An analogy to this situation is birth injury followed by cerebral palsy (CP). Patients with CP may develop epilepsy months or years after the brain insult, but the original insult is still the cause of the epilepsy. The child may improve and make progress developmentally, but then later develops epilepsy or other neurological impairments (e.g., learning disorders). Thus, the time delay between vaccination, encephalopathy, and seizure onset does not preclude a causal relationship."

Taken together, these expert opinions illustrate the importance of studying vaccines in their totality, and why piecemeal inquiries and hypotheses will always be insufficient.

Jeannette Bishop

Some of us saw problems in our children before MMR (especially on the heels of incorrectly administered vaccines), and some of us even (being a little too dense but not totally blind or senile) saw some problems both before and then additionally with MMR.

With the viral interference observed between the mumps, measles, and rubella components and possibly an increase in the autism rate due to attempts to overcome this, then also apparently more adverse events seen with the addition of varicella (proQuad), it would seem very likely that any additional or prior injected microbial contamination, not to mention prior intentional metallic immune-toxic contaminants, would increase MMR risk.



The main question I have about the not-necessarily-universal bowel connection to autism is why was Dr. Wakefield's work so aggressively attacked if there was nothing or very little to it?


Thank you Mother of Possiblies.

I glean tons of stuff from him every time.
I see he is talking about Brian Hooker's paper

It is on pub med.
It was published by my two heros Geier and Geier - You sweet, sweet men.
I am off to listen to Brian Hooker's radio thing again and try to find out how to google it.


Great talk by Andy 2nd to none god bless him and his family.



Here is an interview from Tuesday with Dr. Andy Wakefield.

Please have a listen. He talks about the bowel disease, MMR and autism, and vaccine safety.


Bill - The legal question is about justice for the well being of children. I believe the legal strategies were good but ineffective because the pharmaceutical strategies trumped all.

Its NOT because someone on the families legal team approached it wrong. It would not matter. Pharma has a strategy to combat any and all possibilities that suggest a vaccine product problem.

Dr. Wakefield published a paper - Pharma launched a media mugging that discredited him, shaped public opinion in a sweeping fashion and sent a clear message to physicians not to cross that line. Places everyone! Places!

Even now that the Lancet work has been exonerated, replicated, and acknowledged as valid, the public opinion has been encapsulated by the corporate strategy and we're in a public health crisis - caused by many different vaccines and many different components of vaccines and .
the different human bodies and health of those human bodies at the time of the injection.

The problem is not fixed. We must unleash the conversation that pulls for the right to raise healthy children. Every child counts. These are not statistics, these are our children. Parents cannot continue to rely on the lies that Brian Deer fabricated (which is why he's in a defamation law suit with Wakefield right now in Texas), a reporter who does not understand the pathology and the science in the first place and who has questionable funding sources to write the articles in the first place.

So whatever theory you go after, whether its Thimerosal, Disease, Contaminants, Hot Lots, Toxins... Pharma has a strategy to delay, dismantle, or discredit it; they have the next "Brian Deer" lined up and ready to take it down via a media mugging: and government health policies to support initiatives for more vaccines will continue because they are joined at the hip through academic and government research funding of tobacco science.

Look at what happened to anyone who has spoken out - physicians (Wakefield), environmentalists (Kennedy), parents(all of us), nurses (get fired),researchers (lose funding), journalists (Kirby, Olmsted), media (Couric)... You can be a hero on any topic but say one negative point about vaccines and you must have temporarily lost your mind... say two points and you're cast off.

You won't have a lever big enough to change this until we break down the barriers to being able to talk about vaccines. We need a vaccinated v unvaccinated study and we need clinical studies of children who are crashing and regressing following their vaccines. Its the most important conversation we can have about our children AND it takes something to bring it up given the culture of the groundwork that has been laid.

Dr. Wakefield has the appropriate name - he is the ice breaker boat creating a "Wake" in this conversation. Willing to go out on the skinny branches to make a difference in that which really matters to people... saying Trust your Instincts.

Listen to the radio interview. Its fantastic!



I used to work for distribution company that sold thermometers for laboratory refrigerators... and we would get calls from doctors offices saying that they were being audited and that they were told that they didn't have the correct dual refrigerator/freezer thermometer for their materials such as these (very temperature sensitive) vaccines. So for however long the vaccines they were using were not being stored at correct temperature. It's SO scary bc there is so much negligence across the board. From mfg to distribution. The product isn't being handled by scientists! Its lab techs and nurses WHO don't know these things. We are leaving this up to humans... who (being human) inadvertently make mistakes, we put our babies lives at risk bc of human error! which is interesting that the batch numbers correlate indicatively with the same types of injuries. Also, location... proximity. Same pediatric office, same batch... same regression. ALL tradgically senseless and avoidable.


"Probably an error to assume that hot lots were restricted to one vaccine."

We would need a bureau in place to save the children, one that demands a level of quality to set the standard, and follow up with batch testing to ensure each matches this standard. Is it just a numbers game, the more vaccines one child is exposed to , the more likely he will meet with a dangerous product? The ways we give vaccines, thimerosal in one leg, live viral products in another. Surely we learned killed measles caused atypical and dangerous measles, who would think an injection of thimerosal may just have an effect on any live vaccine, maybe time is needed between? We are all over the page, we know vaccines caused our children's autism, and they know why...and they aren't going to tell .

Gerberding an Sich

Probably an error to assume that hot lots were restricted to one vaccine.


Yes, before wakefield, before Jenny, there was my mother. She eperienced "hot lots" , told of children born in 1964 that were victims of hot lots. The little boy across the street and my brother , the neighbor's child went on to rare autism, my brother spent years recovering his health. Date of shot, March 1965! Shot that had a community effect! Shot that put the first grade class of 1970 in ritalin lines in short time. Minimal brain damage, hyperactivity, all became buzz words. What to do? mix them up, allow no ONE community to recognize the existence of "hot lots", one child in CA, one in Ohio, who would ever know? They now mix and strangely distribute lots to avoid the "mom" recognition which always preceded the medical communities' observations.


Hey Bill,
Just in way of a clarification, are you saying that vaccines are fine (will not cause adverse events such as autism) if they are not contaminated? Again Bill, with very little science by the other side demonstrating their product is safe, I think this would be an extremely dangerous concession (sp?), if not foolhardy.


Shell Tzorfas

Well there surely is some observational evidence that bad batches of vaccines can result in Autism. I know of towns and counties with way more autistic kids than towns and counties an hour away. It is not based on socio-economic factors either, nor a difference in the population background. In order to quality check the batches you would have to check each flock of animals used, each factory, lab, truck that transports them, each manufacturer who contributed to the individual multi-dose vial all the way to the refrigerator where the vials are stored next to the staff's lunch. Heck- We can't even do a quality control of our food and water-death from Lettuce;
West Va. out of water and bacterial outbreaks in each season yet pharmaceutical companies claim to be immune to such failure.

On the other hand I know of many cases where the Autism, seizures and worse occurred from the DPaT shots, the newborn Hepatitis shots long before the child was exposed to an MMR. My position is that the conditions stem from the synergistic affects of vaccines and a combination of toxic chemicals-not just mercury as some claim. 1 in 50 kids are now Autistic, 1 in 29 boys and the only thing they have in common is the vaccines. Shell "Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs."


The vaccine manufacturers will try to randomize lots so it is harder to pick up the signal. (See the Wyeth memo). That is evil.


Good Gosh Aussie Mom!
What a horrible memory --

So according to your &*(% doctor - There is never a too old vaccine, or a bad vaccine --he was pretty sure vaccines are probably made of magic pixie dust, added to water from the spring that runs right out of the Fountian of Youth; both found in the Middle of the Burmada triangle. That just makes them eternal.

So sorry Aussie Mom.


Aye! Elizabeth if that doesn't make your blood boil what will. Shame on them



There is more behind the contamination of vaccines than meets the eye!

A Perth family filed a civil action against CSL in the Federal Courts for a "defective" flu shot (Fluvax). It is one of Australia's largest medical compensation cases.

The four-year-old suffered fevers and febrile convulsions after receiving the Fluvax. She is now suffering from severe hypoxic brain injury and is left a quadriplegic with epilepsy and limited vision.

The family has a compelling case because CSL admitted that the Fluvax was defective and the vaccine was immediately withdrawn (three days after the little girl's shot).

...The Health Department's Paul Effler wrote in the Medical Journal of Australia that there had been insufficient studies into Fluvax's safety before it was rolled out in 2010...

To date there have been no further updates about the lawsuit in the news.

I clearly recall my son's doctor returning to his surgery with the MMR in his hands. As he was injecting my son his comment was ..."this is an old batch but it is still good!"... Apparently all the new batches of MMR had been used and he could only find an old batch. You have to wonder why this batch remained on the shelf!

Elizabeth Gillespie

Joan Campbell

I believe too that they spread the batch no's to different parts of the UK so that it would not show damage just in one particular area due to a bad batch.


Well said Bill..the best of it is we are mostly on here parents and grand parents(Bill), not Drs, scientist's...we all know what caused the damage it is the event after vaccination that the goverments try to get changed ,and ignore the facts after vaccination ,where regression, death, etc occurred..nobody can change that and ignore it us forever...


kathy blanco

Totally unrelated to the mmr, but aren't all vaccines contaminated? Mycoplasma, pestiviruses, picnoviruses, etc? (see my facebook page contaminated vaccines) Dr Nicholsen has said mycoplasma infests at least six percent of the childhood vaccines we administer?

Aren't all vaccines also contaminated with animal and human dna, including SV40, meaning, forty is the number of viruses they say are in the polio vaccine? This is why a slower schedule, or one by one still has unpredictable problems....unrelated to this, when my son had a dpt shot in the early eighties, he is now thirty two....DR Geier told me that was the worse year for the DPT shot, as in the highest number of claims of death and severe reactions resulting in chronic life long brain damage. I should have listened to my gut, take my child and run to the nearest exit...seriously. Russian roulette...vaccines...


My son suffered severe brain damage, subsiquent diagnosis of autism, low cognitive functioning and a few other things, following DTaP/OPV vaccines. We attempted to research FOIA, we had documentation that the vaccines he received in 1994 were both contaminated, although, I have not been able to find any records about any recall or the substance of the contamination. He is now 22 years old and functions, at best, on a kindergarten level(severe brain damage occured), with non- compliant behaviors, and significant gut issues that still plague him today, making life very difficult for all.

John Stone

Jenny Allan is of course absolutely right about the Urabe factor. Hidden in all of this was the embarrassment that the British government knowing Pluserix MMR vaccine to be faulty had signed indemnities (or rather got the British state institution the National Health Service to sign indemnities on its behalf).


But it would also be wrong to assume that the legal aid funder, fomerly the Legal Aid Board, Legal Services Commission and now the Legal Aid Agency would be very favourable to litigation against manufacturers even if the British state or goverment wasn't involved. For instance, the LSC suffocated litigation against Merck over Vioxx even though prosecutions had successfully been brought in the US, and it wasn't even a notional UK company like GSK or Astra Zenica.

The reality is surely that any medicines, biologicals etc that you or your family take in the UK are purely at your own risk, and the risk of liability for the manufacturer is now so theoretical it is not even worth talking about. This, of course, is a catastrophic situation. They can do exactly as they please without threat of sanction.

Also of note was that in 2006 when there were still a collection of non-autism cases that were being continued in the UK litigation with the litigants having been asked by the court to review their cases before proceeding, the firm of lawyers that had inherited the cases, Irwin Mitchell, went with the LSC behind the litigants back and hired a group of experts which included members of the UK's Joint Committeee on Vaccines and Immunisation to conduct the review.

Very interestingly when in 2007 the litigation was finally being wound up the Financial Times reported the presiding judge Mr Justice Keith:

"There is no realistic prospect of any new claims being progressed in view of the unavailability of public funding for the present claims," Mr Justice Keith added. The two remaining cases which did have funding would be able to continue as individual actions, he explained.

The judge stressed that it was the funding issues, rather than the merits of the case, which had driven the decision not to allow claims to proceed.

"It is not because the court thinks that the claims have no merit. Although this litigation has been going on for very many years, the question whether the claims have merit has never been addressed by the court," Mr Justice Keith said.

The reason the claims had not been allowed to proceed, he said, was "because everyone has realistically recognised for some time that it is just not practicable for the claims to proceed without public funding".

He went on: "With no realistic prospect of public funding being restored for any of the claims save for the two which are now to proceed as unitary actions, the dissolution of the litigation became inevitable."


Bill is also not wrong: many useful prosecution strategies were squandered on the road to nowhere.

Bob Moffitt

Bill writes: "That is the route I believe the lawyers should have taken. It is self evident and persuasive that Batch contamination was an important and compelling factor ... The lawyers had in fact assembled the litigant’s Batch numbers. That list* is revealing .. There was a definite pattern of batch contamination."

Why has it been left to LAWYERS to "assemble the litigant's Batch numbers" showing "there was a definite pattern of batch contamination?"

Where are the SCIENTIST/DOCTORS/PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS/POLITICIANS/JOURNALISTS that had a professional .. moral .. ethical .. legal .. duty .. to urgently .. vigorously .. investigate ANY evidence showing a "definite pattern of batch contamination?

There is no greater responsibility in life than protecting the health and diminishing the suffering of CHILDREN .. NONE .. THEREFORE .. IF IT IS EVER PROVEN TRUE THAT "BATCH CONTAMINATION" WAS A MAJOR CONTRIBUTING FACTOR ...


Jenny Allan

Bill Welsh says:- "I think a classic error was made by the parents’ legal team and as a result our adversaries were given an opportunity to defeat us."

That 'classic error' was a very simple one. The lawyers dealing with the UK class action, involving more than 1000 children, were always under the impression the litigation was against the vaccine manufacturers. Unknown to everyone, the UK Government had quietly indemnified the vaccine manufacturers after the Urabe mumps containing MMR scandal, officially covered up for 20 years in the UK. The children were actually up against the UK Government. This meant they never had a 'prayer' of winning their cases. Successive UK Governments have continued the cover up.

Now some of those Urabe victims, whose alleged MMR vaccine injuries are different from the bowel disease/autism syndrome are attempting to sue the lawyers involved in the class action, for their over-emphasis on the gut issues. As Bill Welsh correctly pointed out in his article MMR vaccine damage, not all autistic children have gut issues, and there are plenty of children with gut issues who do not have autism. In fact, prior to his MMR discoveries, Andrew Wakefield was researching a possible link between Crohn's disease and the single measles vaccine.

In Scotland bowel disease in children, including Crohn's, has increased massively in recent years, but like autism, pity help the doctor or epidemiologist who dares to suggest vaccines might play a part in this holocaust.

After 18 years, JAB's founder Jackie Fletcher managed to win some compensation from the Vaccine Injuries Board, for her profoundly disabled son, Robert, although the sum awarded was derisory, considering Robert needs lifelong care. Jackie was able to prove Robert received the Urabe MMR vaccine a few weeks after it was officially banned in the UK. Her primary care health centre deliberately tried to cover this up.

A young British woman left profoundly deaf, due to this same Urabe MMR vaccine was recently refused compensation via the Vaccine Board. The excuse was she was not disabled enough!! How disabled do you have to be in the UK in order to be considered for compensation?

Bill Welsh's 'vaccine batch' theories are interesting and I have long felt that in the UK at least, this over emphasis on autism has prevented research into pinpointing exactly what 'triggers' vaccine damage in children. It is already acknowledged that vaccines can cause seizures and encephalitis and that both of these can result in brain damage resulting in an 'autism like' condition.

Dr Wakefield's 'hypothesis' about vaccine derived measles visuses lodging in childrens' guts was all but proven, during his collaboration with Professor O'Leary in Ireland. The shocking way the medical establishments in both countries moved in to rubbish this research, along with both researchers, demonstrates just how powerful these corporate/political forces are. A load of trumped up so called 'evidence' against Prof O'Leary's research was produced in the Cedillo case, at the last minute. Defence lawyers had no opportunity to properly challenge this so called 'evidence'. Brian Deer had a hand in that too. Quite simply, neither the US nor the UK can afford to compensate the burgeoning numbers of vaccine damaged children, including brain damage. (I prefer not to call this autism).

Bill's batch theories do not apply to my autistic grandson, who received the MMR 2 vaccine with the Jeryl Lynn mumps component. At 21, he is autistic, but very high functioning. Unfortunately his damaged bowel causes constant pain and discomfort and he has epilepsy. The latter 2 conditions are far worse than the autism, and his physical health is a constant worry.

I have a few theories of my own, which seem to be backed up by recent research, particularly into the importance of a balanced 'gut flora'. When he received the MMR, my grandson was still recovering from a respiratory infection, and had recently received antibiotics for this. These antibiotics will have killed off all the bacteria in my grandson's guts. Medical advice states it can take up to 2 months for a normal gut flora to recover. Yet as far as I am aware, there is no provision for delaying vaccinations with live viruses, for children who recently received antibiotics. Balanced gut bacteria would normally keep viruses in check. This theory 'fits' Dr Wakefield's hypothesis about measles virus in childrens' guts.


I know that Child 3's MMR was from a batch, D1433, that was discontinued due to adverse reactions.


Have you discovered what the contaminant was?

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